Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Zemedkun Tekle and Internet Blockage

(By Ethio-Zagol)
What does it feel to be a Zemedkun Tekle? Poor man, he has to defend the dumbest action by his bosses in the dumbest way possible. Today OpenNet Initiative, an Internet watchdog partly funded by my favourite billionaire, George Soros, accused Ethiopia of blocking opposition websites and blogs, after running tests which produced overwhelming evidence that the sites were blocked. Zemedkun's reply?
We may have technical problems from time to time. But we have not done
anything like that and we have no intention of doing anything like that.

What is it really, really, really like to have a job where your main responsibility is to act idiot?


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic liar. He is just like a dog who waites for some bones to be thrown to him from people like Bereket Simeon so tat he can go out and lie although he knows perfectly well that all the opposition websites are blocked in Ethiopi.

If it was just a "technical difficulty" how come people have easy access to government-backed blogs and websites. Anyway there is one way to get access to the banned blogs. Go to:

and follow the instruction.

That was how I accessed the sites when I was in Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Et Z,
I would have been instead wondered if Zemedkuin had clicked the truth button. They are already certified liers. Nothing special on Zemedhunnnnn.

Anonymous said...

EZ, that job you called being an idiot is called being a Politician. Let alone he, Kinijit politicians in the diaspora are constatntly trying to convince the world that without them Ethiopia is on the verge of collapse. Imagine selling that concept. I think Zemedkun has an easier job than his equivanlent lier (politician) on the Kinijit side. Such is life EZ. I welcome you to the real world. Ato Zemedkun, you sell it well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Accuntability is one of the most important character trait ,criteria, used to weigh the credibility public officals about their duity:with out trust one can not go a mile with any one ,let alone to be a respected public figure.The above anon who defend the personal flaw of Mr.Zemedkun by glossing over the mater and saying "look at kinigit officials in diaspora they do it offetn".I am not here to defend any one.You gave no evedence about the alleged incident other than to make a charge- this is none other than smiring of name to that organization.This kind of behavior is at the center of Ethiopia's problem.When are we to call lie-just that lie? A theift by its proper name theift. No one is perfect! people are not expected to perform their duity with out making some kind of mistake. If officials came out and tell the whole truth by saying I am sorry I made a mistake;the public will be much forgiving than the thos (when they get caught) say no not me! .. No!I have never done this.I think ,once again, we are deceiving our selves when we judge behaviour in terms of comparing one thing with another-this is equvication and not straight forword approch to problem.I rather call a lie a lie ,and risk the danger of retalation for non comformity than to gloss over or cover up- just bear the consequences for my action.

Anonymous said...

Zemedkun is no different than his bosses. His bosses are liars and deceitful hipocrites, so he is part and parcel of that deceitful organization. Here is the reality, there are very few countries that ban internet, China, North Korea, and ETHIOPI under TPLF.

We all have to understand that TPLF has good reason to benning internet in Ethiopia, they are a very small minority in Ethiopia controling majority of Ethiopians lives so banning and suppressing DEMOCRACY is in keeping with ANTI-DEMOCRATIC practice, the sad thing is America and United Kingdom (the two most democratic nations on Earth) are supporting Anti-Democratic practices in Ethiopia. The incosistency of these two countries is so wide it makes you think may be they are NOT DEMOCRATIC for themselves. Some people think America is a failed liberal democracy, now that idea seem more applicable in a hind sight.

TPLF is the most dispicable anti-democratic organization it makes you believe that America and Britain don't like the people of Ethiopia they would rather see our people suffer under tyranny than allow as to experience the smell of freedom their respective people enjoy. How much do they hate Ethiopians? SO MUCH!!!

When we get our freedom from TPLF we should consider our relationship with the two anti-democratic states, British and America. After all, they are the two countries that have benefited from enslaving AFRICANS, that they think they own our soul.


Anonymous said...

