Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ETV on HR Offensive.

Al Amoudi's Friend and advisor to campaign against the bill
Enraged Meles government has embarked an all out attack on HR 2003. After Siyum Mesfin's particularly dim-witted interview against the bill last Thursday, the state media have been brodcasting long running programmes which insult the bill's two foremost proponents, Congressmen Payne and Smith. Some of the private media here are also presenting their take on the bill. The weekly fortune wrote in its gossip corridor that Al Amoudi's friend and advisor, Irvin Hicks, who was formerly a US Ambassador in Addis would write on the OP-ED pages of major American papers criticizing the bill. Another newspaper, Addis Neger, which started publishing last week had a blow by blow coverage of the bill's progress in the American congress.


Anonymous said...

EZ, Thank you very much for the information. Let them bark till they bury themselves. They are digging their own grave quicker. Rememeber what meles right hand man Prof. Efrem Yisak admitted in his own words even before reading what the bill is for.

If it is not for the life support plug from the west, the our ruler knows it would have been history by 2005. It didn't show any progress so the west will unpplug their life support feeder sooner.

As their 100 years old ethiopa forced them to admit 2000 years old, let them bark till their grave.

Anonymous said...

It is time to call Al Amoudi not only a friend of the Woyane but the enemy of Ethiopia. His continued effort to undermine the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia needs more than a passive comment.

All wars are inherently evil, bloody and destabilizing. However, there are wars, that are just, and could not be avoided. The war for independence was a just war. For, the people were left with no alternative, except, to carry arms and fight for their dignity. Al Amoudi single handedly financed the last border war, between Eritrea and Ethiopia. was a war, that could have been easily avoided. Al Amoudi bought the Adola Gold Mine for 174 million US dollars which he paid in cash to facilitate the Woyane war effort. This war could have been easily avoided had it not been for Al Amoudi's money that reinforced the Woyane contempt.

Again, war seems imminent, short of a last minute miracle. Unfortunately, eight years after the last disastrous war and with blood in his hand for more than 90,000 dead, Al Amoudi is again lobbying against HR 2003 through one of his long list of pimps. AL AMOUDI is buying favor with the Ethiopian tyrant to continue his well documented CHILD MOLESTATION in this poor country.

The people of Ethiopia have to rise up and say Enough is Enough - Boycot his business!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the African American who worked just before or after Ambassador David Shinn?

Anonymous said...

I found it HR2003 is the best medicine which brings woyane to normal a condition. But their are scavengers who want woyane to be abnormal so that they can fill their stomac sucking blood from innocent people.

what you call the news paper addis neger or addis Hwod(stomach) can't help woyane recover from its illness.

woyane id dead and never come back as political party other than a tirrerist party found in the east africa.

Dont forget HR2003 passed unanimously in American congress.
But woyane consider this as the work of two individuals.they consider the representatives same as their objects in the parliament driven by one individual and think in one person mind or night mare.

death to woyane and its noncenec supporters.

Anonymous said...

Is there a link between Al Amoudi's Financial Empire and the Woyane Looting of the Ethiopian Treasury?

In my humble opinion the answer is "YES"

Al Amoudi's business grew from a net worth of 1.8 billion seven years ago to 8.1 billion in the last fiscal year. The astronomical growth of Al Amoudi's wealth is no accident it is the laundering of money being looted by Woyane from the Ethiopian Treasury.

So Al Amoudi's lobby and support for the Woyane Tyranny is no coincidence. It is Business in the Third World where you grow your business 400% in merely 7 years!!!

The money is the Tigray Endowment business empire money being laundered into Al Amoudi's in ternational business. I hope Attorneys like Professor Al Mariam and Dr. Shakespeare will look into it and expose them to the world!

Down with Meles the tyrant and the anti-Ethiopian mogul Al Amoudi!!

Anonymous said...

Meles and his friends should rethink about their strategy of attacking the diaspora for recieving it's leaders with such vigour. If Meles wants to have the diaspora on it's side it should consider working with the BB group which had proven to be the true leades of the diaspora. Amazingly the irony is that these two are not even Amharas. Meles should learn a lesson from this. You want to be accepted by the powerful diaspora accept and work with it's leaders. If the threat of putting Birtukan and Berhanu etc materialized HR2003 will for sure pass the senate and I dought it if Bush will veto it. Meles should look at Musharaf who have Nuclear arms. As important as Musharaf is to America US is threatening to cut aid . I hope Meles or some one reads in to this article get the message.

Anonymous said...

How on earth a bill like HR2003 undermines the sovergnity of our country? Does USA really need human right democracy and accountability act to undermine Ethiopia's sovergnity as Ben of Ethiopia first and ETV trying to tell us? The constitution of Ethiopia as wriiten by the current government also supports democracy and accountability, doesn't it? I think the present government officials have the intention of fleeing to the west after amassing millions of dollars and they are threatend by HR2003. They know it is going to catch up with them.

Anonymous said...

Good question anonymous at 10.40

Sovereignty is defined as "the exclusive right to complete political (e.g. legislative, judicial, and/or executive) control over an area of governance, people, or oneself". HR 2003 is trying to (rightly or wrongly depending your view point)influence this by using aid as a bargaining tool. This is a contradiction in therms in my opinion, hence Ben's view that HR 2003 undermines our sovereignty which is correct.

Anonymous said...

It is time that USA embassy get out of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...