Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revealed: Mushe Semu writes as Yedemocracy Goh Siked

UEDP's second man, Mushe Semu, had targeted Dr. Birhanu Nega in articles published by the EPRDF leaning Ethio-channel. Writing with the alias, Yedemocracy Goh Siked, Mushie had written what he described as his "notes on Birhanu Nega".  His articles attacked Birhanu's integrity and his "wishy washy" politics.  
EZ's verdict: Mushie is an utterly discredited politician. If he wants to engage Birhanu Nega, as a politician he should do it publicly with accountability. Birhanu Nega may not be the holiest of persons but attacking him using the veil of pseudoname is unfair for a politician who is competing against him. 

Still breathing

I thank fans and critics for the loads of e-mail which enquired about this site's lack of activity for nearly two months. The concern for most had been the possibility of me switching sides. And some hoped that I hadn't fallen prey to the EPRDF's security machine. An emphatic no is the answer for both.
Here is EZ Post gathering its breath to roar. Your reliable bloggers will soon be back with the "hot stuff" you are addicted to.