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More on Samuel Gebru

One version of consequential utilitarianism justifies almost all terrible crimes in the world. Samuel Gebru has removed his justification of war crime without apologizing after I posted about it yesterday. For those of you who hadn't read it. This it it.
Ethiopia: On the "war crimes"


A recent article published by Reuters
( talks about
war crimes committed by the Ethiopian and Somali Governments in the
recent heavy fighting in Mogadishu. I personally do not think that
there were any types of war crimes committed. After all, we are
talking about government versus anarchy, we are talking about hope
versus terrorism!
Even if "war crimes" have been committed by the Ethiopian and Somali
Government, why should it be a big shouldn't even be called
a "war crime" because it is on terrorists. The
article also writes: "The consultant wrote that he based his concerns
on press statements by Somali government officials warning that
civilian targets would be hit if they shielded insurgents, and reports
from rights groups." I support the idea of targetting civilians that
shield terrorists. Terrorists do not work or fight under the banner of
any country nor do they fight on behalf of any believe. They claim to
be Muslims but all they are doing is tarnishing the image of a
peaceful religion, Islam.
Civilians, obviously, should never be a target in war. However, one
must read the fine print to the Somali issue! If civilians are
blocking the AU, IGAD, FDRE, US, and RS (Rep. of Somalia) from
completing their mission of restoring order to Mogadishu and greater
Somalia, they must be dealth with. For this, I fully support the
measure to target civilians that protect terrorists for they are now
becoming a "pimple on the butt of humanity" as my former Literature
teacher would say.
With regards to the "secret prisons" in Ethiopia...I would be very
surprised to see one. I do not think that there are secret CIA or FDRE
prisons in Ethiopia. I, however, think that there might be
interrogation units within Ethiopia operating under the Ethiopian and
American armed forces since the Ethiopia-ICU war broke out in
December. I, once again, fully support the measure to interrogate
terror suspects and anyone linked to the ICU because this is a serious
Terrorism is something that must be dealth with by force. They speak
the language of force, so the "Islamists" must be dealth with by the
barrel of the gun. I clearly remember that sunny day when we were told
that New York City's WTCs were attacked by airplanes in elementary
school...oh how scared I was that Boston might become a target. We
must not provide amnesty to any terrorist. They do not deserve trials,
immunity, rights or anything. For all I care, any terrorist that has
faught against Ethiopia or the greater world should be tortured!
Ethiopia was faced by a threat and is continued to be faced by a
I know, you might be thinking...what a hardlined view from
Samuel....well actually it isn't. The other side is saying give
immunity and trial to people who attack my country and that are linked
to international terrorism via Somalia. I say viva Somalia and viva
Ethiopia. I unconditionally support this war and think that the EU
should shut up...after all this is an African problem and must be
solved by Africans through the AU, IGAD and other concerned parties.
The EU has no business investigating anything!
April 6, 2007

See the paragraph highlighted. It is a shocking example of consequential utilitarianism pushed too far. This kid says he aspires to become Ethiopia's Prime Minister. God save us!


Anonymous said...

What a mind! This person should have been dead before he is born. This kind rubbish thinking and courage of writing as nonsensical as this one comes only from the most stupidest person on the planet. And I can see how dangerous these kind of souls are, since they dare to go public with their trashes at any conceivable opportunity.

Of all the statements that I read it like I was in some kind of nightmare is 'I fully support the
measure to target civilians that protect terrorists.' Hey buddy, that is why we have the Geneva conventions on the law of armed conflicts; that is why we have distinction between civilians and combatants. Who the hell and where the hell have you been to say that those people are serving as a shield for terrorists?

You must be suffering from some kind of mental disorder either throughout your life or when you wrote that piece of nonsense.

Oh, I feel ashamed to think of you as Ethiopian, if not as a human person.

Anonymous said...

This boy is probably a paid agent of TPLF like the likes of Mulugeta Asrate Kassa who don't give a wit for Ethiopia and its people as long as their personal needs are met by Weyane money.

This kid is another HODAM TPLF AGENT. You find a lot of them both in the Diaspora as well as in Ethiopia. God help Ethiopia from such enemies.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that samuel Gebru understands what the Geneva convention means? He is rather an expert in " Abiotawi Democracy". I think he needs some kind of psychiatric help. God save Ethiopia!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ- until you linked his blog, I never knew this kid exist. Reading his garbage again and again, I wished I'd never known hi existed. He is a disgraced to humanity (let alone to Ethiopia). God save us from such fascists.

Samuel M. Gebru said...

