Thursday, May 03, 2007

Counselor Kevin Sullivan gets more power in US Embassy as the Somalia situation worsens

(By Ethio-Zagol and Meqdela)
The political and Economic Counselor of the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Kevin Sullivan, has become the single most important figure in Ambassador Yamamoto's leadership, even eclipsing the influence of the Ambassador himself in Ethiopian political issues. The Ethiopian staffers in the embassy call him "the Deputy Ambassador", in reference to his growing power.

His assistants say he is a hard-core realist who shows distrust to values like human rights as the center of cooperation between states. His convictions have led him to support the Meles administration even though there is open acknowledgement by key embassy officials that Ethiopia's bad human rights record is indefensible. "He is from the old school, obsessed with security and economic interest in the Horn of Africa; and he believes that the only power in Ethiopia which can guarantee that is the Meles administration," a US embassy staffer said.

Although Ambassador Yamamoto has since his arrival tried to press the release of political prisoners in Ethiopia, the Somalia war has complicated the situation with diplomats like Mr. Sullivan, insisting on the policy of appeasing the Meles administration. "His views are clear. He thinks as long as the Ethiopian government continues to act as the proxy of US interests in the Horn of Africa, the Americans should staunchly support it, “the staffer told me.

The counselor has looked a little shaggy in the last few days, working punishing hours. Shiro Meda insiders claim that the Somalia war and the insurgency have made embassy officials stand on their toes. One insider thinks the whole issue has given diplomats like Mr. Sullivan an upper hand in the embassy's little internal politics. "They don't want to call it an insurgency. They label it with less flattering terms as opportunistic violence; but the truth is they are unsettled by it. They think their only option is to stand with Meles whatever he does. That is why Mr. Sullivan is getting more and more de facto power and ears from the embassy and the State Department" He said.

Mr. Sullivan also thinks US Congress Representative Donald Payne's new bill is damaging to US interest in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. Insiders say that embassy officials believe that there is an inevitability that the bill will pass in the House of Representatives this time as its introducer, Donald Payne, has a good working relationship with the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi.Mr. Sullivan was so unhappy about the developments in US congress that he was even heard criticizing the visit here of Ted Dagne, Africa Specialist at the Congressional Research Service.


Anonymous said...

dear ethiozagol, the rumor master

on what planet were you the last 2 weeks??????? the insurgency in somalia is over! and it is another ethiopian victory masterminded by the genius meles zenawi.
you and your likes thought this disaster would take yuo straight to addis ababa but sorry, it didn't happen. you want more wars to happen, even when there is no more war you blindly say "the war in somalia, the growing insurgency" blah blah, like it is an accepted truth. our Rumor Master ethiozagol, sorry to disappoint you but there is NO MORE WAR TO SATISFY YOUR BLOODTHRISTY WISHES!!!

Under the leadership of our courageous PMMZ, we are going forward--->>>

you can keep talking like it is still march and keep talking about the somalia war lol

another loss to ONLF/OLF terrorists, CUD-diaspora and shabiaa...but ANOTHER VICTORY TO THE PROUD AND COURAGEOUS PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Mr Meles lover,

Do not be quick to declare VICTORY for the second time. The first time you said "Mission Acomplished", there followed the worst fighting in 16 years in Somalia whereby half Mogadishu population had to flee and God knows how many thousand innocent Somalis died. Not counting the ones who will still die as a result of hunger and hygiene-related diseases because they had to live under tries in thousands.

So please do not be surprised if the war breaks out again after the competing warlords regroup and start to attack your warloards Meles and Gedi...

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, insurgency is tough to defeat. If Crime Minister had had a little bit of courage and intelligence he would have learned a lesson or two from American military experience in Iraq. Whether Agazi soldiers pull out or not, any remaining invading army or 'peace keeping' force will be humiliated. Just be or two months later, another round of fighting is likely to resume - this time though HIT and RUN! If Meles stays, he will face the wrath, if he leaves, ONLF & OLF will find a good base to attack Agazi from. In any case, don’t count your chickens yet. It’s a lose-lose situation for the Crime Minister.

