Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mediation breaks again after EPRDF and political prisoners appear to reach preliminary agreement

Final efforts for mediation between the government and Ethiopia's famous political prisoners broke down last week due to Meles Zenawi's Intransigence. Hope that this time the mediation would be successful was high after preliminary agreement was reached between the parties last Tuesday. Meles Zenawi, however, sent a guilty form for the prisoners to be filled individually a day after the agreement was reached. The form states that the CUDP council members admit that they have tried to subvert the constitutional order. The prisoners refused to sign the form.

Sources who have closely followed the mediation said that the blame squarely lied on the mediators who didn't even censure Meles Zenawi when he went back on his agreement a day after he made it. "Meles is playing a game here. He doesn't want to release them, but at the same time, he wants to alleviate foreign pressure. The tactic is to appear as if he were involved in mediation without doing anything. The mediators are chickens in this game," one source said.


Anonymous said...

isnt it Obviouse that meles is dying to set these leaders up. whoever these mediators are this time, they should think twice before they drag their behind* to kaliti. To think that meles is genuinely wants to make peace is beyond my belief. Thank God they didnt sign the paper.

EZ keep up the Best Job, your are our voice !!!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ many thanks as usual !!

The so called "mediators" must stop from thier action immidietly. They are acting as an evil messangers. There are some naive people who think Melles would release the prisoners without any political pressure from we Ethiopians. We must know that if the Americans want the prisoners to be released, they can do it in a minute. But the Americans and Melles Zenawi made a deal Melles wants the Americans to shut up about the prisoners and democracy, the Americans want Melles to do the dirty job in Somalia. That is the deal. All the "negotiations" propoganda is to suspense the opposition from doing any meaningfull political activity to fasten the release of the prisoners by pressuring Melles politically. We must know that the prisoners will be released when we make political pressure on the regime in Addis. If we naively hope the prisoners will be released without doing anything, we are dead wrong.

NB: There are some quarters who want the prisoners to start defending themselves in the Kangaroo court. This is very naive and would give Melles a victory. If they start defending thier case in the court, it means that they are expecting justice from the court. Also they will legitemize the court. Once they start defending the case, they are no more political prisoners and they will be obligied to accept whatever the court decided in the end.

Anonymous said...

Tree our elected leaders We have mgot the right to be governed by those whom we elected Nothing less nothing more

Anonymous said...

Only the Almighty God Will Free All Innocent People including the Jailed Leaders in Due Time. Things Happen for a Reason. The Imprisonment of these Courageous Leaders Will Free All Ethiopians from Misery and Poverty, from Dictators and Hate Mongerers at the End of the Day!

The End of Meles and His Narrow Tribal Cronies is for Sure!

Girum said...

Meles is playing a game with those mediators and our true Ethiopian leaders. Eventhough he has a pressure from outside to release all political prisoners, I don't think he is going to do it. Dear mediators, please stop going back and forth for nothing. The only means is, we Ethiopians need to be one, united and do what is necessary to get rid off this dictator.

Anonymous said...


Do you guys really hoped that Melese will release our leaders?
How come? He will never release them unless he is put on the fire on all rounds. These people are the treasures of the country appearing once within the Ethiopian History and he knows they can make a miracle and he doesn't won't them do that because:
1 Because he has an ethnically charged hatred on them and whom they represent.
2 He has a big complex as whenever they open their mouth, he is exposed to be a very low person.

EZ, the only way to release our leaders is to put the regime on fire. This means, Ethiopian democratic forces have to resort to more radical and extereme actions to the extent TPLF and the Cliques have felt the heat enough. You and your likes would also have to stop bemoaning at such activities. What exactely the struggle should look like just Elias Kifle's style with strong and hard felt offensives against the regime. You have to learn that "ye Pente" Politics would take us no where except to keep you and your likes be oppositions through out your life leaving the dictator suck our people's blood. The opposition has to take a much more fierce and firm stand against the dictator, adopting EthioReview's stand. That is the way forward,like it or not.

Anonymous said...

The mediators need to be identified. maybe not now but we need to document all of this stuff.
Good Work Z.

Anonymous said...

No one should expect from Melese and his associates fare trial.Ethiopians know it;most foreign nations know it.Melese Znawi is a man capable of doing the objctionable in the minds of normal,decent people.Yes, they did the right choice;no need to inter in to the circus initiated by his debased mind of deceit, insincencerity,doubious ;he can intertain his diabolical game on his own.
The truth is ,he and his party resisted to make the necessary transition from their ethnic politics to that of Ethiopian world view long a go.Having chosen to follow this path ,and his desire to remain buried deep in the tribil cave of ethnocentrist world view,it should not come as surprise to see the seek and hide game he has been playing on the people of Ethiopia.I am tired of his endless game; I hope he does his plan as fast as posible.I am convinced that nothing good will come from this man. Not amiracle or any thing that can be properly called good gesture but,this:the plan that he has allways knew and prepared in secret well ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ez.
we know meles is a stubborn.he never recede a single step from his thought.Never! stubbornness is in his bone.nothing we can do about it until the day grudge is to those so called mediators. they better sat as anyone of us in their home.
Ofcourse Professor yishaq is an agent of that devil country.
Haile our hero haile
You would better echo the big voice of the people in the great run.
Haile. Please Be brave and say "RELEASE OUR LEADERS" .otherwise Dont add misery to our Beloved Leaders.