The Geneva Convensions are something I know about. However, one cannot compare the Geneva Conventions to fighting terrorists and insurgents not part of any country. Somalia has an army and they are under the command of the TFG. Any other armed body in Somalia not under the TFG is most likely to not be in favor with Ethiopia. If the Government of Prime Minister Gedi does not find a way to clean Mogadisho of terror then there won't be a way to national peace talks.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be harsh on this kid. He is just a kid. Yes, I repeat he is just a kid. What we can say is that he is reapting the evil thought he heard at home from his parents (TPLF members or supporters) and people around them.
Kids change if guided properly. If we read his other articles we notice that for him Ethiopia and Tplf are one and the same.He has got this obsession also because he was given extra attention by Tplf officials and agents.What he thinks he does is, promote Ethiopia. That is sad .
We should help him, if we can, to mend his thinking and to encourage him to keep on doing what he does by separating Woyane frm Ethiopia. Lets not contribute to his deliquency.

Anonymous said...

The greatest problem of the Tplfiests is that they are full of hatred. In Ethiopia they hate everybody except themselves. In the region, they hate the Eritreans and they hate the Somalis. They massacred Ethiopians for 16 years, then crossed border and doing ethnic cleansing in Somalia. Now they are drumbeating to wage war on the Eritreans. One wonders where these hatefull people are taking Ethiopia?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if he is but if it is true, ethio-zagol, why are we quoting a fifteen-year old boy with a 9 year old thinking on this blog. You shouldnot have given him air time at all. You tell such kids to grow up and may be stop posting such stupid things on the web in the name of ethiopians. How on earth do we expect a 15 year old to know to the Geneva Convention? This is just a kid somewhere in America and does not know how to support the TPLF. All he can do is damp his ideas on the net. I like his love for the country but I think he needs to grow up and we should not spend time discussing about his mistaken ideas. All we can do is to show him the right way of thinking!

I didnot like the fact that you posted his article on your blog. In doing so, you gave such a damp and evil idea (which Samuel himself is ashamed of and removed) a much wider audience which is not a good thing! I was surprised when you put his link along side the economist yesterday and now, you are even posting his all article. I strongly disagree - it should be a bitter education for samuel though!

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes "The apple fruit does not fall far from apple tree". I am sorry for this young kid. His justification for the massacre being committed on the Somali people is sickening. Any sane person would feel sorry for the young kid's mentors. In his personal blog, He is trying to teach us what democracy really is but he is not responding to our questions of how Tplf/the government practices these democractic principles.

Even though he only knows one-way politics by criticizing the opposition only, and not Tplf, I would still not engage with him in personal attacks. It would make him look like he is winning.

Anonymous said...

Many of you who have suggested that he is kid,and that we need not to be bother with him;Some even went to say why did you post.I am glad we have known about it.What guarenty do any of us have what is waiting for us if we are not learning continuiously.In the present moment the atmospher is chared,T.P.L.F cadres are loose,and out of control in every are of human department.They say and act out of moral turpitude.One can not help but sense an expression of represed guilt in every one of their stetments.It is to be feared that ,the regime out of this pranoid state that it find itself might be encouranging ,and teaching young childern to be conditioned at arly eage to comform to T.P.T.F autoritarian rule.It may be that childern might be the nexet state of the art tools to be eployed by this government in its deceptive poisones propoganda war.Right now ,of all the posible scenarios the most fitting is,we need the people of Tigrie to play decesive role in the coming months to remove the junta using its own military.We are at a critacal crossroad,tigrians more than ever need to play this role now.They may need to remove the regime and replace it by former tplf officials who are now in prison.If this take place,one can hope that this officials may serve as provesional government until ellected officails took the place.Further more,this approach will lay the ground work for national recouncilation. God help us and pave the way to peace!

Anonymous said...

Above anon...Well said. We should not soundapologists for the so-calle kid who only throws venom. If we ignore him as some are suggesting, the poison will only spread to destroy us all. If some of you have real sympathy for him, then advise him to shut his mouth and stop writing these kind of comments that only destroy our unity.

It is better to nip it in the bud.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Zagol posted the article that shows the alarming and dangerous mentality from the Tplf side. It goes beyond young Samuel. It exposes the mentality of the people behind this kid. Kids adopt value and concept of right and wrong based on the relationships that surround them. I have no access to the childhood of this kid , but it seems he came from some bizzare surroundings. We just can't disregard it as some crazy or dumb thing. We have to ask why these people are so hatefull and destructive? Why are they so paranoid and vindictive? Why do they consider everybody as a threat to thier existance? We have to explore the mentality of the people who are leading our country to the dead end.

