Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Meles, ill-health and the price of power
Meles Zenawi looked sick as he addressed Parliament today. He was pale, and looked dehydrated. There wereobviously good reasons for his ill-health. The European Union has stood firm on its former position of only helping the Ethiopian government only when there is a visible evidence of democratic progress. That was decided on the council's summit two weeks ago(I will come with more info tom.) He is also having a hard time governing the country in a peaceful manner with protests sprouting everywhere. Addis Ababa's elected councilors refused to take over the adminstration without the release of the CUD leaders. Meles had hoped if the city was governed by imposter Kinijit councilors, he would portray to donor's as a show case for the advancement of democracy here.
Ill-health, it seems, is too small a price to cling on an illegally usurped power for Meles Zenawi.


Anonymous said...

I loved your blog and you seem to very crediable sources. Thank you for doing is and please tell us more and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there

So if EU said no aid to Ehiopia 2 weeks ago, how in God's name you and your likes missed the news two weeks ago. Come on...