Anonymous said...

hey guys,
some people talk about meles saying "mission accomplished" but i don't remember him saying that before or even now! the attempt by Hailu shawel and dergists to make Mogadishu appear like iraq is very funny.

anyway, after the insurgency seems to end, why are dergists still dreaming about more bloodshed in mogadishu?? i guess it is there nature to standby, watch and dream for more death of people.

more division, uselessness, desperation, jail time, destruction to dergists/AEUP, shabiaa and all of shabiaa's pets!!!


Anonymous said...

The Weyane gangs declare victory almost every week. Military victory against the Somali people is a wishfull thinking. Master's of miscalculation as they are, the weyanes are repeating exactly what Bush and his Neo-conservative friends did in Iraq. This is how one European diplomat put it:

The appointment of Abdi Hassan Awale, who is known as Qaybdiid and was briefly arrested on war crimes charges in Sweden in 2005, has also caused serious concern. Mr Qaybdiid was one of the US-backed warlords that formed an alliance to try to check the influence of the SCIC in early 2006. The strategy backfired when the public chose to side with the Islamists over the warlords, helping the SCIC take control of the city.

"These two guys are the same warlords that helped sparked the rise of the Islamists," said one European diplomat, who predicted that fighting would return with a matter of weeks. "Every time the government has a chance to do something sensible they do the exact opposite. "

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

many thanks for your excellent analysis, though i have some reservations as you tend to belive that some of the guys are better than others as if this is personal and not systematic, the amahric saying goes "Kezinjero Konjo ...". The Ambassador himself is mad, and trying hard to sabotage the HR. Yamamato considers the "Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007" as " anti Ethiopia Act" . The Diaspora / Coalition for HR 5680 should make sure that this Act is not exposed to the interferences of the likes of Yamamato and Kevin... as both have a job to keep and I understand that Yamamto cares about that more than his conscience. He is in Addis representing Meles's will and not the ideal values of the US as enshrined in the US constituion. He is busy condemning the Ethiopian diaspora for their relentless campaign for the success of the HR 5680. The ambassador is not happy about the behaviour of the Ethiopian Americans and friends of Ethiopia who calls and writes to their congressmen and Women to back the bill. Their only wrong according to the ambassdor is " they made non-stop call and inundate their deputie's through letter writting. I dont blame him as this behaviour could only be learned from his ..... Meles. I will not be surprised if his Excellency the US Ambassador to Ethiopia calls the US Attorney General to institute a criminal charge against the Ethiopian diaspora for their "illegal and unconstituional" act of inundating the Honorable Congressmen and Woman of the US through letter wrtting campagins and phone calls. I cant imagine how Mr. ambassador could be ignorant of the rights and duties of a US citzen in relation to their Deputies.

Thank you EZ and keep up your good work


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it EZ, but more props to you...

Anonymous said...

My message to Mr. Ambassador is that, No matter how much you try to protect "your dictator" in power, judgment day is coming faster than you expect. The foolish adventure in Somalia is paying back in kind. Ethiopians are aware of the conspiracy more than anytime. History tells us that US backed dictators such as Mobutu, Samuel Doe etc etc didn't escape judgment day. The fate of Zenawi "your dictator" will not be different.

Anonymous said...

The growth of Ethiopian democracy and multi-party system under the honorable Meles Zenawi has woken even the hardline opposition groups and has made ethiopia the envy of many African young democracies.

We should all encourage our bright leader and the bright opposition parties who put the interest of the people over the interest of their narrow party allegance to push the thriving ship of ethiopian democracy forward.

What we are seeing now is history in the making!!!

God bless Meles Zenawi and Ethiopia!!!

Anonymous said...