Anonymous said...

he is just a kid, i don't care about him.
by the way, i really want to talk about the AAU issue. i have a feeling that ethiozagol friends in AAU might have incited the violence and the obvious riots reported. hospitals have been doing such autopsy for many years, the student & father has reportedly agreed for donating, and lastly the new eye company that is in ethiopia to help with eye diseases is another example so i don't understand why the students rioted. it is not a coincidence that as soon as Ethiozagol started talking about AAU on its blogs and connecting with students, this big problem came. it has too much conncetion. i would like to ask for ethiozagol to explain to us what you have done so far. we already know you only reported negatively and your blog is widely accessible in addis ababa. i am not here to blame you but i just can't ignore the deep correlation of events. guys, we have peace here in america and let us not try to create choas back there in our country. no matter how much we don't like the ruling party and any of the opposition parties who didn't follow kinijit's methods, i don't think we should be promoting hate and negativity as well as character assasination of all these ppl in parliament. we already know of many in diaspora that have done such things before in many ways than one and became equally responsible for riots & disturbances in ethiopia. i don't think we should follow their lead. it is not very nice at all. can ethiozagol publicly and honestly clear up what you have been doing on the ground??


Anonymous said...

What are you all talking about? this is not a kid, the commentator appear to deceive you , the commentator is a full grown adult hiding under a baby cloth. Kids of any age under 20 cannot produce such vile so venomous. Its like that cartoon film on buggs, the little dwarf man dressed like a baby and left on someone's door step and later on you see that dwarf smoking and shaving. This person has managed to deceive you all.

We thought DAGMAWI was a frustrated and abused kid who is upset and saying all kind of venomous things against the Eritrean people, people who provided his mother a job with so he can grow up. But you all have seen how venomous his words were to the people that fed him and his family. We all found out that DAGMAWI is a grown man in his mid 40s. This dwarf wearing baby cloth is no different than the DAGMAWI we know, either he is Dagmawi or his protégé.



Anonymous said...

The sad thing about this gelgel wayane is that he goes to school with our kinds in America. Honestly he is another Virginia Tech in the making. I think social services should involve before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

alemu, you are an idiot lol

Anonymous said...

Alemu -

Dagmawi is the best abesha mind we know on the web.

I think you are a super idiot! Or some genuine old jerk stuck in nakfa!

Anonymous said...

The Tplf regime is not only becoming desperate but also foolish. They are basically branding everybody that opposes thier ethnic junta rule as "terorrist". On the incident in the Ogaden, I really don't trust Tplf's version of the event. They told us people were murdered while sleeping. But the Chinese version talks about one hour fighting between 100 government soldiers and 200 ONLF fighters. Apparently there was a spill over. How come people sleep when the fighting was going on for an hour? Kinijit and its supporters will not be feezled by the usual foolish propoganda from Tplf. The propoganda of labeling adversries as "terorist" is becoming old and boring. Even Mugabe started labeling his opponent "terorist". What a Joke!

Anonymous said...

"They are basically branding everybody that opposes thier ethnic junta rule as "terorrist"

well, UEDF, CUDP,OFDM, SPDP,ANDP, GPDM,BGPDUF,HNL and many other opposition parties are not labeled "terrorists" and they are peacefully working in the ethiopian parliament.

everybody knows who we are calling terrorists.
if you are using violence, riots and killings to destroy our peace, then you will not be labeled a "Saint"
we can all asure you.

so who are you trying to fool???

find some commonsense before you post.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alemu, Samuel Gebru is an older person, not a small child as he is trying to pass himself as. I think its possible for "Samuel Gebru" to be "Dagmawi" disguised as a child in order to justify TPLF's indiscreminate bombing of civilians and people aho have nothing to do with the Somali freedom fighters. TPLF has all kinds of support from all corners, most of the media reporting the invasion are talking about it as if this is some kind of fight to eradicate terrorism. The truth of the matter is, they are killing innocent civilian Somalis thru collective punishment.

Anonymous said...

Ethio-Zagol, why do you give so much respect to a 27 years old guy who lie to Americans that he is only 14 years old. I know Samuel Gebru very well. The only reason why he supports TPLF is that he mother is from Tigray and his father (of course) Eritrean. He knows claiming his Eritreaness gives him only chance i.e. Sawa, nothing else. I cannot understand that Ethio-Zagol uses so much space for this rubbish comments. Samuel is lonly and has isolated himself form habesha community because of the fact that many have challenged his age and his previous statement that he actually is Eritrean (Like Meles Zenawi and Bereket Simon)

Anonymous said...

