Friday, January 25, 2008

They never had it so good

A disorganized opposition, leaders who change positions in the time it takes to say "change", the Americans in pocket, the free press almost non-existent and the underground movement dead, the EPRDFites never had it this good. On Aiga Forum Zeru Hagos declared " Mission Accomplished!"
But this may be the time when a new, disciplined and mature movement for democracy will emerge from the ashes of a failed movement. Remember Serbia at the end of the 1990s. It seemed the People's Movement was dead and buried then. Few years latter, we know what happened.


Anonymous said...

Thank God you are "still breathing", Zagol. You are absolutely right in your assesment of the current situation. You are also right in your predictions. In my view, this is the period of the 'quit before the storm'. As long as the reality on the ground (i.e., they are still being discriminated, disenfranchised,starved, maimed and killed for standing up) is the same as the one that has forced them to rise in unision, the people will rise again. They will rise and revolt again. and again. until the source of their misery is eliminated.
That is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

I agree EZ!

It is a matter of time before earnest and genuine children of Ethiopia team up and stand for the values and liberties we Ethiopians are craving for.


Anonymous said...

Is this "Zeru Hagos in your face we are back". No wonder Zerengaw Zeru is saying this when "Kesum zim Dawitum zim" attitude runs in our society.
My advice to Zeru is "Please do not undermine the silence of the oppressed, angered and povery striken people. It is rather more dangerous to rule by silence than by freedom. You will pay the price of ruling by suppression sooner than later. I know this does not click to autoritarians ear, but you will remeber it one sunny day.

Anonymous said...

You did not say the reason for your hybernation for some time.

Yes a genuinely Ethiopian agenda is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Welcome ack Zagol-man!

Any explanation to how and where you have been all this time? Also, please don't promise us you will continue your frequent blogging to simply disappear for months...

Anyways, I am glad you're okay.

In regards to the mission accomplished by the EPRDifties, I am not surprised at all. It seems their work of dividing the opposition has been taken care by the opposition itself.

I thought our country and our people were blessed but from what I am wittnesing, I don't think that is an accurate assumption. In fact I think there is some sort of curse that is hindering the wish of the populous.

Kinijit- The Way of Peace said...

Selam EZ:

Welcome back. Though you disappeared, i never stop checking in daily your blog. I was a bit tired, of seeing the name of one of the gentleman who robbed the people's property, each I opened your blog.

As to Aiga et his folks like Ato Zeru hagos, I am eager to see what they would be saying now.


Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great,

Great to see you. God save you from the DEVIL

No wonder, the devil is breathing untill they pay their price for all the crimes. We are responsible for these.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, EZ!

I hope you are now back to stay.

Anonymous said...

We reached to this situation not because tplf managed to stop the movment of change but it was handed victory by the Hailu shawel's group.I am sure tplfs are exterimely surprised by this unexpected generiousity.The Ato Hailu's camp strengthen tplf more than any numbers of tplf cadres,security,government machinerys or the spying aparatus can do.They should awared him a medal for saving them at the last minute.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The question is what led the opposition to be in such a mess? Were they really ready to assume the responsibility of ruling the country? Would Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been better off if the fracturous opposition assumed office? Would the opposition and ethiopia as country have been better of had they joined parliament and build on their successes? Haven't they shown us they are not much different from the government they want to replace? If they do not have the capacity to deal with internal differences, what guarantee does one has they will be bring democracy in the country?

These are the issues that need to be discussed, if we are to move forward.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I´ve seen it. And experienced. Many times. You have to take one step backward – and a deep sigh – to be able to take the next step forward.

Not all can do that. Some will lose their hope on the way. But those who truly believe in the movement or ideology or goal or what-ever-you-call-it, they can.

Not just take a step, but a leap forward. And that will take them ...

Anonymous said...

ZAGOL the great

We are like SPHINX.
We will rise again

Anonymous said...

ETZ, have you lost your news
source, or common sense, or mission

The first round of Kinijit fame
is now completely taken over by
EPRDF in the last round. Accept
the fact and prepare for the next

Mezeberareq turu aydelem!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Zagol (a grossly parasitic and sadly a gruesome idiot);
Welcome back! I tought you are/were dead! You are such an offense to good taste and decency - EPRP!
Formost, admit and swallow that EPRDF pissed on you! Your menfis Kinjit is dead! Hear me - DEAD for good! What left is horribly perverted and babbling neanderthal blind foot-soldier like you - Zagol. That day is not far when go out enmass to burry an unspeakably boorish and hideous-imbecile EPRP-pooch known as Zagol.

For the rest of anti-Ethiopia, Anti-EPRDF and the dead Kinjit dreamers: You are nothing but tasteless dumbass! Pathetically simple-minded and bottom-feeding parasite - Get over it - Kinijit-DERGUE is dead!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you active again. Thank God for that.

Anonymous said...

Hi EZ,

Welcome back! Why disappear like this with out prior notice?

It is a vindication for those of us who warned the leaders not to come to North America with out first resolving their problems in Ethiopia. The extravaganza party and the Limousine in the US should have waited. I am sure how Birtukan and friends will be embarassed to look back to Sept - 2007.

No need to single out names here but they all blew it up!

Anon 2:25 AM,

Why blame Hailu Shawel? After all the other group have said he is a dictator, backward, Feudal etc - if that is the case then why the other group couldn't function with out Hailu Shawel. They simply would have moved on with out the backward! And that would save them from blaming him for their failure.

It shows how the Dr. Berhanu/Bertukan faction is shallow and can not walk the talk.

Ras Neftegna said...

Thank you zagol. I am thinking u r Ethiopian. Good style if writing. We all know psychological war gies b4 actual gun battle. I bn to Ethiopia couple of times recently. The ppl seem to have accepted it. However as always university dorms are r the play ground to start the underground freedom Ethiopia. But those who can't bear arm should support by donating few dollars. Well that's what I think to solve this situation, not a problem.