Monday, March 20, 2006

Update on Civil disobedience
Addis was very calm today. Students I talked to hadn't heard of the Tegbar call. There was no sign of protest in the streets or at work places. It beggars belief that tegbar didn't announce the call on the Mass media(VOA, Tensae etc). Do they think distributing a few thousand leaflets would organize people.
I am mad...Yet tomorrow is another day


Anonymous said...

Addis Ababa is not Ethiopia. Just because you did not see any thing in Addis Ababa that doesn't mean there is not action. But I have the same question to Tegbar. Why didn't they use Tensae radio to announce the call for civil disobedience? The question goes to Tensae too.

ethio-Zagol said...

I thought you can only achieve the greatest political impact when things happen in Addis. This is where the media, the foreign embassies...are. The november protest was the most intense outside Addis but the one that made a difference was the protest in the capital.