Friday, January 05, 2007

We are now the "crusaders"

All wire services reported that Ayman al-Zawahri, Al-Qaida's No. 2, has called for the opening up of a new front against Ethiopia.
AP reports him as saying:

  • I call upon the Muslim nation in Somalia to remain in the new battlefield that is one of the crusader battlefields that are being launched by America and its allies and the United Nations against Islam and Muslims. Launch ambushes, land mines, raids and suicidal combats until you consume them as the lions and eat their prey

I wonder what people who, without supporting Meles Zenawi, called for a limited intervention in Somalia would say. This war has turned Ethiopia into a "crusader" nation and enemy of Islamists every where in the world. Most importantly, we have become a "legitimate" terror target for Al-Qaida, an organization which has evolved into a state of mind.

Will Meles Zenawi save us from those who have bombed New York, London, Madrid, Islamabad, Cairo, Nairobi, Dareselam and Baghdad? Is Ethiopia's security, which has been deliberately turned into the witch hunter of kinijit supporters, capable of identifying and foiling terror threats? Can our economy sustain "war on terror"?

Meles Zenawi has committed the worst foreign policy disaster in Ethiopian history. The spillovers of his act are now going to have major impact on the lives Ethiopian troops and civilians. It is maddening that Addis Ababans who have suffered the brunt of Meles Zenawi intensive repression will face spate of suicide attacks because of the stupid act of the violater of their rights.


Anonymous said...

Let's not be so much pessimistic with this regard. The 'God' in Whose name they claim to kill people will never leave beloved Ethiopia and Ethiopians at the hands of those who do not care for humanity. I am really sick of such 'terrorist' act and worst of all trying to justify it by and through religion. As a Muslim, I don't really believe that God supports such form of killings and disregard to humanity.

One person righfully asked 'when is this Ayman al-Zawahri to commit suiside bombing?'

This is mere game of politics and what does an innocent bystander who is having his day meal with his beloved kid has to do with it and how on earth can God ever condon such barbarism if a suiside bomber have such persons get killed? It only makes me think their 'God' must be quite different from what we Muslims worship. If it is the case that there is any God that condons such inhuman act, the least that could be said about Him is He is an accomplice to murder!

GOD save the children of the world from the US and suicide bombers alike!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zagole,

I would like to comment on the following Quote:

"Meles Zenawi has committed the worst foreign policy disaster in Ethiopian history".

Melese and the woyane regime as a whole has never stand on the Interstes of Ethiopia when considering Both Foreign Policy or other internal policies. If we take Erterain case, we have lost our port because of woyane's foreign policy. And If you take the Badme Case, we have Lost it because of woyanes Bad Foreign Ploicy, and many others not to mention. Therefore woyane is always against the interst of Ethiopia when we see its foreign ploicy

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, Meles did invade Somalia because, like many pointed out, he wanted to deflect attention on internal unrest and dissent. but above all this, he does not mind or even passionately wants if al-Qaida launches attack in Addis ababa. the question is does he care about addis ababans? A big no! at the same time he buys cheap friendship with US America. they are absolutely parochial and paranoid and he is a devilish tyrant. For us, we have to coordinate our struggle and overthrow this mafia-style gang and bring peace to Ethiopians. otherwise, he will do more and more blunders no wonder!

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ, as usual, for your thoughtful analysis of the Somali debacle. I agree with you that Meles & Co. went to Somalia not with Ethiopian interest in mind, but to save themselves from the mad man's (Isayas Afeworki) trap. These losers (both Meles & Isayas) still think the way misguided youth of our region used to think 30 years ago (all that Marxist crap) and the only way we can bring peace and progress to our region is by getting rid of them and their stupid ideology. We also need to understand the role religious extremism is playing in this. The Somali people have to wake-up and join peace loving people instead of being manipulated by the likes of Al Zawahiri – self appointed “leader” of barbarism.

