Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The European Council's decision on Ethiopia
Yesterday I noted the council's firm position on Ethiopia. The details are:
The council decided to make the withheld direct budget support permanent unless there is a visible sign of advancement in democratization and good governance. The so-called Provision of Basic Services which was designed by the World Bank was dealt with as well. Decision was made to make a thorough study on the modalities of execution. Europe is still skeptical about giving money to corrupt and inefficient Woredas. Project based support for major road construction will continue but with rigorous monitoring. 125 million euros is made available for the road works.
Meles Zenawi sent a two pages letter to the council before its meeting affirming his interest for dialogue. It seemed the members weren't impressed.


Anonymous said...

And it will continue to get worse until this kosso fit and his ilks are thrown out. With brave Ethiopians working on both sides of the hemesphere to cut off this tyrant's financial resource his days are numberd. I just hope he does not die on us as we will miss teaching him how justice is done, the right way with due process of the law.

Anonymous said...

I think EA did good job. Thanks for all ethios and true friends of ethiopian such as Ana Gomez. But, I'm tired of listening hypocrit US politicians witout any humanity and moral value. Shame on the US and its politicians who sided with a facist minority ethnic government. Where is Bush's christanity, democracy bla bla crap! I know when it comes to Ethiopia and Africa they don't wish good things! Is this truly humanity and democracy?