Friday, March 24, 2006

Vicki Huddleston, Meles's Post Woman
One wonders how a career-diplomat like Vicki Huddleston would put herself deep into the political mire thousands of miles away from her home. That Vicki staunchly supported the Meles Government was not her choice. It was a short term policy decision by the Bush administration which has made fighting terrorism an all consuming obsession. That Wilsonian ideal of standing for the freedom of man has been kissed good bye. Yet Vicki's gone beyond executing the foreign policy of the United States here. She's stuck her nose in the most mundane internal political matters in the most shameless way.
Two weeks ago, the charge d'affairs summoned Ethiopian employees of the American Center for Disease Control to talk about matters of domestic politics. Astounded employees heard Vicki explaining her attempt to create another Kinijit. "Don't expect the old Kinijit to revive. We are planning for the next election and creating an opposition with former Kinijit members like Ayele Chamiso," a friend of mine quoted her as saying. More was to come. She branded Eng. Hailu Shawel a "Violent man" and predicted that he would continue from where he left off if he was released from jail. She was also clear on the fate of prisoners. The Americans would try to get them released but it might not matter if they were released.
More in the store? Sure. The unfortunate Ethiopians were told to swallow the hard truth that Kinijit never won the May election. A disgruntled attendant left the meeting after daringly announcing that the Americans had never sided with the Ethiopian people when they need them most. Others followed.
In the absence of the press which would have scrutinized her moves, Vicki has transformed from an American diplomat to Meles Zenawi's no.1 henchwoman. She tried to force (not convince) elected members of the Addis Ababa City Government to take over the administration against the will of the jailed Kinijit leaders. An elected representative confided to me that she scolded Dr. Admasu Gebeyehu when he told her there was no way they could take over the administration while their leaders were in jail.
Vicki Huddleston has no self-respect. She sometimes act as a post woman for Meles, carrying his message from one opposition leader to another, or telling them Meles was irritated with one act or another and they had to quit it. Tell me; is this part of the job description of a US diplomat?


Anonymous said...

Without creating a viable and strong lobby which can generate votes for US elections, we will always be at the mercy of the Vicki Huddlestons of this world.

However, as she, in her ineptness, was completely wrong in her election predictions, she is wrong in her prediction now.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an idea where Vicki used to work before assuming her current role? She sounds like an employee of k-street firms that are hired by TPLF gang. In that case, she is working hard to get a bigger pie from the $8 million or so yearly budget.