Monday, May 14, 2007

American ambassador pushes for guilty confession

(By Ethio-Zagol and Meqdela)
Donald Yamamoto, America’s mild-mannered Ambassador in Addis Ababa has thrown his weight behind the mediation efforts of Professor Ephraim Issac. The renowned Ethiopian linguist has started the mediation between the government and Kinijit leaders who have been in prison for a year and half now, but has been stung with accusations that he has so far failed to be even-handed mediator in trying to push the prisoners to accept whatever the government proposes. In the last proposal, the government asked CUD leaders to fill a form which makes all of them individually responsible for trying to overthrow the government. The prisoners have declined to sign the form.

In a letter addressed to professor Ephraim and obtained by a contributor to EZ Post, Ambassador Yamamoto, says he stands with the professor’s attempt to mediate between the two parties, and that he prays for the success of his attempt to make the prisoners sign the form. His letter also says the American Embassy will facilitate a medical travel to America by Kinijit’s Chairman, Hailu Shawel, and Ethiopia’s greatest human rights activist, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam.

Observers say that the Ambassdor’s stance is outrageous because he knows how Prime Minister Meles broke down the mediation after preliminary agreement was reached by the parties two weeks ago.

(Roha will be back with his views on Addis Ababa University on Wednesday.


ethioinfo said...

Zagol, Without a doubt, this document is the ultimate proof of Meles being a puppy of the State Dept. You will have to publish it immediately. This will give the prisoners and Ethiopians ammuntion. Please post it without delay.

patriotic ethiopian said...

Thanx EZ,

We have all along known the Americans are here to spoil our struggle for freedom from TPLF. There is no doubt in my mind the "mediator" is on American Pay roll, his interest in having these leaders sign the wrong verdict reached in Meles' kitchen table is a sign of how confident Meles is under the armpit of the Americans like a chikelet in the warmth of her mother's armpit. Mels coul not have done this to us majority Ethiopians without the full support of the Americans. Why they are protecting Meles at the expense of all Ethiopians is not clear to anyone, not even to experts and Horn political pundits. All this is done to upset the Eritreans, all orther reasons are secondary to the Eritreans.

The proposal of setting up AFRICOM (African Command) is the fear of Africa's warme relations with China. All this indicate that Meles is here to stay; therefore it is in our best interest to compbine our forces with the Eritreans and bring this CORRUPT MURDERER ORGANIZATION to its demise. Once we achieve that we should deal with the nations and the people betrayed us in the same way they dealt with us in times of our dark hours.


Prof. Haile Lemma said...

PLEASE READ PROFESSOR HAILE LEMMA'S ANALYSIS OF MOTHER ETHIOPIA UNDER TPLF/WOYANE and what needs to be done to free our country from their hands.


Professor Haile Lemma

May 11, 2007

Most Ethiopians, particularly the hardline Nationalists, hold the perception that Eritrea is still conspiring with the woyanne regime against the interests of Ethiopia. They believe that even the bloody border conflict between the two countries is an attempt by their incumbent leaders to deceive the Ethiopian people and the international community and is designed to tighten their grip on power in their respective countries.

Evidences on the ground seemed to have validated this perception until the year 2000, as the leadership of both countries had been trying to consolidate power by eradicating those who oppose their rule.

However, Woyannes Economic sanction on Eritrea, the border conflict, and the events in the aftermath of the conflict, not to mention events in Somalia, has brought a major shift in the relationship between the two countries’ leaders.

With the withdrawal of Eritrea’s support to the TPLF regime, the leaders of TPLF have been concerned with their relations with Eritrea, hoping that it work out in the end, despite the firmness of the Eritrean position.

This has led the TPLF to switch their strategies between normalizing relations with Eritrea with or without the Shaebia, while continuing to assert themselves militarily to consolidate power in Ethiopia and avert any possible danger from Eritrea or elsewhere.

This, in my view, is contrary to the dominant perception among most Ethiopians that views both governments as working together, and needs to be changed if things on the ground are to change. I believe that after the last May 2005 election in Ethiopia, strategizing opposition struggle demands the opposition to change its unwarranted perception and think in terms of forming alliance with Eritrea that could work to the long-term interests of both countries.

