Friday, May 25, 2007

Shimeles Kemal Loses Out In MoJ Shake Up

The predictable demise of Shimeles Kemal, Chief Prosecutor in the case of Hailu Shawel et al., is on the corner after a surprise hurricane hitting the Ministry of Justice blew away some of the prosecutors he hand picked to be part of the team in charge of the Kinijit Trial.

Seid Mohammed, the impeached judge who later on joined the prosecution team with the invitation of Shimeles Kemal, was fired this week by the order of the Minister of Justice, Civil Service College graduate Assefa kessito. The decision brought a public spat between the minister and his deputy, Hashim Mohammed. Sources at the MoJ said Seid's dismissal was the result of Shimeles kemal's ending romance with top EPRDF officials who have now started to privately blame him for the embarrassing conduct of the trial. His once blooming relationship with Bereket Simon has severely strained, with Bereket looking for fresh faces to fill in Shimeles' role as a de facto personal legal advisor to him.

Shimeles is soon expected to be removed form his post as head of the Legal Department of the MOJ, and be replaced by Yohannes Seifu. Sources said he is already suspend from the post. But the the decision hasn't been made public. If the reports are accurate, Shimeles will be another victim of the theory of "Yezaf Lay Enkilf".

Meanwhile, the MoJ has terminated the employment of 47 support staffers on Wednesday under the procedure called 20/40. This procedure gives employees a right to leave their work on pension if they have worked for 20 years and have reached the age of 40. But the procedure, according to lawyers, is a right given to the workers, and not the Ministry. Workers have a right to choose not exercising the procedure, and the MoJ terminated the contracts in disregard of the basic tenets of the procedure. The support staffers claimed that they were victims of Assefa Kesito's projection game. Assefa has been criticized several times by the Prime Minister for failing to execute government policies properly.

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Anonymous said...

Helo E.Z and the staff members of the entire team of this blog.This,indeed, is an important news,it shows the level of difficulity to meet the requirments of the regime ,and Melese's desperation to keep its loyalists to conform to its demands.Any thing shoudn't come as surprise for Ethiopians any more- we are accustomed of waching the drama of this out moded junta. Ethiopians are well aware of the fact,that The 6-7 members of the Weyane upper echelon rule the nation:the national defence,the security, and the judicial branch of the government are under the direct controll of the weyane chieftian-Zenawe,and he can fire and hire ,demote promote at his whim-no surprise with the erratic pehavior of Zenawi!
Privided this news is valid, there simply is no way weyane can get away from this dilemma-a fiasco of its own making.The main culprit and the usurper of illegitimate power is the chieftain himself,and in the private concious of the majourity Ethiopians ,he has been sentenced for his unrestrained crims,long Ago. Seid mohamed,the member of the prosecutor team fired ,and the chief prosecutor,Shimeles Kemal on his way out-the weyane tugs can not find any body to work for them other than the members of their clan.Yohannes Seifu,perhaps one of the inner circles of the ruling junta is ready to take Shimeles's place.The ministry of Juctice, Assefa Kesito,already under intense pressure ,and coming under the immediate supervision by the Weyane P/M-this is what we can expect-an orcastration of vengeance against the innocent by the villain Melese;who has come to the scene of Ethiopian politics solely as a messanger of destruction.

Anonymous said...


Are you getting this nonsense info from Tim Clark while he is shagging you? What is your job at EU,besides giving Tim Clark a head, and posting half-truth propaganda?

Anonymous said...

Really, WHO CARES?

We know that TPLF EATS her children everyonce in a while, so Shimeles Kemal is TPLF'S favorite son so he just got eaten! NO ETHIOPIAN SHOULD CARE ABOUT WHEN TWO MURDERERS KILL EACH OTHER, ITS ONE MURDERER TO WORRY ABOUT!

Anonymous said...

I had the priviledge of personally knowing Yohannes Seifu. He's been working for the MoJ for over a decade, but so far as I know he's not affiliated to the ruling party in any way. He's not also the kind of person who compromises his conscience for material gains. This doesn't mean the EPRDF won't try to use him, or anybody else for that matter. But before we rush to conclusions, let's please wait and see if he accepts the appointment, and if he's going to act as they dictate him to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ,

From Hitler's Germany, Ethiopia's Mengistu, Sadam's Iraq, Idiamin's Uganda, to Zenawi's TPLF - dictators are all the same. If you are in their service and memeber of their organization - soon or later you will be whacked or sacked (either by the dictator himself or by the opponents including true justice system). It is exactly the same as Organized crime such as the Mafia. You never know what will happen to you down the road in the near future. Since dictator's are insecure their entourages are also insecure. Soon or later society will catch up with them.

Smart people who hold principle more than money and power simply refuse or turn down appointments and invitation to serve the dictators. And those who refused to be part of the looting and destruction always survive respected by the citizens and the dictators themselves. Principled people did it during Hitler's time. Hadis Alemayehu did it to Mengistu etc.

I have no sympathy for the likes of Shimeles, Tamarat Laynie and Siyie Abraha.

Those who are now festing on the killing field blinded by greed and power should learn a very important lesson from Shimeles and Tamarat Laynie. When you commit crimes against society - soon or later you will be accountable. Mengistu and his inner circles found out the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Who is EZ ? Is that the prophet who wore the Bible ? please let me know !!

Anonymous said...

we will see what happens. many times you said things that a false. in fact most of the time.