Thursday, December 14, 2006

The talented millenium celebration council

The womanless Ethiopian Millenium celebration council has a unique ability to thrill. Its strategic plan was announced yesterday with a lot of fanfare and live TV coverage. Here are the stats.
300,000.... the number of Ethiopians in diaspora expected to travel back to their country to participate in EPRDF's party
6000.....the number of people coming to Ethiopia from the washington DC area alone for the millenium
200,000.......the amount of birr the millenium celebration committee used to decorate its old office
11...........the number of millenial parks to be constructed throughout Ethiopia
I am mesmerized with EPRDF's number crunching and projection ability. With the smart Mulugeta Asrate Kassa, Seyoum Bereded and oh, that genuis.....Dr. Yohannes Gebre-sillasie at the helm and Mimi Sebahtu and Genenew Assefa operating behind the veil, the millenium committee is even better.
I have real numbers....the number of people who will be in prison because of their political opinions on the first day of the next millenium.....the number of people who would rather mourn their loved ones who were killed because they tried to exercise their natural right to protest ....the number of people who ,due to forced exile, don't see their country when it ventures into the new millenium.....and so and so forth.
What about this for the Millenium? FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!
Addis Calling has an interesting story on Somalis in Addis and more.


Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great!

These barbarians who starve lions to fill up their bellies are truly the cancer of Ethiopia.

These sobs are taking our country back to 1000 BC.

Anonymous said...

After killing kids as young as 8 years old, after putting in prison old man at age of 80, after torturing countless Ethiopians in every corner of the country, Meles still delusions himself that hundred thousand of Ethiopians who live in democratic countries would come to clap their hands off at his so called “Milnuum celebration” for “his deeds of atrocities.” Our celebrations is a celebration when it celebrates integrity, our celebration is a celebration when it celebrates fraternity, our celebration is a celebration when it celebrates our individual commitment for betterment of all Ethiopians, our celebration is a celebration when it forgives but not forgets the past misdeeds, but equally committing it self never to repeat the past mistakes- saving the future generation from wanton human atrocities. Our Millennium celebration starts when our leaders who stood for theses good virtues are freed- and free to mingle with their people and plant and nurture the seeds of democracy for the benefit of all, including their jailers.

Anonymous said...

This is a strong message to those who would listen to our advice. IT IS WRONG ! IT IS WRONG ! and IT IS WRONG! To go to Ethiopia to celebrate the new mellenium with TPLF WOYANE AGAZI FORCES at the helm of power. We MUST NOT even be entertain that idea in our mind let alone have a plan to go.

The question is how to REMOVE TPLF WOYANE AGAZI BANDITS' FORCES FROM OUR COUNTRY before they have the chance to get drunk at our expense at the next Mellenium. They will make fun of us after they get drunk and laugh at us all. While we are condemning the people that serve this Criminal MURDEROUS regime people who wish to go to the IMPRISONED ETHIOPIA is not only a fool they will also be considered Anti-Democratic forces and be looked at the same way the TPLF ENEMY of the REPUBLIC OF ENAT-ETHIOPIA.

I know of two Ethiopians who plan to go back to the IMPRISONED ETHIOPIA, and I pitty them. ALL PATRIOTIC-ETHIOPIANS WILL CELEBRATE THAT DAY AS THE DAY OF OUR CALANDER IN OUR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES WHERE WE LIVE AT. Many of us live in Europe and many more live in the USA and each and everyone of us are going to celebrate our day of millenium with our families and friends in our communities. However, should the BREWING VOLCANO UNDERNEATH THE FEETS OF TPLF ERRUPTS before that day and PATRIOTIC-ETHIOPIANS get control of OUR desteny, then we will invite all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to come and celebrate with us the new millenium in Ethiopia.

By going to celebrate the new Millenium while TPLF WOYANE is at the helm of power will send the wrong message to TPLF and to the international community. First and foremost tourism will have a huge impact in hard currency, by going to Ethiopia each and everyone of us are willingly giving TPLF the life to continue its tyranny against our people, and will not have excuse as to why we are helping TPLF economy indirectely to have our young brothers and sisters killed.

It will mean laughing at those who died on the streets defending Democracy and those who are jailed in concentration camps because they stood up to TPLF WOYANE bullying power by force. We cannot condone TPLF by bringing more money it needs to continue its harrassment.


It is like betraying your countrymen who died believing you were behind them.


Anonymous said...

IDIOTIC-ETHIOPIAN. Stop playa hatin, you're only saying NO NO NO coz you can't afford the planet ticket to go and PARTY in Addis.

Anonymous said...

some members in this blog are out of their mind. this is a great time to celbrate Ethiopias rightful place in history. some of you can't go to Ethiopia ofcurse for obvious reasons. you can't afford:cleaning and working at park lots doesn't make one a lot of money. may be try tax driving.
some of you are shouting c'z your ambitions of being taxidriver-turned minster is not being realized. I sympatize with you for that. Atleast that was what you were promised.

As for me and many others, we shall go back to our mother land to celebrate the unique history of our countery.

As for EZ and his supporters you may go to Asmara and join ethiopia's historical enemies for the millenium Celebration. (as if they know)
Ethiopia shall live and prosper with you or with out you.

Somebody say "Amen"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For the anonymouse above:
We will not celebrate the NEW YEAR with WOYANE never. We live in AMERICA and $1500 air tiket is one week pay check but life time cancer if we spent it for the trip to Ethiopia. I hope these thives vanish like summer cloud from mother Ethiopia. Take care.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

who knows it will be the day that already dawning sun will become more and more shining on that day.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear CUDists and Dergists,
Only far sighted ethiopians are invited to attend this ceremony.So,this criteria will automatically exclude all comrades from being invited to attend the ceremony.In the mean time ,your ex-chairman animal Mengistu Hailemariam is planning to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of "REVOLUTION DAY"(YEABIYOT KEN) in Zimbabwe.So, you can go and join him to celebrate the revolution day.It will be a great opportunity for you to meet the ex comrades/current CUDists.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

What a shame! What to cleberate the killing of hundreds peacfull protesters, the detention of thousands in concentration camps, the detention of the brightest and courageous of CUD leaders and Shameful begging of weyannne and Meles governament.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is anyway to organize a massive peaceful walk in the streets of Addis with new songs of our acheivements only due to our CUD leaders - asking and demanding their release - just siging and walking - All people of Ethiopia, just like the old days together - We have progressed this year and look for many more years of good and prgress for our country - way beyond what Meles has imagined - because he is incapable of imagining good - only evil as he only lived a life of evil in a box that only contains evil

The deep seated poverty of meles and his whole sadistic being - incapable of thinking beyond his small backward box that contains power for the sole purpose of abusing others - taking the country centuries back should not reuin our celebration - we have progressed and will continue to, not easy but still going -

Anonymous said...

What is Weyane's whoopla about the Millinium? There is nothing wrong in celebrating the millinium. But is there anything positive in Ethiopia to celebrate about? aren't Ethiopians starving to death due to the ever increasing price of commodities? Aren't Ethiopians polarized due to the etnic balkanization policy of the TPLF? aren't Ethiopians suffering from HIV AIDS, Malaria and so many diseases due to the incompetence of the current regime? Aren't Ethiopians the most dependent people on food aid in the planet due to the dependency syndrome the current regime brought? Aren't thousands of Ethiopians languishing in jail because of thier political opinion? WHAT IS THERE TO CELEBRATE? unless the Tplf regime is trying to garner a political gain from the so called celebration. The Derg regime did the same thing in 1984 when millions of Ethiopians starved to death in the north due to famine. Don't get me wrong. I am not against any kind of celebration but I don't understand the Tplf regime's salivation to hype the celebration and tell us everything in Ethiopia is good and dandy.

Anonymous said...

Answers to the anonymous,
1.Is there anything positive in Ethiopia?
Yes,if you try to get the FIRST HAND information by yourself,you will find that truth in all over Ethiopia particularly in the rural areas.

2.Aren't Ethiopians starving to death due to the ever increasing price of commodities?
No body denied the fact that there is poverty in the country,but what makes EPRDF different from Derg is the fact that EPRDF has a sophosticated early warning system to detect any early sign of famine two years in advance.That is why it is impossible in today`s Ethiopia for people to die of famine,but it is true that there are people who work for free in exchange for food.That is why EPRDF wants to concentrate on ERADICATING POVERTY,but CUD/Derg,AFD,ONLF,OLF,SHAEBIA etc etc are doing all their best to distract EPRDF from eradicating poverty.

3.Aren't Ethiopians suffering from HIV AIDS due to the incompetence of the current regime?
South Africa has the highest rate of HIV AIDS.Do you think that it is because of the incompetence of Thabo Embeki government?You know that Thabo Embeki is a democratically elected president and there is no reason for him to harm the people who voted for him by letting the HIV AIDS to spread in the country.

4.Aren't Ethiopians the most dependent people on food aid in the planet due to the dependency syndrome?
Derg couldn`t feed 32 million people and as a result ONE MILLION innocent people died of famine,but now you have EIGHTY(80)Millions people,but thanks to the early warning system no one will die of famine.The only problem is poverty.You should know that the donor countries buy the food from THE LOCAL FARMERS,but during the Derg regime all foods were imported from donor countries.So,there is enough food,but some people don`t have the money to buy the food.

5.Aren't thousands of Ethiopians languishing in jail because of thier political opinion?
No,only criminals are in jail and you should know that NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.If you committ a crime,then you have to pay price for the crime you committed.

There is a lot to celebrate.For the first time in the history of the country, MINORITIES have self confidence,they don`t hide their identity,they know that they can administer their own region,they know that they are beautiful both inside and outside,they know that they should be proud of who they are.Most importantly EPRDF showed to the world ,how it is really a civilized government.When Derg took power,it`s first step was immediately to kill the Ministers and Generals of Haileselassie,but the same Dergs who killed all these people were treated with dignity and given chance to defend themselves in court.This is really a tremendous achievement.(you don`t see here the mentality of eye for eye).Year 2000 EC will be the year to celebrate the DIVERSITY of the country.I am sure this will be an opportunity for everyone to know how many minor ethnics who were ignored in the past are now doing well and managing their region in style.In general,DIVERSITY SHOULD BE CELEBRATED.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

For other ethiopians what to cleberate except Weyannes and Tplfites and the following weyanne thugs Slaving and starving your people?

Ethiopia under one family ruling party

Here is TPLF'S criminal family who controls Ethiopian national assets and all levels of power

1.President Melse Zenawi - TPLF leader and Ethiopian Prime Minister

2.Sebhat Nega - TPLF politburo and President Meles Zenawi's advisor

3.Kidusan Nega(Sebhat Nega's sister) - Mekele Mayor and TPLF central commite member

4.Tsegay Berhe (Kidusan Nega's husband) - Tigray province president and TPLF politburo member

5.Aberash Nega (Sebhat Negas's sister) - run for Addis Abeba city council in May election (with her two cousins) but not elected.

6.Two daughters of Sebhat Nega's mother are from Eritrea like Meles Zenawi's Mother

7.Sebhat Nega's sister is Eritrea's defense minister Sebhat Efphrem's wife

8.Arekebe Ekubay's sister - the wife of Adis Alem Balema who is TPLF central committe member

9.Arekebe Ekubay's wife, Nigist Gebre Kirstos, is the sister of Berhane Gebre Kirstos who is TPLF central committee member and former Ambasador to the USA and current Ambassador to Brussels Belgium

10.Abay Woldu's wife, Turufat Kidane Mariam, is Meles Zenawi's justice and security chief, and TPLF central committee member. Abay Woldu - TPLF politburo member

11.Mulugeta Alemseged, who is Meles Zenawi's nearest family member - Meles zenawi's security chief and personal body guard

12.General Birhane Negas - Meles Zenawi's Palace security chief and the god-father of Meles Zenawi's daughter.
Picture: From Yared Hailemariam's Testimony to EU, a woman shot dead by Meles' gangs on Nov. at her head and chest.

10:43 AM

Anonymous said...

The question is not going to Addis or not. Our question should be how can we force the current regim to realse our leaders angushied in Kaliti.

Anonymous said...

Need pictures of .....Dr. Yohannes Gebre-sillasie and Genenew Assefa.
Please visit to contribute pics.

Anonymous said...

The US media has been overwhelemed by the neo-conservative right wingers like FOX news since September 11, 2001. But the situation changed since the debacle in Iraq and the right-wingers lost the last mid-term election. They seem to be in hiding since then. The right-wingers (best friends of Melles Zenawi but are leaving the administration in greate numbers)are trying to paint Somalia as a front on global war on terror and the liberal media is warning against any militaristic move to solve the situation. The Europeans know the war mongering beahviour of the neo-cons didn't help in Iraq. Today's NPR report is a case in point.

Anonymous said...

