Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Defections continue as political dissent remains a crime in Ethiopia

Ex-journalist Fasil Assefa had joined the growing number of members of the Ethiopian private press living as political refugees in Kenya. Fasil, who was arrested and then released in October in what is now referred to as "The Yalemzewd Incident", left the country two weeks ago after police warned him that his case wasn't dropped. He was accused of conspiring to foment dissensions by distributing the civil disobedience calendar. He was caught at the border town of Moyale.

Fasil was one of the tens of people who ended up in jail for distributing the calendar. Hundreds had been routinely harassed and intimidated. Major Ameneshewa Tahlew, leader of the Ethiopian National Volleyball team, fled to Kenya last month after the constant abuse he got from EPRDF security officers in connection to his involvement in the distribution of the calendar.


Anonymous said...

It is good to have you reporting the plight of Ethiopians at home when the TPLF-led gov't has, unfortunately, managed to divert the attention of many to the "war with Somalia". Your reports have time and again been proved to be factual. Keep up the good work and never resort to fabricating stories (like some others). God bless you!!!

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Anonymous said...

its seems ethiopia is doing well if the "defection" of a tabloid journalist becomes a headline news.


Anonymous said...

This is very condesing remark. From your comment i can see that you are not Ethiopian.


Anonymous said...


to be ethiopian, i don't have to agree with you.


Anonymous said...

Stop complaining, bendover and get your beef injection. That is what TPLF is best for, if you want pick up guns and lets go at it, if you win then you get your freedom. if you lose stop complaining and do what we tell you to do.