Monday, March 27, 2006

Explosion killed one, 14 injured
Muluemebet Woldayes, a civil servant, was travelling to her office. At 2:30 in the morning she switched Taxis at the Meshualekia. It was to be her immutabily lucky day. The Mini bus that she left blasted minutes latter killing one and injuring three. At the same time, another bomb exploded in Kera, the sound of the blast reverbrating upto the Sar Bet area but without causing fatalities. Hours latter bombs exploded in Akaki and Addis ketema. The later injuring a bystander.
While Addis Ababans were digesting the morning news, a story of another blast in the senga tera area started spreading like wild fire. Geg cafteria, frequented by the working class was the target. At least eleven were seriously injured.
These bombing show a clear pattern. They targeted places like lalibela hotel, Eyerusalem hotel and Geg cafe whose owners were regarded by the public as CUD symphatizers; or government buildings without causing serious damage. Who is the bomber?

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Anonymous said...

The bomber may be someone who has a deep hatred for CUD. Hey, you could not have space in jail for all CUD sympathizers. This may be the way to go.