Mr. THOMAS H. As you said there is nothing wrong for minorities to administer themselves. The problem arises when the Tplf regime plays a dangerous game of divide and rule by labeling Amharas as Neftegna, Gurage's as tegegna, Oromos as tebab and its own ethnic group as a super or golden race. As to bringing South Africa's HIV rate to compare the Tplf regime's incompetence it is amazing how the Tplf people are living in a "lowered expectation" of "at leaset we are better than this and that" instead of WE CAN DO BETTER ATTITUDE. Ethiopia has a great potential UNLIKE the incompetent TPLF regime.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr anonymous,
As far as I know,there doesn`t exist any"Divide and Rule".It is just fiction.You should know that EVERY ETHNIC in Ethiopia has a representative in the government office and in parliament.So,EPRDF is in short a group of representatives from all ethnic groups in Ethiopia.In regards to HIV AIDS rate South africa was picked just randomly.There are many other countries like China,India and Russia with high rate of HIV AIDS.So believe it or not there is a direct relationship between poverty and HIV AIDS.Poverty makes people not to care much about themselves,poverty makes people to be irresponsible.People who are in extreme poverty think that they have nothing to lose if they die at the early age.So the solution to eradicate poverty is,since there are around one million Ethiopians abroad, if every Ethiopian contributes $10 USD/month that will be around $120 million USD/year and in 10 years around $1.2 billions USD which is enough money to build IRRIGATION DAM and start exporting foods to the rest of the world.You have to know that the sabotage by Egypt was the main problem for not getting the money needed to build the irrigation dams in Ethiopia.Turkey and Syria have the same case like Ethiopia and Egypt,but Turkey had the money to build one of the biggest irrigation dam from the river which flows to Syria.So,you see because of the poverty everyone of us whether we are pro-EPRDF or pro-oppositions ,we have the same ID card for being known for hunger for so many years in the past.Currently Egypt has two big departments which are following the situation very closely in Ethiopia and Israel.Any positive development in Ethiopia is regarded as a very serious threat to Egypt`s survival.That is why you see all these ONLF/OLF/Shaebia,AFD members and others are treated like VIP whenever they go to EGYPT.So,guys you have to wake up.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Mr. Thomas H. It is amazing when you say you didn't know the divide and rule system of the Tplf regime. Even the one time friend of the regime Mr. Clapham from Cambrigde University said the Tplf party is the ruling party in Ethiopia and he gave a good example to back up his claim that this party exclusively lead/managed the war with Eritrea (30 central comitte members voting on every step of the war). The other PDO's are just pupets without any power. As to Egypt, there is nothing new and Egypt will continue to be an enemy of Ethiopia for obvious reasons. The good thing is that the USA finnally woke up to the grim reality and is changing its gear. The following report that was released today states that the Eprdf regime is declining and its downfall is enevitable so the USA must make sure that the change is according to its interest.

Anonymous said...

Again you are wrong.EPRDF was the choice of majority peasants.If you want to ignore and disrespect the majority peasant just because they are poor then there will be a consequence for that.The problem is nowadays there are millions and millions of newspapers and websites,every body writes what he wants.If you follow what is going on in the world,there is FAKE TV in Belgium,there are gossip newspapers everywhere.So when you read something don`t believe everything what is written there.Try to use common sense and try to get balanced news from reliable sources.One thing I want to comfirm to you is that EPRDF has a strong base.EPRDF crumbles only if you destroy all peasants in Ethiopia which is impossible.That is the only way to remove EPRDF.If you want to deal with EPRDF in any unconstitutional way,then you have to deal first with the majority peasants.Have you been to the rural areas recently?Have you seen how many parents are giving names like Meles,Addisu,Seyoum etc to their kids.I am serious.I want to tell you whenever you want to argue something,don`t use foreingers like Clapham or others as a back up.Most of them don`t know what ETHICS is.You can buy them or sell them with money.They are that much cheap.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Thomas H,

I could not tell if you are extremely ignorant, extremely poor in your analytical capabilities or judgment or if you are the traditional totalitarian advocate whose only bread comes from EPRDF. There has been no election in Ethiopia, no peasant has ever elected in Ethiopia before last year and when they did, they were killed. Which part do you not know, understand or you have your own Chinese wall prohibiting you from seeing? Are you really that scared or that dependent on EPRDF? Why live that way? Because it can't be that you know or want to know the facts.

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear,
If there was no election,then where did they come all these opposition members who are now in parliamnet?You are a little bit disrespectful.Please explain to me who elected those people who are now in Parliament.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

There is no Milinium while Our Respected leaders are in jails

Anonymous said...

Thomas the retarded weyanne propoganda cyper agent who salary is paid from the ethiopan poor tax payers in other word Thomas is a parasite said

There is a lot to celebrate.For the first time in the history of the country, MINORITIES have self confidence,they don`t hide their identity,they know that they can administer their own region,they know that they are beautiful both inside and outside,they know that they should be proud of who they are."

Please Thomas the dumb weyanne cadre answer me who massacered hundred minoity Anuaks? Please read (Thomas if your low IQ allow you to analyze it) the new release UN report

MASSACHUSETTS - The government of Ethiopia continues to persecute minority people in southwest Ethiopia, a newly released United Nations report shows. The 96-page UN report*, titled Livelihoods and Vulnerabilities Study, Gambella Region of Ethiopia, is being released in an effort to raise the profile of the security situation in the Gambella state.

According to the IHRC report, “the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s abuses have included regularly gunning down young Anuak men accused of being rebels and raping women on the roads outside of town. Seven soldiers raped one woman and then detained her husband who tried to stop the crime, beating him every day for a week. The ENDF’s culture of impunity has allowed the violence to go unchecked.” (See also Military commits atrocities against the Anuak )
The UNICEF report was researched in the remote regions of the Gambella state in the fall of 2005, and it was delivered to the contracting agency, UNICEF, in January 2006, but it was not made public. Co-authored by two expert human rights and genocide consultants, and supported by unidentified individuals and agencies in Ethiopia, the UNICEF report concluded: “It is very likely that Anuak (and possibly other indigenous minorities) and their culture will completely disappear in the not-so-distant future.”
“Conditions in the Gambella region are horrible,” says genocide investigator and co-author keith harmon snow. “I am releasing this report because I have continued to receive calls for help and reports of atrocities and suffering from survivors and witnesses. In August the military forcibly displaced all Anuak people from some 13 to 15 Anuak villages in the remote and already devastated regions. Today, December 13, we are getting urgent pleas for help claiming that Anuak children have been kidnapped and another massacre is about to take place.”
“More than 120 interviews were conducted under the most difficult circumstances,” the UNICEF report reads, “and in some of the most inaccessible territory in sub-Saharan Africa. Interviewees included “impoverished and vulnerable populations in remote villages, gold miners, police, local leaders, midwives, teachers, nurses, elders, regional officials, health experts, western NGO expatriates, Ethiopian security officials, Gambella Regional administrators, and members of rebel groups.”

IHRC Press release:

Anonymous said...

The following sentence will tell you all about your report."More than 120 interviews were conducted under the most difficult circumstances," Yes 120 interviews followed by conclusion.Mengistu Hailemariam didn`t do antyhing different when he said after TWO DAYS VISIT in LIBYA,how he was thrilled and how he was happy to witness that Libya is a real democratic country and exemplary to the rest of the world(as if two days are enough to do research and reach in to conclusion) .So we know very well who writes this kind of CHEAP and RUBBISH REPORT.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

The only language TPLF and their CADRES like thomas the with female genetalia is to boycott the Millenium Celebration under TPLF WOYANE OCCUPIED ETHIOPIA. Our leaders have been telling us not buy anything TPLF WOYANE presents to the market Millenium 2000 is TPLF WOYANE setup party and we the PATRIOTIC-ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE are in no mood to buy a ticket so we can celebrate in THE OCCUPIED ETHIOPIA AND JAILED LEADERS AND TPLF WOYANE AGAZI MURDERERS ROAMING AROUND.

Diaspora Patriotic-Ethiopians know better than joining TPLF WOYANE AGAZI FORCE ORGANIZED PARTY, NO NO NO we know better. Let all the Tegres go and join the celebration, NOT we! Even those Tegres who consider themselves moderate shopuld stand with us or else they will paty heafty price when the time comes and the BREWING VOLCANO SWALLOWS EVERYONE.



Anonymous said...

To Patriotic-ethiopian,
Please change your name to SHINTAM-ETHIOPIAN.I think SHINTAM is the most suitable name for you because any patriotic if he is not happy with any system in any country,he will go to the battlefield and make himself ready to die for what he believes.Many times we told you that EPRDF had few fighters and no money when it started the struggle.You guys have millions USD collected from innocent ethiopians and you have enough manpower from ex-derg soldiers.So in short you have everything except one important and decisive factor which is THE BIG HEART.Your criminals leaders can`t be above the laws.So,they have to face justice.In today`s Ethiopia NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.If you want your right to be respected,then you should respect others rights also.H.E.PM Meles told you in several occasions that if you are not happy to come through BOLE,then you are welcomed to come through BALE and we will give you even military hardwares.What else do you want from us?We are really nice to you guys,but you don`t appreciate that.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Thomas you Dedeb Tegre with low IQ, I will feed you normal food to improve your IQ deficiency came about thru lefover comination. I do NOT reccommend people spend $1500 to go to TPLF WOYANE AGAZI FORCES OCCUPIED ETHIOPIA. I was told not to buy anything TPLF WOYANE AGAZI MURDERER FORCES present to the market and I abide by that. Millenium celebration is a honey trap TPLF set-up for attention divertion in OCCUPIED Ethiopia, instead we are going to get together in our Tigre-Free communities around the world and clebrate our Calander First day of the 21st Century and ultimately the day we enter into the next Millenium.

You say why don't I go and raise arms? How do you know I am NOT hiding in Meles' house waiting for the right moment? I see him killing lice day after day? In fact, that activity is considered one of his family's entertainment pass time, they get together and kill lice while his AGAZI TPLF VANGUARD IS MURDERING INNOCENT ETHIOPIANS. The competition is who killed the biggest lice? Some of the lice are permanent guests and they have familiar names, TPLF names such as seye, assefa, abraha, seyoum, tswahab, salome taddesse, mimi sebhatu, paul Wolfowitz and some more... all these are lice that are sucking Ethiopian people blood.

You come to Ethiopia for the day of Ethiopian calander enters into the 21st entury and I will show you who I am. None of you are going to leave once you come in. We will put you all in Kaliti the TPLF WOYANE BUILT jail. If I were you, I would be studying the difference between the morning or after noon sun, because we will put you in jail where you can only be allowed to see the sun. By the way while you are doing research on the sun I also would like to suggest you read what it is like to be in a solitary confinment under dark? For your people crime that is a laxury.


Anonymous said...

We met in the battlefield and we know each other very well and it is an open secret to know who had the upper hands.So the options that we gave you are crystal clear i.e either you respect the country`s constitution or else we will kick your ass as usual.EPRDF doesn`t talk too much.You have to know that you don`t have any place in today`s Ethiopia and you are not either an invited guest to come to celebrate the next millenium.You better go to Zimbabawe and celebrate with your chairman Mengistu the 30th anniversary of "THE REVOLUTION DAY" with all your commrades.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Selam said:
Greetings to fellow Ethiopians. I was hoping the discourse on this blog would be civil and meaningful.

The words coming out of Thomas H and Patriotic Ethiopia have been less than respectful. I encourage you guys to select your words and stay on your messages. I personally appreciate hearing both sides of an issues that is presented by EZ. I can only read a message or a view point, when the message is framed up to inform rather than to insult. Patriotic Ethiopia and Thomas H. I respect your convictions about your viewpoint, but, I do not appreciate your insults.

Let me model for you how you can express your views without insulting. The view I am expressing below is real and it is mine. I do not expect everyone to agree with me. But, hear me out.

As for the millenium celebration, I would be relunctant to celebrate in Ethiopia due to the the misguided policy of the ruling party. In addition, it would be a hard sell to talk celebration, while the pioneers of democracy are in jail without justice. I can afford the trip. Actually, I can sponsor a dozen Ethiopians to make the trip. but, I won't because I do not want to reward a ruling that is out of control.

I believe droves of Ethiopians in the diaspora will be home celebrating when the rule of law is established and a true multiparty system is established.

I respect the rights of the supporters of the ruling party to express their admiration for their leaders. I even respect the leaders of the ruling party. I simply do not agree with them. I will do everything within my power to see a free Ethiopia and a democratic Ethiopia. I simply do not believe that the current ruling party is genuinely committed to the rule of law and a democratic Ethiopia.

All actions by the ruling regime indicate that their days are truly numbered. I encourage the opposition forces to have your acts to gether and your house in order.

I encourage fellow Ethiopians who would like to see a free Ethiopia and a democratic Ethiopia need to use sober heads, minds and hearts to start dialog about the kind of Ethiopia they would like to see after the demise of this ruling party. I also encourage supporters of a new and a better Ethiopia to work toward stregthening the infrastructure of the opposition forces. United we win and divided we lose.

God bless Ethiopia!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Selam! for the well organized thought and comment. Good bles you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Selam, with all respect you are either the family member of those criminals who are in Kaliti or you have some blood from Dergs,I am not opposing that by the way because you have a right to be what you want.I am really surprised when you say :
1.the misguided policy of the ruling party.
Are you serious? Are you telling us that the Derg policy was the best.Does EPRDF deserve to be given credit or not.Was it possible during the derg regime to have opposition party at all? After removing the brutual regime EPRDF invited all who want to participate in the democratization process,unfortunately the derg remnants used this opportunity and wanted to grab power unconstitutionally.

2.the pioneers of democracy are in jail without justice.
This is not true.These are criminals.What does it mean when their leaders(Hailu Shawel) declare officially that he would tell all his followers to storm the palace and take power by force.What about the orange revolution? Was it necessary? THEY WERE JUST GREEDY AND HUNGRY FOR POWER.So they are CRIMINALS and they should face justice.

3.I do not want to reward a ruling that is out of control.
Who are you after all to reward EPRDF? I think you don`t have any clue about EPRDF.For EPRDF what it matters is Peasants.If a peasant say that he doesn`t want to reward EPRDF,then it means a lot to EPRDF and take the issue seriously,but if somebody from diaspora says that word then the issue become irrelevant to EPRDF.

