Monday, December 11, 2006

Andreas Eshete establishes a human rights center to fight Amnesty International

Addis Ababa University's President, Professor Andreas Eshete, is establishing a human rights centre under the auspices of the university. According to sources close to him, he intends to make the centre a research and advocacy institute which counters Amnesty International. Andreas Eshete told some of his aides that AI was biased towards Ethiopia and the world should know that there was a growing respect to human freedom and equality in the country. "It will be the first human rights institute in the world which is created to fight another advocacy institution, " one of the aides told this blogger.
Many colleagues of Andreas Eshete are unhappy with Addis Ababa University's direct involvement in politics. "It is a scandal for this great institution that it is planning to stand against such a conscience of the world as AI. We are writing history which will embarrass our children, " one university professor laments. "what will be the first research work of the 'human rights' centre? A defense of human rights violations in the country?" another quips.
The president whose association with EPRDF is a public knowledge is expected to name the institute's chairman soon.


Anonymous said...

Somebody should snuff the lights out of that drunk. He ain't nothing but a hodam frifari lekame. His days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

here you go he need diaper!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what we are fighting against, people call us extremists if we tolerate such un precedented and unholy institute then we are not doing our job. I call for the put down of Andreas Eshete, for he is intoxicated with corruption money his friends are stashing under his name in foreign banks. I am telling you when an "intellectual" goes berserk, there is no limit as to how far he/she stoops down.

I think we have god given right to defend our country's rightful existence and in doing so if we have to step on COCKROACHES like Andreas Eshete so be it. The internationals community cannot hold us to account for exterminating such people for we are Pro-Freedom and they are an Anti-Freedom. We wish his friends nock some sense into his rotting mind or else our organization will take the matter into its hand and deliver the necessary dosage of fragments and knock into his empty skull.

What a fool he must be, I think he is not in his right mind. Who would dare get involve in the 11th hour joinning the losing regime? I have never seen or heard such move being contamplated let alone established. The name of the institution itself is the first of its kind in any developed country or perhaps the world. How come an "intellectual" would go to the extent he is willing to go? unless he has a serious interest attached to the current TPLF regime? I thought universities are the bedrock of society where freedome of expression and democracy is born at, why would a single fat man who lives in the most undemocratic nations anywhere in the world do such thing?


Anonymous said...

I have said over and over this is a perfect time we should consider to put out some reward money to take out some of weyane servant like this one for example or Mimi Sebhatu and her Woyane's family members. Our people need to start doing what other nations have done for FREEDOM. We shall do this anywhere around the world. We have the means and the will.

We should say enough is enough!! let us fight for our freedom and only later for our democratic rights.

This should be the time to act!!

Anonymous said...

Andreas has been working for woyane since long time ago. His intention of creating such "institute" shows the world very clearly how they are against all aspects of humanity and human rights

Anonymous said...

It would rather be called "institute for defending dictatorship in Ethiopia"

Anonymous said...

EZ,and others;

it is not about Andreas. It is about institution building.We do not even have defective instiutions in a country as big as ours.It is regrettable. For human rights institutions to be accepted it is all about their legitmacy and crediblity and not the number of reports that they publish periodically. They will be seriously scrutinized for what they do. If what he is going to establish turns in to EPRDF propoganda maschine, no body will take it seriously. But it is important that we give a chance to any new inititives that could be perfected. It is not in the name, it is rather in what they do.

I know that Andreas has been meaning to establish a human rgihts centre at the AAU for many years. It has nothing to do with the current pressure on the government by AI etc...

EZ you should perhaps pause and think for a moment about the full implications of what you are saying. You are dealing with gullible and impressionable audience. Give credit where it is due. I do not care whether EPRDF lives another day or not. What I care of is whether we will be left with the values and institutions we need to foster democracy after the tyrants are gone.

We know who Andreas is, we know his political affiliations, but for now we do not know what the future academic centre for human rights is going to become of. You can't run human right centres like you one runs Walta.

Anonymous said...

