Sunday, November 25, 2007

The coolest thing in town right now is memorising the provisions of HR 2003. ETV as usual did a great job of advertising it when it tried to present the bill as anti-Ethiopia. Yesterday at the Great Run which has become a routine protest march in the past few years, some runners clearly and loudly said what they thought of the bill.
HR Yemanew
Meles Yemanew
HRin Enfeligalen

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vicki on a mission

Vicki Huddlestone and another former US diplomat in Addis wrote this today on the NY Times. This is one of the most bizzare and outwardly dim-witted comment I have ever read from former US diplomata.
Third Para:
Sadly, Congress is poised to fuel the march toward war by passing a bill that threatens to cut off technical assistance to Ethiopia, one of our closest allies, if it does not, among other things, release political prisoners, ensure that the judiciary operates independently and permit the news media to operate freely. Ethiopia has already freed opposition leaders, reformed parliamentary rules to give opposition parties greater legislative responsibility and approved a new media law that meets international standards.
Are the writers implying cutting off assistance to Ethiopia could cause the border war? Or Is there something the Times editors erroneously left out which would have made this piece more rational than it appears to be?
Fourth Para:
A far better approach would be to buttress Ethiopia against threats to its survival — by helping it resolve its border conflict and ensuring that it reopens negotiations with insurgents and traditional leaders and permits international investigation of reported military abuses (including allegations of rape and murder). Ethiopia has begun this process by allowing the United Nations and humanitarian aid agencies to assist civilians in the Ogaden.
A far better approach to what? To ensuring the respect of human rights? How incoherent, fallacious and pure non sense this article is is quite flabbergasting.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On the Brink of War

Members of the central committee of TPLF has been in a meeting for the last couple of days to discuss the possibility of war with Eritrea. According to EZ Post sources, Meles Zenawi who was in India has skipped the meeting. Eye witnesses in Tigray report that there is a massive movement of Ethiopian troops to the border area.Some foreign diplomats in Addis Ababa also claim that the war may start very soon.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ETV on HR Offensive.

Al Amoudi's Friend and advisor to campaign against the bill
Enraged Meles government has embarked an all out attack on HR 2003. After Siyum Mesfin's particularly dim-witted interview against the bill last Thursday, the state media have been brodcasting long running programmes which insult the bill's two foremost proponents, Congressmen Payne and Smith. Some of the private media here are also presenting their take on the bill. The weekly fortune wrote in its gossip corridor that Al Amoudi's friend and advisor, Irvin Hicks, who was formerly a US Ambassador in Addis would write on the OP-ED pages of major American papers criticizing the bill. Another newspaper, Addis Neger, which started publishing last week had a blow by blow coverage of the bill's progress in the American congress.

Monday, November 05, 2007


After two weeks break, I am back. As usual you can count on the blog for delivering insider information. The most important development in the past week relates to the Ethio-Eritrean conflict. A month ago, EZ sources warned of the possibility of Ethio-Eritrean war in November. According to new information from American embassy sources, the war could start within weeks. I will have more information in the subsequent days.