The writer believes that a negotiated alliance of opposition with Eritrea is a key in the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia and peace and prosperity in Eritrea. This requires a rethinking of existing relations with Eritrea.

The TPLF Dominance in Today’s Ethiopia

There is no doubting to the fact that the TPLF established itself as a major force to be reckoned with, both as a national and regional force, in the eastern part of Africa. How did this happen? What contributions did domestic and international factors made to this reality? I do not dare to delve into the series of historical events that led to this event, as it is not the main topic of this article. But, the fact is TPLF emerged and updated itself as a regional force from its gorilla status. Existing trends are indicative of this dominance.

The TPLF has managed to establish its own puppet government in Ethiopia for the last sixteen years and is determined to continue to do so in the absence of any major unfragmented opposition.

The woyannes are now almost in control of all the national and regional institutions of social, economic and political structures. The TPLF cadres are in control of all key government posts in Ethiopia and have well established themselves in the federal government. They have political cadres in all the regions to watch regional colleagues behave exactly as they are programmed. They do this with the help of a well-crafted incentive system which makes regional bosses bow to the will of their TPLF masters in Addis Ababa.

The TPLF policy of patronization is key to its dominance in Ethiopia. The idea of getting political support in exchange for money or other benefits is not seen as corruption by the regime. The creation of patrons who are willing to support the regime politically in exchange for resources is a means to implement the revolutionary democracy of Zenawi in all the regions of the country. Many are willing to be patronized because of poverty in Ethiopia.

The woyannes have made good neighbors at a huge cost of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The TPLF policy with Ethiopia’s neighbors has always been one of “let us be at peace what ever it takes.” This is primarily aimed at denying any possible safe haven to potential armed opposition in neighboring countries. The so-called border commissions and border trade relations with Kenya and the Sudan are designed to serve this objective. Obviously, this is something a nationalist democratic government is not willing and able to do.

A Weak opposition: why?

Despite the TPLF hegemony in Ethiopia, the opposition remains very weak and fragmented lacking unity of purpose. It has been made so by the well-crafted policies and deceptive diplomatic efforts of the regime.

The absence of leveled political playing field is one of the many causes contributing to the weakness of the opposition in Ethiopia. The Regime’s game of political opposition is based on the idea of loyal political opposition in which the opposition political parties are expected to think and act within the framework of the woyanne thinking. Any independent thinking outside this framework is treated as being a traitor and criminal.

The regime uses elimination policy to kill the opposition leaders. In fact, intimidating, imprisoning and killing leaders who dissented is a major strategy for weakening the opposition. Capable leaders who take initiative to enlighten and organize people are always marked for detention and torture. Many leaders suffered this way even long before kinijit leaders come into the political scene.

Weakening the opposition is also meant to legitimize TPLF rule in the pretext of a weak opposition that cannot run the country even if it is given the chance to take power. Meles and his colleagues has always used this phrase to misinform their friends abroad, as if they are the ones who got certification from the Gorilla school in the jungle making them the best leaders of the nation playing by the rules they learned in the jungle.

I also believe that the opposition weaked itself. The Ethiopian opposition forces allowed themselves to be divided by their own making and by the enemy tactics. Most opposition members even today failed to agree on a common national agenda. Even worse, they let their differences remain even when their people are suffering from dictatorship. Their internal weakness opened the door for their common enemy to further subdivide them. They are weak because they still fail to realize the fact that it is their unity the enemy fears most, not how many men they have on the ground or how many supporters they have in the west. The call for meaningful unity is still unheaded or arrogantly ignored.

Misperception on Current Ethiopia-Eritrea Relations: Reality check?

Some Ethiopians still think that woyanne and the Eritrean leadership are still working together and conspiring against the Ethiopian people. I (a strong nationalist) am of the view that this requires some degree of reality check.

I believe that there is a strategic gap between TPLF and Eritrea since the border conflict broke or probably dating back to the times of the guerilla struggle. Contrary to popular perception, the events of at least the past seven years indicate the strategic gap between woyanne leadership and the Eritrean leadership. I call it strategic because it is related to the long-term interests of woyanne and Eritrea.