E.Z thank you again for keeping us informed about U.S embassy's handling of the Somlia insurgency, in co-operation with the Pm. melese's regime.I have no doubt that the popular movement in that country will never die out;like the one we saw before it ,the present state can only explained in terms of their need to change method: adopt new approach,re arm ,and regroup.While the situation in Somalia remains close to our consern,mainly,because Africans instead of helping and co-operating among our selves,we sudenly found our interest reduced to a strife among us-a "designed chaos" devised from a distance by interestd groups.I hold the general puplic of the western world at the highest steem;i am also admirer of its democracy, of defence of human right,and its advocacy of individual freedom.However,lately it has become common practice among law makers ,after they assume office to egnore the responsiblity of their constituency and promote the interests of small but, influencial international aspirants.Just last year saw many law makers one by one leaving (humilated)office because they were found receiving bribe and other illegal gifts from multi national corporations.Based on what I know,how the this administration conduct business ;I don't share Mr.Sulvian's "anxiety" ,that congress man Payne's bill will pass;this is how thy play their politics-they want to keep the hope of the people in suspense.It is time for Ethiopians and Africans to assert our interest through principle of SELF RELIANCE.It is un wise to call Mr.Melese as lacky while,we continue to bow down before U.S law makers only to learn that:our request run counter to U.S interest.Africans problems should be sought by Africans,we have every thing backwords.We need to start to work among the different groups of our people,Africans,and with the general public of the western world-not with public officials,who appear to be prompters of the interests of the aspirants of the "one world order" If you think my views are far feched from the truth ,here, dig this info.volt and learn for your self the most frighting prospect that is being ploted behind the scene. 1- Info war .com 2-prison planet .com

Anonymous said...

EZ, you are officially confirmed. Like many before you, YOU ARE A TYPICAL WEREGNA AMARA. You folks talk too much, work very little, envy a lot, suspicious all the time, just one unproductive bunch. I mean I thank the day this choking influence of an unproductive and very backward groups influence has been slayed and hopefully resting eternally. I mean folks, go do something. Mawerate, Mawerate, Mawerate, yerasatchehune zemede enkuan merdate yemataweku sewotche le ethiopia tasebalachehu. Jesus. Weregna backward bunch.

Anonymous said...

in response to the post above,

dear friend, werenga amarawoch semachewu erasu werenga kehone, lemindin newu wera taweralachu beleh yemetenadedewu???

let them talk all day. it is better that way. the rest of us ethiopia will work hard and improve our ethiopia. in every society there is a werenga unconstructive, useless group. in ethiopia, it is not limited to amhara, but mostly werenga abyssinians who worship their holidays and do no work are the most useless people in ethiopia. in time, they will make up the lowest of the low working class which ethiopia will need as our economy grows more and more. In america, they use the DV and mexicans to bring cheap labor to drive their corporations. in ethiopia we have the Werenga abyssinians to do all of that dirty work for us in the future. so you SHOULD be very happy.
let them talk and talk and talk, while we keep growing up and up.

Long Live Ethiopia and more honor and greatness to the father of ethiopian democracy, religion freedom and free press, H.E. Meles Zenawi.

Ethiopia will keep rising despite the neftenga werengas who will eventually became more useful as long as capitalism exists, for cheap labor for our economy


Anonymous said...

"Part of the problem is that, in many African nations, democratic politicians have failed to build a base beyond their own ethnic or religious groups. Obasanjo relied primarily on his southern supporters in the previous election. In Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi depends heavily on his Tigray ethnic group. Without a broad-based political party, these leaders simply wind up dividing their nations and sharing political spoils narrowly, often leading to post-electoral violence because the ethnic group out of power feels marginalized."

"Ethnic politics also does little to combat corruption, one reason why democracy has not brought a demonstrable decrease in graft in many African states. "

Source: The New Republic

Anonymous said...

