Friday, July 14, 2006

Plea from jailed leaders as their health conditions worsen

(by Seminawork contributor)
EPRDF is punishing the jailed leaders of Kinijit by denying proper medical care and attention. On Tuesday, eight prisoners made a plea to the court to order prisoner authorities to imrove their medical care. According to sources, Birhanu Nega's helath is worsening by the day. The authorities have refused to accept the recommendation of doctors to move him to another cell. Instead, more than 50 people, some of them with serious health problems, were moved to his cell last week, pushing the number of prisoners in that cell to more than 450.
Even the younger leaders aren't spared of the medical problem. The youngest of all, Muluneh Eyuel, is suffering from eyesight problems. It was believed that his condition was caused due to his confinement in solitary cell without proper light for more than a month. Birtukan Mediksa is also having minor skin problems caused due to poor hygiene conditions.
Adil's court refused the plea of the prisoners, raising jurisidictional issues. The prisoners ask for a more concerted effort to make human right organizations and foriegn governments aware of their plight.
Meanwhile, some of the families of the prisoners are having serious financial problems. Except for the few top leaders, support for many of the prisoners has been non-existent for the last two months.

PS: It had been difficult for me to access the internet for the last ten days as I was out of Addis Ababa . I thank those who were really worried about my well-being. The above news was compliled by a contributor to this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank God you (Ethio zagol) are OK!

Anonymous said...

It was a great relief to learn you are ok. Now I can go to bed a little relaxed. Thanks God. Take care! May God protect you from these vicious beasts.

Anonymous said...

Take care of YO Zagol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ethiozagol,
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Anonymous said...

inde hewan:

You have to try the link at least five to six times for it to work. I was able to make it work once or twice and I tell you, it is worth the extra effort.

enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks be God! It is good to know that you are okay

Senek Alama

Anonymous said...

Cool Z, it is always good to hear from you. Be well.

Anonymous said...

It is nice our Ethio-Zagol that you are Okye..

People were worrying a little bit since you didnot update your -our site

Once again a thank God for letting us to hear from you and you are Okye..

Anonymous said...

First let me say that it is a huge relief that ethio zagol is ok, i hope it is real one who said he/she is ok.

So can we now address the burning issue in our country. i observe from a sedentary position that it seems that it is open season on the brave leaders who are now languishing in jail in ethiopia. I see many articles posted in the the usual websites being critical of the past "so called mistakes" , no one doubts that in a country where mature democartic culture is non existent anyone who try to engage in the democratic process is bound to make mistakes. I am not saying we should not engage in self critique of our actions so that we can learn from them but a dose of reality would not go a miss. WE ARE WHERE WE ARE, the issue is instead of filling acres about pontificating about every decision and undertake contextual analysis of every publications it is important to come up with suggestions as to the best way forward. I read Dr. Gubena article, don't get me wrong i have respect for the man, but as i was reading his very eloquently written article i think it was 16 pages long i was yearning for concrete pratical suggestion as to how to get out of the quaguimire we are in. I did not see any maybe i missed it as i am simple person with no higher qualifications. Although i agreed with him about the fact that we should stop comparing what is going in ethiopia with Apartheid he was spot on about that and he gave valid reasons for that. I also say we should stop liking the situation in ethiopia with what went on Rwanda as any words like genocide conjure up Rwanda in the minds of many non ethiopians and the situation in our country although undoutedly dire is not comparable. With regard to the ill health of our leaders, I wonder if the association of Ethio doctors could ask their American colleagues to visit our leaders to oversee their treatment they can do this under the auspice of an international NGO would that work? I am sure EORDF will seek to frustrate it but at least they should try.
As for the wider situation i fear we are sleep walking into a very dire situation, lets from now on debate ways forward rather harping on about the past.
Long live agere ethiopia

Anonymous said...

How credible is the report given the fact of it being compiled by a contributor who could be anybody with any agenda.

Prison conditions would be worse in Ehiopia . Thats for sure but why should CUD leaders get a better treatment ?

Should the law favour politicians when they are in prison ?

I don't think so.

Gundan said...

“….Should the law favour politicians when they are in prison ?..”…anonymous

The law did not condemn the CUD leaders to prison; it is rather the lack of it. It is rampant lawlessness under the EPRDF that is the cause off all the killings and mass arrests including persecution of the CUD leaders.

Anonymous said...

last anon,

Spoken like a nazi murderer!
Your dedebit law has no place in the civilized world. Of course, that is something you'll never get
through your thick skull

Anonymous said...

Z, can you give us some idea how we can help the families of imprisoned leaders?

Anonymous said...

Hi Z,
how do we reach these families ? This is a time to support them and to do our part.


Kinijit- The Way of Peace said...

Selam Z. Good job. Keep up with the good work. We will try from here to expose and clean NA Kinijit. We will not give them rest until they act properly.

One a strong Kinijit Supporter.

Anonymous said...

From reliable sources it seems that families of the prisoners have not received any financial aid from the CUD/KIl. Some for several months!
Some transparency about the funds collected from the hard working public msut be made and accountability is required.
It appears also that two of the public auditors have resigned.