From the Eritrean side, while this had been the case up until the border conflict in the year 2000, it is no longer so. The events following the conflict severed the strategic link between the two dominant powers in the eastern part of Africa. The conflict led to massive human, material and financial losses on both sides, more to the weyanne. The bloody war cancelled the generation long ties and grew antagonism between the two powers.

From the TPLF side, though, all hope is not lost. TPLF leaders still see their future with Eritrea. Their long-term strategic goal of achieving independence for their tigray region -they think can best- is achieved with the help of Eritrea. The TPLF policy on Eritrea is one of tolerance and defensiveness until recently. Even, the strong stand of the Eritrean leadership on tigray secession did not seem to have deterred them from seeking strategic alliance with Eritrean "opposition groups" to say the least. The normalization agenda and mediation through a third party are all tactics for restoring relations with Eritrea as a means to a strategic goal of full independence.

The Eritrean leaders have made it clear that they do not want to see independent Tigray, lest it would mean a lot of things including Ethiopian breakup and a threat for the territorial integrity of the region.

However, the TPLF leadership seemed to have lost patience in recent times due to the perceived way the Eritreans act despite the former tolerance towards Eritrea. As a result, the language and rhetoric of normalization seem to have given way to a “Regime change” in Asmara that would enable them to continue with the strategic relationship with the future Eritrea without the EPLF. The effort of some TPLF cadres to work together with some Eritreans, both inside and outside, is a strategy to isolate the leadership in Asmara from its people. As such, it is not a sign of “working together” at the leadership level as most Ethiopians would like to believe. Whether the independence and regime change agendas are feasible options for TPLF leaders, only time will tell.

The Derg Era: Woyanne Alliance with the EPLF

Who could have thought alliance with Eritrea, at a time when all Ethiopians believed Eritrea did not have to break away from Ethiopia, is a key strategy for defeating the Derg Regime, a common enemy, and gain control of power in Ethiopian state? Eritrean strategy does not surprise me because it is precisely this strategy that could secure their independence, that without a proxy control of power in Ethiopia, secession would be practically impossible.

What I think a creative strategy is the one TPLF used to snatch power from the Ethiopian state that has long been the vangard of the nation of Ethiopia. I do not want to mention the stupidity of Derg leaders in acting rigidly, not creatively, to the Eritrean question. The woyannes of Tigray thought the unthinkable and did the unexpected to achieve their objective of controlling power in Ethiopia. I believe this gives a lesson to opposition in Ethiopia in terms of strategizing opposition struggle. I believe Kinijit International Leadership in the USA has made a smart move along those lines which needs to be appreciated and build up on in the future.

The TPLF Aspiration of Independence for its Tigray Region

Despite its grip on power in the state and government of Ethiopia, TPLF leaders have not so far abandoned their paranoid and unrealistic ambition of independent Tigray. They did not even change their TPLF name while forcing other member parties in Ethiopia to change theirs.

Zenawi and his friends are still desirous of librating Tigray from the Ethiopian union. They made all regional states in Ethiopia to have their own constitution and flags. Their own constitution in Tigray indicates that Tigray people will remain in the unitary government as long as they retain their dominance in Ethiopian politics and state in the name of peace and democracy. Zenawi hinted this in his recent “secret document” circulated among the TPLF leaders in which he spoke of “self-reliant Tigray in the new millennium.”

They have incorporated this aspiration in the Ethiopian constitution and are waiting for their first opportunity, which hasn't come yet. They see the independence struggle of the OLF and ONLF as a premature move that cannot be granted at this time. To me, the article that allows independence from Ethiopia is the “let us secede together when TPLF want it” agenda that is planned to be realized after the homework is done: fuelling, instigating and masterminding hatred, tension and conflict among the Ethiopian nations and nationalities to force them decide in favor of secession.