To the above anonym:

The New Republic is dead wrong. Obasanjo, the Nigerian president was elected because of the support of the northern Hausa's. You can't get elected without it. Obasanjo was a southern FACE with a northern Political power base. So DEAD WRONG. That is why, you have a northerner hausa, ADUA, the president now from the SAME political party. do you follow?
As to Ethiopia, the P.M. does not depend on Tigrayans. His base is EPRDF. If he depended on the Tigrayan masses, he wouldn't have survived when Siye and the entire Tigrayans wanted him out because of Eritrea. do you follow?

The P.M. is a gift from God to a country that has never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. We need his presence to teach and lead a nation that has made it fashinable to be a screw up for hundreds of years.

Egzehaberegne Enamesegenwe for the PRIME MINISTER.

Anonymous said...

So the Tigreans are telling us that thier only difference with Melles Zenawi is Eritrea. How about when he kills innocent civilians? how about when he jails Ethiopian leaders? According to the above anon, the Tigres agree on everything Melles Zenawi does, but disagree on Eritrea. Do they think this makes them geniune Ethiopians? They re not fooling anybody. This is nonsense. It is a hypocracy in a highest form.

Anonymous said...

The most glaring examples of Meles Zenawi’s failure as a leader are the following:
1.He bred discontent and discord within the TPLF which finally resulted in a “mini” coupe within the TPLF where by veteran members of the leadership of the TPLF were summarily dismissed and thrown out of the party.
2.He manipulated the Central Committee and the Politburo members of the TPLF into endorsing his anti-Ethiopian political programs and cooperation with hostile foreign governments to the detriment of the interest of Ethiopia.
3.He caused the fragmentation and bantustanization of Ethiopia laying the groundwork for weakening the political, economic, and cultural close ties among the different ethnic groups that constituted Ethiopia, the ties that had been forged over several centuries of coexistence under one sovereign power.
4.He had fomented disagreement and hate in between different ethnic groups thereby dividing the nation into a boiling mass of ethnic hatred and conflict.
5.He is the supreme controlling authority of the many Syndicalists business and non-profit organizations engaged in monopolistic businesses in Ethiopia and elsewhere in the world. There never been any full accounting of those organizations, and no one knows where the hundred of millions dollars and equivalent wealth is deposited, how it is moved, in whose names such accounts are held.
6.He had encumbered and betrayed Ethiopia with tremendous international legal burden by signing the Algiers Agreement of 2000, an agreement that is conspiratorial, treasonous, and criminal.
7.He had misrepresented to the Ethiopian people the state of affaires in the border demarcation process and case that was illegal presented to The Hague Boundary Commission. Because of incompetent representations, and limitations set by Meles Zenawi, the Boundary Commission had entered its illegal decision against Ethiopia.
8.He has expressed in countless monologue his own and his government’s position that the issue of the Ethiopian Afar Coastal territorial sovereignty as nothing more than a question of “port” access to the Red Sea. He has undermined thereby totally the legitimate and historic sovereignty of Ethiopia over the Afar Coastal area, the territorial waters on the Red Sea, and the human rights of the Afar people who are Ethiopian citizens.
9.He has no coherent foreign policy except reactive processes that is constantly appeasing bullies and powerful governments rather than being proactive and taking the initiative to create new allegiances and prospects in order to make decisive stand in the interest of Ethiopia..
10.He has allowed rich individuals and agents of hostile nations to penetrate the political, economic, and cultural life of Ethiopia, where by our national security and our national pride had been dealt a sever blow.
11.He has repeatedly violated and circumvented our Constitutional procedures meant to guarantee proper hearing and notice to the Ethiopian public about all major international agreements or decisions affecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.
12.He has corrupted and subverted the judicial system of the country through his appointment of partisan TPLF members or supporters as judges; moreover, he has interfered in specific cases before the highest courts of the nation. At times he had blatantly refusing direct court orders to free prisoners.
13.He has been repeatedly accused of the murder, torture, or disappearances of Ethiopians who may have opposed his political ambition, and had never fully answered to such accusations.
14.He has detained thousands of Ethiopians without court order for an extended period under brutal living conditions thereby affecting the health and well-being of thousands of Ethiopians. Most importantly, he has violated the human rights of Ethiopians guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations and numerous Resolutions of the General Assembly, and the Ethiopian Constitution. Furthermore, he has choked all forms of freedoms of speech and expression by incarcerating publishers and reporters under a draconian press law.
15.He has put in place an education program that has caused tens of thousands of young Ethiopians without a future, without training, and without hope.
16.He has put in place an economic program that is syndicalist, monopolistic, and adverse to competition and hard work
17.He has put in place rural development and agriculture policy that had a stifling effect on small farmers, who are blackmailed for political reason at all level by the bureaucracy. Under his administration, Ethiopia has been exposed to a series of famines and is in a state of extreme poverty. Et cetera
18.He had allowed the enemies of Ethiopia to infiltrate Ethiopia's military forces thereby compromising the national security and defense strategy and tactics by appointing high military commanders whose loyalty to Ethiopia and the defense of Ethiopia's territorial integrity is highly questionable and manifestly suspect.
19.He has degraded deliberately the defense capacity of the nation by removing seasoned commanders and great veteran soldiers from the Ethiopian defense forces. And had failed from upgrading and replacing acutely needed military weapon systems especially Ethiopia's Air force.
20.He had allowed moral deterioration and massive prostitution in Ethiopia adding to the spread of AIDS. He had failed to defend the honor and individual human rights of Ethiopian women who are forced under inhuman conditions to work in the Middle East. He had abandoned Ethiopia's poor children to live in squalor and dehumanizing conditions on the streets of Addis Ababa and other urban centers.
21.He massacred hundreds Ethiopian in November 2005 and jailed thousands in different concentration camps. Also, killed and tortured Addis Abeba students several times
22.Stole 2005 popular vote, Jailed and tortured innocent peaceful opposition members after losing the 2005 election. Massacred innocent Anuak Civilians
23.Massacred thousands in Somalia (the list will continue….)

