Sunday, December 31, 2006

kinijit activist defects to Switzerland

Former UEDP-Medihn Member, kinijit activist and freelance journalist, Ashenafi Kebede, has arrived at Switzerland safely after the TPLF regime started pursuing him for distributing Brehanu Nega's book and the civil disobedience calendar which landed several kinijit supporters in jail. Ashenafi was one of the first members to leave UEDP-Medihn after he learnt the dictatorial tendencies of the now disgraced politician, Lidetu Ayalew.
Ashenafi went missing after government forces started trailing supporters of kinijit who were involved in distributing the civil disobedience calendar. Police searched his house twice after he left it without telling family and friends.


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Cool Z: great update as usual!

Esti kechalek check your regarding about the three activists females who got arrested..


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Prof Alemayehu(Mekerayehu) Mariam said...

Teshenafi Kebede was dismissed from UEDP-Medhin after he stole money from the party.The other reason why he was dismissed from the party was because he is GAY(BUSHTI).

Anonymous said...

The above comment is not from Al-Miriam. The above comment is from Genocide killer Melese. By the way cool Z why Aiga didn't posted Saddam execution in his web site. Since Aiga is the only web site reached in the country it would have been helpful if he posted. Ethiopian people will know their tears and their agony would not disappear without justice. Of course USA was Saddam friend not long time a go. We all need to remember "What is going around comes around."

Iraqis cheer after deposed dictator hanged for 148 Shiite deaths in 1982? How about 420 Ethiopian in Gambela, recently a confirmed by Melese hand picked inquiry commission 193 Ethiopian and many more.
Saddam Hussein was hanged for crimes against humanity at dawn on Saturday, a dramatic, violent end for a leader who ruled Iraq by fear for three decades before a U.S. invasion toppled him.Saddam's own regime used executions and extrajudicial killings as a tool of political repression, both to eliminate real or suspected political opponents and to maintain a reign of terror.

The Iraqi prime minister’s office released a statement that said Saddam’s execution was a “strong lesson” to ruthless leaders who commit crimes against their own people.“We strongly reject considering Saddam as a representative of any sect in Iraq because the tyrant only represented his evil soul,” the statement said.

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Thank you the above commenter. By the way we need to ignore those commenter who are trying to destore and manipulate information. Their days are limited with their leaders. I think if they are wise they should work inside EPRDF/TPLF to bring reform and reconsiliation for the sake of peace and sablity for Ethiopian people. Again thank you above commenter for the above information. You can get the full article I have below the address. Please give for as many Ethiopian as you can. I will do the same. It is true IT IS A STRONG LESSON TO RUTHLESS LEADERS WHO COMMIT CRIMES AGANIST THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

“strong lesson” to ruthless leaders who commit crimes against their own people.

Anonymous said...

The truth may take time but it always comes out please read articles attached it will gives us different perspectives about what is real today may not be the same tommorow, Saddam like Melese was a darling at one time!

As to Ato Ashenafi you can hear his interview on Tensae 12/31/2006.

The Kihedetu's supports are really starting to show how well the Melese group is training them in Trash 101. Boy what would it be when they graduate and consolidate themselves into EPRDF?

Anonymous said...

the difference between meles and saddam is very clear. if you are not blinded by hate. as for the remark made by so called al mariam (though it might be the real almariam cuz i hear trash from him as well) is not a good to make comments (unofficial am sure) about anyone's dismissal or departur from any party. as for zagol saying this comment is comming from meles, its silly and openly banal. anyway this site has a big problem diffrentiating fact and fiction.

when so much happens in the country (good and bad) its absolutely depressing to see you make this 'stories' dominate this forum. derge and eprdf propaganda machines seems far better than you in contrast. what a sad thing to see.


Anonymous said...

'Waht goes arround comes arround' The bucher of Bagdad is gone and the Bucher of Addis Ababa is next. No matter how long it will take, justice will prevail in Ethiopia.

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There is no differnce between Melese and Saddam and it is not about hate. Melese is one vile evil human being no less than Saddam or his nemesis Mengestu Haile Mariam. These dictarors are dellusional and full self grandoisness when they loose it they totally loose it and you seem to be yapping for Melese.

What is dominating this forum is the truth which you seem to not like, and since it depresses you why don't you take a hike, no one asked you to join our forum.


Anonymous said...

thank you Lete

Selamwit why don't you stay with your kind of form unless it is your job to come here and waste our time. you are a sad person who has no hart to your brothers and sisters. I hope what you are saying will keep you awake at night.

