Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revealed: Mushe Semu writes as Yedemocracy Goh Siked

UEDP's second man, Mushe Semu, had targeted Dr. Birhanu Nega in articles published by the EPRDF leaning Ethio-channel. Writing with the alias, Yedemocracy Goh Siked, Mushie had written what he described as his "notes on Birhanu Nega".  His articles attacked Birhanu's integrity and his "wishy washy" politics.  
EZ's verdict: Mushie is an utterly discredited politician. If he wants to engage Birhanu Nega, as a politician he should do it publicly with accountability. Birhanu Nega may not be the holiest of persons but attacking him using the veil of pseudoname is unfair for a politician who is competing against him. 


Unknown said...

Selam EZ:

Welcome back. Please do not disappear like this. Even though you have not posted for a long time, I have not ceased from going to your blog daily 

Saying this allow me to comment on your latest post. You exposed Ato Mushe Semu as the one writing against Dr Berhanu on ethio-channel under a nick name. That may be true. However how did you know it is him? Please elaborate and present facts.

As to the attacks on Dr Berhanu they are coming from all directions. I cannot understand why some people hate him so much!!! I met the guy and discussed with him. I have read his book. I have read the transcript of the long speech he gave in Washington DC. It would have been good if his “haters” challenge him by arguing issues instead of coming up with lies and fabrications.

Dr Berhanu, though he is not one of the main leaders of the CUD (member of the central committee) and is not currently active as he used to be, I believe he has a unique place in the struggle. We are lucky we have him. We need someone who is open, and straightforward in Ethiopia.

If Ato Semu really wrote against Dr Berhanu, as you said it shows that Ato Semu does not have the confidence in himself. It shows that he is not up to the 21st politics of transparency and openness. It shows that the so called EDP-MEDHIN is a rotten organization that has basically died.


Anonymous said...

EZ welocme back. Dr Berhanu is a great leader we have. Some of eng. Hailu support are blind.The reality is the old polticain must resgin and respeact the young leaders.Day and night few of eng. Hailu group attacking Dr Berhanu couse he smarter than them and he a good poltician with a confedance. He is rich also he working hard day and night for freedom.Since he left Addis he did more than 3 internatinal media and on Ethiopian media too.He speak about kinjit and freedom ,human right in NY unversity, in NY radio , also now he is in Lisbon city to speak about human right .Where is eng. Hailu ? he still attacking on the media for his coworkers,Never speak on internatinal media in one hand he said he sick in the other hand he still attacking his coworker in paltalk and ex Aboyte tebake radio station with Berdru adem.shame on him and his supporter. We need someone work not a talker/We need action no alublta

Anonymous said...

Welcome back EZ. We missed your informative blogs. I sensed a different tone in this post that I didn't like. It's an open secret who Mushe Semu is and how he has lost all credibility. What bothered me is what you implied about dr berhanu ("...Birhanu Nega may not be the holiest of persons..."). Why that statement? For someone who has done so much for the struggle? He has probably done much more than any other person for the kinijit movement. He has made the ultimate sacrifice. I don't think he deserves that type of statement. For the politically lost souls, it's understandable that they attack him since they know no better. But EZ, you should know much better than that.

I would like to take this opportunity to say something to Dr Berhanu. You have helped start a movement, a revolution. We have seen in world history that people with your type of committment to make a change which impacts generations to come, will attract many true believers of the movement, but there will also be some powerful enemies that operate from a place of fear of change that will be committed to destroying the legacy. Please do not be discouraged as to bring about the change we need in Ethiopia requires a high level of determination and strength, or else the destructive forces will win. Dr Berhanu, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE TO LIBERATE YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COUNTRY. WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN ANY OTHER TIME

Anonymous said...

Hi Ethio Zagol. I was wondering if you'd left the blog job altogether and am happy that you got back. Mushe Semu, if it's really him, must be ashamed for striking at a great and formidable leader as Dr. Birhanu.

Mushe Semu and his crony, the bigot, Lidetu Ayalew haven't contributed anything towards bolestering democracy. All they've been engaged in the deliberate distortions and defamations.

I admire Dr. Birhanu because unlike Mushe and Lidetu he has laid bare the machinations of EPRDF and Meles Zenawi. For their part they (Mushe and Lidetu) were just parroting whatever Meles said in his tightly-controlled media outlets.

Anonymous said...

EZ is gone for bad.