Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meles back after visiting Bereket in hospital

Meles Zenawi visited Bereket Simon in Israel yesterday and returned back this noon. His advisor is still in a very critical condition, with serious speech impairment. Sources said that Meles visit confirmed the fear in TPLF circles that he may die.


Anonymous said...

Beket mest be at critical condion with regarding to his healthy that is why melse went there and visited him..

This really a great news. I wish God to kill him as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great,

Thanks for the update! Ain't it poetic justice that it is his filthy and murederous tongue that is impaired?

Looks like all these dedebit thugs are afflicted with all kind of disease. Maybe if they are all eliminated thru the good grace of God, we do not have to see their
demonic faces a la Saddam.

sony said...

It looks like he is going. I can only wish him a good travel, since on other end other souls are waiting for his arrival. He will finally arrive and answer to so many innocent souls that are waiting for Justice from almighty. Go Berekt, Go, they are waiting to bring you to the ultimate justice.


Anonymous said...

cool z - as usuall very enthusiastic to update us. Lets face it, the 'Gobbles' dude is going slowly, just like the TPLF clique is on the brink of colapsing. Now, it is in this kind of desperate times that Meles would try to take desperate measures. I hope all would work out to be great for the benefit of the Ethiopian people.
Currently, the other Henchman Addisu in Northern America is doing the cat and mouse with many protestors.

Victory to Ethiopian People !!!

Anonymous said...

Nefsun Yemar.....Ebakachehu bezu entseley.....Berket Bezu Nefes Atfetutalena....Begziabeher zend nefsu Atemarem....Agzeo...ooooo Bereket god fealabeh.....Yedeha Amlak....Lezihu new ya hulu chefchefa....

Egzeabhier Nefsun Yemar...Bay Bay Bro.

tachew23 said...

Dear EZ
Thank you for the update!
I am really sorry for somwe of the folks' comments above!
It seems to be merciless to be happy happy with somebody's sickness. He is in the hands of God.And I do not think it is good to tell what God is going to do on him. God knows how to manage every body. After all we all commit crimes through out our stay in this world though the degree differs,. And yet we do not want to be judged equivalently. We need God's mercy. We all are his creatures. What if God wants to give Bereket some times to repent?
We have to have hearts to excuse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ,
How come these people did not stop him from ordering the massacre of so many poor people. Isn't he the one along with his tyrant boss, who were openly wishing
"interhawme" genocide for the Ethiopian people? How come he did not think of God then? He is in the devil's hand, not God's hand. Those wishing him well now, are trying to tell us that he did not know what he was doing! Are they trying to tell us that those who do good deeds and those who are evil will go to the same place? It is not written any place in the good book that they will all get the same treatment. Anyway, as a good communist he does not believe in God, and as such it is even doubtful if he will repent for his sins. So, stop preaching to us about your convoluted concept.

Anonymous said...

May God save our prominent who has been fighting for democracy and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Bereket is not a well educated man. May be he said all the wrong things and helped destroy the ancient country. But he fought his way to get where he is now. When he felt that his struggle wasn't appreciated by most of Ethiopians, he helped himself to some aid money and a few millions from the country's coffers. May be if Addis Ababa didn't hold a grudge against the TPLF for calling Eritrea a colony of Ethiopia among many other idiotic mistakes way before TPLF reached Addis, Bereket and Meles wouldn't hate Ethiopians as much as they do now. All that ethnic propaganda since 1880 by Italy and then intensified by fascist Italy in the 1930s and then practiced since 1990s by Bereket and his likes has fallen on deaf ears!? When will Ethiopians learn? Now they want to empower the Oromos too? They want the Oromos to greatly participate in making decisions instead of bailing out? They want the Somalis and the Sidamas to come to the center and be part of everything, including power holding, and they are not in power themselves? The leaders are in jail. I don't think anybody had so much power while in jail since Mandela. They languish in jail in their prime and old age, some of them give birth in there too. What are they made of? Possible death sentence doesn't bother them. Plight of Ethiopians does bother them a lot. Unlike Bereket and his likes, they believe there is a thing called Ethiopian citizenship. When they get sick and are sent to hospitals, the hospital staff and the patients want to see their faces, wish them speedy recovery and cheer them on. When they write letters, Ethiopians want to read them. When they write books, Ethiopians buy out the books in hours and wait for new delivery all over the world. They still don't want anybody to raise arms and fight for power but it seems like it is too late now, moving in harmony is everybody and God is watching. There is no way stopping it, even the leaders can't stop it now. Freedom is near

Anonymous said...

I wish Stroke was a contagious illness and Meles too gets it soon. These people joked on other people lives, its time GOD jokes on their lives. I am sure that Bereket is experiencing many more internal strokes that cannot be detected by the medical team treating him. I heard Meles went there not to visit him, instead he went there to get treatment for his other illness, perhapes illness like Bereket Simon.

Yesenbet Ereft said...

Surely, if the person is so seriously sick, then it is waring from the Most High, that He is watching the injustice, haterd and crimes they are spreading and committing thourght the country. As usual, the Most High does not rush giving judgements - because if he had been rushing things - we oursleves will not survive His wrath. But I think with this sign, the Most High is ringing one of His final whisle to the Meles and his blind supporters. Telling time is running out ...Just like in the old days of the Old Testament, God is warning them with signs to "let His people go " - "let us free". Unfortunately, these people - like then Pharoah, will harden they heart ... and they will get their judgment ... like Pharoah. Incidentally, what amazes me is also that - while this person is living in his warm place - he is suffering from deadly sickness - whereas the leaders in Kalit living in the jail - are not suffering as much. God Bless Ethiopia.