I was asking myself for quite some time why a poor country with so many problems of its own at home decided to go beyond its borders to fight for a weak government that has done nothing to change the situation on the ground for almost three years? Of course, the mad man's factor is always there and part of me says he needs to be taken care of. Well, it would have been much better for the security of Ethiopia to go North and fight the known enemy of Ethiopia than going East to make more enemies. It makes me sick to see the likes of Aideed racing to give interviews after the sons and daughters of poor Ethiopians and Somalis died in unnecessary conflicts. Aideed, Meles, Isayas, Aweyi, and all these ridiculous “liberation fronts” are part of the problem and I don’t expect peace in the region until they are out of the picture.

I had great hopes for our beloved country and people during the May 2005 election and I still don't want to give up. However, what Meles & Co. have done including imprisoning and charging the likes of Mesfin W. Mariam and Berhanu Nega with treason and the things they continue to do since then is turning me into a pessimist. We are running out of time and patience and something needs to be done to remove these selfish devils from power to save our region from further blood shed.


Anonymous said...

The Tplf regime made the biggest blunder on Ethiopia that will hunt us for years to come. It is baffeling to see the Tplfiests celebrating as librators just like Bush's "Mission Accomplished" mantra. The big question is does Ethiopia have the means for the afermaths? Do we have the resources to protect ourselves for the backlash? In a narrow calculation to deflect Ethiopians attention to external issues, the Tplf leaders made yet another blunder on Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

The Weyane regime sent its foriegn minister Seyum Mesfin to Egypt and Sudan, the vice Minister Tekeda Alemu to Djibouti to make face saving but it is not going to work. As Dr. Berhanu Nega brilliantly stated in the pre-election debate on foriegn relations, the Weyane regime's foriegn policy is a disaster. In Sudan except the Beshir regime (now it is changed) all the political actors such as SPLA, the Darfur rebles and the other fronts hate the Weyane regime rather Eritrea has a big leverage in Sudan than Tplf. Djibouti changed its stand on Tplf rather they have good relationship with Eritrea. The Arab block is now uncomfortable. In Somalia Tplf is the most hated political entity excpet its puppet warlords. The Weyane regime's only supporters seem to be the right wingers in the USA who have the lowest approval rating in the US history. TPLF IS A DISASTER.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see people saying Ethiopian foreign policy, what foreign policy are you talking about? Ethiopia's foreign policy has been sold to the United States of America long time ago. It's no longer Ethiopian foreign policy, it's United States foreign policy that is guiding Ethiopia today. When cia says jump, Meles says how high. When cia operating in the Horn says go and do this, Meles says how fast would you like it. Meles has no say in any of ETHIOPIA'S FOREIGN POLICY; he will only do what he has been instructed to do. CIA pays Ethiopian military salary, in fact more than half of TPLF's regime public serevats are paid by United States thru IMF direct cash injection. That is why Paul Wolfowitz came to Ethiopia a year ago. He has become IMF director, he does what he pleases. Please, all you of you stop being childish.

The invasion of Somalia by TPLF was an outsourced project from the US. The US companies outsource real paying jobs to China and India, and cia outsources war to African countries. According to TPLF this opportunity is like MANA FROM THE SKY. They are happy to be chosen as a hitman in the Horn. So, let the Somalis know that it has nothing to do with Ethiopia's foreign policy, Ethiopian foreign policy was sold to the United States long time ago and the war is between America and Smalia. Meles and Yoweri Museviny are nothing but middlemen who have no say in the invasion of Somalia or else their pay will be deeply cut.

Realize when the war began? Just as the American Senate went home for the Christmas holiday the war began with a full knowledge that the UIC would melt fast before the 110th Senate reconvens. This is the last stride being attempted by George Bush's foreign policy designers just before they hand in most of the power to Democrats. They know that they cannot use American soldier to do the job, for they are being hammered day-and-night for the Iraq fiasco. They also have a bad memory in Somalia in the 1993 peace keeping mission. CIA came up with outsourcing the project to TPLF at the expense of poor Ethiopians lives.