Fortunately, this move has suffered a major setback. The Eritreans have taken a firm stand on the independence of tigray. Eritrea has already made it clear that they do not like to see independent tigray, and that they want to work with a unitary government of any sort short of woyanne in Ethiopia. The problem they have is the mistrust towards Ethiopian people; especially conservative Ethiopians who do not want to accept the reality of independent and UN accepted Eritrea. Sorry, but that is the reality and the bitter pill we need to swallow. Historical mistakes on the part of Ethiopian leaders created this reality. We cannot correct this, however wishful we might be, but we can modify it to be beneficial in our both country's interest, correct it through peaceful means and mutual acceptance of thrust, which will be the core foreign policy agenda of the future government and state of Ethiopia.

The So-called Peaceful Struggle: What did it achieve?

It has always been the deceptive tactic of the TPLF that opposition politics is always framed in the name of peaceful struggle which aims at blocking any thinking and effort towards alternative form of struggling in Ethiopia. The peaceful struggle framework is still the overriding agenda and helped the regime to intimidate and chain opposition hands even when TPLF wants to strike supporters of opposition. Woyannes do not like to see any gun in the opposition hands. When that occurs, they are ready to negotiate. That is exactly where their weakness lies and that is when they start to shake to their knees, and ready to negotiate.

We should ask ourselves, where did the so-called "Peaceful struggle" lead us so far? The truth is that peaceful struggle has so far failed to materialize, the question is can a peaceful struggle bring about democratic governance in a country characterized by 3000 years of tyranny

The peaceful struggle has only led to the massacre of young innocent civilians including the future leaders of Ethiopia who were not willing to bow to the idol of hatred and revolutionary democracy in Ethiopia. It led to the mass arrests and torture of Ethiopians. It misled our fathers and brothers who are well trained to serve their beloved people and country. It seduced them to work with a schizophrenic enemy to their suffering.

The events of the May 2005 election has taught us is that we need to open our eyes to alternative forms of struggling without which the peaceful struggle does not bring the results we want in the shortest possible time with minimum loss.

So, the big question remains, are we going to repeat the mistakes of the past and let woyanne cheat us into believing that there is still a chance for a peaceful transition of power in Ethiopia through democratic means? If we fall for that, history will condemn us. We cannot topple a tyrant through peaceful, democratic means alone. Armed engagement is a must.

Room for a Negotiated Agreement

As things stand now, I do not agree with the conspiracy theory when it comes to relations between Woyanne and Eritrea. But, I do believe that Ethiopia and Eritrea need each other to fully develop in a short time.

I still believe that there is room for negotiation between Ethiopian opposition and the leadership in Eritrea for the common good. Issues like economic relations or benefits, access to trade, normalization of relations, etc can be made if there is a political will on both sides. Both Ethiopians and Eritreans should cease to see each other as enemies. We were on the same boat and we can lead Africans together on the sustainable path of development. This is what the 21st century demands from both of our leadership. The Ethiopian opposition should have this vision and attitude. So should the Eritreans and their allies.

The perception that woyannes and the EPLF are on the same boat emanates from the conspiracy theory. In my opinion, this is not the case any more. That is why we need to work together with our Eritrean brothers to eradicate the woyanne monster from east Africa to avoid the threat to our survival. We should take lessons from its madness and brutality that is being committed against innocent Somali civilians in the name of fighting Islamists and terrorists. If we fail to act now, there is no guarantee why the same thing cannot be applied on the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea tomorrow.


The Bible tells us that when God wants to rescue His people, He raises warriors to challenge and defeat the enemy of the people. It is time for Ethiopians, irrespective of whether we are Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Moslems, or Jews to pray to God so that men of Valor like Gedion and Samson would raise their hands against the enemy.

When the enemy is merciless, so does the wrath of God. The Woyannes have repeatedly shown their unforgiving attitude even when they have every thing under their control. Their sub-conscious is sick and wounded, and they refused to get treated and healed. Their wound and hatred is still fresh in their mind since their time in the bush. They persistently refused to be equal with the Ethiopian people, let alone those who wronged them. That is why we need to rise up in unison to pray and challenge the politics of hatred and exclusion before it destroys all of us.