Joke of the year

Anonymous said...

when the master teacher(jesus) speaks of the Pharisees "do not; what they do,but what they teach."
i know many sons and daughters have passed in his teaching and philosophy and became brave sons and daughters of ethiopia to fight againest the tyranny.

i dare to say he is the lost boy as in the gospel of luke .(luke 15 vs 16) who longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything.
what a pity!
give him a little more excuse for his addiction of drugs and alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jahadists (ez and others)who proclaim the follwoing "I think we have god given right to defend our country's rightful existence and in doing so if we have to step on COCKROACHES like Andreas Eshete so be it. The internationals community cannot hold us to account for exterminating such people for we are Pro-Freedom and they are an Anti-Freedom. We wish his friends nock some sense into his rotting mind or else our organization will take the matter into its hand"- plz hold on your fire. Don't assasinate anyone. Blod brings more blood. As for you the "blogger" if you want to fight there are various avenus these days. why don't you join the jihadists in somailia. that way you have a better chane. you are crying fouls becouse Endirias is one of the most respected intellecuals we have today. And that shall he remain.

Anonymous said...

Andreas taught at different institutions in the USA but because he had to leave for Ethiopia since he couldn't meet the publication and other requirements to get tenured. He went from place to place to pass tenure but the only place that finally accepted him was AAU (after the expulsion of the competent and well known professors). He is neither a philosopher nor a lawyer- he is just an incompetent jerk wondering for opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Andreas is leaving us the Joke of the millenium: it would be written in one of the teret teret books.

Anonymous said...

Nothing intellectual should be expected from Andreas with his ragtag face. It is sad that the highest institution in the country is being lead by this indecent and schizophrenic individual.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good thing for Ethiopia. Remember Meles's interview with BBC hard talk and Bereket's 'government have the right to be violent...' comment? Those were a few of very embarrassing moments for tyranny in Ethiopia.

I also think the pro-TPLF comments on this blog are good for Ethiopia. The more they talk the more they lose. Now they are losing even Tigreans who used to support TPLF.

I really appreciate Patriotic's comments b/c it counters TPLFiets' comments decisively though there are others who are doing that too which I equally appreciate. Pro-TPLF websites would never allow that and as a result TPLF is getting more and more ISOLATED as THE ECONOMIST pointed out recently.

From time to time, we need someone to remind us what has happened so far. That is why christians go to church and muslims to mosque once a week. The service is the same but religious people need to go there once a week to hear it again together so that their faith gets stronger. So, I appreciate those of you who use the opportunity to go back in time and remind us what Meles and TPLF did so wrong.

TPLFietes seem to be in the dream land of separating some Kaliti from other Kaliti prisoners but it has back fired and now EZ and other patriotic Ethiopians are making us visit the lives of our leaders which I really appreciate.

TPLF is so desperate to separate the Amhara from the rest of Ethiopia. Amhara students brought down the monarchy in 1974 with non-Amhara students. Other Ethiopians didn't buy the TPLF hatred towards the Amhara. And then TPLF had to face the music at Badme and had to act like "the Amhara" which it quickly abondonend. But who will forget the color of the flag which drabbed the coffin of G/Medihin, security head of TPLF, when he was burried at St Joseph church in Addisaba? The same flag Meles spat on? The same flag will be used again if and when TPLF goes to war in other people's country. TPLF will be using the same flag which TPLF's cangaroo court is accusing CUD(of treason charge) of using during pre-election campaigns.

Andreas Eshete and his drug habits and the demonstration in early 90's which his outrageous comments about the victory of the battle of Adwa caused which you can see on Tamagn Beyene's Video aside, I think he will be doing Ethiopia a fevor by doing what he is planning to do. Because it will be embarrassing for TPLF.

Anonymous said...

Let the Tplfists talk. These days they couldn't even hide the hatred they have towards Pan-Ethiopinists specially Amharas. They fool themselves trying to incite nationalism on the planned invasion of Somalia to deflect our attention from the crimes of the TPLF. FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME. As to Andreas Eshete, it is Tplf and it's stooges way of creating "teletafi" inistitutions that serves the Tplf for the last 15 years. Nothing new. These people are morally corrupt and lost thier integrity. I heard they were cought red-handed watching naked under age girls (age 14 and 15) at a night club in Addis Ababa. What do you expect from people like that?

Anonymous said...