Ye ethiopia lig

Anonymous said...

I think Meles is the worst of all the people we compare him with, this include Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Agusto Pinochet, Idi Amin Dada, Muputu ceceko and George Bush.

Mengistu is not even one of them, whatever Menge did, he did it out of desire to benefit Poor Ethiopian peasants and lower class people. He also has done tremendous improvement to the majority of Ethiopians, during Menge all Ethiopians went to school, during Meles all schools were closed and True-Ethiopian youngmen and youngwomen were told they are smart enough if they get to grade-10. However Tegre kids are encouraged to go for higher education, even when Europeans and other donor countries asked Ethiopia if they could train some Ethiopians TPLF only sends Tegres to Europe and North America to get higher education at the expense of Ethiopia's resources. True-Ethiopians can only stay home and get poor and lessthan enough education.

Meles and TPLF only stand for the benefit of Tegre companies, recent study has proven that EFORT (TPL company) and Alamoudi own almost all Ethiopia's resources. for that reason Meles and TPLF are not going to give up government to any other party. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH VOTE THE OPPOSITION GETS. Because if they do they will be asked how they got the EFORT company owning almsot 51% of all Ethiopia's resources and Alamoudi allowed to own 49% of all Ethiopia's resources. this guy does not even live in Ethiopia, his citizenship is NOT ETHIOPIAN its Saudi Arabian.

So there is no comparison between Menge and Mels, in front of Meles' crimes Menge is an ANGEL! Meles is accumulating so much money in foreign banks for himself and his friends. It is estimated his EFORT company and TEGRE ONLY BANK (WEGAGEN) has $22 Billion dollars. So Mels is not only killing innocent Ethiopians laying them on the streets like animals but he is also killing the country making it beyond recognition. On top os all his crimes he has also sold Ethiopia's foreign policy to Americans. They push the botton at anytime so Meles will send Ethiopians to go to war, that will earn him more money for his EFORT and WEGAGEN and the legitimavy to continue to stay in power without any disagreement.

Meles' crime can't be discussed in this form, his crime is so much that it requires many books to list them all. If you analyse 100-biggest companies are owned by TPLF or by Tegres, and those companies continue to grow fatter and larger.

During Menge there was no such comapnies that are controlled by a certain ethnic minority and the whole country economy is run by few group of people. In few years time they will own every penny in Ethiopia and all Ethiopians will be SLAVES to TEGRES! This is bound to happen, mark my word. before they solidify that strong hold all Ethiopians have to fight them now while we have the chance or else we might as well call Ethiopia GREATER TEGRE rather than ethiopia, because the name ethiopia will not have any meaning at all. In two or three decades the name ethiopia will cease to exist and we'd all be called Tegres subjects of of TEGRES.

During Menge no one large or small ethnic had upper hand over the other, we were all Ethiopians. Today some of us are oromos, amharas, gurages, and southern people, somalis. There was no such separation during Menge. He was a TRUE-PATRIOTIC-ETHIOPIAN, today we have a paranoid schtzophernic degenerate Ethnocentric for a leader and some people have the nerve to compare him to COLONEL MENGISTU HAILEMARIAM!

tplf-ownning-almost-all-ethiopian-resources said...

Ownership concentration

The increased role of the private sector in the Ethiopian economy outside the agriculture sector is largely due to two groups of actors, the MIDROC-group, owned by the Ethio-Saudi businessman Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, and the TPLF-owned Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, the EFFORT-group.

Sheik Al-Amoudi's business activities include agricultural, Even though Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi's MIDROCgroup's business activities are widespread and increasing, this group has not created a debate and a criticism that can compete with the debate about and the criticism of the other non-government business group, the EFFORTgroup.

As is clear from its name, this group has both its objective and its activities largely directed towards the Tigray region. Like the MIDROCgroup, the EFFORT-group operates in more or less all business sectors.

The EFFORT-group has organised itself along the following businesssector lines:

– Agriculture and agro-processing
– Construction and engineering
– Manufacturing
– Mining
– Services, including banking (Wegagan) and transports (TESCO)

As noted above, the EFFORT-group has its basis in the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) even though it is formally an independent share company. From the point of view of efficient competition, as indicated by the experience from the transport sector and revealed in the surveys about the business climate mentioned above, the close relation between TPLF and the present Ethiopian government easily creates doubts about the equal treatment of EFFORT-companies and other non-party-related private companies. As there is no efficient and working commercial legislation, these doubts, well founded or not, easily create problems concerning the government's legitimacy and the credibility of its private sector policies


Anonymous said...

