Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NY Times reporter released

After negotiation between the Ethiopian government and the American embassy here in Addis, Times reporter Jeffrey Gettleman was released yesterday late afternoon. According to sources, the Americal embassy asked the international media here in Ethiopia not to report about the arrest of the Times journalist and the three people accompanying him.


Anonymous said...

If the American embassy is really making pledge to the international reporters not to announce the arrest of Getllema, this is criminal act.We need to know if there is any evidence behind this so that the people can be exposed.
I think every one knows that in a few more months ,the regime will wake up one morning ,and will discover its confidence and reliance on U.S shatterd.Until then we will carefully watch how the T.P.L.F conduct her affair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zagol !!

The Americans are playing cat and mouse game with the Tplf regime. What the Americans don't understand is that the Tplf regime lost all the popular support and is heavily dependent on them. If they keep on pressuring the regime on human rights it will succumb to thier demand. The regime is only bluffing to scare them. We hope people with a lot of experience in the region will take over the policy making soon. Jendai Frazer and co. are very incompetent and could easily be manipulated by the Shrude Tplf leaders. The recent appointment of special envoy for Somalia is a good move.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why some people are too optimist and seek support from the floor of Babylon empire (King Nebuchadnezzar).
Please fellow Ethiopian; don't waste your precious time and energy seeking help and justice from that bloody kingdom. Our struggle must be at home.And Know that Our victory is invitable.It is not only on the dictators regime but also the one who employed this mercenary to kill us.
Time the immortal reveals that Mama Ethiopia had faced aggression of powerful empires in its due course.Chirstophore Colombus was navigating to reach America;when our fathers were defending the then Mighty (ottoman empire).Ethiopia has survived and will continue to survive.
I strongly believe that this conspiracy will be over soon.but WHEN?

Anonymous said...

The newyork times just mentioned the issue on may 22.

You are the one EZ! Keep exposing dictators and their sponsors.

Anonymous said...

The statement you have quoted, EZ, came from the management and thanking the very government who did the jailing in the first place is nothing new. It is called protocol. We see it being practiced by almost all governments everyday.
Wait for a few more days or weeks and, you will be reading very interesting stories about the brutal Meles.. authored by those who were kidnapped and approved by thse same management.