With regards to Al-qaida, they never were there, but they will come now to meet the United States' messanger in Somalia. Count on it, this will be bloody and messy even by Iraqi standard. We all know how HOT-BLOODED somalians are, let alone an outsider touching something that belongs to them, they wouldn't even back down to their own close family. The last time America instigated pre-emptive attack to a sovereign Isalmic nation was four years ago, in Iraq. The body count has reached 3,000 for United States soldiers. American military has been unable to get out of that quagmire, as a result it has changed governing body. The pain has touched almost all American families be it thru the death of son/brother/father/cousin/nefew/friend/neigbor or class mate. Only God knows when the pain will be over. So, if we look at it from the Iraqis experience, then what we have in our hand is bloody mess. There will be no doubt in my mind this mess will come to major cities all around the country.

TPLF/WEYANE is happy to be included in Al-Qaida's target list. They are ecstatic to say the least, they have been wishing to be included in that listed for so long, that opportunity has presented itself in the form of invading a sovereign nation. Do you remember TPLF blowing up bombs all around Addis? they were planting bombs on buses and sometimes they do it in early hours for fear of killing a Tegre person, they do it in early mornings so it will have less damage. People have witnessed TPLF CADRES wearing casual planting the bombs around the city. So, lets stop blaming Al-Qaida, TPLF was blowing up Ethiopians long before Al-Qaida mentioned Ethiopia. Now that Ethiopia is mentioned by the #2 guy in Al-Qaida the world will recognize it as a ligitimate victim. How do we know that it was TPLF blowing up the bombs in Addis? well for one, we all know the hall mark of Al-Qaida, all their attacks cause heavy casuality and are considered "spectacular," in their nature. Unlike, TPLF Al-Qaida does not attack an empty parking lot or a private taxi-cab. Remember the buildings in Kenya and Tanzania? that is the kind of damage Al-Qaida causes, by blowing up small bombs TPLF was trying to convince Ethiopians we were being attacked by terrorists. Surprisingly, Meles received a golden hand shake from cia for those 10 or so attacks that killed more than 10 people in Addis. He kills poor Ethiopians and he is rewarded, what a baffling idea. For killing innocent and unsuspecting poor Ethiopians minding their own business he receives recognition from America. This is how Americans view Ethiopian life, its worth nothing to them. You remember the 18-Americans that went down with their black-halk in Somalia? a senator said, "the whole somalis are not worth a single American life." How much is an Ethiopian life worth to you, Mr. Senator?

One thing I don't understand is what did the poor Ethiopian people do to the Americans? we like Americans, we regard them very high, we respect them, we try to imitate them, we love America so much that we sell our business to just come to America and pay tax in America, we are good people, but why do they see us like lifeless insects or unworthy animals? why do we deserve such treatment from a country we all admire so much and regard their people so high? Why do they abuse the Ethiopian public kindness?

When Mengistu HaileMariam was a president of Ethiopia at least they respected us, then we were humans to the them and our life meant something, even our money was worth 300% more back then. Now that TPLF has come to occupy my country, we are worthless to the Americans. How sad!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this story will give us what a lot of people have failed to understand.

In short Protestors-Ethiopian Forces-Shots fired.

Do you see it now?

Ethiopian forces kill three Somali protesters
Web posted at: 1/7/2007 4:1:16
Source :::


Mogadishu • Ethiopian troops and Somali protesters exchanged fire here yesterday
killing three people, witnesses said, as hundreds of Somalis demonstrated
against the foreign forces and a government disarmament drive.

The protesters hurled stones and burnt tyres, wreathing streets in smoke and
reviving memories of the chaos that had largely stopped during six months of
strict Islamist rule before the Somalia Islamic Courts Council was ousted last
week. “The Ethiopians opened fire and shot dead a young boy and a lady. They
also killed another person,” a witness said. Other witnesses agreed.