My Ethiopian brother and sister don't cry for resource. How come you worry to much for resource when they kill children and women. Why you worry too much about money and resources when they destroy the youths the most valuable resource of Ethiopia. We need to remember and remind everyone what happen since Melese took power as central committee member in TPLF and killed directly and in directly a lot of innocents Ethiopian youths when he was struggling for power inside TPLF ,you will be shocked if you read the number of high school student he killed who joined innocently TPLF during the struggle and after EPRDF took power. Not only 2005 eye witnessed by many foreigners’ a massacred in Gambela and included many many killing in the country side far from media and eye witnessed for the past 15 tears. You need to stand for those voiceless people without fatigue day and night. Don't worry too much about resources. Ethiopia has many educated Ethiopian all over the world if things get better it would take much to build the country. Even Saddam who owned all Iraq he left everything. Remember our people are our resource. The number of people killed by THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE KILLED BY EPRDF/TPLF NOW IS GETTING MORE THAN 10 TIMES THEAN KILLIG BY DERG CRASEY MANIAC GOVERNMENT DURING RED TERROR AND AFTER UNTIL THEY WERE IN POWER. WHEN I MEET PEOPLE ARGUE WITH ME AND TRY TO TELL ME DERG IS BETTER THAN EPRDF/TPLF I ALWAYS TELL THEM YOU CAN’T COMPARE A KILLER AND TYRANNY. A KILLER AND A TYRANNY IS THE SAME. HOWEVER, IF DERG IS A CRASEY MANIAC GOVERNMENT I DON'T THINK I HAVE ANY MOR WORD LEFT TO DISCRIBE MELES A BLOOD THRISITY PSCYCOPATIC HOLLOUCINATOR AND SCHIZOPHERNIC DEPRESSED WITH PSYCOM MANIAC ADMINSTRATION. Please human right issue is more important. I beg you to stand for those people and work day and night. If you want to know what you can do ASK.

Hagos said...

I don't have more word to say than above comment. We need to voice the human right violation in the country. Our people are been harassed, intimidated, forced to join EPRDF/TPLF, arrested, terriozed,........ So many people are known in fear in their own country. A lot of Ethiopian thinks people in Tigria are a benefited of this government. You don't how people are being harassed and intimidated even to ask a simple question. They have to do what they have told to do. They don't even trust their neighborhood because of the terror and the infiltrated system EPRDF/TPLF by their cadres. Especially people who have relative outside of the United States are followed closely. When any of their relative suspected involvement with Diaspora opposition they will tell their family and relative about the condition to play mind play on both side. We need to work continuously to fight for the human right violation in our country. Although he used TPLF as a means of power to become a dictator Melses does not represent Tigrian because he is from that region and used to be part of TPLF. He is an Ethiopian dictator like Mengistu but different in a way because he does not have Ethiopian concern for the country integrity and territory. However Tigrian of course without knowing we support him and we were under his control but know he does not represent us. We strongly reject considering Melese as a representative of any sect in Ethiopia because the tyrant only represented his evil soul. All Ethiopian need to work hard together for our people.

G/meskele said...

Would you please let me know what I can do and tell other people what they can do to support our people.

Teferi Mekonen said...

The Iraqi prime minister’s office released a statement that said Saddam’s execution was a “strong lesson” to ruthless leaders who commit crimes against their own people.“We strongly reject considering Saddam as a representative of any sect in Iraq because the tyrant only represented his evil soul,” the statement said.

What do you think, Monster Meles?

Anonymous said...

How can we late Melese know we are strongly support Ethiopian people and their leaders in prison. I would like to share the same need as G/Meskele what can we do.

Anonymous said...


Controlling resources = controling economic power, thru control of economic power one essentially controls all humans who would like to have a piece of the pie. Do you know why our struggle is taking time to get it galvanized? there are people who are Non-TEGRES and directly benefiting from the TPLF economic pocket. Those people are refusing to join us all in search of freedom. Do you also know that as time go by their economic power graows more and more people are going to get hooked on the TPLF tits sucking the free milk made available only to corrupted souls. If all Non-TEGRES were to join us in our search for freedom the struggle would have been over as soon as the rigging of the election was completed. People like Ledetu who are willing to sale their mother in a barthello let alone Ethiopia. If they all joined our struggle we would have certainly overcome them minority TEGRES long time ago. why do you think they are still in power? Its because they realized by controling the economic power they will control the desire of 'i don't care ethiopians.'