4.I simply do not believe that the current ruling party is genuinely committed to the rule of law and a democratic Ethiopia.
This is another joke. We all know how EPRDF handles the case with Dergs who are now in prison.They were given chance to defend themselves in the court.The same thing with Kinijit leaders.Their right to defend themselves is respected and even they can do business by selling books while they are in prison.Believe it or not no country in the world gives this kind of right to prisoners.Even in USA is not allowed.So what kind of rule of laws are you talking about? How about that beautiful May 2005 election.The first of its kind in the country`s history.Who spoiled that beautiful atmosphere of the election?
5.All actions by the ruling regime indicate that their days are truly numbered.
This is the most ENJOYABLE PART of your point.You must be dreaming or you are under influence of drugs.YOU JUST KEEP DREAMIN.There is Habesha proverb "Megnot feres bihon noro,Lemagnoch yigalbut neber or in english"If wishes were horses,beggars would ride them".Otherwise no one can dare to say this kind of non sense.

6.I encourage the opposition forces to have your acts to gether and your house in order.
Whether you encourage them or not ,the issue with opposition is MONEY and POWER.How on earth can somone take seriously CUD as a party when the party is not able to solve its own problem.Are these the one you want to lead the country with so many chairmen.If you want to see Ethiopia become another Somalia ,then it is another issue.Thanks God that the country is under EPRDF.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Selam Said...
Dear brother Thomas H.
I appreciate your immediate response to my comments. I appreciate two things about your response and do not appreciate two. Fair?

Your listing of my main viewpoints and offering a number of your objections to it was a big improvement. I also appreciate your commitment to the ruling party. The time you took to defend them shows you really believe in the actions of the ruling party.

One item I do not appreciate is your first sentence in all rebuttals begins with an insult of the messenger. references such as family of criminals in Kaliti and blodd of derg are uncalled for. Such attacks typically signify lack of confidence in your argument. Also, the reference to those in jail as criminals is unacceptable. Assuming all those who oppose the ruling party as dergists is not real.

If you really care about the ruling party and if you really believe in their actions, you would let the facts speak for themselves.

If your objective is to inform readers and win hearts for the ruling party, your tactic is a weak one at best. If your objective is to insult and upset lots of people, I think you are doing a great job. I leave it upto you to chose the path you want to pursue.

For the rest of my readers:
Every dollar from the diaspora will count. The ruling party must not be rewarded with our dollars. Our energy must be invested in strengthening the opposition forces.

The writing is on the wall that the ruling party is running out of options. I do not have to bore you with a list of events happening inside and outside the country.

It is my prayer that the leaders of the ruling party will come to their senses about what they are doing to the Ethiopian people. I see lots of denials.

God Bless Ethiopia.



Anonymous said...

Hi Selam,
I don`t have any reason to upset anyone,but I can`t accept non sense.Can you tell us why you think that CUD should take power?Please don`t mention Ana Gomes or that kind of reason.Be honest and tell us why was that much necessary to carry out in the country ORANGE REVOLUTION? What was the role of Negede Gobeze and other derg members?You are welcomed to discuss with me seriously.Most importantly ,please tell us what is the positive side of EPRDF? Everything has its own +(-).So be honest and tell us what positive thing EPRDF did to Ethiopia?
Thank you
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

This WOYANE CADRE is really CRAZY! He said there was no opposition party during Dergu. YOU ARE RIGHT THE COUNTRY WAS UNDER ONE PARTY, THE WORKERS PARTY!


I would also like to quote you denbara crazy tegre, "Megnot feres bihon noro,Lemagnoch yigalbut neber or in english"If wishes were horses,beggars would ride them" THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS NOW IN ETHIOPIA BEGGARS ARE RIDING THE DREAM THEY NEVER THOUGHT WOULD COME. some times you do speak the truth. Thank you.

By the way which side of the jail room did you choose east-window or west-window? I also told you to read books wrriten by formart solitary confinment prisoners, have you found one yet?


Anonymous said...

Hello Shintamu,
What`s up? Why don`t you go to the battlefield and die for what you believe.You are just wasting your time.I have never seen an ARBEGNA who has his heart hidden in his butts.Regarding the opposition members,they are far sighted people who are not thirsty for power.They were elected by people to represent them in the parliament and they joined the parliament.You said that why they don`t ask the criminals to be released from jail.It is UNETHICAL for them to ask such stupid questions.They were elected to serve the people not CRIMINALS.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

oh come on,
there is no celebtration with a tyrant and opportunists.

Anonymous said...

Selam said...
Orange Revolution would have been a great model for Ethiopia. What I like about it? When election was rigged, the people fought back. The courts ruled re-election. The opposition won the re-election. The ruling party, which lost the election the first and the second time was not thrown into jail. The ruling party that turned into an opposition fought back and won election during the subsequent election. The opposition party leader, who was the previous leader ended up as a prime minister. Not a bad deal, right?

It is my prayer that Ethiopia's ruling party leaders and the opposition leaders gain collective wisdom to come to reconciliation to form a peaceful transition, where the opposition is not the enemy and the ruling party is not the enemy. It is my prayer that all our leaders have the collective wisdom to accept their losses and the win of the opposition. I pray that our leaders learn that a loss and a win are not final. In a fair and free democratic society, you win now and loss later. In a free and fair democratic society, you loss now and win later. So, a win and a loss are not final. a Win and a loss are a process.

So, the orange revolution would have been an excellent model for the ruling party as well as the opposition.

Brother Patriotic Ethiopia, please refrain from demonizing our brothers and sisters, who happen to be Tigrians. They are our brothers and sisters. They are not the enemy of Ethiopia. Brother Patriotic, I have pledged not to read your message, when your message contains words of insult. Tigrians are the children of Ethiopia. I agree with you, I do not like what the ruling party has been doing to all our people simply to stay in power. It does not mean they are our enemy. If you believe in democracy, you would want to have an opposing side.

Brother Thomas. I commend your response to me, which did not contain words of insult. You asked lots of questions. Good for you. Now, I can hear you. Please stop calling brother Patriotic, shintam. When you use ugly words, I have pledged not to read your message. I will be encouraging others not to read your messages that contain words of insult. Back to your message to me. I agree with you, the ruling party has done many good things. For that matter, derg has done many good things as well. Both have done many unproductive/harmful things as well. What derg and the current ruling party have in common is their determination to hold on to power. At a separate time, I will be happy to share the + and - of the ruling party.

Bottom line, derg missed its prime opportunity to know the Ethiopian people did not want its rule. Derg missed the opportunity to create a peaceful transition of power and be part of the political process. Brother Thomas, I really think it is naive to equate the opposition with derg. Indirectly, you are giving too much credit to derg. I can speak for many many Ethiopians who are not derg or for derg. We want to see a free and demcratic Ethiopia. I think if you keep calling your opponents derg and criminals, You are making more enemies for the ruling party. I can assure you, you are not winning hearts and minds with this approach.

I have had many personal friends who supported derg. I never supported what derg did. I have many friends and members of my family who support the current ruling party. I do not support the ruling party. I know many good things that the current ruling party has done. I will be happy to share the details later.

I personally admire H.E. Prime Minister Meles smarts and determination. I hate to see him end up in jail as Sadam. I hate to see him as a refuge like President Mengistu. I hate to see him killed like His Majesty HaileSellassie. If he is stuborn, like his predessors, that would be a guaranted outcome. I know H.E. Prime Minister is a very smart man. I hope he would gain wisdom and do what is right for the future of Ethiopia and to gain a place in Ethiopian history.

The current ruling party (unlike the derg), still has the opportunity to extend the olive branch and create a genuine and peaceful transitiion. I would love to see H.E. Prime Minister Meles in the Ethiopian political forum even after he is out of office.

I understand there is a lot of anger on both sides of the oppositon.

I urge my fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters to start talking to one another and solve our problems.

As the Christmas holiday approaches, I wish all readers of this blog a Merry Christmas.

I pray for the peace and prosperity for Ethiopia. I pray healing for all our people.

Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

Cool Z: as usuall good update..however, when you start talking about Mulugeta Asrate Kassa, somethings came to mind. As you know, this individual, was the former royal pimp who made fortune for a little while by facilitating sexual favours to some hot shot lower level Derge military members, who had the hots for some royal and aristocratic punaney....he was one of his kind to speak the thruth...
Here is some reading materials -

People who had the opportunity of attending Emperor Haile Selassie's court
today remember the reputation
of Asrate Kassa as that of a lire, corrupt, joker, play
boy, looter, cheater, etc., but nothing to match the
honor Emperor Haile Selassie had designed for him
to enjoy.

Balcha Abamela (London)

Ato Mulugeta Asrate Kassa who faced litigation for failing to settle a
A 340,000 loan he had taken from the widow of Emperor Bokassa of Central
Africa, had few years ago posted notices in London pronouncing him self

He has now miraculously resurrected from his tomb to criticize and defame different institutions and personalities. Hence public knowledge deserves to be furnished with answers for questions such as: Who is Mulugeta Asrate Kassa? How was he brought up? Is he dead or alive? And if alive, what is he likely up to now?

Mulugeta Asrate was born to Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa and Leilt Zuriash
Mulugeta in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His father Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa was the son of Ras Kassa Hailu, Darge, Sahile Selassie (a great grand son of Sahile Selassie, the King of Shoa). Leilt Zuriash, who now a welfare queen living

British welfare income in London, is the daughter of Ras Mulugeta who as the Minister of War died at the battle of Maichew in 1936.

Ras Mulugeta is remembered for paying heroic sacrifice for his country at an old age. Ras Kassa on the other hand is noted by many historians as having been the major factor behind Ethiopia's untimely military loss at Maichew.

This is because Emperor Haile Selassie had appointed Ras Kassa to liaise
between the Emperor and his Commanders at the war front. Though very loyal to Emperor Haile Selassie, Ras Kassa didn't have military knowledge or past battle experience to enable him perform the important task assigned to him during that critical moment in history.

When Emperor Haile Selassie fled Ethiopia after being defeated by the
fascist Italian invaders at Maichew, Ras Kassa Hailu was one of the few
Aristocrats who was privileged to escort the Emperor to Jerusalem, Palestine. Having no more than basic church education, Ras Kassa who had no ability to assist in the diplomatic struggle was left in Jerusalem with all the gold and other assets he was able to run away with. His compatriots in Jerusalem have left memoirs that detail his geocentricism and his very stingy characteristics, which they claim prevented him from contributing for, or participating in any thing related to the liberation of Ethiopia or her interests.

Asrate Kassa, Mulugeta's father, who was in his early teens at the time,
is remembered for having joined several schools in Jerusalem and Lebanon. However, the reputation he left behind is nothing more than a PlayBoy because he was unable to pursue serious education in the numerous
schools he was enrolled in. The above not withstanding, the other sons of Ras Kassa who were old enough to stand on their own feet had remained behind and courageously fought against the fascist invaders in whose hands they were brutally executed.

When Emperor Haile Selassie was brought to The Sudan by Great Britain,
which as ready to revenge against Italy by assisting the Emperor to re-enter hiscountry, Ras Kassa Hailu was one of the companions selected by the Emperor for the long journey. Mulugeta's father, Asrate Kassa, who was unable to exploit the educational opportunities afforded him, and who unlike the other Ethiopian youth in Diaspora failed to participate in any thing patriotic, joined his father to The Sudan where he was enrolled for a one month training, which did not extend beyond basic military drill. As this was a military training in form, and not in content, the Emperor gave Asrate Kassa the rank of a Colonel when he handed out senior military ranks to his own two sons and others he wanted to see dressed in British military uniform. It was there where
a Colonel Asrate Kassa befriended Crown Prince Asfawesen to whom he remained a loyal servant for the remainder of his life.

Elders had a story to tell about what transpired when Colonel Asrate Kassa asked for the hands of Weizero Zuriash Mulugeta, because all relatives of Ras Mulugeta had held Asrate's father, Ras Kassa, accountable to what they consider the untimely death of their Patriarch at Maichew. According to the same sources it was the personal intervention of Crown Prince Asfa Wesen which made Asrate's marriage to Zuriash possible. After roaming with Crown Prince Asfa Wesen for some time, Colonel Asrate Kassa was appointed to replace one of the most respected Ethiopian officers of the time, Colonel Abiye Abebe, as governor of Wellega. That is where the very embarrassing civil service and political history of Mulugeta's father begins.

People who had the opportunity of attending Emperor Haile Selassie's
court today remember the reputation of Asrate Kassa as that of a lier,
corrupt, joker, play boy, looter, cheater, etc., but nothing to match the honour Emperor Haile Selassie had designed for him to enjoy. It is also evident that Asrate had not enjoyed the trust and confidence of his own father. When his father established the Ras Kassa Family Welfare Foundation he didn't consider Mulugeta's father worthy of its leadership. He had therefore to appoint his grand son, Dejazmach Amha Abera, President and Trustee of the Foundation.

Colonel Asrate Kassa had become a Dejazmach, a Leul Dejazmach and a Ras
before being named a Leul Ras. He also held the positions of, among others, that of Governor of Arusi, Governor of Shoa, Vice President of the Senate and the Emperor's Representative in Eritrea. It is a very well documented fact that Asrate has been relieved of most of his appointments for some wrongdoing. As a matter of fact, many observers of the Emperor's Court use to say that Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa should be grateful to Leul-Ras Mengesh a Seyoum, who in his years of maturity was recognized as hard worker and productive, because all titles bestowed upon Mengesha were also given to Asrate by Emperor Haile Selassie as a gesture of maintaining a balance or equity between the Tigre and Amhara Aristocracy. The position last held by Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa, before his demise in 1974, was Chairman of the Crown Council, where he had badly failed to earn the respect of his colleagues and as a result of which he was unable to be a factor during the most trying moments in the Emperor's Palace.

Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa was found to be nothing more than a spoiler as the
complexity of the problems confronted by the Emperor's regime forced the
true self of Asrate to surface. As is the case with a play boy during
trying moments, Asrate was unable to read the clear writings on the wall. He foolishly assumed that there could possibly be a room for him if the most able Prime Minister, Aklilu Habtewold, was to resign. He agitated among Senior Army Officers to petition the Emperor against his consideration of General Abiye Abebe to replace Tsehafi Taezaz Aklilu Habtewold as Prime Minister. When Lidj Endalkachew Mekonen assumed the Premiership, he instigated various groups to cause instability. Most evident at the time was Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa's fabrication of a story regarding a non-existent United Nations Fund for Ethiopian Soldiers who served in The Congo. It was revealed that he was secretly meeting with the Soldier's representatives and encouraging them to demand a non existent right, by falsely assuring the money that he had persuaded the Emperor to instruct that they be paid though Lidj Endalkachew had become an obstacle in the implementation of the Emperor'sorders.

The purpose in presenting the above is only to give a glimpse on who
Mulugeta Asrate's father was. Otherwise, there is no need for much detailed writing as many books and articles have already been read about thepersonality of Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa. One of the necessary readings in this regard may be the book written by an eye witness in Amharic Ye-Ertra Enqoqilish (The Eritrea Puzzle). Likewise a lot can be written about the past and present wrongs of Mulugeta's mother who has exiled her self in London due to serious cardiac ailment. All this is by no means meant to endorse the manner in which the Military Junta, without due process, executed Leul-Ras Asrate in 1974. The evil Junta has, together with Mulugeta's father, mercilessly killed many patriotic and innocent historical figures for which deservingly it is now held accountable. Humanity should join hands in the condemnation of the
Junta's barbaric deeds. However, it should also be understood that two
wrongs don't make a right. Princely titles and other honours given by the ancient regime should not be instrumental to conceal the true self of the political actors of that period of Ethiopian history. When crooks and devilish mercenaries like Mulugeta Asrate attempt to hoodwink public opinion by hiding behind sentimental issues, it would be more than appropriate to daringly expose the truth about where they are trying to come from.

Though a family institution plays a major role in ones personality
formation, it will be difficult to conclude that personality traits are hereditary. Therefore, however much it may be easy to draw a parallel between Mulugeta and his parents, particularly between him and his father, one cannot rule out the possibility of finding other persons who may not have been as adversely affected in this same family. With this understanding in mind, some of the facts which are widely known about Mulugeta Asrate Kassa are

presented below:

1) Mulugeta Asrate Kassa was a juvenile delinquent from early childhood.
Like was the case with some children born to aristocratic families, the
education given by Ethiopian schools was not found satisfactory for
Mulugeta's development. Hence, his father got him enrolled in the London
boarding school whose Head Master had to call and inform Asrate, only aftera brief schooling period, that his son was no more attending the school.Apparently Mulugeta who was able to forge his father's signature and withdraw some =A315,000 from his father's London bank account had told his friends that he had won lottery. His father flew to London and found Mulugeta enjoying the money with a British schoolmate who had taken Mulugeta home believing his lottery story was true. Because the school refused readmission in spite of the diplomatic pressure, Mulugeta's father had to bring him back to Ethiopia and intern him at the Tebase military camp in Debre Berhan for punishment.
Mulugeta later joined the Sanford British Community School where upto date he is remembered for his lies, theft and other delinquent behaviour. Unlike the London school, the Sanford school in Ethiopia didn't dare expel Mulugeta inspite of negative influence on many young minds.

2) In spite of the many opportunities Mulugeta was blessed with by being
born to a Feudal family, which has amassed lots of wealth, he was unable to pursue higher education. Assisted by his father, Ethiopian Television service employed him as a news caster a job he held until the military take-over. Some members of the military junta (The Dergue), who probably suffered from some sort ofinferiority complex, were running after the wives and daughters of the high-ranking officials they had detained. Mulugeta, who lost no time to establish intimate contact with these corrupt soldiers became the satisfier of their sex appetite. There are many more stories about this immoral character and his soldier accomplices which for decency's sake need not be mentioned now.

3) One may find it difficult to believe that it was no other person, but
Mulugeta him self, who through his newly won associates in the Dergue led the military squad, which arrested his father, to the Guenete Iyesus church, where according to some he was praying and according to others hiding. At the time Mulugeta's father, Leul- Ras Asrate Kassa, was feared because of his clandestine relationship with the soldiers who fought in Congo and widely spread rumours the he is likely to raise a fight instead of being arrested because he was armed to his teeth. The only favour made for Mulugeta by his associates in the Dergue was to allow him to drive his father in his own car to jail.

4) When after a few months the Dergue executed his father together with the 60 victims, it was Mulugeta who read the news of the execution, on
Television, without any remorse or feelings of sorrow.

5) Mulugeta Asrate's role as facilitator of Aristocratic Sex to his
clients in the Dergue had continued beyond his father's death.

6) Mulugeta Asrate today wants us to believe that he was a prisoner of
conscience. This is a great insult to the genuine prisoners of conscience who had languished in the miserable prisons of the Dergue. Today it is proven beyond doubt that Mulugeta Asrate was imprisoned for collecting money from persons who had wanted to leave the country by promising them thathe will secure them the necessary exit permit and visa through his connections.

7) While under detention, it is now public secret that Mulugeta had served the Security apparatus of the Dergue by spying and reporting upon the members the members of the Royal Family who were imprisoned with him. He is currently not in talking terms with most members of the Royal Family for the same reason.

8) Mulugeta is also not in good terms with his own sisters and brothers,
because he was using his advantageous position to receive and consume by
himself all the money and other provisions which were being sent to prison for the entire family.

9) Only Mulugeta can tell the number of women he got engaged with to
exploit and the other persons he cheated in Addis Ababa upon his release from jail.
He found this possible by his talent of fabricating stories about himself and his family. It was because of the difficulties emanating from this behaviour that he had to seek the assistance of the security apparatus (The Ministry for Internal Affairs) to run away from Ethiopia.

10) Mulugeta was therefore recruited by the Department of External Affairs of the said Ministry to spy upon the late Crown Prince (Atse Amha Selassie) and his environs. In spite of the fact that Mulugeta's assignment was discovered by the Crown Prince's Son in Law, who chased him away, Mulugeta succeeded to remain in the payroll of the Dergue until the Drgue's demise in 1991.

Anonymous said...



Balcha Abamela (London)
The answer to the question: Who is Mulugeta Asrate Kassa?
has obliged a brief reference to his social background. This person who is widely recognised for the countless and shameful gross offences he has committed, and continues to commit, is not an airborne animal. With sentiments aside, he is a product of his parents, his family and his social environment. Hence, all references made to his parents and family should not be viewed beyond that context.
A close observation of Mulugeta Asrate Kassa case history and personality
traits reveal a complex record of numerous anti-social offences committed by
him over the years. An in-depth examination of the root causes and factors
that have enabled this criminal character to roam at large, perpetually
committing these offences, therefore becomes mandatory.
Starting with the Addis Ababa remand home for Juvenile Delinquents (Tebay
Maremiya), Mulugeta Asrate Kassa was interned at different Police and
Military camps for punishment aimed at correcting his defective behaviour.
His admission to, and release from these institutions, was never done on the
basis of established procedures. Nor were his stays in them long enough to
effect meaningful changes on his criminal tendencies. What are the objective
factors behind the contradictory positions taken by his parents? They need to
be spelt out if our genuine objective is to know who Mulugeta really is.
Ethiopian sociological studies have concluded that juvenile delinquents who
lead crime-related life to grow and become adult offenders are, in the
majority of cases, victims of broken homes. Behaviourally speaking Mulugeta
Asrate Kassa clearly falls under this category. But on the other hand, in
spite of the degree of intimacy in their relationship, Mulugeta parents are
known to have lived together until their son majority age. Hence,defining
Mulugeta as victim of a broken home, which includes the lack of adequate
livelihood becomes difficult though lack of proper guidance and the
inculcation of negative values in his attitudinal development are evident.
Such findings do naturally encourage an evaluation of the moral standard of
Mulugeta Asrate parents. This by no means should be construed as more than
an attempt to understand the causes for Mulugeta defective social
behaviour. If an evaluation carried out in this regard associates Mulugeta
parents with low morality and other negative social behaviours, it will
enable us assume that Mulugeta is a victim of lack of positive role model in
his upbringing. Therefore, a brief reference to popular knowledge may help
ease the effort to solve the equation.
Many youngsters of Mulugeta age, who were attending the Haile Selassie I
University when Wello was struck with severe drought in 1974, vividly recall
their determination to give up some of their daily meal in order to feed the
thousands of the dislocated peasants who had to walk to Addis Ababa in search
of clemency from the various taxes that were being demanded from them. One
such tax was The Riste-Gult Dues payable to the Ras Kassa family as a
At that tragic moment in Ethiopian history, the annual and belg rains have
failed consecutively. These peasants were unable to harvest any grain or
other food. With no grain in storage (gottera) they have also consumed the
seeds they had set aside for next seasons planting. Their domestic
animals have perished due to lack of grazing and water. They have already buried the weakest members of their families. The strongest among them had to abandon their habitat and walk to population centres, along the major roads, in search of food.
As this drought was hidden from public attention, tens of thousands of
peasants have died from starvation and related causes. Food supplies and
social services were mobilised to shelters and relief distribution centres
much later. Upon receiving modest life saving supplies some of the
drought/famine affected peasants were ready to return and struggle to
establish them selves on their farms. But returning to their villages meant
confrontation with the representatives of the Ras Kassa family who
mercilessly demand payment of the Riste-Gult dues. As an Imperial
Proclamation relieving these peasants from state taxes for three years was
proclaimed by the Emperor, the puzzle they were unable to resolve had
remained the Ras Kassa family Riste-Gult dues.
When after a miserable days and nights walk these peasants reached Addis
Ababa, their plight was brought to the attention of Mulugeta fath
er, Ras Asrate Kassa. It is difficult to believe that he was unaware of their long journey when they were still enroute. He however named his cousin, Dejazmach Berhane-Meskel Desta, as negotiator on behalf of the family (tederadari) and
demanded that the peasants who were stopped by police from entering Addis
Ababa, send representatives to the Parliament building where Dejazmach
Berhane-Meskel was serving as Senator. The peasants feared sending
representatives for the negotiation, saying they know from experience the
harsh punitive measures the family could apply on such individuals when
amnesty from these dues is begged for.
The University Students who were already feeding these petitioners intervene
d and guided the entire group to what use to be known as the Constitution
Square. This was the open field between the Grand Palace (Emperor Haile
Selassie Office) and the Parliament Building. The presence of the
large crowed of peasants on that field began attracting wider public attention by the day. Prominent persons like the late journalist, Ato Paulos Gnogno, and many more volunteers joined the students in the feeding programme, while the representatives of the petitioners, escorted by observers, held consecutive negotiations with the Dejazmach. This went on for days as Dejazmach Berhane-Meskel, who was given no mandate to decide, had to shuttle back and forth with guidance he was receiving form Ras Asrate Kassa. One of Ras Asrat Kassa demands was that these peasants return to the relief delivery centres in Wello, so that they receive the relief provision and use it to settle his Riste-Gult dues in kind.
This was a month after the Popular Revolution had erupted in February 1974.
The entire country was in turmoil. Tsehafi Taezaz Aklilu Cabinet had
resigned and Lidj Endalkachew was in place. The Emperor
Regime was fighting against many odds for its survival. But Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa who was engaged in underground machinations to destabilise Lidj Endalkachew cabinet would not flinch an inch and his negotiator would not return with any liveable offer. The matter was finally brought to the attention of Emperor Haile Selassie, through the personal intervention of his grand son Prince Michael Makonen. The Emperor determined that the Tax Amnesty Proclamation issued by Him includes Riste-Gult dues, reprimanded Ras Asrate Kassa, and the drought victims were sent of to Wello in buses hired by the Relief Operations Co-ordination Office.