At the same time, it is important to seek peace and promote reconciliation with Eritrea and its allies, both at opposition level and at population level, for the common good of both Ethiopians and Eritreans. I believe that it is only through peaceful means that one can get what it wants from the other. There is a lot that we can exchange between the two countries if there is a way to communicate and build trust among our peoples and nations. This is God’s way of making peace and reconciliation that has long inflicted both of us. This is the way to mutual blessing and peace. This is God’s will for the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea. But we must work together with Eritreans to eradicate Woyannes so peace and development can be the priority for our both people.

Haile Lemma can be contacted at

Anonymous said...

Helo E.Z, thank you for your continued follow up of this staged"SPECTATLE" by melese zenawi.It is ,once again,a great thing what the prisoners have done,not that they have a taste for such fruitless ,and shameful enterprises,but, they find themselves under such constraint.In truth the whole situation is out of their control and in such a case,they are expected to move very care fully ,and thus far withen the limitations they have done their best.As expected both the mediator ,and the U.S embassy officials seem to be preoccupied about one thing:to get melese's condition met.Because thy work under melese's intense prussure ;they are bent to get the prisoners sign his requirments using false promises of non binding medical leave.The only thing we can do now is to let our heros and heroins continue to stand on their firm ground of innocence.Does it occurred to any one that the main culprit ,in the public conscious here, is Mr.Melese-it is he ,and no one else that is fully responsible ,not only for the killings but also, for the fascistic threatenings he made .Consider how he handled the massacre;immidiately after the killings in Addis,the Pm. rush to announce to the people:by grabing the micraphone and saying the following-no foreigner, no outsider will save you! No Ethiopian!infact no one will save you! We have such a person at the helm of power ,who have no thought of his own actions;yet, he is resolved to send the elected officials to long term imprisonment. Let melese does what he allways knew all along;he will do.Let also the prisoners continue to refuse to accept his requirment of guilt verdict signature:which is their death sentence.Let all the opposition also stand in unison and embrace the new strategy that is being debated.We are not helping ,when we continue to watch this drama. Let him do what he knew best ,and let us do what we know best:allien with Shabia and take this government out.There is no need to wast time over this.

Anonymous said...

Mediation? Is there any dispute that needs mediation? The matter is simple... It's like a classical story where a man beats, humilates and then accuses and later manages to put his wife in prison for cheating on her. To make the matter worse, the man finally demands that his wife appologizes to him if there would be any chance of them re-uniting.Meles is doing exactly the same.

It's time that the CUD leaders have to tell the 'mediators' to stop shuttling between Minilik Palace and Kality prison.

sony said...

No wonder Americans don’t learn from the past!!!

They were calling Mandela and ANC terrorist and a terrorist organization for many years. They were supporting the Apartheid regime though they knew very well it was anti democratic and a racist regime. It is not surprising to see them now on the opposite side of the Ethiopian people. Their ignorance and arrogance has always hindered in making a rational decision.

darew said...

Yamamoto says,"he prays for the success of his (Prof Ephraim) attempt to make the prisoners sign the form."
If all he got is prayer and nothing else, why doesn't he pray for their immediate release. Why place the burden on the captives? Blame the one force that is responsible for the situation. Woyane needs to be pressured. And the Ambassador needs to know that he can do more than just prayer.

Anonymous said...

Yamamoto is trying to snub the US Congress's attempt to force Zenawi release the prisoners without any pre-condition. The Bill that is going to stop the unconditional support for Zenawi's murderous regime from the white House is gaining momentum after Zenawi's misadventure in Somalia. Our leaders will be free sooner or later weather Yamamato prays or not.

Anonymous said...

Mr Yamamoto
Don't worry about our leaders and stop "praying" for them. I advice you better to pray for your boss - Bush so that he got out of the mess he created in Iraq.

moaanbessa said...

as always the brave and patriotic ethiopians even without any arms are an immense threat to this banda who would not think twice of selling etiopia. He is being humiliated by them and the passage of the new bill introduced by Donald Payne will further pressrize the ambassador. They are the one's under the time crunch not the prisoners. When the dictator has no powere over his prisoners he sends his proxy to do his bidding. no one except etiopians can do this. we should not rely on any other country to care for us they never have. History will tell us (from the British Empire al the way to that "ye wesha lej" talian leader with delusions of granduer) that other countries have never cared about us and why should they ? we need to handle this ourselves by using the so called world powers in the appropriate diplomatic manner as our brave leaders have done in the past

Anonymous said...