Anonymous said...

As an amhara, most of my family supports meles zenawi. tigre makes only 7 percent of ethiopia but more than 55 percent of the votes went to EPRDF in the last election.
if the neftenga CUD didn't cheat by telling farmers CUD will REMOVE ALL TAX PAYMENT, EPRDF would have had even MORE votes!!! But CUD cheated using an illegal ideology of banning all kind of tax. What kind of poor country removes all TAX???? LOL!!
the CUD cheated!!!! but they still lost!!!

good thing the non-AEUP kinijit decided to abandon the Hailu shawel type dictators!!!
now ethiopian parliament can work dictator free and democracy grow more and more.

all of this is thanks to the patriotic eprdf ethiopians and the patriotic opposition parties in parliament.


Anonymous said...

Unless and otherwise your parents are collecting terferafiiii from Meles, they can not support him. What a hell are you really talking about? how on earth one can support Melese unless treferafiiiiiiiiii yemelekakem kalehone bekereeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????????

Anonymous said...

To the anon who listed the crimes of Mr. Melese;what do you think must Ethiopians ought to do at this time?Let all in unision stand beliving ,that the time finally has come to satart popular self defense.Somalias are defending themselves ,rightly so, their interest,We too need to defend our interest:even if it means forming resonable allience with Shabia.Pm.Melese used it to promote his empire;we can do it to restore the dignity pride of Ethiopians.I will not be highly critical of Mr.Melese;his principles are open public knowledge.Rather this, our ineptness ,and almost settled paralytic state.I must add the majourity of Ethiopians have made their mind clear and continue to demand to stand up.I don't believe how long we can keep the unity of the coalition together:most feel they need to get out of the present inert state and move for ward with full gear -it will be foolish not to pay attention to unique developments taking place near your own nose.I take an issue with this person,true you gave us a list of crimes ,we are fully aware of, comitted by the regime.What benefit do we derive from merly repeating knowen information all over.We need to stop being shallow and need to weigh our progress through realistic measurments, acheivment of meaningful gains such as conducting self defense,of assuming a militant posture ,exploring many avenues ,adopting all means:until we reach the desired goal.Let none of us rest until the desired goal of the people is met:no one will do it for us,we have to do it for our selves.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Meles The Father of Democracy in Ethiopia! You brought Free Speech, where Opposition groups can critic the government. You brought Election to a country that has never seen an election before. You brought poltical difference, and respect for each others opinion! Mr P.M. You brought the first power sharing GOVERNMENT IN ETHIOPIA'S HISTORY! CUD had an opportunity to govern the LARGEST CITY IN ETHIOPIA, but their Kurfia and their own division didn't allow them to see this GRAND oppoturnity presented to them, and they passed. Mr. Meles your leagacy will SHINE FOR EVER in Ethiopia's history. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anon above"A dog willcontinue to bark wherever his/her left over comes o" So you to may continue to nurse and attend your master,since you have made to be your duity by choice.Please,care not for Ethiopians,we are resilient people.Neither are we moved by emotions as you have suggested ,kurfia, but are guided through principle.It is your way and your likes to stoop below human degnity and to prostrate and venerate your Master-"inba tebaki."Work for your living hopfully one day you may out smart the palace cup bearers and may be able to win big price."A man who will not stand for any principle will fall for any thing"unanimous