The above is just one example to show the mindset of Mulugeta Asrate
father. Many more stories can be told about Leul-Ras Asrate Kassa
low moral standing and greedy character. However, as the purpose of this exercise is limited to the examination of the factors that have influenced Mulugeta Asrate defective personality formation, all the sad issues related to his fathershould be left for historians to handle. Mulugeta Asrate Kassa current ambitions may be limited to embezzling charity funds by regaining a seat on one of the London based Ethiopian Community Boards. If given material reward, he is also likely to be used by the EPRDF as a stick to beat certain institutions and individuals it considers inimical. Which ever the case may be, this presentation will, on the basis of the introductory remarks above, continue to address the question it has raised, in spite of the social myth which has sheltered Mulugeta up tonow. Hence, Who is Mulugeta Asrate Kassa? Is he alive?
1) As explained in part I of this presentation, Mulugeta had pronounced him
self-dead in order to avoid the litigation charges filed against him by
Princes Catherine Dengede, wife of Emperor Bokassa of Central Africa. Princes
Catherine Dengede kept Mulugeta as her dependent in Geneva, introduced him to
many influential personalities, assisted him open a restaurant when he moved to London and also facilitated him with a handsome loan. All this was because
Princes Catherine Dengede trusted Mulugeta fabricated stories abou
t him being Emperor Haile Selassie grand son and waiting to benefit from his
frozen Accounts in Swiss Banks. Meanwhile Princes Catherine was able to learn
who Mulugata really was before moving back to Central Africa. The departure
of Princes Catherine Dengede has thus created an opportunity for Mulugeta to
resurrect from his grave and prove that he was not physically dead.
3) Ato Meseret who went for a visit to London from Los Angeles, USA, was
encouraged to stay with Mulugeta mother in her apartment. After a few days Ato Meseret was asked by Leilt Zuriash to buy her an overcoat, a request tha the readily accepted. When Ato Meseret and Leilt Zuriash were about to leave
for the store, Leilt Zuriash demands that Mulugeta join them. Ato Meseret who
could not understand the role to be played by Mulugeta rejects the request.
Mulugeta mother insists and Mulugeta joins the two to the store wh
ere the overcoat she desired was purchased by Credit Card. Leilt Zuriash recommended that the receipts be given to Mulugeta in case the overcoat needs to be returned. Mulugeta keeps the receipts and upon Ato Meseret departure uses Ato Meseret Credit Card Number to order other items valued $5,000. Because of the high amount involved Ato Meseret bank, Wells Fargo, calls Ato Meseret home in LA where the wife answered the phone to wonder what her husband has bought for $5,000. Ato Meseret who learnt about the incident upon his arrival, didnt need much time to know that Mulugeta Asrate Kassa has
presented himself as Meseret, and used the Number on his Credit Card Receipt
to purchase items worth $5,000, while Ato Meseret was in the air on his way
back home.
4) Ato Meseret is one among many relatives and family friends Mulugeta
Asrate Kassa cheated by using their Credit Card Number. Another person who
lost significant amount of money this way and disconnected all her
relationship with the family is Weizero Mulumebet Faris. This suffices to
explain one of the cheating methods of Mulugeta, by involving his mother, as
the list is too long to enumerate here.
5) Another stilling method of the Mulugeta family is by use of Telephone
Lines. People close to the Mulugeta Asrate Kassa family know how frequently
Mulugeta mother, Leilt Zuriashe, telephone numbers change. This is because Mulugeta uses the identity of unsuspecting Ethiopians that reside in London to get a telephone line installed in his mother apartment in their names. In other incidences Mulugeta has obtained calling cards of other persons telephone numbers. Both, son and mother will call all over the world while the bill is mailed to the persons whose identity Mulugeta has used. Only because of the large bills involved do these persons discover that they
were held responsible for installing a new telephone line in Leilt Zuriashe's
apartment. Upon these persons refusal to settle the bill the line will be
disconnected, only for another illegitimate line to be installed in another
victim name. Among the victims of this method suffice to mention Ato Agbaw
Webneh and Ato Demissew Beyene, both respected elders in the Ethiopian
Community of London.
6) Ato Agbaw Webneh has been Mulugeta target at other instances.
One widely known fact is a case involving furniture. Mulugeta Asrate Kassa uses the Ethiopia Help Line and claiming he is Agbaw Webneh, the son of the highly reputed patriot Ras Webneh (Amoraw) Tessemma, requests to be assisted by the provision of furniture as he is a new asylee resettling in London. The request gets approved right away and the suppliers call Mulugeta number and ask where the furniture were to be supplied. Mulugeta gives his own address and the furniture were supplied there. Few days latter the Ethiopia Help Line officials go for a home visit to check how Ato Agbaw was managing. Ato Agbaws wife answers the door; the visitors come in and ask how they are enjoying their new furniture. The surprised wife says what furniture? and after a brief confusion the husband walks in and confesses that he has never applied for furniture and has also received none. The surprised visitors return to their office and check with the suppliers where the furniture was delivered. Obtaining the delivery address, they go straight to the place and discover some of the furniture, which was not yet sold, in Mulugeta apartment. A hunt was launched and whatever furniture was retrieved was returned to the donors.
7) Mulugeta Asrate Kassa is also a kleptomaniac. Mostly ladies complain that
he has stolen money from their handbags when they visited the toilet. The
numbers of persons from whom Mulugeta borrows money in his mother name and runs away from are too many to list. The cases with Kegnazmach Fasil Shiferaw, Weizerit Yeshiwork Shiferaw, Ato Tilahun Amare and Ato Kebede Amen
e can be mentioned as examples.
8 Mulugeta is very well known for cheating and stilling from older persons
he gets closer to by pretending to assist them in translation and introducin
g them to the system. One such person was Weizero Ayelech Meshesha who took
Mulugeta to her bank to assist her fill the forms required drawing cash from
her account. Mulugeta fills the form by doubling the amount requested by
Weizero Ayelech and pockets half of the money when drawing the cash. Weizero
Ayelech, upon receipt of her monthly bank statement discovers that Mulugeta
whom she considered a close relative has robed her. She has been cursing
Mulugeta as a thief, and a son of a thief, until her death recently. Mulugeta
also collects Home Office Papers in the name of elderly persons he pretends
to assist and sales these papers to other needy refugees. One such victim is
Ato Demisew Beyene. The assets he robed from elderly persons by acting, as
their funeral arranger, is said to be quite significant.
9) A major target of Mulugeta Asrate Kassa robbery, theft and che
ating was the Imperial family of Haile Selassie I. His pretension as the viceroy of this family is now exposed in many quarters.
10) Upon the release of princes Tenagne Work and her daughters from jail
, Mulugeta Asrate Kassa who pretended as her care -taker contacted the late
King Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for assistance. King Hussein
decided that C2A32,000 be paid monthly to support the Princes Tenagne Work.
After few months Mulugeta contacts King Hussein and requests that a car be
bought for the princes. The King approves C2A39,000 for car purchase. After
pocketing the princess monthly allowance and the money paid to buy
her a car, Mulugeta contacts King Hussein again, to request another C2A39,000 claiming that the previous sum had to be used for medical expenses because the Princes who failed off the stairs of her house was badly injured and hospitalised. King Hussein's pursers got suspicious this time and contacted the Princes through the Ambassador of Jordan who discovered that the princes was unaware of the previous transactions and no person called Mulugeta, or Asrate, or Kassa, or all, had her delegation. This caused a great embarrassment to Prince Sadrudin Aga Kahn who was Mulugeta channel to King Hussein. Princess Catherine Dengede who for some times believed Mulugeta story of being the genuine grand son of Emperor Haile Selassie was responsible for introducing Mulugeta to Prince Sadrudin Aga Kahn in Geneva.
11) Following the death of Crown Prince Asfa Wesen Haile Selassie
(Emperor Amha Selassie), Mulugeta Asrate Kassa issued public notice
announcing that he has been appointed Private Assistant to Crown Prince Zere
Yaekob. His first approach for grants was to the owner of the Virgin Atlantic
airlines, which didn99t yield any thing. He then approaches the Crown
Prince of Libya, who has attended Oxford University in UK with Prince Zere Yaekob, and who is living as a refugee in Geneva, Switzerland. The Libyan Crown Prince who believed Mulugeta story responded generously and waited
to hear from his friend in order to do more. As nothing was heard from Prince Zere Yaekob the Libyan Crown Prince contacts the Ethiopian Crrown Prince to
discover that the $10,000 he has forwarded through Mulugeta has not reached
his friend. Mulugeta Asrate Kassa has also cheated others, including the
Prince (Count) of Baden Baden in Germany, by presenting himself as the
representative of the Prince Makonen family. In few quarters people still
believe he is the grand son of Emperor Haile Selassie and hence a genuine
12) When the entire Royal Family became aware of Mulugeta Asrate Kassa
intentions and notified all quarters to be aware, Mulugeta had to search for
circles unaware of these developments. That was when he began involvement in
the activities of the Ethiopian Community Centre. Many innocent Ethiopians
believed his stories of being strongly connected to the British Royal Family
and the British Aristocracy. They believed that Mulugeta was capable of
mobilising great support for their Community. They were not aware of the fact
that Mulugeta was chased away by members of their own Royal Family. Nor have
they heard that Mulugeta had gone to the extent of borrowing Lord Ashley
car and selling it, as the result of which not only him but also many members
of the Ethiopian Royal Family and Nobility have been denied the benefits they
were enjoying. Most importantly, they were not cognisant of the resentment
entertained by the British Royal Family as consequence of The Crown Prince
Asfa Wesen decision to move from London to Washington without consulting them. Ethiopian in London who had access to these informations were few and not close to the activities of the Community Centre. These new Ethiopian circles hence became fertile grounds for Mulugeta ill motives.
13) Mulugeta first succeeded to become a board member of the Camden based
Ethiopian Community Centre, an institution he is currently trying to defame.
Mulugeta was fired from his position in this Community for embezzlement of
charity funds. Being as selfish as he is, he was not able to admit his guilt
,nor care for the beneficiary members of the Community, when instead he
brought unfounded charges against his colleagues in the Board. The Borough of
Camden had to close the Community Centre for investigation, which was
reopened only after Mulugeta was proven guilty.
14) Mulugeta then moved to the Saint Marry Church of the Ethiopian
Orthodox Tewahido faith in London. The congregation aware of his devilish
deeds in the Ethiopian Community totally rejected his involvement. However
upon the insistence of the head of the church, Aba Aregawi, as he used to be
called at the time, Mulugeta became a member of the Church Executive
Committee. In his capacity as an official of the Church Mulugeta assured and
encouraged Aba Paulos, the controversial patriarch of the Ethiopian Church,
to go and hold service at this Ethiopian Church in London. Aba Paulos, who
was desperate because he was virtually chased out of every Ethiopian Church
in the USA, believed Mulugeta and went to London expecting friendlier
reception. Unfortunately to both Mulugeta and Aba Paulos, the congregation
first warned Aba Paulos not go to their Church and when he showed up without
their wish he and his escorts were attacked so badly that the London Police
had to physically carry Aba Paulos into his car and drive him away. Mulugeta
who was embarrassed by his underestimation of the congregation hat
red towards Aba Paulos was forced to claim that a knife in the fight stabbed him. The Police rejected his claim by simply stating that no knife can stab a
person without passing through his clothing. However, Mulugeta seems to have
succeeded to be believed by Aba Paulos.
15) His newly won friend, Aba Paulos, invites Mulugeta to Addis Ababa.
Upon arrival Mulugeta was received at the Ghion Hotel as the patriarch
personal guest, all his expenses covered by the Ethiopian Church. This was
not enough for Mulugeta. He told his hosts that money he was expecting from
London was delayed and borrowed 40,000 Bir from the church claiming that he
badly needed it for charitable purposes. Mulugeta charitable activities
were limited to the bars and clubs he boasted in. Having signed for another
40,000 Bir for expenses during his stay at the Ghion, Mulugeta left Ethiopia
with out settling his debt with the Church, which so kindly hosted him.
16) Upon his return to London Mulugeta persuades Aba Aregawi to go to
Ethiopia assuring him that he was called to be appointed Arch Bishop. Aba
Aregawi, in spite of advice he received from several persons, delegates
Mulugeta for administrative matters and also leaves the keys to his apartment
with him. Aba Aregawi was indeed appointed Arch Bishop of London and returned
as Abune Yohannes. Upon his return however, Aba Aregawi (Abune Yohannes)
discovered that Mulugeta Asrate Kassa has abused his trust by forging his
signature and drawing C2A36,000 from his saving Account. Mulugeta had also
taken other funds on loan from the Church. It was also revealed that Mulugeta has raised funds in the Church name for his own use. Aba Yohannes, therefore,had to dismiss Mulugeta from all official functions in the church with the congregation unanimous approval. After he was fired from his responsibility in the Church, Mulugeta repeated what he did to the Ethiopian Community Centre, by telling the owners of the building unfounded stories that forced them to lock the doors of the Church until the truth was established.
17) The Church resumed service after a brief period of difficulties. In
the process Aba Aregawi (Abune Yohannes) was found dead in his apartment.
Many Ethiopians in London associate Mulugeta, in direct and indirect ways,
with the death of their spiritual father. Meanwhile Mulugeta Asrate Kassa had
become a Catholic until he was also thrown out of that church for a similar
wrongdoing. He now hangs around the Ethiopian (EPRDF) Embassy in London
serving as one of the co-ordinators of a forum established to solicit
approval for Ethiopia loss as consequence of the Dan Hague Boarder
Commission rulings. Religion wise he claims to be reborn by joining a
Pentecostal church where he seems to have found temporary refuge.
In parts I and II of this presentation an attempt has been made to
objectively note the social back ground of Mulugeta Asrate Kassa. His life
history has also been described based on tangible findings. His life under
Emperor Haile Selassie was nothing more than that of a juvenile delinquent.
With all the wealth and influence his family enjoyed, the best he could
ultimately achieve was become newsreader on Ethiopian Television. After the
Dergue's take-over he became a facilitator of Aristocratic Sex to the very
people who executed his father. He may have gone a long way with the Dergue
if his sex clients in the Dergue had survived. Meddling in exit visa issues
without the existence of his clients did not serve him good. Even his jail
life is full of corruption. He has not achieved much as the Dergue's spy in
London. The Ethiopian Royal family in whose names he traded has rejected him
Starting with Princes Catherine Dengede of Central Africa in Geneva, all
members of Royal Families and Aristocracies he came closer to have labelled
him a thief and a cheater. All persons who know him in London look down upon
him. He has been dismissed from the Ethiopian Community Centre on criminal
charges. The Ethiopian Church in London has dishonourably fired him. He is
now a fugitive, jumping from one church to the other. His reputation in most
of the social circles in London is that of pathological lire and a
kleptomaniac. No one sane Ethiopian in London will voluntarily associate
himself with Mulugeta. His temporary hideouts are now the Ethiopian (EPRDF)
Embassy and his newly found Pentecostal church in London. How long will he
last in these quarters? Who then is Mulugeta Asrate Kassa? Can he really be
considered alive only because he is not physically dead? It can now be
assumed that these would no more be difficult questions to answer.....

The writer wrote this around 2002ish and 2001ish I think..


Anonymous said...