Andreas Eshete is a hero. A man committed to higher education and serving his country proudly. While the Bortchame politicians talk proudly about taking him out. Please, you need to take a day off from your parking job or your cab-centric life. What a moronic bunch. As the previous anonym said: A gullible bunch.
Zerafe Zerafe, metahu be wello metahu be ogaden while I am eating Kitfo at Dukem in D.C., atenkugne lekekugne, Shabiayha meta, OlF meta, eneme metahu. Weslata Yesete Lije HULU. Agasese Zeregna. What a sick bunch. It is a damn shame that I share a country with such parasites.

Anonymous said...

Indrias is a known junkie.He has lost all of his friends since his association with tplf and eplf. He is a friend of the us ambassador -samuel assefa -and his wife who is best friends with Azeb mesfin.
Zagol- a while ago I asked you if you could participate in geographically locating tplf institutions, jails, business's, and so on. Is there any way to locate known business and locate them. Please let's discuss this and let me know your feelings.
Thanks for the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys,
I think AAU President Prof. A.Eshete should be congratulated. He did the right thing by deciding to establish our own human rights centre.Why should we rely on Amnesty International(AI) while we know that the most important thing for Amnesty International is to provide employees with a sense of job security, one in which they do not fear that their jobs will be in jeopardy .They know very well that they have to scream and make noise all the time to make sure that they have job and income continously.AI doesn`t know any ethics and they will do anything to make sure that they have job.A couple of years ago they were told that thier budget will be cut and they included 190 countries in their list including USA and UK for abusing human rights.So anyone who has high regards for ETHICS should congratulate AAU for deciding to establish human rights centre.It is time to throw Amnesty International like a garbage.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the EPRDF fooling itself. Why don't the people like us? It's because we haven't taught them well enough! How do you solve a human rights problem? Create your own human rights agency! A la China. BTW, they still think the China model will work in Ethiopia!!

It's sad that they keep banging their heads against a brick wall, but let them do what they want. All we can do is continue our work from the inside to create a society with democratic values that won't sustain a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

It sad how far an individual can get low down in the gutter. This proves that drug addicts would do anything for a hit. I wonder how he can look at himself in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

“Andreas Eshete told some of his aides that AI was biased towards Ethiopia and the world should know that there was a growing respect to human freedom and equality in the country.”

Interesting! In this one sentence, Mr Andreas unwittingly admitted that he and the regime are working against the country Ethiopia. If this is a direct quote, it really is telling what these people think of our country. What does he mean that AI is biased towards Ethiopia? This implies that they are working against Ethiopia! What an extraordinary admission of their plan.

First, it was treating the leaders in Kaliti like kids and saying, if you don’t say bad things about me, I will let you play outside. And now, they using a the highest learning institution in the country as a political propaganda machine. There’s no line these people will not cross to promote their agenda!

Anonymous, I’m not sure I understand. ‘It is about institution building.’? You don’t build an institution just for the sake of building one. Do you honestly believe that the purpose is other than to promote their propaganda?? Come on now.

Well, at least it’s a good thing that some of the aides are against the idea. The whole idea is really revolting.

Anonymous said...

Is Endrias Eshete aware that there is or rather used to be an Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) headed by Professor Mesfin Woldemariam? Is he also aware that Professor Mesfin is in Kaliti prison even as we speak? Is he aware that to preoccupy oneself with nonexistent concepts like Human Rights in Ethiopia could earn him a one way ticket to Kaliti? I am raising all these issues because if he manages to establish the organization and is not sent to Kalite, then surely the whole world will know that his outfit is nothing but a SHAM. The big question is, can Endrias Eshete live with such shame hanging over his head?

Thanks for the update EZ!

Anonymous said...

The drukyard man is day-dreaming. Tplf and cohorts are in deep sleep and we will wake them up like we did it on May 15, 2005. Let them enjoy thier lala land. We should focus on our struggle to dismantel the dictatorship. Come January, the likes of Donald Rumsfield and Jendai Frazer, all the right wing Tplf supporters, who are paraniod by Islamophobia, will be history. The coming Congress dominated by democrats will undo the mistakes done by the right-wingers against human rights all over the world. It is time to intensifay our struggle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aagin EZ, for bringing the subject to our attention.

