Friday, March 24, 2006

The schedule for Tegbar's CD is over. In Addis, it was unimplemented. Security forces camped inside schools making student protests quite difficult. Some activists were also re-arrested. There was also awareness problem as the call was not broadcast on radios like Tensae. Outside Addis it was a partial success. There were road blockades in Fitche, Dessie and some places of Gondor. Student protests have also been conducted in many areas in oromiya and Amhara regions. ER reported rail blockade.
I expect that the organizers to come up with a thorough assessment of the call's execution. This is the first step. I am sure Tegbar's next move will be even more successful.

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Anonymous said...

hi ethio zagol

The bastard weyanes have silenced our AF. She was our life line.
I hope you will take her place and update us.
Your site is advertised in many Ethiopian and Eritrean web sites and forums
I look forward of your blog.