As always I start saying " hey derg/weyanae" b/c u'r the same hey man can u tell me the difference b/n derg and weyanae ? for me it's only a matter of number weyanae kill people as well as derg the only difference is Number.Even most people say that mengistu is better than ur uncle.[melese] I pity for u b/c u start straggle against tyrannies when u were 11 yrs old then you got power and start corruption of power against the people and now u yourself is tyrant. look it's > 15 yr if u were in jungles for 5 yrs your 20 yrs are wasted. Sorry for that. i think that's why you scream more here please look at your inside. agotehe enequwane "besebesenale belewalw"-leziyaweme esekeceneqelatachene. Don't blame others. All tyrant gov. are looks alike the same whether it's in Eth.,Africa,Asia or south America.All are the same. By the way today when I read this news and saw some genius name [like you qi qi qi .... sorry]
DR.[vet.] Yohannes Gebre Selassie, [ he was funny for most of Ethiopians.I remember some day last year when I discuss with my friends one of my friend say that hey guys why you blame him he spent his time with ANIMAL. [ genius(i) ] ] last year I was at Eth. and when we listen VOA he gave an interview represent derg/weyanae and he was funny he close his eyes like u. Tommy that's why I start to write for u.About this genius man [ qi qi qi ... sorry ] Look this site zagol gave us and he always defending for derg/weyanae like u. Am not insulting u genius. But U people " YOU ARE BLESSED , YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND " "tadelehale ayegebaheme"
for Tommy THE REAL ANIMAL [ I think this is ur motto Am I correct?]
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Comrade Muse,
I think what I can understand from your statement is that you are at the TERMINAL STAGE OF SEVERE MENTAL RETARDATION.I am reall sorry for you because there is no any hope left for you to be cured from this illness,but please don`t give up.Try HOLY WATER(TEBEL) which is the only option left for you either to make you or break you.Good Luck!

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

From the comments made by Mr. Thomas H I can say that he is a complete ignorant who is in love with himself. He is in deep sleep like his bosses were pre-May 15 election.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ, this is just the kind of insider information we have come to expect from your outstanding blog. Thank you and God bless you!

The Ethiopian millennium is not a single day; it is a THOUSAND YEARS and therefore we do have one thousand years to celebrate it; let’s just hope there will be enough cause and opportunity to do so. We will join our families and friends in Addis and all the other Ethiopian cities IF AND ONLY IF the current tyrannical regime accepts the 8 point resolution and frees all jailed opposition leaders and their supporters from Kaliti and all the other prisons and concentration camps.

As it stands now, any talk of millennium celebration in Addis is a complete nonsense. I mean how could you go to Addis and join a TPLF millennium celebration when it has killed thousands and tens of thousands are in prison for the cause of freedom and the rule of law? How dare you look the families of those killed and imprisoned straight in the eyes and wish them a happy millennium? TPLF looters and their supporters could be celebrating:

* Their ill gained wealth and power
* The fulfillment of their childhood dreams of dividing and weakening Ethiopia
* The fulfillment of their dream of an independent Eritrea
* The fulfillment of their dream of ethnic and religious strife in Ethiopia
* They could even be wishing each other another millennium of TPLF rule.

And what are you going to celebrate?

Remember, Woyanie has been celebrating its millennium of sorts (Lekati 11) without you for the last 17 years and it will manage this one too, thank you very much.

I think all Ethiopians in the Diaspora should coordinate our efforts to:

Commemorate the day in an organized fashion by dedicating ourselves all over for democracy and the rule of law in Ethiopia.

Make an all out effort to educate our brothers and sisters not to fall for the TPLF millennium hype.

We should establish an Ethio-Millenium celebration committees in all the major cities of US, Europe, Australia and Africa to coordinate the millennium rededication and celebration.

We should establish a millennium website, something like , where we coordinate our programs and share and solicit ideas from Ethiopians all over the world.

God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians wherever they maybe for the millenium!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tazabi,
You said
1. "We should establish an Ethio-Millenium celebration committees in all the major cities of US, Europe, Australia and Africa to coordinate the millennium rededication and celebration.

2.We should establish a millennium website, something like , where we coordinate our programs and share and solicit ideas from Ethiopians all over the world.

You guys are really sick.You intentionally dropped the word "FUND RAISING" from your statement.You said "share and solicit ideas from Ethiopians all over the world" but the real message behind your statement is "collect money from all Ethiopians all over the world".The bottom line is in a clear engish you want to coordinate the millenium celebration and of course what will follow is to ask THE MONEY from innocent Ethiopians for coordination program and adminstration cost.You are really UNBELIEVABLE.Don`t you know that North America is a land of opportunity.Why don`t you go to school and get education and be a decent citizen.You are so lazy.You don`t want to work ,but you want money from hard working Ethiopians.SHAME ON YOU.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

I really like the above anonymous. I would alos like to thank Muse B. and Berhanu for the extended backgound of one of the CORRUPT TPLF CADRE Organizing the millenium party.

This is the information we need, this is how you measure one's character. Because we do not know what they will do in the future we only have information about their past, based on their past one can guess with great certainty as to how a CORRUPT and DANGEROUS person behaves in the future. Its called character analysis via extrapolation.

I bet you all, this bogus and defunct celebration is going to be a disaster. If you go to Addis to celebrate with the people who are willing to kill thousands innocent civilian compatriots because they find it necessary to stay in power, then I have no conciliatory words for you but to say you are a FASCIST at heart like your TPLF WOYANE AGAZI MURDERERS. Unlike other murderers TPLF AGAZI FORCES do not discriminate as to who and where to shoot, in their mind every Patriotic-Ethiopian is a target. Their aim is to send fear in the heart of the innocent and peaceful protesters. They were told to target little-kid, older parets and young active innocent PATRIOTIC-ETHIOPIANS. They were shooting from roof-tops and hidden safe room windows. They all are cowards practicing SNIPERS who do not have the guts to face the kids they were murdering!

By going for the TPLF set-up celebration party a true-Ethiopian is thumbing his/her nose on the people who lost loved ones believing that DISAPORA ETHIOPIANS are on their side. We cannot let them down, WE HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO SHARE THEIR GRIEF AND LOSS. The only way we can prove that is thru collective protest by ignoring the celebration. WE ALL ARE ETHIOPIANS AND WE WILL CELEBRATE OUR CALANDER TURNING MILLENIUM DAY IN OUR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES IN THE TIGRE-FREE COMMUNITY CENTERS. After all thier loved ones died on our behalf, we encouraged them to demand TOTAL FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

I hate to say this but I have to say it, Selam: get your facts together before you act as a referee. While you keep on passing passing your blessing all over you are forgetting some basic facts. I thought I told you about passing blessings to victim and oppresser. You cannot spread blessings everywhere, its NOT possible you have to choose one, either Ethiopian people or TPLF.

Dergu was SAVAGE, but Mengistu did everything to benefit the people of Ethiopia; He was never an ETHNOCENTRIC/RACIST. On the other hand TPLF IS SAVAGE, CORRUPT, ETHNOCENTRIC, MONEY COLLECTING MACHINE whose main task is divide and rule in order to stay in power for as long as the Ethiopian people are divided and in the process to make syure that MOTHER ETHIOPIA is dead.

What good have TPLF done to Ethiopia since comming to power? they cut nearly every service and controlled all the money generating businesses, they cut education to the bone. TPLF made education only as far as grade 10 so, the young hormone raging kids (15&16 yrs) to make life changing decision on their own. What does a 15 or 16 yrs old girl knows about the future? they are busy falling in love every two three days, what about the boys in that ager group? they are busy wacking-off (excuse my language) the newly dicovered hormonal sensation.

NO, NO, NO, NO TPLF WOYANE BANDITS know better than the law of nature. TPLF councilors think its enough to have grade 10 learning and beyond that level is a threat to TIGRE DOMINATION in the future Ethiopia. That is the reason they cut education. However, they turn around and encourage Tigre-killil students to pursue for higher education by forcing the kids to finish grade 12, then make college, vocational schools, or university available for that student and in some cases they send their Tigre students in the name of sending Ethiopian youth to foreign countries for highr learning. I know so many Tigre students who came to the country I am at with student passport and they were unable to continue their education and failed. If any true-Ethiopian read this message he/she should understand that TPLF's aim is to rule Ethiopia for many decades to come, even if we remove them by force now they will present educated Tigre and we will give them the benefits of doubt since they have the educational background. But we forget how they attained their prestigious education, they were pushed and pumpered and given better opportunity to attain their education in the name of training Ethiopian youth.

I used to think what Dergu did was bad when the organization collected those educated people and remove them from the country and killed their BOURGEOIS parents. We all cried and called Mengistu and his friends SAVAGES.

But was it a savagery act? I am developing a conflicting thoughts here. May be it was not a savagery act at all, if you read thru between the lines on BERHANU'S post (six postings above) about Mulugetta Asrate Kassa, he was sent to England at the expense of all Ethiopian people and yet he was just as delequent and further more he is given a position in TPLF to run the country down the draine. From that perspective, I think removing the "eduacted-elites" from the country may be the right move for Dergu, and killing their parents even seems more appropraite, now that TPLF is doing the same as Haile-Selassie if one PATRIOTIC-ETHIOPIAN comes to power and eradicate Tigres from Ethiopia CAN BE CONSIDERED a necessary action. I know some you are going to cry what about Democracy? but what about it! if my enemy does what it suets it in stead of following a democratic prenciple then gather wealth I have to use the same bruit force to snatch away from it the wealth it accumulated and then after cleaning up the country we can institute Democratic system.

So going back to the topic, of celebrating with TPLF WOYANE BANDITS FORCES AT THE HELM OF POWER is and can be considered as an act of appeasement to the current CORRUPT and ETHNOCENTRIC guided by greed organization. I think it is a disrespect for those who died and who are in jail as well as those in concentration camps. I leave you all with the facts above.


Anonymous said...

Hello the above anonymous(at least for now I don`t say you SHINTAMU because you said that you like me so I don`t have any reason why I shouldn`t like you if you like me).
I agree with you that those who are responsible for the death of 193 civillians and 7 police officers should face justice,but I am not sure whether you are aware of the fact that all except Negede Gobeze are already in custody.So I am sure that they will get the punishment they deserve.Last may election should be used as a LESSON for the future election.We have to learn to respect peoples votes(rich or poor).As we are beginners for democracy ,we are going to face a lot of obstacles.So we don`t have to be greedy for power.Those CUD officials who are now in Kaliti were told(literally begged) to join the parliament,but they refused.They made it clear that they will not take anything less than ARAT KILO PALACE.Do you know that Habesha proverb"Asa gorgari,zendo yawetal" or in english"He who digs too deep for a fish, may come out with a serpent".Now we all know how they ended up.We should learn that if we are elected by the people,it is disrespect to the people who voted for us when we refuse to join the parliament.Don`t worry about the future of Ethiopia. It is in good hands.I my self I am planning to run a campaign for the next election in 2010 and I can`t wait to KNOCK OUT the oppositions in the debate.Specially CUDist/Dergist ,they are going to be like a SLICE OF CAKE for me.I can`t wait to meet them.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Thomas, the lasy time TPLF run a campaign it was killing the upcoming and bright leaders campaigning. Do you know that TPLF WOYANE BANDITS MURDERED 6-Politicians a month before the election BY TPLF WOYANE BANDITS CADRES and the judge said they were guilty, but they were released after 6 months of jail time. For killing 6-bright and fiesty Leaders were gun down in the middle of the day and some were murdered at night in their own homes, after 6 months they were pardoned by TPLF WOYANE BANDITS leader Meles Zenawy.

I am afraid you too are going to kill those who will disagree with you. After all you are just another CORRUPT TEGRE who will not hesitate to kill babies and grand-parents. I am afraid to tell you the truth but CUD was prevented to run in Tigri killil, while TPLF WOYANE BANDITS were running all over Ethiopia.

By the way I did not mean you when I say "I like the anony above" I meant the person before you. I am Patriotic-Ethiopian who is NOT ashamed to say go to your dry God-Forsaken land. You bastard Murderer


Anonymous said...

Hello my dear SHINTAMU,
EPRDF has self confidence.There is no reason for EPRDF to kill people.Only when it is provoked,it will react.This is exactly what happened in June and November 2005.Armed demonstrators killed police officers and the constitution was in danger.So the security officers had to protect themselves and most importantly the CONSTITUTION.In regards to the rumours that CUD was prevented from running in Tigray,this is just fiction.First of all before the election started,EPRDF already had 120 seats with out any competition because CUD or other opposition parties didn`t have a competent candidates and they withdrew by themselves.So imagine out of 547 seats EPRDF had already 120 seats and it was leading 120 to 0.So,you don`t have to be surprised why CUD didn`t run in Tigray.CUD/Derg (mainly Bedru Adem) was the one who was insulting the Tigray people and who was telling publicly that once he is in power he will make sure that every Tigrayan will be deported from Addis.So,do you think that CUD will get votes in Tigray after all these Akaki zeraf against Tigrayans.The good thing is that I myself know very well how to deal with Bedru Adem as I am the newly appointed chief inspector of Kaliti prison.I will make sure that Bedru Adem will hate the day he was born.The bottom line is EPRDF was already 120 seats in advance than the oppositions.That is why EPRDF won the election very easily.The Honorable H.E.MP Lidetu Ayalew himself admitted that he was not surprised that they lost the election knowing the fact that oppositions were not able to get competent candidates for 120 seats.Otherwise I advise you to watch that famous film "THE ROOTS" and be ready for any events.We are the one who will decide the fate of CUDist/Dergist.If you don`t agree,sorry there is no other option left other than to committ SUICIDE.
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

hey "genius" weyanae/derge tegadelaye TOMMY why don't u answer my simple Q

Anonymous said...

Who is and does anyone have a picture of Dr. Yohannes Gebre-sillasie and any tplfites?
you can contact me at the flickr site or

Anonymous said...

Hello Muse Dedebu,
To know the differnce between Woyane and Derg is very simple,ok.
1.What is woyane? Woyane means a person of exceptional holiness or angel of poor peasants.Sometimes I have a feeling that we are God`s messenger.God sent us to protect the peasants.