Again its nice to have so many people contribute to this story. I am glad that people who know this crazy man are telling their as to how they know him. It is important to expose people for what they are. I am glad to have been corrected by "ethioinfo," he is not FAT, rather he is a scrony guy who looks like he was puffing crack all night. Please those of you if you have not seen it check his picture with Meles on

It is unfortunate for Mother Ethiopia has become the garbage bag for those who are rejected by developed nations. according to his friends, Andreas is a person who was unable to submit his annual research papers on time. Thanks to TPLF they take anybody and everybody that accepts them as legitimate political entity, and there is bonus if you tell them their leader is smart. Andreas Eshete must have sold his soul to get a position at Addisaba University. As if that was not good enough, he is volunteering to undo what the good Professor, Dr. Mesfin Woldemariam has established to help the Ethiopian people. Although what Dr. Woldemariam has done has NOT save the young Patriotic-Ethiopians from TPLF WOYANE AGAZI BULLETS penetrating in their heads, but as a starter it was a positive contribution toward Democracy and accountability.

I don't know what makes an "intellectual" behave this way. I personally have had bad professors in my life and I have never seen someone that is willing to help the wrong side. I thought "intellectuals" are known NOT to compromise commonsense for temporary gratifications and 15-minutes fame. That is the very reason as to why uneducated rich people hate educated people, because they are not easily bribed. After all, "intellectuals" earn relatively higher income than the average person. The question is what happened to Andreas Eshete? what reason has prompted this crack head to have him sold his soul?

I have come a conclussion that sometimes its important to clip a couple of "intellectuals" who sell their soul for monetary gain or temporary gratification. I say lets dedicate some time and resources to to put Andreas Eshete down. I think it will make other "intellectuals" help see that crossing a red light will result in severe punishment. I use the term "put-down" on purpose, such term is used only for dangerous animals such as a crazy-dog threatening to bite or a crazy cat threatening to infect society. As far as I am concerned, Andreas Eshete is thretening to infect society and he has to be considered as a dangerous animal and should be dealt accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Ownership concentration

The increased role of the private sector in the Ethiopian economy outside the agriculture sector is largely due to two groups of actors, the MIDROC-group, owned by the Ethio-Saudi businessman Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, and the TPLF-owned Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, the EFFORT-group.

Sheik Al-Amoudi's business activities include agricultural, Even though Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi's MIDROCgroup's business activities are widespread and increasing, this group has not created a debate and a criticism that can compete with the debate about and the criticism of the other non-government business group, the EFFORTgroup.

As is clear from its name, this group has both its objective and its activities largely directed towards the Tigray region. Like the MIDROCgroup, the EFFORT-group operates in more or less all business sectors.

The EFFORT-group has organised itself along the following businesssector lines:

– Agriculture and agro-processing
– Construction and engineering
– Manufacturing
– Mining
– Services, including banking (Wegagan) and transports (TESCO)

As noted above, the EFFORT-group has its basis in the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) even though it is formally an independent share company. From the point of view of efficient competition, as indicated by the experience from the transport sector and revealed in the surveys about the business climate mentioned above, the close relation between TPLF and the present Ethiopian government easily creates doubts about the equal treatment of EFFORT-companies and other non-party-related private companies. As there is no efficient and working commercial legislation, these doubts, well founded or not, easily create problems concerning the government's legitimacy and the credibility of its private sector policies


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from someone who is alcoholic and HIV positive. Andreas Eshete has been a failure throughout his life. A man who can't even hold a family together. He is known to be willing to hang out with nobody that will buy him a a glass of Whiskey.

Anonymous said...

Knowing him in person, he lives to serve TPLF and he demonstrated it before by suppressing students and staffs. It was not long to remember students were thrown out of the university by his instruction. Staffs are facing same simply because they are not political animals. I am confused by the paradox of dual role; in one hand suppressing staffs and on the other hand acting as a UNESCO chair for human right (I am not sure if it is true). Now as a last frontier of creating phony institutions, he is assigned to setup a human rights center with a mission to generate a good human rights record irrespective of the reality. I do not know if he really knows what he doing, and how it impacts generations for the sake of simple and temporary gains.

Probably it is time to say every thing is phony until one day GOD saves that poor nation.