Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Muslims protest at Arat kilo

The federal police storm a place where muslims pray at Arat Kilo to demolish the place at 9;30 this morning and met a strong resistance. Eye witnesses sad that more than hundred young muslims threw rocks on the federal police which responded by sealing roads and driving them out of the place. Some non-muslims also joined the protest. Although the place wasn't a proper mosque, it was frequented by young muslims who attend prayers. The provisional city government declared that the place belonged to another owner.


Anonymous said...

The road was closed from Aratkillo square to Ras Mekonnen Bridge for at least an hour.
The place was next to the Police Station, near beranaselam .Actually there is no proper mosque around Aratkillo, Sidistkillo or simply within 2km diameter in that area. That area is predominantly Orthodox Christians.
Most of the Muslims who want to pray as congregation are university students,some locals and traders. Our nice friend at AAU-Techno used to pray at a friend's house behind campus. The nearest mosque is at piasa Nur Mosque which is now completely undergoing maintenance. I think the regime should consider things.
True that most protesters did not look like Muslims.They are local young people but the one among the crowd who was apprehended and taken away around kidiste mariam was a bearded young Muslim.

The regime is doing VERY HARD on the Somali-issue. May be the only case that the U.S is helping them.
They have begun an all-out defaming propaganda against the Somali militias and seem looking for support from the Ethiopian people who would not look like interested a bit. They are distorting things as usual. They even went to the mosque and tried do side the Muslims against the Somali militias. It’s a Shame.

The Troublshooter said...

"We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen, Yeminawukewun Eninageralen- Yayenewun Enimeskirallen"

In as much as I hate and fight this evil woyane, I am equally puzzled by the behavior of our "new versioned" Muslim brothers who are behaving way different from the Muslims we know and love and even share a soup during their Ramadan fasting. After coming from a visit of a religious school in Pakistan or Egypt; or attend a seminary from someone who graduated from those schools, our Muslim brother’s behavior totally changes and start to see the rest /including their fellow Muslim brothers who behave the natural way/ as detractors of Allah’s will. Sadly, this so called 'government' uses these new breeds as a source of instigating violence amongst and between communities especially in the Southern Ethiopian cities. I firmly believe that religion / be it Christianity or Islam / does not require invention and innovation, it simply requires to be a humble follower of what has been TRUE since that religion began, otherwise it ain’t a religion. There is no question about the need for having a proper mosque for them to pray, as the population grows so should the number of mosques but, you know, it should not be just next to a Church or it’s periodically /and reasonably so / used compounds.

The Troublshooter

Anonymous said...

The troubleshooter:
I think we have to handle this issue in a very delicate matter as what you might have seen on the surface is almost always different when you scratch below. The election is a great example. The EPRDF tried to set muslims against Kinijit as it did Tigrains against Kinijit. But the statistics in Addis tell a different story. If, forexample, muslims representation in the electorate is proportional to their numbers, it would be more than 500,000 thousand.The total number of people who voted for EPRDF in Addis is less than 200, 000 thousand. The number says all. On June 8, more than half of the the number of people who were killed were muslim youth. Ethiopian muslims have shown that they need freedom and democracy as other do. That is the bottomline and all other problems will be solved once what we all get this most craved democratic state.

The Troubleshooter said...


I know the issue is so delicate and that is why I did give only a general description without asserting my claims with the dozens of proves I have. But you know, I am not a fan of addressing people as "Ethiopian Christians", "Ethiopian Muslims" or the like. Or, dissecting the dead as:- 20% Muslim, 70%Christian and 10% undeclared. I simply say ‘innocent and democracy loving Ethiopians were murdered by a brutal Agazi force, period.’ With all due respect, this idea of dissecting a nation into some sort of religious category is a byproduct of new breeds’ teaching and you and me should fight it.


Anonymous said...

My fellow Ethiopian,
Is this macination of the TPLF difficult to understand? The TPLF is extremely adept to create a non-existent phantom organization such as Arat kilo muslims. Ethiopian muslims, at this stage, do not want to be associated with religious fervour that the TPLF wants to create, but we should not be surprised if we see one coming in the dying days of the TPLF.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame what TPLF does to our beloved country. And, there is nothnig we can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Traouble shooter

I read your responses. You are simply best.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people are fighting about this issue. Can't you see what Meles is doing? He is trying to be like Israel...just because U.S don't care about Somalia he is trying to make them happy to get some hummvies or guns to kill innocent people. He is trying to divide and rule the country. He tried to create tribalism and separate by tribe but didn't work so he has to start a religious war inside Ethiopia and he could sit his ass in the throne for a while. But I don't think it is going to work for him. Ethiopians have been united for centuries and his own Tigrian people are not even for him anymore. From history that I read when a government is on his last breath he will do anything to survive and that is what he is doing one.

One Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not about religion, but the use it as a weapon to control women under the umbrella of islam, too late we have unmasked our face and our mind. No power can stop us from doing and living the way we want. The only religeon which treats wemon like animal. So extrimism is against wemen and we will fight you.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I am surprised about some of the commentators who jump here and there. Those who are infected with the virus "islamophia", I think you better look for another place, as I believe the provision for comment is to comment on the entery, and not to say bla bla on matters that one is ignorant about.

Thank you Ethio-Zagol for reporting this crisis. When Ethiopian Muslims sustained a string of attacks across the country for about six months non-stop, no one dare to report even a single incident so much as it looks that when Islam and Muslims come, no one cares as if they are not Ethiopians or as if the crimes did not take place in Ethiopia and by Ethiopians. In this case, I thank you for breaking the silence. A detailed reporting is to be found on Negashi Weblog: on the demolishing of the Mosque and today's protest.

Thank you and keep up the good work!