(government) and Ethiopian troops invaded our country and they have shot my son
for no good reason,” said Omar Halane, the boy’s father.
A Somali government source said only one person had died and gave a different
version of events. He said that police had opened fire in Tarbuunka square,
where the Islamists held demonstrations. “Protesters shot at policemen, the
police returned fire killing one man,” the source said. “I don’t know how many
people have been wounded.”

Anonymous said...

Normally I am of the view that one should not stick its noses where it does not belong. But when it comes to the crazy bedouins of the 21st century, they do not need any excuse to label Ethiopia as a crusader. For them the myth that Ethiopia is a christian country is enough to sustain their drive for spilling blood as their forefathers.They have been vying to open any front until every one living in that territory falls under their sphere of influence and flocks to mecca. They are a threat not only to christians but also to animsts, agnostics, atheists and anybody else resisiting to succumb to their spell....

Anonymous said...

To Anon above,

Who the hell provoked them to spill Ethiopians blood? It is the TPLF regime that is interfering in other people business and killing Muslims in the name of Dollar. So, if you want to belame, blame TPLF FOR SPILLING MUSLIM BLOOD. The Muslims have yet to spill Ethiopians blood, if they swear for revange, it is NOT only acceptable but deservingly appropriate. You cannot get away with killing innocent Muslims living in their own land. They have the right to defend their country and avenge their childrens blood.

Anonymous said...

Hey ignorant,

come to your sense. Whose rule is 'revenge'? It is those barbarous, ancient, pagans who used to say 'an eye for an eye'. And what is said above is not to deny TPLF's sin or wrongs after wrongs, whatever you may call it. What I am saying is no form of killing of innocent people would be justified by religion and by the name of GOD. That is the hard truth.

It is said that it is a political game and anyone who has killed Somalis and Ethiopians will for sure gets his due sooner or later. But I still can't rationalise this terrorism under any of God' rules of Muslim. Look how the Iraqi's are suffering. No Amerian is suffering as these Iraqis do, or for that matter anywhere else that this religiously stigmatized wars are being handled it is innocent people who are dying, and you and your types are saying this is God's wish. This is cold-bloodedness and pure animality.

And I assure you that Ethiopian Muslims and Christians will always remain in harmony and the God that keeps Ethiopia never sleeps...especially it will keep us from cold-blooded animal like you.

God keep the children of the world from terrists and the US alike.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above,

Again you missed the boat of thought by a mile. You crated the argument and you missed it. When you speak of anything you ought to think about what you are going to say at least twice whether or not it make sense. The terrorism in the Horn is yet to have been completed its only on its infancy. TPLF and Mels are involved in its design, they claim to represent the interest of 68,000,000 Ethiopians (excluding Tigres), and if the Moslems feel the heat and take revenge on "Ethiopian people" it can't be considered as terrorism its only retaliation, which by the way is allowed by the international law. Unfortunately, the Americans are calling that type of retaliation as terrorism when it is against their interest and it is pure retaliation when they practice it on the moslem nations. So you are falling under their definition of what terrorism is. Retaliation/terrorism are two words whith similar action but they carry different cannotaion. Is that clear?

Anonymous said...

I am somali canadian;would like to thank the leadership and people of ethiopia on their decision to help people and government of somalia, ethiopians has shown that there are closest in africa and true brothers and you made right decision at the right time.
you helped my people to ged rid of takfiir walhijra and wahabiya(new version of islam), those trying to corrupt the religion of islam and to instigate violence throughout of region.
long live ethio-soma relationship.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised by your assumption of Ayman’s statement of him bundling us with “Crusaders.” All those bombings that you have mentioned are in fact his and his group’s [al Qaeda] work? Then it should be said we are in “trouble.” Don’t be so sure about things that are complicated such as who did what or who is on whose side. Ethiopia joined the rapists who have no qualms about humanity, truth and peaceable co-existence. Chose the title if you want but the fact is the crusaders or the occupiers are rapists who went in a land where they don’t belong but make stupid excuses to dominate the natives.