Friday, January 05, 2007

Old habits die hard

It seems that the Ethiopian government which is one of the top persecutors of journalists in the world is taking its bad habit to Somalia. The freest media in the horn of Africa is now under serious attack from the Ethiopian forces and their Somali transitional government allies. The RSF reports:

  • ...Abikar, the Voice of the Holy Quran's correspondent for the Lower Shabelle region, was arrested in Baidoa on 1 January by forces loyal to the transitional federal government, who seized his journalistic material. It is not known where he is being held.
    The Reporters Without Borders partner organisation in Somalia, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), said Abikar was reportedly suspected of spying. He was arrested once before in the district of Diinsor and his material was confiscated on that occasion as well. Following his first arrest, he was freed as a result of the intervention of the deputy defence minister
    . "

And Garow online reports:

  • Another Somali journalist who went on the trip to Afgoe with Garowe Online reporter Abditatah Ahmed tried to take pictures of the Ethiopian troops en route to Mogadishu. Ethiopian soldiers immediately surrounded the journalists and used physical force to intimidate the reporters, Abdifatah wrote.
    The Ethiopian soldiers asked the Somali journalists who they were and what they were doing in Afgoe.
    “After we told them we were journalists, they [Ethiopian soldiers] laughed at us and said they don’t recognize the Somali press,” Abdifatah wrote.
    The soldiers then destroyed the camera and ordered the journalists to leave the area immediately.

Old habits die hard. What will the next move be? Accusing Somali journalists of treason and genocide? Shutting down somali blogs? Registering internet cafe users?


Anonymous said...

I am NOT sure what Ethio-Zagol is trying to tell us here. It is very appreciated that you mention the sad and unlawful imprisonment, confiscation of materials belonging to the journalist and general abuse, but the whole Somalia right is experiencing that same fate. I have a direct and honest comment to make here, THE WHOLE SOMALIA IS UNDER ARREST, LET ALONE ONE FREELANCE JOURNALIST.

The whole Somalia is under a threat of life or death situation right at this moment as you read my comment, and the threat is dircted from the United States of America forcefuly implemented thru TPLF/WEYANE. It should be clear to everyone that journalists are not different from the general public when it comes to life and death situation. It is true that we should look at the job journalists do is very important and unless there is journalists we will not get information as to how bad or good the situation is in Somalia. Unfortunately, the situation in Somalia right now is fluid whether the presence of journalists or not will not change the situation, there is no complete control by one agent or power. The entire Somalis are being humilated by an outside force whose intention is NOT well to the the average Somali.

So say what you will, the truth remains that the whole Somalia is under a serious threat directed from AMERICAN FORCEFUL AGGRESSION transplanted thru its agent TPLF/WEYANE. Americans are only lawful in their country, when it cometh to other countries, they are just as barbaric if not more barbaric as their enemies. So, please save us our pitty for our people who are just as much suffering under the TPLF/WEYANE AGGRESSION assisted and encouraged by Americans.

Anonymous said...


DJ said...

DJ is back!

The saga continues! TPLF is now had enough with Ethiopian journalist and going after Somali journalist! What is next? Kenya?


Anonymous said...

This is some what similar to what happened to the Nazi’s expansion. Hitler was not stopped when he started to abuse the communists, the handicapped etc and history tells us that he finally became a threat to the whole Europe and eventually to the entire world that tolerated him earlier. He killed over 6 million jews in gas chamber.The same is true with Melees , 15 years ago when he started killing Ethiopians , all kinds of excuse was given (i.e his army lacked training in crowd control, that they did not have other equipment for riot control therefore had to use live ammunition etc) and the world failed to hold him accountable. He has been repeating similar criminal activity every year with no or little consequence. Now he is doing it in neighboring Somalia with no negative consequence. In fact he is rewarded. I have no doubt that this will embolden him to committee further tragic crime. I predict that it will not be too long before we hear such sad story either in Ethiopia, Somalia or the neighboring countries.

Once again, the world is failing humanity. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Mls is a crook and criminal his friends are telling him to do more damage to Somalia and give him more money as a reward. Kenya is next on his target, the Kenyans better watch out. last week he destroyed many buildings in Kenya blaming it on mistake, how many building do you have to demolish before you say sorry? its like NATO demolishing China Embassy in Belgrade when China refused to get out of Belgrade, after they purposely demolish the building they said they are sorry.