Monday, March 05, 2007

Breaking news: Court adjourned

The court is adjourned again for March 23. The court confirmed that the document it required to be translated(Hailu Shawel's press statement at American Press Club) was handed to it. The translation was made by Walta Information Center, the government's propaganda machine. Lawyers for the Civil society leaders told the court that they couldn't be sure of the accuracy of the translation by Walta. The judges asked the lawyers to check the documents and present their objections to the court until Friday through the office of the judges if they found the translation inaccurate.
The session took only 30 minutes. Professor Mesfin who arrived late asked the court why it is adjourned to March 23. Judge Adil said the court will on march 23 make ruling as to whether they will defend their case or be set free.
The Virginia Social Science Association honors one of the prominent political prisoners, Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, with its Distinguished Career award for his great service to the state of Virginia, the nation and the world.


Tazabi said...

I thought Walta Disinformation Center itself was badly in need of a decent translator; to translate all the english on their website into English that humans can understand.

Thanks for the update EZ!

Unknown said...

Meles the smartest Oxford university educated leader will have to translate them all. I bet you all are confused what is written there, they have so many educated Tegres who are only educated in their own eyes.

There are several Tegres working with NGOs who have two translaters, one city resident Tegre translats from Tegriegna to Amharic, and the other truely educated Ethiopian translates from Amharic to English. So, for every Tegre NGOs employ two more translaters. Why wouldn't the give the job to the Truey-Educated Ethiopian? well, because there is a good pay in the position those positions are only available for Tegres. Surprisingly, the Tegre is paid 4,800/month while the two translaters get paid 540/month each. This is true!

Karin and Dawit said...

Do you really have to say it so often. After all, we all know that tribalism is the hallmark of CUD. Carry on let us see how far you can come with your dirty and flimsy ethnic cleaning.

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