2.What is Derg or CUD? Just in short Derg/CUD means CANNIBAL and DEVIL.Is that clear for you my dear dedebu.
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

I hate tigre b@st@rds. They need to go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Dear ez this blog is doing more harm than use. it is uppose to be a forum where people exchange ideas with out calling names.
it is suppose to be - i guess at least- where facts are to talk than predujeces and sterytipes.
As for me, i am not going to waste my time reading junke. it reminds me of the then mashorroming press in Ethiopia. welcome seyfenebelbal, genanaw and tomar.

thomas not the bloger but Emerson once said some thing into this effect: I CAN'T HEAR YOU what you say BECOUSE YOUR ACTIONS ARE SHOUTING AT ME.

Anonymous said...

Tommy "genius" how come u hide this all knowledge about derg and ur beloved weyanae I think u learn it at the jungle before 20 yrs.and repeat it every day ur blessed man
DERG/WEYANAE CADRAE from " dengaye mamercha " STONE FACTORY/PLANT [ civil service college ]
" tadelehale ayegebaheme " not only u all derg/weyanae caderaes from dengaye mamerecha.By the way how is ur DOCTER doing. Dr. YGS. [He is Vet. doc]ethioinfo want his picture so can u send him one?
Don't lose ur temper.
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Muse Dedebu,

You can visit WALTA if you want to see Dr Jhonny`s picture.If you want my picture,let me know.
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hey "yetadelekewe" TOMMY your 'greedy' CUD leaders gave your uncle easy choice not 4 KILLO BETEMENGIST Look at it if u wake from ur hibernation

The necessary and sufficient conditions for joining the parliament include:

1. The Election Board needs to be restructured and be able to operate independently

2. All forms of media should be free and available to all political parties.

3. The legal system must be able to operate independently without any coercion from the ruling party.

4. An independent commission to be established to investigate the June 8, 2005 killings of innocent Ethiopians.

5. Ensure the police and armed forces do not get involved in politics and take sides.

6. Recent laws that have been passed at the concluding sessions of the last Parliament that deal with parliamentary procedures and governance of the City of Addis Ababa should be recended.

7. All political prisoners should be released, and opposition party offices that had been closed should be opened.

8. Establish an independent commission, that is acceptable to all parties, to follow up that the above mentioned issues are resolved on a timely manner

Is there any wrong with this ideas?
May be you are correct if ur uncle give +ve response for this [even for 1 or 2] he will be out of palace. and u .....
I think U better than ostrich
Muse B.
And thank you for ur walta
one thing u admit he's ur doctor

Anonymous said...

At long last, an Ethiopian court has finally convicted the former Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam, of genocide in absentia. Unfortunately, the families of Mengistu's Red Terror victims may never see the day when Mengistu will receive the punishment he deserves as Mengistu lives a cozy life protected by another African dictator in Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, the terrorization of the Ethiopian people continues unabated by another dictator, Meles Zenawi. When will this cycle end?

Anonymous said...

Answers to Mr Muse Dedebu`s questions.
1. The Election Board needs to be restructured and be able to operate independently

This election board is the same election board which was praised by CUDist/Dergist when they won the election in Addis.This election board was the same board when CUDist/Dergist decided to participate in the election.Simply you can`t change the election board whenever you lose an election.If that was the case ,then EPRDF had to ask for a change of the election board when EPRDF lost in Addis.This is undemocratic and doesn`t help the democratization process.

2. All forms of media should be free and available to all political parties.
The media are free and available mostly to the oppositions.The oppositions had more air time than EPRDF in May 2005 election .

3. The legal system must be able to operate independently without any coercion from the ruling party.
The legal system is free and independent.Last week was the proof of that .The Derg members who were charged with genocide were given the opportunity to defend themselves and one of them managed to convince them that he is innocent and he was released.Another example to show how the legal system is independent, it is enough to see the case of Teddy Afro who is anti EPRDF.

4. An independent commission to be established to investigate the June 8, 2005 killings of innocent Ethiopians.
Yes,an independent commission confirmed that armed demonstrators killed police officers and the consitution was in danger.So,all culprits(architects of orange revolution) except Negede Gobeze are in custody and they will be punished.

5. Ensure the police and armed forces do not get involved in politics and take sides.
That is clearly written in the constitution and there is no meed to repeat it again and again.Police and armed forces are NEUTRAL.Their job is to protect the constitution.

6. Recent laws that have been passed at the concluding sessions of the last Parliament that deal with parliamentary procedures and governance of the City of Addis Ababa should be recended.
As we are beginners for democracy,we are still trying to learn from countries with so many years experience like Germany,England,Canada and India.We are going to have a procedure which is acceptable to all,but for sure in the new procedure no article like "CUDist/Dergist should take ARAT KILO PALACE" immediately will be included.Sorry for that.

7. All political prisoners should be released, and opposition party offices that had been closed should be opened.
There are only CRIMINALS in Ethiopia who are responsible for the death of 193 civillians and 7 police officers.In any democratic country NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.No offices are closed.Only those offices which are used for illegal activities are closed upon the request of Addis residents.

8. Establish an independent commission, that is acceptable to all parties, to follow up that the above mentioned issues are resolved on a timely manner
This is absolutely nonsense.The peoples are the independent commission and peoples vote should be respected.There was an election in May 2005 and the majority people gave their verdict by voting for EPRDF.So if you want another independent commission,then you have to wait until next election in 2010.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

In these days of discord, war and violence
By Robele Ababya
December 18, 2006
My title to this piece suits me to repeat the misdeeds of the traitor, Meles. His heinous crimes should be recited as mantras in every household for generations to come. I shall mention some in the following paragraph.
The tyrant Meles is the sole champion of discord, violence and war in our beloved country Ethiopia. He fought for over thirty odd years to dismember Ethiopia; he fought war with Eritrea of his own creation and caused the death of over 70 thousand Ethiopians in their young age; he has now declared war on Somalia thus paving the way to feed young Ethiopians to conflagration of his creation; he has sown discord among the Ethiopian people otherwise known for their tolerance; he has instigated violence with no end in sight; he has robbed the victory won by the Ethiopian people at the historic election of 15 May 2005; he has suppressed the report of the Independent Inquiry Commission holding him directly accountable for the cold-blooded murder of peaceful demonstrators and injury to thousands; he expropriated private property of the Ethiopian people to enrich his Marxist-Leninist Party; above all he has grossly violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN. Ad infinitum for the list of cruelties of Meles is unending. Meles did all these heinous crimes under the watch of his coalition partners, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. Condoning acts of atrocities in private but issuing a semblance of criticism for public consumption has become the art of diplomacy these days. It is a most unfortunate degeneration of morality

Anonymous said...

The swindlers of the Ethiopian millennium strike gold

By Wondimu Mekonnen
December 15, 2006

When Ras Asrate Kassa was arrested in 1974, his son, Mulugeta Asrate was an Ethiopian television newscaster. This opportunist didn’t blink his eyes or showed a sad face when he personally read both his dad’s arrest and execution together with the 60 high ranking officials of the imperial regime. A decent bereaved Ethiopian would never leave his/her house for three days after losing family members, let alone a father. Many of us were so puzzled and remained ashen-faced at what we saw on the screen. Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of us, if not millions, watched that shocking incident with our own eyes; Mulugeta Asrate, whom some prefer to call with the title His Royal Disgrace (HRD), would brush that aside as hearsay and deny it ever happened. There is no yesterday or tomorrow for traitors. They only live to fill their swollen belly today. Comes a time, when this certified swindler would deny what he is up to these days.

At the swindlers Millennium Conference of 13 December 2006, Mulgeta Asrate played an usher. In fact, he looked like a well groomed butler Clad in his expensive national costume, one may take him for a gentleman, but there is nothing gentle in the swindler of the Millennium. Show him some money; Mulugeta will sell you his whole dignity.

In 1991, when Woyyane took power, Mulugeta Asrate was known to flirt with the Dergue controlled Ethiopian Embassy in London. He tried to present himself as one of the members of anti-Woyyane movements of the time. Wouldn’t it be amazing that he has been one of the prime witnesses in court against his former masters? On one occasion, at a platform where Prof. Mesfin was addressing the public, Mulugeta Asrate Kassa burst on the centre stage, rudely grabbed the microphone and announced that he had just received a call from Addis Ababa where 4,000 were murdered by Woyyane thugs. When the audience went into complete oblivion, Prof. Mesfin took back the microphone and brought some order to the house. After 13 years, the same person, unashamedly made a u-turn and announced how honoured he was to invite Meles Zenawi, “The Prime Minister of Ethiopia” to the stage to give guidance to the conmen on the Millennium. Meles Zenawi too made a u-turn on his early unstatemanship statements. It was only a decade since the Prime Misery of Ethiopia was heard saying the country was only 100 years old and her flag was nothing more than a piece of rag. However, on 13 December 2006, he addressed the Conference on Ethiopian Millennium. How come? Had it ever occurred to him that when he was boasting about Ethiopia’s long history and then of her Second Millennium and the beginning the Third, all his previous statements were going down the drain? Meles must be suffering from a short memory disorder. He surprised many even by stating that Ethiopian Millennium was actually African Millennium. Where does this revelation come from? Well, swindlers are always opportunists, aren’t they? They cannot be held to their words. They are devoid of principles, so, they can always change their appearances like a chameleon.

Ethiopia, under Meles Zenawi, is going into her new Millennium by drifting to 120th place out of 125 according to the 2006 The World Economic Report. And yet, that regime was not ashamed of its attempt to masquerade its underachievement in economic growth by telling the whole world its economy witnessed 9% growth. It appears that the 9% fall per year in the national economy must have been deliberately misread by the swindlers upward. Present at the Millennium Conference were representatives of donor countries and ambassadors. The Woyyane Millennium Project, with 290 million birr budget, then must be another stage to spread the beggar’s hat for begging. Woyyane recruited outrageous swindlers from London and elsewhere to help them organize an Ethiopian Millennium Party where international donor countries would be invited to rejoice, dance, merry and have fun that would prompt them to dig deep into their pockets and give generously. The plan was carefully crafted and well underway to be executed with exact precision. It is the duty of Seyoum Bereded, Mulugeta Asrate Kassa, Yohannes G. Sellasie and Abebe Balacha – the famous con artists of our century, to lead Ethiopia into the new millennium!

In an article published on 15 September 2006, this author promised to get back on Seyoum Bereded, the head of the Ethiopian Millennium Swindlers. He is busy coaxing Ethiopians into partying with the murderers, overlooking the slaughtered martyrs, the jailed patriots and the persecuted and vanished democrats in the aftermath of May 2005 Election.

Seyoum Bereded is not really what he pretends to be. From the very beginning, he has always been a Woyyane tool. However, just one look at his seemingly “innocent face” may fool one into believing that he was an angel. The actual fact is he is the devil’s incarnate. Those who have known him from Addis Ababa University had a lot of story to tell. He was known to hang around the University coffee bar for seven or eight years for unknown reasons to many but was not attending classes. In fact, he was a dismissed student, but remained on campus just because somehow he had managed to register himself as the university sports elite. God knows how he coned the campus authorities and remained well-fed at the University canteen for so many years.

None of his long standing friends were aware of one highly guarded secret until Seyoum Bereded became the Director General of the Secretariat for the Preparation of the Ethiopian Millennium, but he too has recently came out like Mohammed Alamoudi.

Seyoum Bereded was hand picked by Seyoum Mesfin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The handpicking was not accidental. Getachew Assefa, the Security Chief that replaced the late Kinfe Gebremedhin, is the cousin of Seyoum Bereded. Their mothers are sisters. For Seyoum Bereded, serving Woyyane was not a matter of choice but a family affair. The most bizarre claim of Seyoum about the Millennium is his attempt to declare that it was free from political set up! Who on earth does he think fooling? If it was not an evil political scheme, why should the Council of Ministers endorsed 123 members, including leading conmen and unemployable Londoners like himself? It is not just political, but rotten cynical to the core

Anonymous said...

Does Thomas H. live in SeminaWorq blog, or does he have an office here? I have a feeling that his entire job consists of defending the indefensible Woyanie in this blog. I think the best way to render a motivated and well paid cadre like Thomas H. useless is by ignoring his postings completely. Do not read his postings and do not respond to it. Let us follow the example of our people in Ethiopia and ignore Woyanie and all its mouthpieces.

Anonymous said...

Letadelekewe dengaye mamerecha meruqe
Tommy the hibernated ostrich [ I think ur DR [ vet. doc ] not doing well about u I thought that he will be good by his field but he can't help u.
u guys it's better to be wake before too late.

mecheme ayegebaheme [tadelehale ewnete ]gene endewe look at it about ur UNCLE Melese " ze denegaye memerecha Inc. balebete"


Meles Zenawi's Minority Regime in Ethiopia Is Lawless and Terrorist

Sophia Tesfamariam
December 11, 2006

September 2001 and the attacks in the USA brought attention and awareness to the issue of terrorism. The Bush Administration encircling itself with some unlikely “allies” in the fight against terrorism has made “the global war on terrorism” central to US Foreign Policy. As the world moves forward to fight all types of terrorism in a coordinated way, some misguided, misinformed, self-serving US officials, “advisors”, “African experts” and high profile million dollar K Street lobbyists, in an effort to cover up the terrorist and criminal activities of the by the genocidal, flip flopping, minority regime led by Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, and in an attempt to justify their continued diplomatic, financial and political support to the vote rigging minority regime, have been saying:

“Ethiopia, the 2nd/ 3rd most populous country, with a population of 70 million people is a US ally in the fight against terrorism”.