I believe if they sign any thing of that sort, it will seriously jeopardize our struggle for justice and democracy. They are intelligent and wise enough to foresee the long term consequences, and I am fully supportive of their decisions. Well done CUD! You are my heart.

God Bless the prisoners of conscience!

God Bless Ethiopia!


THOMAS H said...



Anonymous said...

The first drama of American mediation was 16 years ago in London and we know what that mediation brought about for Ethiopia.
When do Ethiopians learn not to put all their eggs in one (American) basket.

Anonymous said...

This the person you prized him a month ago!!

Anonymous said...

As indicated by the above anonymous commentator, I think by now we have learnt our lesson that no foreign power is a friend unless it is to get some benefit for itself (which is a one-way affair).

Of course, the CUD leaders are not going to accept Yamamoto's biassed wish. We have seen his untruthful testimony in Congress last year - and there is no reason for anyone to believe his intentions are well meaning for the Prisoners of Conscience. Since the Court was unable to find them guilty of anything, it seems that Yamamoto wants to help the Court to have a semblance of justification for its upcoming verdict by trying to make the prisoners accept the blame for last years disturbances in order to have them pronounced guilty. Mr. Yamamoto's plans to help Meles is easy to see through! His Administration no longer has the moral ground as the defender of human rights, so why should we Ethiopians attach any importance to his words or actions.

Anonymous said...

The Ambassador has been cooperating with all the evil doings of Weyane starting from the collapse of the May 15, 2005 election by Weyane.

He was the first person (when he was in the African section in the State Department)to denounce the November 2005 demonstration of the people opposing the fraud of the election by Weyane. He condemned the opposition parties for inciting which he called violence. By that time, Weyane has been killing innocent Ethiopians on the streets of Addis Ababa and other cities of the country. He has been repeatedly travelling from Addis to Washington settling and negotiating his Amabssadorship in Addis Ababa. He was a key person in defeating the will of millions of Ethiopians including my self, who were forced to queue for up to eleven hours to change the ethnic based government in a civilized way. He is also a key person implementing the "double standard" policy of America, which has recently been confessed by the joint committees of the Congress.

We Ethiopians have no option than intensifying our struggle and change the power balance as vowed by Birhane Mewa recently in an interview with Adis Dimits radio. That time Yamammato and America will be with us.

In fact, I would like to appreciate the brave American congress men Pene, Smith, Hunda and others who failed to be bribed by the Weyane rigime and stood for truth.

Tasew (One of the voters who casted vote queuing for more than eight hours with out breakfast and lunch but vote stollen by Weyane)

Anonymous said...

For sure meles is restless unless he falsly criminalize the prisoners before H.R. bill is set to be accepted.

EZ, with regard ot yammamoto, many many things have been said and you were one of the rare persons who was keeping hope with this man, and you were mislead by yourself until asking ethiopians to send him a thank you letter. I repeat, this man is evil whether you believe it or not

Now, since the security of the prisoners and the struggle of ethiopians are at risk because of evil peron like yamamoto, you must publish every documents you have received and expose this guy.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Once again thanks for the update!

Anon 11:58 am - I agreed in all what you said except that your idea of following Mr. Berhane Mewa's call for intensifying the struggle against TPLF in his interview with Addis Dimtse Radio.

It is not "intensfiying the struggle" what I am against. I am against the way Berhane Mewa run things. My way or the high way.

What he says and what he do is completely different. How can we help the struggle if we are in each others throat like school children?

He has to reconcile with his ex collegues who have the same goal as him before he even trys to lecture us about intensifying the struggle. Mewa is a dissappointment.

Anonymous said...

