Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wiki attacks

The EPRDF has assembled a team of people with a task to edit and change wikipedia entries regarding Ethiopia, sources told Ethio-Zagol Post. The first target was Amnesty International. The EPRDF introduced an entry about Amnesty international's involvement in helping the "extremist" private media in Ethiopia in Wikipedia. It was, however, re-edited by other contributors immediately. See  here   a very favourable entry about Meles Zenawi. Read it through; and Here  is EPRDF's entry about VOA on Wikipedia.
We have to step up our efforts and correct the distorted information.


Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great,

You are good. Keep exposing the retatded mafia. The evil is working with Chinese for such kind of illegal and criminal activity.

Thanks. As always, keep up the good job. The brutal mafia will be history, soon.

Rekik said...

This is just the begining of yet more to come. With his announcement of leaving office in a few years time, he seems to be dreaming of landing on Ibrahim`s Prize for good governance in Africa. The wiki name lift is just part of that grand project by his second-hand foot soldiers.

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to pay attention to one's country's image to the world. We have all this Ethiopians in Diaspora that gets mad with the current government from time to time and post hurtful information about their own country.But how is it possible that the EPRDF is willing to spend so much time and energy when we have so much heavy lifting to do on so many other fronts. I think it is nonsense, especially when someone can easily go back and re-edit the Wiki so easily.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed this a while ago with my colleagues who often take the information about Ethiopia on the Wiki page as is. We shouldn't keep silent seeing blatant lies and distortions, while a tyranical regime is called democratic, our struggle for freedom is equated to extremism and terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Tazabe ke: AGARO, JIMMA

Just did my part. Delete anything that is untrue. Do yours. You know that sooner or later Democracy will prevail in Ethiopia and those who think they are untouchable will find them self on the hand of the poor Ethiopian people. Truly justice will be done then. No worry. GOD BLESS those who truly stood for free ETHIOPIA so far.

Anonymous said...

nothing to read on the second part, it juat talks about VOA????