Samuel Geru is 26 years old, born in Mekele (not 27 as mentioned above) He is born 3 May 1976. I know him and his family, and his younger sister (24)who newly graduated from a college. He used to be very close to the Eritrean community until they discovered that he mother w/ro Showaynesh Asfeha was from Wukro woreda in East Tigray zone (one of the poorest districs in Tigray) His father "Gebru" is Eritrean born in Medefera. His real name is Wolday Teklu. I am from Tigray but I don't like people who pretend true Tigrayans, like Meles, Samule and others. The truth is that only a handful of the TPLF Polit Bureau are Tigirans, nor do represent the Tigray people. We, the people of Tigray, have elected leaders and our leaders are in Qaliti prison.

Anonymous said...


lol , nice try pure neftenga trying to hide in the innocent tigray disguise.

i am trying to imagine tigrains saying "our leaders are in qaliti"
i am dying with laughter.

thanks for the joke!

Anonymous said...

and u above must be an ass kissing Weyane dog

Anonymous said...

"killing terroists and their supporters" is a well established wayane policy. remeber? a young student was killed infront of his house in Dambidolo, sometimes in January, and the MP for that locality reported to the parlament. the local police chief replied that "yes, we killed an OLF member, and if that MP is defending OLF then let him come and talk to us". yeah, kill any one that demands the respect for ones right and justify that by labeling name. The civilized world is questioning the legality of Guantanamo where USA, supposedly a defender of human rights is actually supressing. puppy Wayanes are trying to talk in the language of Bushs America.

Anonymous said...


For those of us who live in Cambridge and know who this boy is, (he really is a high school student and I hear a good one too)we are very well aware of his activity and how dangerous it is. Most in the community have so far chosen to disregard it either because we felt that we would risk making it more consequential if we began to target one so young.

The problem I see is that we have focused more on HIM than we have on his ACTIONS. I focus on him only in reaction to how (genuinely) young he is.

I commend Zagol for finally taking on this threat that has been with us for so long. The goal is to curb the behavior, not to target the individual. The tool for curbing the behavior of human rights abusers and their propaganda machinery is the exposure and dissemination of information, and nothing else.

Two great examples exist in the case of S. Gebru here: 1)His prompt removal of the venomous rubbish he posted re: the Somalia killing fields and 2) his prompt removal (this time with an apology) of other garbage and a pack of lies he had posted re: his determination to use his alleged influence (when in fact he had none!) on the City Government of which he is a resident, to convince City Councillors NOT to support their Ethiopian American constituencies in voicing suppport for HR2003 (then HR5680). The latter was the result of citizen action kept calling on the City officials and referred them to the blog where this trash was posted.

To some degree, I agree that as he is so young, it is only appropriate that we not deal with him as an equal. Citizen action and information dissemination should focus on the behavior and not the person anyway.

In any case, those of us who fall for engaging any such person individually have to keep in mind that we risk losing credibility, and that we are also falling into the trap of degrading our cause to the levelof his cohorts.

Unfortunately,such thinking has existed and reared its ugly head from among many tribes and countries. So, it is not even important that he is from Tigray. His action is dangerous to all of us, and shameful to all humanity.

Thank you Zagol for a job well-done, as always!

Anonymous said...

Mr Samuel Gebru,
Let us assume that you travelled to Somalia on business or on holiday & fighting started while you were there. You started running for your life & the only way to get out of Somalia was to cross the border to Kenya. There were thousands of people fleeing & you were one of them. Let us again assume that your name is Mohammed or Abdella, you are a young man with a beard, etc. You were caught by the Kenyan security officers & handed over to the “authorities” via Somalia. You were blind folded & taken to Ethiopia & tortured & may be executed. You were not given the opportunity to present your side of the story or to defend yourself properly. How does that scenario make you feel? Even if you were an ICU fighter, do you deserve to be treated so inhumanely? What has happened to the concept of humanity & decency?

Or let us assume that you are a 60-year old widow who looks after 5 orphans & who lives in Mogadisho. A few "terrorists" (or lets say gun men) were shooting at the TFG soldiers & their supporters from across the border. Then these soldiers, armed to their teeth, unleashed a barrage of tank & mortar fire towards the area where the shooting was coming from. In this indiscriminate shooting you & your children & most civilians in the neighbourhood were annihilated. Do you really support that action? Food for thought!
Samuel Habtu Belay

Anonymous said...

Samuel is a DIEHARD TPL-CADRE, he ain't a child the deserve the attention he is getting. He may be older thn EZ owner himself. He is some one that understands what thicks people and ehat raises the blood of Ethiopians a child supposedly grew upin the Cambridge annot understand what thicks Ethiopians he would be bussy looking for a bra hole to pick a woam's breast. But this guy is even more knowledgable than you and I, EZ so please spare us the heartache. What we need to know is about our leaders and their response to the Somalia issue, how much are they informed with regards to Somalia?