I totally disagree with their assertion. Meles Zenawi’s minority regime in Ethiopia is not an ally to the United States in the fight against terrorism, but a regime that propagates and advances terrorism in Ethiopia, the Horn region and the world. Here are the facts:

I. Terror in Ethiopia

• Meles Zenawi's security and military apparatus massacred 44 University students in cold blood in Addis Ababa in 2001.

• On May 2002, Meles Zenawi's forces massacred over 100 people in Awassa, his forces committed illegal acts against innocent citizens who were demonstrating against a change in the administrative status of Awassa. Security agents used machine guns mounted on armored vehicles to fire into a group of unarmed peasants, workers, women and children. Twelve of those killed were children.

• In what was described then as "Africa's Kosovo", the shameless bigoted leader of the Tigrayan minority regime in Ethiopia, in 1998 and 1999 deported over 80,000 innocent Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin and confiscated over a billion dollars worth of their hard earned belongings right under the watchful eye of the African Union, UN and EU Ambassadors. Manifesting his ignorance of Japanese-American history, he had the audacity to say, "The Ethiopian government has the unrestricted right to expel any foreigner from the country for any reason whatsoever. Any foreigner, whether Eritrean, Japanese, etc., lives in Ethiopia because of the goodwill of the government. If the Ethiopian government says 'Go, because we don't like the colour of your eyes,' they have to leave." Nevertheless, he got away with his bigotry and crimes.

• Dubbed “Operation Sunny Mountain” by Meles Zenawi and his minority regime, plans to procure Annuak territory, a zone coveted by corporate interests for its oil and gold, were laid out at a top-level cabinet meeting in Addis Ababa led by Meles Zenawi on September 2003. At that meeting, “the militant ethnic cleansing of the Anuaks” was openly discussed and a coordinated military operation to systematically eliminate Anuaks began on 13 December 2003. The minority regime in Ethiopia willfully burned villages, massacred hundreds of Anuaks and Nuers and caused over 15,000 inhabitants of Gambela to flee to neighboring Sudan and Kenya.

• Meles Zenawi’s minority regime rigged the May 2005 Elections, stole the people’s votes and ignited the nationwide protests that have plagued Ethiopia for the last 8 months. Having declared a “State of Emergency” on 16 May 2005, and after taking full command of the police, security and army apparatus, the genocidal regime has detained all the opposition leaders, journalists, civil society leaders and opposition supporters on trumped up charges of treason and inciting violence, and detained over 40,000 Ethiopians all over the country while its military and security forces have massacred over 200 people since the elections.

• Ethiopian police shot and killed two people and wounded many more during disturbances at celebrations marking the Orthodox Epiphany. Hundreds of riot police were deployed in various parts of Addis Abeba, adding to the terror in the city.

• Misusing arms and equipment originally intended to boost Ethiopia's “antiterrorism efforts” along the country's border with Somalia, the US Ambassador to Ethiopia has acknowledged Meles Zenawi’s regime’s usage of “Humvees”, US military vehicles, to harass, intimidate and terrorize Ethiopians.

• Advancing its bigoted policies throughout Ethiopia, to day it is propagating a virulent anti-Islam propaganda as it prepares for its war of aggression against Somalia

II. Ethiopia’s terrorizing and destabilizing in the Region

• Somalia: In violation of international law and the UN Charter, using the pretext of hunting down Al-Itahaad groups, Meles Zenawi’s minority regime has on several occasions’ invaded sovereign Somali territories and still occupies them. Many Somali have been killed and hundreds are languishing in Ethiopian detention dungeons. In order to scuttle the Somali peace talks between the Union of Islamic Courts and the Transitional National Government of Somalia, and to divert the Ethiopian people’s attention away from his domestic problems, Meles Zenawi has now declared war against the people of Somalia using various pretexts, the latest being “to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty against the jihadists”.

• Kenya: Again using the same pretext of “hunting down armed cattle rustlers and rebel groups”, Ethiopian military forces have on several occasions attacked intimidated and harassed neighboring villages in Kenya. The Massacre of innocent Borans by the TPLF regime’s soldiers in Moyale town of Kenya has been widely reported.

In violation of international law which guarantees the safety of refugees, the inviolability of international boundaries and in defiance of the UN Charter, in December 2005, Meles Zenawi’s forces invaded sovereign Kenyan territories and kidnapped 25 Oromo refugees from UNHCR camps.

AP reported on 19 January 2006 that armed Ethiopians crossed into Kenya from Ethiopia and attacked Kenyan herdsmen to steal their animals. The Ethiopian aggression resulted in the death of 30 raiders and eight Kenyan women and children.

• Djibouti: The minority regime in Ethiopia is constantly threatening and intimidating the Government of Djibouti. The threats and intimidations have intensified since Djibouti leased its ports to a Dubai agency.

Sudan: The minority regime in Ethiopia pursuing its policy of aggression and territorial expansion occupied sovereign Sudanese territories. The dispute was temporarily diffused when and an Agreement was signed between the minority regime in Ethiopia and Sudan to look into the matter. Today we see increased troop movements in the Ethiopian-Sudanese border.

• Eritrea: In violation of the UN Charter and international law, the minority regime in Ethiopia is forcibly occupying sovereign Eritrean territories, including Badme. The minority regime rejecting the final and binding decision of the Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission (EEBC), and refusing to cooperate with its demarcation directives, orders and procedures, has harassed and intimidated the Border Commission, forcing it to close its office and leave the area.

III. Violations of International Law

• The minority regime in Ethiopia has rejected the final and binding decision of the Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission in violation of international law and the Algiers Agreement it willingly signed.

• Meles Zenawi’s Tigrayan clique, in violation of the UN Charter, the African Union Charter and international law is forcibly occupying sovereign Eritrean territories, including Badme

• Meles Zenawi’s regime continues to harbor, finance and support terrorist organizations including the Eritrean Islamic Jihad.

• Meles Zenawi’s regime is also in violation of several UN Security Council resolutions and decisions.

How a regime which has can violates international law, commits genocide against its own people, terrorizes its own population and intimidates, threatens and invades neighboring countries, be considered a US ally on the war against terrorism?

Sharing his reservations, David Shinn, former US Ambassador to Ethiopia addressing a November 4-6 conference on terror in the Horn of Africa sponsored by Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and the World Peace Foundation recognizing that the regime in Ethiopia was in fact itself creating conditions in which terrorism could flourish said:

“…It [Ethiopia] has too many inherent weaknesses to be considered a bulwark against terrorism…a serious lack of true power sharing and weak governing institutions…As long as there continues to be alienated groups in Ethiopia that believe, rightly or wrongly, they can not achieve their goals through the political process, these [internal and regional] attacks will continue and may worsen…Ethiopia is not now a center of international terrorism…”

Many Ethiopian scholars also echo Ambassador Shinn’s sentiments. An Ethiopian scholar recently wrote:

“We appeal to the U.S. government to stop funneling American taxpayers’ money to Meles Zenawi’s brutal regime – a regime that has used those resources for mass killings of the very people it was intended to help. Meles, a terrorist himself, can never be a good ally to any country fighting terrorism.”

How can a terrorist regime ever be a US ally in the global fight against terrorism?

For all the reasons mentioned above, I would respectfully call on the US State Department to reconsider its diplomatic, political and financial support to the terrorist regime which is undermining US and President Bush’s efforts in the global fight against terrorism and peace, security and stability in Ethiopia and the entire Horn region.

The rule of law must prevail over the law of the jungle.

Muse B.

Anonymous said...

To tazabi

thank you for u advice I thought that : I tried to be logical but he don't want to hear or see. let's try ignoring him.I didn't see your comment before mine sorry
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating 2000 with the devil or with GOD

People celebrate the year 2000 in Ethiopia in couple of months.One celebrate his country new year with his beloved country men.When one looks forward he tells his dream for his next door neigbor or family member or country men.His dream for democray,freedom,libert,human right and jutice.

This happen when his life is respected in socitey and have free dom.Ethiopians has been killed ,put to prision, told they do not have jobs any more and some are losing they land, their houses.Mothers and fathers and vellages are living in constant fear.In this situation how can one celeberate 2000 with the devil TPLF.

I advice my country men to close their doors turn their light off pray with their family to GOD and say we shall over come these day with the power of GOD.

Anonymous said...

To celeberate Ethiopian 2000 with fear or with hope

Ethiopians are hopeful,peace loving and enduring people for generation.They always looked for word for god days ,hopeful days.they know the future belong to them and to the truth they know one day the freedom will come.The lairs,the killer,the murderers will disapper.Their childrens and grand childers will live in freedom and pace.

For all this a time of pray a time of forgeviness ,hope and dearm.They allways look those who do evil will come to their senses and change.

In order to do that they need a quite time on the day of 2000 to think about those who are killed in addis ababa university,Awasa,gambell,Gonder and on the street of addis .They want to pray in their home with loved ones at peace they want to turn the light off and pray for Almighty GOd this day will pass and we all be accountable.They want to sing the old mighty song we shall over come amen.

Yes we shall over come
God and justice is in our side
Permalink 12/17/06 @ 14:12

Anonymous said...

To Muse Dedebu,

I was right when I said that you are DEDEB.Look at your arguements.You are just copying and pasting an article written by that WHORE Sophia.You can`t have your own arguement.You see how dedeb you are.

To Tazabi,
You urged others not to read my postings and not to respond.My friend I don`t expect you to respond to my postings because before you reply to my postings, you have to UNDERSTAND FIRST what is written in my posting in a simple english.So,one of the biggest problem that we have with you is that we UNDERSTAND YOU ,but you don`t understand us and we don`t blame you for that.It has something to do with you SEVERELY DAMAGED BRAIN or your LOW IQ.Sorry guys.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Thomas the retarded weyanne Meles false propogandist why you doge Muse's question. Muse did ask a very critical question but you didn't give him/us a good answer.
Muse is right there is no difference between weyanne Tribalis Meles and Mengestu both massacred their people. But at least Megestu has a national agenda while your master meles has a tribalist hateful agenda that favors a minority group of tigrean. Also, Mengestu and when it comes killing he didn't discrimate by ethnic or religion. finally, both they commited mass killing but at least Derg and megestu didn't use concentration camps to detain peaceful protesters. So, I will say Thaomas the parasite weyanne agent who lives off from poor ethiopian tax payers!

Anonymous said...

selam said...
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I agree with the exchange between Muse B and Tazabi. Postings by Thomas H. must not be read for the following reasons:
- his postings are full of insults to others who do not share his views.
- his postings are not intended to inform. It appears his intentions are to confuse.
- he has refused my numerous requests to use civil language and share his views.
- frequency of his instant postings are intended to monopolize the forum and deny others from expressing themselves.

Thomas H. is entitled to his views, but, his manner of sharing his views are disrecptful and insensitive to others.

I do not read his postings that contain insults and demeaning references.

I encourage others not to read and not to respond to his postings.

I agree with those who expressed that the 2000 Millenium should be celebrated with prayers by all Ethiopians who are hungry to see change, peace, freedom and rule of law prevail in our land.

I also think it is a great idea to find other venues out side Ethiopia to freely celebrate, exchange ideas about the future of our homeland. This event can also be used for fund raising to support the freedom movement.

Again, Thomas H. Your response to this posting is certainly not welcome.

God Bless Ethiopia. God Heal our Land.


Anonymous said...

I think with all do respect (to the anonymous before Selam) Mengistu did what he did believing to benefit Ethiopian masses, and Meles does what he does to benefit his crook friends, his WOYANE organization and his Tigre tribe. So, there is no comparison between them. I understand it works out to the same that many died both in Dergu and TPLF WOYANE ETHNOCENTRIC BANDITS MONEY COLLECTING MACHINE addministrations. However there is different reasons, the difference is like people dying with hunger and people getting massacred by FASCISTS. Meles is leading a FASCIST regime guided by minority Ethnic view, and MASS MURDERING MAJORITY is considered one of his core silencing policy.

If we are to analyze how people died during Dergu and WOYANE the difference is huge. During Dergu most died because Dregu wanted to achieve result, thefore we can draw a conclusion that Dergu may be doing the killing due to lack of understanding the value of a human being. However, if we look at why TPLF WOYANE BANDITS are MURDERING innocent Ethiopian its because they are GUIDED BY GREED, MOMENTARY/MONETARY BENEFIT AND INFERIORITY COMPLEX fueled by MINORITY FEELING. Sometimes it is best to let go or else we will end up finding a lot more than what we bargain for so its better to let it come out slowly on its own. TPLF is a huge subject to cover in one simple comment. TPLF WOYANE BANDITS require FOUR comprehensively written books and four long years to explain why they did what they did so far and why they do what they do now and why they will do what the do in the near future.

Times that need to be discussed
1. After 1991 until they broke up with shabiya,
2. during the war with shabiya,
3. after the war with shabiya, and
4. after the May 15 2005 election.

These time frames have major factor in resultimg where Ethiopia is now.

Q) Where is TPLF WOYANES (BANDITS) hading from here? is she going to runaway or she is going to be eaten alive by the people of Ethiopia?

I am sure we will all get the chance to comment about these time in different occasions as Zagol continue to provide us with the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Meles regime fragile and in decline: Analyst
December 19, 2006

After fifteen years in power, the ruling party is in decline and fragile despite its repressive tactics to stay in power, Professor Terrence Lyods concluded. In an in depth analysis on Ethiopia and Eritrea, the professor noted: "The arrest of leading opposition politicians and civil society leaders has immobilized political developments and silenced political speech for the moment and leaves the regime fragile." According to the professor, EPRDF’s ability to govern is inherently precarious and must rely upon force, which in turn alienates more of the population. The use of force has worked to re-establish order in the short run but is not sustainable in the long run, he wrote in a 50-page special report, Avoiding Conflict in the Horn of Africa: U.S. Policy Toward Ethiopia and Eritrea

By Professor Terrence Lyods.