The majority of our people are tunned to current events ;they keeep up with developing curcumstances.This make up the majority,however,there is that group who are still solw learning ,that still think some how some miracle will take place.
It has been years global politics is always framed according to the interests of the
international bankers,and rhe council of foreign relations.It is way overa due for us lkto see that Ethiopias problem can only be solved through a principle of self reliance and close co-operation with our people.In this regard,if we are tired ofbeing humilated by t.p.l.f then we need to stand together and remove the regime.The idea of co-operation with shabia is a good idea-at least we can prevent further destruction and disintegration of our country.
The only method of strugle that weyane is concerned is armed struggle.The so called peace full movement has been long ago infltrateda at the highest level.Do you ever see the new leaders who come ,sometime ago, from Ethiopia giving any breefing about where we
stand in relation with A.F.D.etc.
In my view the only hope we have is consolidate the relationship with A.F.D,and send delegates to Shabian to discuss the existing conserns.Once this is out of the way ,then we will be in a postion to advance to the next level.
There is great need for all of us to be in the same page;we need not tohalt over this.T.P.L.F itself has used this method to secure power.We can do the same and prevent inpending danger.

patriot said...

I told you before Yamamoto is a baby face man-eater Asian dragon! He expands 10-meters when no one is around, I wouldn't live next door to Yamamoto. EZ was praising him at some point in the middle of the mediation. Let me tell you about dragons they all are not safe, Yamamoto is an incarnated balck meat eater evil Asian dragon with venom. He s trying to force the CUDP leaders out of the game, he is trying to get to the US and make sure our country is doomed. The CUDP leaders must stand their ground and ask for proof of their crime. These Americans are God-damn sons of whores! They are designing the region according to their desire, we existed before they did and we know all tricks that existed before they did. If the must know our forefathers were decent human beings practicing the same life style we have today when their forefathers were in Europe running after gazzels and bufallos for meal.

TPLF is here to stay at the expense of the people living in the region at large and the people of Ethiopia in particular. So remove all traces of corruption from our land including Ephraim Isaac and his mentor Yamamoto the man eater Asian dragon.


Anonymous said...

EZ, Thank you for your patriotic work. Would you please post Yamamoto's letter soon? Thank you and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to open another issue for discussion here since the subject is Yamamato and it shall continue on that line.

However, though I believe that every difference in the opposition, KIL and every citizen shall be resolved through discussion and I am against any division in the KIL, I have to say it that Birhane Mewa is a hope for millions of Ethiopians.


Anonymous said...

I do not want to open another issue for discussion here since the subject is Yamamato and it shall continue on that line.

However, though I believe that every difference in the opposition, KIL and every citizen shall be resolved through discussion and I am against any division in the KIL, I have to say it that Birhane Mewa is a hope for millions of Ethiopians.


Anonymous said...



U.S. appoints special envoy to Somalia By Sue Pleming

Thu May 17, 3:45 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has appointed a special envoy to Somalia to help the lawless country overcome violence, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday.

The new envoy is John Yates, a career diplomat for 40 years who now leads the Somalia unit at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in neighboring Kenya.

A State Department official said Yates, a former U.S. ambassador to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, Benin and Cape Verde who has had postings in a handful of other African countries, will continue his work from Kenya as Somalia is not safe enough for a U.S. diplomatic presence.

"The United States is committed to helping Somalis develop their national institutions and overcome the legacy of violence and disorder of the past," said Rice in a statement announcing Yates' appointment.

"By supporting the people of Somalia in this effort, we are also contributing to the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa, and to the African continent as a whole," she added.

Somalia has been in anarchy since the 1991 fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre. The current Western-backed transitional government is the 14th attempt at establishing central authority.

Islamist militia captured the capital Mogadishu from warlords last year but they were ousted over the New Year by forces of the interim government, bolstered by Ethiopian troops.

Somali and Ethiopian troops have since been battling insurgents and hundreds of civilians have been killed in Mogadishu's worst violence in 16 years. There have also recently been a spate of bombings by rebels who have vowed an Iraq-style insurgency.

The United States views Somalia as strategically important in its fight against al Qaeda and is concerned the Horn of Africa country is a safe haven for the militant group and could be used a springboard for attacks.

Last January, U.S. warplanes conducted several strikes in Somalia targeting al Qaeda leadership. It was Washington's first overt military intervention in Somalia since a disastrous peacekeeping mission that ended in 1994.