Now that you have been briefed as to why we should focus on the resources as well as the killing and the imprisonment, focusing on the economics will give our people a direct understanding that TPLF can only stay in power as long as it controls economic power. I wouls also like to see people who consider TPLF is not as a murderous regime as Saddam and Hitler they should reconsider their positions. TPLF have publicly stated that if we want the government we have to go to battle with them, do you know what thet means? it means they will start mowing innocent Ethiopians indiscriminatly like they did to control the peceful protest in May and June as sson as their power is threatened. So one way or another we are going to lose many innocent lives, its better to lose it and gain our freedom than continue to lose for no reason.

I would also like to differentiate the enemy of Ethiopians is TPLF/WEYANE, I hate to see when people call it TPLF/eprdf. Because eprdf somehow ligitimizes it as belonging to Ethiopia. We all know that TPLF/WEYANE does under no circumstance belong to Ethiopia, Rather it is the enemy of Ethiopia!

I would also like to address "Hagos," look man it is TEGRE people that is sticking up with TPLF/WEYANE. AGAZI is a TEGRAI vaguard is made up of only TEGRES. Ethiopia's 100 most powerful companies are run by TPLF/TEGRES. Many od the ministers making crucial decisions in the name of Ethiopia are all TEGRES. While many Non-TEGRE Generals abandon TPLF/WEYANE regime but NOT even a single high ranking TEGRE official left TPLF. So will all these evidence how can you try to tell us that TPLF/WEYANE does NOT favor each other with TEGRES?
I AM SORRY BUT I GO WITH THE EVIDENCE BEFORE MY EYES!!! I am not about to take your word over this overwheelming evidence.

Anonymous said...

we all know selling that book is not illegal.this just another way to get resident permit. nice one by the way.

Anonymous said...

for all of you who told me to take a hike, it is not healthy to hate or trash any opinion different from yours. i can't understand the purpose of this forum. is it like a chat room where anyone can throw any opinion as a fact and people rush to take it as a fact just because it reinforce thier side? if i don't compare meles with saddam will that make me males supporter? please guys there are other views and perspectives. as for the reason why am here, it is becasue i read all sides of storeis and give my comment to all. am not sent by ERPDF. don't flattter yourselves. if anything your attitudes towards differing views is so isolating and brings you less supporters. with this approach you are actually no threat to the ruling party.


Anonymous said...

Hi Selamawit,
I think you are correct. You have a right to express your opinion. We all have to give Eth-Z a credit because he post everyone opinion which you don’t see on Aiga and other EPRDF/TPLF support web site and some opposition web sites. However, instead of automatically opposing or trashing someone opinion it would be constructive if that person is wrong to give him detail based supportive information to educate that person. For example for you, I would advise you to get more information and read about Melese with TPLF and after he took power. That it self will tell you why Melese is equally or more criminal than Saddam. I would like also to address to one of concern Ethiopian who commented about RESOURCES=MONEY=POWER regarding Hagos and Tigrian. We need to stop labeling all Tigrian as Melese supporter. Etho-Za would you please post the 2005 election result from Charicos and Mashoalakia area. That area is concentrated by Tigrian and the Majority of the population voted for CUD. We need to give facts if they don't know we need to educate our people. We need to stop accusing and labeling people. Accusing and labeling will strength EPRDF/TPLF (MELESE) not anyone. However, regardless of whether if I am Tigrian, Oromo, or ...... I am Ethiopian and I am responsible for my people and my country future. We need to strength our effort and support our people struggle for freedom from all direction with out opening a door to EPRDF/TPLF(MELESE). Lidetu in his interview he called the Diaspora extremities. He also said we don't know what we want for our country. OF COURSE !!! He is dame correct. We are determined to fight for our people freedom. If that would make us extremities let it be AND SO BE IT. We are determined Citizens of our country to stand for our people. And also because of his lost support from Diaspora is forcing him to make up a story to blame the Diaspora as we don't know what we want to do for our country. It is too bad. We didn’t do anything different than Ethiopian people who reside in Ethiopia. Our support is for Ethiopian people. We will support only who support our people struggle. I hope this should be clear for Lidetu. Of course since he has the same mind like his trainer Bereket during lalibela time (Lidetu was trained by him when TPLF controlled Lalibela region) or like his master Melese I don’t think we can change that. However, we are determined and we will be our people voice. EPRDF/TPLF thinks the Diaspora support for CUD was disseminated because of what happened. It is wrong. We will see it soon from left to right it will come out to voice for those voiceless people. The struggle will expand!!! I hope Salamawit you support for Ethiopian people will be based on fact and with a clear conscious which will be tested in time.