Anonymous said...

The anon at 7:45Am.,Your view is seconded .I have been saing this for long; it is frastrating to share iedeas similiar to that of yours ,and not be abe to find response.Enough is enough:We need to see the importance of adopting all means , using all avenues ,more than ever. If this is a problem for some of us we might as well get out of the race ,and let those who are tuned with the present events carry the burden.We should not drag the fighting sprit of our people to the mud .The only way to secure freedom is through active resistance.True,every thing happens for reason;however,we need to pray ,seek guidence ,then, move forward believing that God's help is on the way.We can not continue to sit and hope something will happen ,God chose to work with people;he will when we acknowledge his power and move in expectancy.Read the biography of Frederic Dougls's ,see how God led this man in to freedom ,guiding his path every step of the way. This government's crime is open before the eyes of God.If we move in one mind in active opposition to wards this regime;we will see that the regime come to learn its own failur.When it is forced to bear the burnt anger of the masses;it has no choice but to be confounded,perplexed ,staggered at developing events.Let us be encouraged and stand in one mind to resist this regime:God will see to it that,victory will be ours.

patriotic-ethiopian said...


How is it possible for Meles to release the Real-Ethiopian leaders? It's inconcievable! unthinkable! unimaginable!

TPLF is looting as you read this post, TPLF cannot allow these leaders to interupt by stoping the looting. There is $BILLIONS$ at stake for TPLF to release these leaders. How is it possible for Meles to accept that he killed hundreds of innocent Ethiopian protesters? he has already absolved himself despite the courts finding to be the contrary. You all shut your mouths and look for a way to face the ENEMY OF ETHIOPIA HEAD ON AND MAKE IT PAY FOR ALL HE CRIMES TPLF COMMITED AGAINST ETHIOPIANS.

Waiting for justice from TPLF court is like grabing on to cloud, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Its like you see the cloud, but you cannot hold on to it because its air. Meles' justice system is much like that you see court rooms and judges, but there is no justice. For God sakes, the supreme justice left the country after they threatened him. What can you expect, those reasonable people are gone. The only judges left in Ethiopia are TPLF sponsored judges, and hopping to get justice from them is is NOT possible.

Today, Ethiopia finds herself in the same time era as Germany in the 1930s everything is based on the regime's desire rational judges have turned into vicious animals abandoning all rationality from their conscience. The reason is that the regime ordered them they were in a "special-era," today Ethiopia is in that "special-era." TPLF is copletely embracing FSCISM practices. The judges, the special security police, and the military are all following this special order directly from Meles. The country finds her self in a serious position. The only way to eliminate this serious human rights violation and open looting is thru facing the regime with force. Sometimes fighting Fire with Fire is the only solution to avoide total destruction and lead the fire to a different direction.


Anonymous said...

The prisoners should do whatever it takes to get out of Kaliti.Even if it means signing the latest form admitting guilt. They missed a good opportunity here. Afterall, everyone knows they are not guilty. People also need to understand that Shawel et al need to do what is in their personal best interest. Nobody else is coming to their rescue. For example where are the mass rallies in Addis demanding their release? The oppostion needs a new game plan

Anonymous said...

Once again thanks EZ for the update!

The mediation must stop immediatlely. Melese will not free the jailed leaders unless forced to. Period.

We rather talk about our unity and struggle than about this so called mediation process.

EZ, will you please give us an in-put about the ongoing reconcilation between Kinijit North America #1, KNA #2 and KIL. First we would like to know if there is a negotiation. Secondly we would like to know who is involved. I am sure you have an insider.

We really need the unity at this time of crissis. And I am in support of getting rid of the three people who are at the root of the crissis. Namely Yoseph, Tsigie and Mewa.

When ever I read the announcement of Town Hall meetings by the different KNA infighting groups - I just laughs. Because with out unity, I know it is a waste of time and money. Both groups plead to the same community for financial and moral support. And except a very few memembers of the community who are closely related to the squabbling factions, the general concensus is don't give a penny for these selfish and greedy leaders who can not even solve their minor differences. Some one has to explain to Yoseph and Tsigie that they are destroying the movement.

sony said...

Endit Teqelede!!!!

Enzan Azawentoch Merit lay eysadere demo esu tegelagaye hone?

Egziabehir kale yeferdal!!!!!

tiru said...