To the meles zenawi brother above. nehaus is gone noww and good ridence to her! dont listen to meles borther EZ.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

How can you allow such offensive language to be used on this discussion forum? "Meles' Brother" is using outrageous language here, I do not wish to be subjected to. Please remove "Meles' Brother" from the discussion forum alltogether. Thank you, EZ.

Unknown said...

patriotic Ethio.

"Zemedkun is no different than his bosses. His bosses are liars and deceitful hipocrites, so he is part and parcel of that deceitful organization."

That is true. What is interesting is they lie as if there is no tomorrow. Or do they see only neck without head, when they talk to others? May be the Woyanes have developed a new technology, that block the opposition site and has no problem, when it comes to Agia or Walta. They should license it to the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

It is as if there is a contest on who is lying the best, these people can never seize to amaze us by opening up the potential of human being for deception , do they have special school for that? . There must be something big missing from the mind of these people. They do not relay care what they lie about or how even it is presented, they would just throw it in your face. f in the process they exhibit the dumpiest side of their trait, even to their closet people like their children or relatives, they would not mind.

“There is no Ethiopian army in Somalia” said once their master only to start a massive offensive with the whole army from with in Somalia, Baidoa, a few days later.
You do not have to be a military stragist to understand what it takes in terms logistic for any country, let alone for Ethiopia, to get a whole army across border to “hostile” soil.

I am just wondering as where do they take the country with this? It is just sliding the slippery slope? When we fell like we cannot go any lower than this, boom they will take you to the lowest of low. I really do not know how and when will they start to realize that this have a dehumanizing impact as their sole and body are diverging from each other and when the body is by itself with out the watchdog - the sole, it is difficult even to enjoy the looted wealth. It seems concepts like Truth, trust and integrity are foreign and devaluated in the institute where these people are graduating from. It is as if they live in different cultural medium.

What is most disturbing is that how their ordinary followers are watching this theater of absurd everyday and still keep telling us that they are building a better Ethiopia when a culture of deception is being systematically institutionalized and implemented in every fabric of society? The same goes to the larger donor community; I do not know how they can trust a report which they get from these people about the performance of their donated money when the donors can not even get the gangs to acknowledge a simple fact like this which is verifiable with out much of an effort.

Egerzer y cher geze yamta.

Anonymous said...

"Part of the problem is that, in many African nations, democratic politicians have failed to build a base beyond their own ethnic or religious groups. Obasanjo relied primarily on his southern supporters in the previous election. In Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi depends heavily on his Tigray ethnic group. Without a broad-based political party, these leaders simply wind up dividing their nations and sharing political spoils narrowly, often leading to post-electoral violence because the ethnic group out of power feels marginalized."

"Ethnic politics also does little to combat corruption, one reason why democracy has not brought a demonstrable decrease in graft in many African states. "

Source: The New Republic

Anonymous said...

We should never rely on outsiders to help us. they never have. remember they allowed ya yetalian zebegna to do what he pleased. not until they saw a threat to themselves in general did they act in conjunction with the shame janohey put upon them.
meles' time is limited. when the western media finally expose him and shame their own govt he will soon be the stray dog without his masters to throw him a bone
continue the fight
as far as kinijit they are such a threat to meles still why wouldnt he release them. he knows what they can do he fears them like a spear to his heart

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not too late to post my comment on what my brothers have been saying about press freedom in our country. Well, I am a media practitioner and used to be attached to one of government media houses before, where Zemedkun was my editor. To be honest, he was not like this before, a man I worked with was not in any way against press freedom, as an editor and also as a friend, he has this dream of seeing bright day for all media practitioiers as well as citizens in Ethiopia.

But, politics is a kind of poison that makes people irrational. And I feel Zemedkun is forced or threatened to do and to say whatever he, from his heart is not accepting.

Let us pray and actually struggle in away that can build up our country and give chance for the people to speak aloud . And contribute in a positve manner to build a nation that starts in respecting others thoughts.

I am writing this because I am getting a chance to, but you people outside of the country, imagin us...let alone sites and blogs WE DO NOT HAVE SMS back home. We are really blocked and the government has to feel ashemd of!

Let us unite in one heart and do what we are believing in.