Anonymous said...

To the very top anonym (Tegrae TPLF CADRE):



Meles "Buchilla" Yimoot!

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia Tekdim!!!!





Anonymous said...

To the Woyanae tebay at 6:11PM why you bark about Shabiaa, its you who gave them their independence, it was you who went to Asmara and talked about " beenante gerba yalew tebasa be enaem gerba ale". How soon you froget, Mr. Anbetta. But as the saying goes, yewega biresa, yetewega ayeresam. Half of the posts above were written by one individual. Just because he writes repeatedly, just because he has a gun pointed at the head of millions of Ethiopians, just because the Americans are "currently" supporting him for their own sick reasons, he thinks he is invinsible. But history has shown us time and time again, in the end hateful dictators and murderers end up in the trash. As the great Mahtama once told Lord Mountbatten, one hundred thousand Englishmen can not rule three hundred fifty million Indians indefinately, I say one hundred thousand askeyami racist Woyane can not rule seventy seven million Ethiopians indefinately. Yemata mata ewenet yereta. Meles Zenawi for Ethiopia is no more than Louis Farakhan for the United States, no more, no less. An extreme of the minorty, who can think in no other way than race, just like a tormented sole in any American inner city. You blow a horn at him its because he s Tigre, you don't hire him at a job, its because he s Tigre, you don't rent him a house its because he s Tigre. Thanks to Mengistu he killed all the people that counted, and we had our beloved country fell in the hands of this kind of hateful monster. But talk about this and that, in the end it will be gone with the wind, the truth will come out victorious.Until then talk the cheap talk, plenty did at the time of the Italian occupation too. The great deeds, "ye hayalu Italian mengiste" did. Freedom is coming, Ethiopian will be free of this hateful occupation.

Anonymous said...[/img][color=red][b][size=24]WANTED[/size] [size=24]DEAD or ALIVE!!![/size][/b][/color]

Anonymous said...

We Ethiopians know who our enemy is. it is people who want to rule over us by brute Force and scare tactic. CUD and its fan in the diaspora was using scare tactic to make us believe if they didn't rule over us Ethiopia will disappear. They have taken us back to 50 years with their gura and empty bravado and scare tactic. This bunch of people who cannot even agree to disagree for their own party existence. They have split and splintered again and again, making each other sworn enemy, calling each other the worst enemy of Ethiopia, and using the same scare-tactic they used to scare us from EPRDF on themselves. I am very glad that CUD didn’t take Addis Ababa. I wonder what they would have done to our city. This people are educated fools who are too full of themselves. Thank you EPRDF, you are our Choice for the coming Millennium!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Sullivan is a grand son of Notorios slave owner. Mr. Sullivan is known for his ferocity and harsh treatment of Black Slaves. He tries to pass himself as Jewish but deep down he is a horrible black blood thirsty. Kevin, the grand son of a slave owner is said to have deep fond for black woman with big "kabus." I am not sure it can be proven, but we know that for fact; from the horses mouth. In fact, he was caught red-handed watching Jendayi Frazer walk from behind. Many did not the reasons he always draggs himself behind Frazer, now he has been given warning or else he will be returned back to state department. This is his story, anyone knows more please do make it available.

