Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Family denied access to jailed Ethiopian human rights lawyer

Family members of Yalemzewd Bekele were denied access to the human rights lawyer. Yalemzewd who was arrested at the border town of Moyale last week was brought to Addis Ababa today and put at the notorious Mae'kelawi Prison.
This blogger learnt that she hadn't taken food for the last two days and was physically weak when she arrived at Addis Ababa today with the two other individuals who were arrested with her at Moyale. Her family who took food to her late in the afternoon were denied access to her. The EC delegation in Addis Ababa where Yalemzewd worked as a lawyer hasn't yet tried to contact her.


Anonymous said...

My prayer goes to her and her family. May The good lord give her and her family a strength at this hard time. As an Ethiopian we owe her and many others who suffer in EPDRF jail.

Anonymous said...


I promise you we will fight for you and all the prsioners of conscience and we will not rest until you are back home with your family.

God bless you and watch over you! I also promise you Meles will pay for this ten fold.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million EZ,

Any news if she has also been denied access to a lawyer?

Keep safe!