EZ,let’s condemn the evil messenger of Meles whether they have a good fame in their respective field or not.
Nowadays they are spying to meles and degrading our heroes.
I would like also to forward a comment in relation of comment two.
I know if they start to defend themselves it indicates clearly they are accepting as fair trial will be exercised. One thing should be also taking into consideration, it has been two years since they refused to defend them. But there is no any political party or their colleague, the Diaspora kinijit takes any action.
They are still immature enough in regarding means of struggle that brings Meles to the negotiating table.therefore, if they decide to defend themsely, morally they are absolutely correct. because, their colleagues and all of us are not doing the ritgh things interms of creating strong political pressure against Meles.
Have read what types of comment still forwarding from kinijit leadership?please read in mengedegna site number 11 comment they are a man of that.
Regarding America, it is non of their business as long as they get a programmed robot who maintain their national interst.

Anonymous said...

Where is the wisdom of King Solomon?? The prisoners and their families need to think really hard here. I was in Addis Few months back, NO BODY IS EVEN FOLLOWING THE COURTS proceedings, let alone organising rallys and demanding thier release. The Opposition MPs in parliament are not doing anything. The CUD is fracturing in the country and abroad.
MY suggestion: If it is going to guarantee their release, sign the doccument making sure that, they are immuned from further prosecution and that it should be done in the presence of foriegn observers. Otherwise, Meles will use the doccument as proof of their guilt and open a new court case against them.
They are better alive and free than remain personers.
They have paid their fair share for their country.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times we are fooled by Meles?
Thinking that Meles well release the leaders of Ethiopian people is to be too much naive. He is always playing stupid game. He has been palying since he was in armed struggle in Dedebit desert. How can we expect from such stuborn person such meditiation?
The regime has committed a lot of crimes against the Ethiopian people. We all know that. All the international community knows that.
Unless the Meles regime is surrounded by fire it will never release the political prisoners.
May when they are release it will be the end of the Meles's dictatorship era.
At the end i am realy sorry for naive meditaitors, who do not know the true nature of Meles.

darew said...

Let's not attach any condition on the prisoners whether they wanted to defend themselves or not. They can always defend themselves in court or not defend themselves. That is their prerogative and only theirs. Until we hear why they take whatever action they take, we should not go in to high gear mode and speculate.. that ...they are morally justified to do this or that because there is no one to help bring woyane to the table or... that they have accepted justice will be obtained at the regime's court.

Our job is to ask for their unconditional release and not try help them or their lawyers maneuver in court.

Fitawrari said...

thx EZ,

People! Instead of complaining about something everyone knows, ie-meles treacherous ways-, let s admire the strength of our leaders, there is no compromise between innocence and guilt. Their mental strength is amazing and inspirational. They wont break for nothing, because the truth is by their side. As is the Ethiopian people. Soon, point of no return will be reached for an all out uprising. meles left us no choice. he will get what he s asking for. he forgot, he forgot that land gave birth to heros like Abdissa, Belay, Zerai, Allula, Aba nefso and so on....soon boy soon.

Anonymous said...

Mallasaan yoo du'uu isaa garaa kutate malee jara kana gadi hin lakkisu. Lubbuun malasis hanga Bush angoo irra jirtu qofhatti jiraachuu danda'a. Yoo hammas carraa sadaafaa argate malee inni itti aanu dhima isaatti. Hamma dubbiin nama hidhame hiiskisuu duwwaa otoo hin ta'iin akka yaadisaa fosholaahu karaa hundumaan itti boba'uu qabna. Keesumaa yoo rakkina jiru kana gara dhaaba siyaasaa Dimokirasii Amerikaatti irnaan beekisisuu qabnda, akkasumas karoora isaan biyya kanaaf qaban duuka buunee deegaruu qabna,

Anonymous said...

Melese Zenawi is in between the rock and a hard wall. He is definitely feeling the heat from different corners and is risking to radicalize the opposition. If he releases them he is seeing it as a weakness and would anger the radical TPLF polite bureau members. If he goes with the shame trial, he is risking the semblance of credibility, with the international community. In this scenario he believes that he can't do the right thing to benefit himself.

He from the beginning has known that these people have to be released at some time. His plan was to keep them in prison up until he get control of the initial public uproar. Presently,he relatively has control of the security situation. It seems that he wanted to buy some more time, in case some other emergency comes. Definitely the issue of how to deal with Isaias has not been agreed among the hardcore leaders of TPLF. He will not in any circumstance release these prisoners while the issue of Eritrea is resolved. He definitely knows that either he has to destroy Isaias or he will not sleep for him.

Anonymous said...

If there is no mediation than there is nothing happening. If most of you assume that will bring freedom for the imprisoned leaders than I must differ. What are you expecting that the court will set them free or will melese fall this year and they will be set free. Most of us, if not all of us commenting here are residing in a western country and clapping our hands while sitting on our warm soffa. I support the meditors and hope they'll find a fair and balanced solution that respects the prisoners right so they can be set free.

Anonymous said...

Gebru from Awasa:

Our Hero Haile, Do you really believe this group of gang will do the right thing? may be by now I am sure you are aware of that. The right thing is history now. It was peacefully transfering power to our leaders in Kality and secure good name in History. As you know our hero Haile as you know that is passed. Please STOP being a messanger for this `leboche` and allow us to continue the way we LOVE you. Please Haile. Please.