Anonymous said...

So basically, Kevin Sullivan is a descendant of a Slave Owner. Right. Well, he must feel at home in Addis. I hear there are many descendants of slave owners in Addis. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ !!!

There seems to be a growing divergence of policy between the Bush administration and European Union in the Horn of Africa. EU seems to embrace the Eritrean regime while the Bush administration is sticking with Weyane. Despite pressure from the Bush administration, EU seems to distance itself from the Ethiopian regime after the May 2005 election. The regime in Addis is doing everything to get back the cash flow from EU but EU refused to do so. What will be the fate of the regime in Addis when Bush leaves office? The Democrates in Congress are likely to follow EU's stand on the regime in Addis Ababa. In collabration with the Bush administration, the regime in Addis foiled EU's attempt to reconcile different Somali groups last year. Is our region heading to be a battlegroud for different political forces? Your input on this issue will be very important.

Here is the article from Rueters:

EU embraces Eritrea in search for Horn peace

Anonymous said...

Kevin Sullivan is looking to restore his grandfather's status at the expense of Real-Ethiopians. He is a grandson of slave owner, he cannot be good to Ethiopians or any other Black nation. Sullivans have black blood on their hand and unpaid service for those who served in Sullivans household. Its time to kick Kevin out of Ethiopia for he is there to fullfil his grandfather's long held dream of becoming a kingly figure in Balck African nation. To him Ethiopia is the best candidate, since Ethiopia is the only African nation that has not been colonized by the whites. Kevin Sullivan is fullfiling that dream THNAKS TO TPLF they are giving him access to the very soul of the nation for unexchange of American taxpayers dollar. As an American I am appalled my taxmoney is squandered to fullfil some white kid dream of becoming a kingly figure his grandfather was unable to fullfil. By the way the comment initiator of Kevin Sullivan's background, I want you to know that he does not like black women, Kevin just sees black women as a soft target, its believed that Keven's grandfather has had lust for his serevants he had two children from the serevants. Kevin is fascinated as to how it feels mounting a black women. He is just visualizing his grand father in action and he wants to feel that essence in a bid to understand grandpa's desire.

Anonymous said...

All the detailed info about Zenawi's crime is great but one only needs to look at how he diveded etiopians and that is all that needs to be said. What the ??? is Amara Kilil or tigray kilil.. ther is no such thing. The centuries of integrating and mixing he is trying to remove and rule by division. his time will come. No more crap about amhara and tigray. my granfather was tortured to death by italians probably becuase a banda outted him but i dont have any hate towards tigreans. Meles is the is divisive one and needs to go. he will be gone none too sson to spend his blood money. his masters will leave him once he has served them.. God helped etiopians when those cousins couldnt even agree ... his time will come Keep on fighting ETIOPIANS. Racists will fall to their demise. At least Menge loved etiopia and killed all who opposed. HIM Haile Selassie showed preference to the ones from the north to help the country. Menilik and the rulers before him kept the country together by forcing integration...

Anonymous said...

Kevin Sullivan is not the grandson of a slave owner, nor did either of his grandfathers have any children with black slaves. I am his mother and I have studied our ancestry at great length. This whole story and subsequent comments are total lies and keeps getting more ridiculous with each and every erroneous comment. Kevin is a brilliant leader, a good husband and father and as fair of a man as one could hope to find. For the past two years, he has worked tirelessly for the betterment of Ethiopa and all of it's people. Shame on you! Get your facts straight.