Unknown said...

I did not understand why ethio zagol published the deliberated illusion of stagnant Samuel Gebru.
I am quite sure the illusion of Samuel is not a direct product of his brain.
It is intended to create annoyance against us or to make busy in such trash idea.
But for whom I am asking is to ethio zagol , I did not understand why you publish this idea? Because, for the time being we have enough Woyanne, for the next time, we really do not have a shoulder to carry another extension of Woyanne.

Anonymous said...

I think personality might not only be a function of age. This guy sounds physically old and mentally young. After all, he may have a predisposed racist mind. Don't give him a credit by commenting too much. I have so many similar guys around who blindly support the war in Somalia and war crimes simply because they belong to a certain ethnic group. I don't think this is a socially acceptable behaviour. This is really being uncivilized. Any way,we have serious issues guys. Leave this mentally kid and other similay guys alone and get back to business, I mean our serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Please, take it easy on the kid!!

I read what he posted and clearly the kid is not yet ready for primetime. However, you should not jump allover him and discurrage him from taking an active interest in his country's welbeing. There should be room for him to grow in public.

Thanks for everything you do. You are my only window to life in Addis.


Anonymous said...

master of all fools

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh EZ! Did someone write or say something that is not fully in line with your view on things? Then go ahead and belittle them, because we should all exhalt you in the so-earnestly sought recognition that you bathe yourself in on this "thought-provoking" blog.

You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a staunch kinijit supporter, but now I have seen what his excellency prime minister Mles The Zenawi is doing and I am a 1000% behind him, kill those bustard Somalis. Kill all the terrorists somaly harbour, and if they hind behind the civilian somalis then kill the civilians for hiding them. I don't care much for all the kinjitites/cudists/Dergists and what they have to say. We are fighting torrorism all around the world including in Somalia. Few civilians die, so what? big deal! they killed so many innocent people in new york and washington. We should go to their hole and smoke the mother fu@#$%s.


Anonymous said...

samuel n. ghebru,

what is torrorism? how is it not a big deal when "few" civilians die? how is obscenity and vulgarity so easy in your vocabulary when you can't even articulate/spell other words correctly? what are your priorities? who are "we" who are fighting the "torrorism"?

Anonymous said...

hi tommy r u come back through SNG's flash? u got same soul. I'm not surprised with ur ideas.
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

In his own word the kid said:

" I am not Eritrean or do I have any link with Eritrea. I am from the Tigray cities of Hawzein in Agame and Wukro in Kilte Awlaelo.

Best wishes,
Samuel M. Gebru"

So no surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey samuel is just a kid trying to figure things out. Rather than shaming him, lets encourage him to think more critically. Shaming leads to the zero sum politics that we are so used to in Ethiopia. Forgive the kid and try to move the conversation into a more constructive place.

Really, why even shame a fifteen year old. Your blog and his blog perform two different functions. Yours informs, his on other hand is a platform for him to figure things out. Know the difference and treat accordingly.

Anonymous said...

SAMUEL, GEBRU is a TPLF CADRE! He is a MIDGET LIKE HIS LEADER who looks like a child from the outset and he is a "dwarf" old man, his name is DAGMAWI, if you think about it they all are dwarfs, don't you step on them while walking at night, you can trip and fall. They are also like MOSQUITO THEY ARE FULL OF HUMAN BLOOD IN THEIR BELLIES, IF YOU STEP ON THEM THEY MIGHT EXPLODE AND SPOIL YOUR SHOE, SO STAY AWAY FROM DWARF TIGRES LIKE MELES AND SAMUEL GEBRUS

Anonymous said...

EZ how low can you go?
Aheyawen Ferto Dawelawen. is the saying from your ancestors that best fits you. Now you are picking on a 16 year old kid. He has a right to say whatever he wants he doesn't need your permission. If he plans to be the Prime Minister I say he has about 20 years to mature and grow. I bet you will be in nursing home in 20 years. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Dear readers,
Instead of debating about this newborn fashist 'leader' to be, you all might better look after your own children. Be a good human and NEVER show them that you hate someone or some kind of people. Otherwise this will be the end of the world, and Ethiopia too. Why not try to forgive, isn't this in our religions ? Forgive all the people that did horrible things to you and others, that is the only chance to make this world (and Ethiopia) a living one.
Don't get me wrong, I know what I am talking about. But this way is realy our only chance!!
May God bless you all..

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