Monday, January 28, 2008

I have boundless regard to Andargachew Tsge. I have already expressed why in previous posts. Yesterday Andargachew puts a two years performance report card on Kinijit, and suggests the way ahead. Reading the first eight or so pages, I thought he had hit the nail right on its head. If Kinijit had been as disorganized as he put it; if some of the leaders were as suspect as he portrayed them; if the movement was based on a fragile coalition as he suggested, the logical conclusion is that part of the reason for for what happened after November 2005 is Kinijit itself. 
The rest of the article steers clear of this important truth. We know that EPRDF isn't democratic. We know EPRDF doesn't want independent institutions. We know these facts. We know  them long, long before the election. The reason Kinijit generated so much excitement among people like me was its stance that even when we know all these we still keep on fighting peacefully; that there will be a lot of battles before the war is won; that the battles demand us huge sacrifices for the values we hold dear; that means is no less worthy that end. I thought the battle was moral as well as political. Should we forgo these lofty ideals because we lost some battles here and there partly due to our own disorganization?


Anonymous said...

I thought you were died!

Anonymous said...

Let's get the facts straight. The Woyane of today is the Woyane of yesteryear - repressive, divisive, corrupt, ethnic-oriented etc. The entire Kinijit leadership including Hailu, Bertukan, Berhanu, Andargachew and the rest chose and pursued peaceful democratic struggle as the most appropriate for Ethiopian conditions. They garnered the support of millions because of this mode of struggle and the Kinijit vision in general. What, for goodness sake, changed about the repressive nature of Woyane or the Ethiopian political environment to consider “Armed Struggle" if that is what Andargachew is implying? Or is this the "I told you so" rhetoric of long-distance punditry?

The true sons and daughters of Kinijit and of Ethiopia have pledged to continue the struggle even if that meant great peril to their life. They chose to go back home and face the animal. The very least we can do from afar is continue standing by them thru thick and thin. Let’s stop this hollow punditry and help Kinijit in intensifying the never-before-tried portions of peaceful struggle - which I believe is 80% of the whole.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Now I am back to the routine: regularliy visting your web site.

I read Andargachiew's 27 page article or you can call it thesis and I find it boring and contradictory. I am a bit excited by the news that Eng. Hailu Shawel will be heading home in the next couple of weeks. The movement at home needs him badly. I believe his first task will be calling a general assembly. But before doing that, I am hoping and praying, he will talk with his collegues Birtukan and Yacob h/m. Not to do so will be a huge mistake.

It is now obvious that Birtukan needs a lot of coaching and advise to use her full potential for the future struggle. She made a lot of mistakes and it seems there is no end to her consitent errors in judgement. She has to take a step back, sit down with Eng. Hailu Shawel, and talk sincerely. She must not allow those in the Diaspora who service should have been helping but not dictating or influence her thinking. She must know that if she handled well then she is the future of the country. And Mr. Andargachiew is one of those Diasporans who should know his limit of contribution.

Anonymous said...

We know you people destroyed KINIGIT and now you are trying to sell your dirty propaganda. Damn it. I equally blame the lives of 200 people on you as I do to Weyane.
There is a better politics than you guys are trying to sell.
Love to Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Hi EZ,

Good to see you back after a long absence. I am sure you have your own reason for that as you do this as a side struggle for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. I read the article by Andargachew, a well written piece. We want more detail truth on various issues even if it includes name calling and blaming.

Ayene sew nafekew

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are in tune again with this blog again.
As for Tsige, let it be known to him that we are fed up of his rhetoric. We are seek of these playing " I told you so" rythm.
I guess when Eng. Hailu arrives he will mind it. Bertukan must renounce the letter of allegiance that she wrote to Melese and join Hailu in the struggle.
As for Tsige, again let it be known to him that he should distance himself for politics let alone from Kinijit as it is not his area of reference as Dr. Berhanu's is. We have a lot of expertise on the subject. We have listened much on the rif raf elements. And enough is enough. Tsige has already advised Bertukan to join Meles and that was manifested in her recent letter to Meles and that was a fatal mistake deliberately advised by Tsige.
Tsige is an ally and a stooge and running dog of Melese engaged in a caldestine operation to ramshackle the struggle against TPLF.
History told us that Lidetu was with us before he sold us for a few silver coins and Tsige is taking over Lidetu now