Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Peasants forced to become EPRDF members

Peasants in the Amhara region are being forced to join ANDM. According to sources, particularly in western Gojam where kinijit won by a landslide , ANDM cadres threaten and blackmail farmers to be the member of the organization. The farmers are also required to pay 3 birr as a registration fee.
After Amnesty International reported its concern about Birhanu Nega's health, the court which is hearing the prosecutor's case against Kinijit finally ordered prison authorities to move Birhanu to a less suffocated and more ventiallted cell. Last week, the same court had refused Birhanu's request for the transfer citing jurisidictional grounds.
The public prosecutor asked the court today to present a new 900 pages document as an evidence against the Kinijit leaders, journalists and civil society members who are accused of false charges of high treason and attempted genocide. The court as expected granted the prosecutor's request.


Geja said...

Hello EZ

Your latest blog was the last thing I read last night before I went to bed. Particularly the last two paragraphs stuck with me as I was dozing off, and this morning walk up with a memory of this beautiful dream. I dreamt of Kinijit NA and Kinijit Int’l taking charge of the situation very strongly and with unabashed commitment to the wellbeing while in prison and immediate release from incarceration of the real Kinijit leaders. I dreamt of them engaging intensely the Diaspora with their continually and instantly updated internet site, sending emails and letters one after another to anyone who could help, appealing to the world that the first and utmost important task at hand is the release of our leaders and then the removal of tyranny from our land, that there is no issue more burning in our mind, more tormenting in our soul and more demanding in our resources than making sure those brave human beings that faced evil right in the eyes and said, evil, we are not afraid of you, with our strength we will fight you to save our land, with our commitment we are ready to spread the fire of freedom and democracy through out the Ethiopian mind, now and forever. Listen evil, Ethiopians who were born in this beautiful but unfortunate land will fight you, Ethiopians who fled this country for fear of your cruel deeds will continue to wrestle you till they cut you down to nothingness, Ethiopian children who were born outside Ethiopia will learn about the beauty of their country, the patriotism of their ancestors, the struggle of their parents and fight you till you are banished from their land. That was my dream last night.

My dream even included our NA and Int’l Kinijit leaders going around major cities and towns across NA and Europe and telling their packed audience that they are nothing but the footstep followers of what Dr Birhanu Nega started a while ago, making us aware there is this entity called Ethiopia that needs our fertile mind and our vast collected pockets, there are these millions of destitute people called Ethiopians who for centuries have never witnessed what it means to be free from hunger, free from pestilence and free from oppression, that these unfortunate Ethiopians are, not necessarily stretching their arms towards God now, but stretching their arms towards us, the fortunate ones who managed to make it in the West. I continued dreaming of our NA and Int’l Kinijit leaders addressing the emotionally charged crowd that they are doing nothing other than passing to us what they learnt from the unselfish commitment of Ato Hailu Shawl, his ultimate goal to give back to his people in no uncertain terms, whatever it takes, for what they gave him when they paid for his school with their meager tax money. They are the students of Dr. Yacob, Dr Hailu Aarya, Judge Birtukan and so many courageous others in Kaliti that sincerely believed the love of country is not paid by talking about it in the bars of Addis and DC, but by looking at the currently Arat Kilo residing evil and telling him that the truth shall and will win, and we are the ones the Ethiopian people choose to set them towards freedom and prosperity, evil get out of the way, you are unnecessarily taxing our patience and wasting our time. We shall and we will win over you. That was my dream last night.

In my dream I was even thinking this is a dream come true, that these people are now truly understanding the name they inherited, the purpose they have signed up for and their first task - to do everything in their power to obtain the release of our leaders from jail, who then in turn will lead us to that shining mountain of freedom from tyranny. This first task, by far the most enticing of all, is treacherous, hard and even slippery, but by God they are now up to it and ready to fulfill what they sworn to do. It was such a joyful moment for me in my dream that I started pushing everyone out of the way to go and hug some of the Kinijit NA and Int’l leaders standing on the podium. The last thing I realize was rushing towards one of them for a congratulatory hug. I dreamt of this last night.

Suddenly I woke up lying face down on what seems to be the floor, I heard someone whispering over my shoulder asking me what I am doing lying on the floor just after strangely sleep-walking off the bed only a moment ago. It was my wife, looking me over and checking if I twisted one of my old bones. I am ok, but I refused to believe I just had a nightmare, I refused to believe when I fully wake up I will go through another torturous day of wondering what happened to our NA and Int’l Kinijit leaders, which yeken jib swallowed them, why they are intently, like a clockwork, de-energizing us and trying to kill our focus from driving evil away. Why they blow like a candle in the wind just for a moment and then disappear into silence. Why they seem to lack any focus of purpose and mission. That was my dream turned nightmare last night.

I know I am not alone in this dream of our NA and Int’l Kinijit leaders waking up one day soon and fully transform into action our unwavering commitments towards driving evil away, and implementing our resource towards well impacting activities that will bring Ethiopians freedom from tyranny. I know I am not alone in this nightmare of wondering what got into our NA and Int’l Kinijit leaders - is it factionalism, driving them apart? Or is it selfishness, putting the cart before the horse? I have heard these are all very smart people who have and can achieve a lot, so what gives? I just hate to go thru another night of waking up face down on the floor, too many of these and I know for sure I will twist something in my old self.

A bewildered son of Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

I am honestly starting to believe the allegations that this site has been taken over by woyane. The change in the writing patterns are just hard to ignore.

Anonymous said...

to the last anon,
I am honestly starting to believe the likes of you who turnaround honest assesments of situations and pain points by hiding behind some buzwords are the woyanes. Just like Geja ellequontely put it, at this moment the wellbeing of Dr Birhanu while in prison, the immediate release of the leaders, these two issues should be the biggest drivers and highest priority of our activities. Any thing else, as important as it may be only comes next.
Writing patterns? could you point out what patterns your feeble mind came up with or was that something you learned in your community college psych class? Please go back to your Aiga forum, or whatever hellhole you came from.

Anonymous said...


Kudos to you! well said and it could not have been said any better!

Kinijit is our inheritance, we'll fight for it and save it!

The Fighting Ethiopian.

anon above,if woyane was a snake it would bite you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Thanks Seminawork for some of the news and articles. What the Melese Regime doing now is exactly what is did with Professor Asrat. Meles is trying to kill our legitmately elected Leaders by keeping them in harsh conditions and denying medical help. All supportes of the cause of Kinijit, especially those in North America and American Citizens, please engage with your local Representatives and senators for the passing of HR5680, Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights Advancement Act. Please, this is a powerful weapon against Meles to release our Kinijit Leaders and also deny Visas for those who killed our innocent compatriots. Please , Please, the time is now to Act!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Thank you so much for your effortless updates.

Dear Geja,

That was very beautiful. There is a saying 'one person at a time'. With positive and courageous ppl like EZ and you, the truth can be spread with the intention of creating a POSITIVE impact on ppl, and it's successfull if one person is changed for the better. Some people think it's running into the hands of the enemy when criticizing the friend, but we can't ignore tifat, particularily when it impaires the vision of our courageous leaders and the taking care of their family members. Positive criticism will go a long way to bring about the change we desire.

Let your dream come true, but until then your message may make a positive effect on us, one person at a time

Anonymous said...

Ayeee, I could care less about EZ's criticism of kinijit NA or International...whatever. I am not fond of people that much unless it is people like B Nega.

As for the writing patterns, its just my thoughts and I have expressed them.