Friday, September 29, 2006

Teased by bloggers

On January 19, 2006, Andrew Heavens wrote Calm down, it's Timket. The whole report was about how the holiday was so joyous. He was at the Timket scene and he didn't see any protest and violence. The same day, it was reported by the other web media that at least two were killed (Addis Ferenj put the number higher) and dozens injured. When some in the comment section of his blog made him aware of what happened, he tried to resist. After the Sub-Saharan informer published the story, Andrew wrote "It looks as though things weren't quite so joyful and peaceful outside the epicentre of the Timket celebrations in Jan Meda where I was happily taking photos. Today's Sub-Saharan Informer has the full report. "
Fast forward Meskel. Andrew Heavens thought my "Breaking News:Thousands of Soldiers swarm the Meskel square as revolutionary spirit engulfs Addis" was exaggerated. That news was written before the celebrations. A day before the celebration at 8 pm Meskel square was sealed off and thousands of soldiers were training on how to disrupt protest... and hundreds of people were watching the drama. In the morning (the day of celebration), all the five roads leading to Meskel square were closed. Andrew obviously didn't see the obvious. More astounding was his report of how all he "was able to detect from the people I spoke to was a general desire to keep their heads down and celebrate Meskel." In fact the rumor about a Meskel protest was rampant throughout Addis before and on the day of celebration. People came as far from Nazret to see what would happen. In a place I was standing, the people behind me were talking nothing but the expected protest. There was not a single person whom I know who was not either excited or scared about an impending protest. Andrew obviously didn't care to listen to enough people or he was happily taking photos. If I were in Andrew's country and missed this, I would have been told to "learn English".
On another note, Urael, a blogger I consider more seriously than Andrew Heavens because he certainly understands what people behind him talk about, got suspicious of me since "my blog" was unblocked here; and now with the appearance of Bereket Simon at Bahir Dar. First, it wasn't my blog which was blocked. It was, the host google site that was shut down here. It was tens of blogs which couldn't be accessed from here. When was unblocked, so were all. My blog wasn't an exception.
As to the Bereket story, without revealing my sources, I can confirm to Urael and others who doubted it that indeed Bereket left to Israel after a stroke, had an intensive treatment, come back home and stayed for two days at the army hospital and was taken to Bahir Dar and, then, Mekele for two conferences. In Bahir Dar, he appeared in the conference briefly and left after TV pictures were taken. Unusually for him, he wasn't an active participant in both conferences. Urael could have done justice to his criticism of my story if he would have done more research at the Bole airport where Bereket was openly viewed by a lot of staff members when he was being taken by a wheel chair. I am, however, ready to eat my words, if there is a credible contrary account to my Bereket story.


Anonymous said...

Good job! nice replies to both andrew and uriel. if bereket was well and kicking tplf could have shown him on tv immideatly then. I AM WITH YOU ZAGOL.

Anonymous said...

EZ, just ignore them all and do your business. They are deliberately doing that to divert your attention and our attention from the issue at stake. Andrew Heavens is out of Addis, as he said it himself. He is out of Addis not physically but morally. He spots things from Sheraton or Hilton Hotels, and definitely not from the real Ethiopia. He reports as if everything goes well and good, while practical evidences attest to the contrary. It is very shame for a journalist not to have his voice heard for his colleagues who are languishing in solitary confinement. It is shame that he says no single word when a journalist compelled to give birth to her son in jail. After all, he said nothing when the British journalist, Anthony Michel was deported from Ethiopia for critical reporting. We neither heard his reactions when, Inigo Gilmore, a British reporter who recounted the human rights abuses in Ethiopia was denied press accreditation.


Anonymous said...


You are doing a fantastic job. Keep on doing what you are doing.

be safe my brother

Anonymous said...

Anderew heven is an inside woyane cadree.
I rememberd at one time that he said I am not writting on plitic of Ethiopia and my blog is for not to talk about the politics of Ethiopia.

If so,, what mekes him, andrew heven, to talk about the Ethiopian politic now which is not his bussiness at all?

To Zagol, you are doing good and keep up what you are doing now. Leave the others to talk the talk.
at the end they will realize that they are out of the game

thank you

Anonymous said...

"Teased by bloggers"?! Now you are under exaggerating. What Ureal and Meskal did is put in question your most important asset - credability. Teasing is a wrong characterization of their action. EPRDF will fall whether you embelish the truth or not. So why not tell it as it. But overall good job

Anonymous said...

Dear EthioZagol,

Ignore all and continue the good work you are doing. I know Andrew. He is working for the UN now. He tries to be nice to the government so that he continue working for the UN. He is like his foreigners friend who deosn't want any disturbance in Ethiopia for the sake of keeping their good job and enjoying the night life in Addis at the expense of We ethiopians suffering under dictatorship.

He should shut his mouth and do his unicef work rather than giving wrong picture about the struggle in Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

EZ, We know whom to believe.Ignore the selfish weyanne servants and opportunists. So keep doing the good work. I know some of the bloggers who tried to ciritcize you migt have hidden agenda. Specially, I like the way you organize your thoughts and touch the major issues affecting us and the mother land. So, keep the good work brother and wish you great succes!Good bless you!

Anonymous said...

Far beyond Andrew and Ureal, EZ is the most quoted (in some cases the only source) of true news from Ethiopia. And the most talked about here in the US. For most of us our conversation starts with have you looked at EZ today.

Andrew Heaven may have been paid by the ruling group. If he had indeed started telling the truth, he would face the same fate as Addis Ferenge. He probably doesn't have the courage as AF. The journalist who have reported the truth Anthony Mitchell and Michela Wrong were expelled. That by itself tells something about him.

I have stopped look at Andrew's page long ago and no one I talk to look at his page. For what I think, he is doing something else in Addis.

Anonymous said...

Very good job EZ. It is always good to reply to false allegations on you in such a satisfactorily manner. Rumours have power until proven wrong.

Have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

Good job to cull false accusations and alubaltas at infancy. We know that ur infos are true or least he mentions credible sources.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the critics of your messages, I confess, I was also started to take your information with reservation (your insider may miss informed you, etc..). The way you answered to them (descent and precise), convinced me to believe your information and respect you more than before. I think and hope, that you wouldn’t be discouraged by such kind of challenges and will be motivated to even more devotion. You are doing a courageous and very positive duty for your country. Don’t forget to care about your safety.
With respect and greeting.

Anonymous said...

Zagol Berta Wondmie !!

You reminded me of one Andrew story: I rememeber that just after he came back from "vacationing" in London (a country with 15 months of sunshile, kkkkkkkk), he wrote a story about being wrong in complaining about Ethiopian sun and seems regreting his comment about the advertisment "Ethiopia 13 months of sunshine." A couple of days later when he sees the rain blessing the land (natural for winter season) he took his words back and started complaining (funny a Londoner complaining about the weather kkkkkk)

Andrew, enjoy taking photos which you are vergy good at and help us supplment our voice with your nice pics taken at the incidents which you say did not occur.

Sendek Alama

Anonymous said...

Zag the great! Go get them Tiger.
Urael is too busy whining and fulminating about this and that and Andrew is too busy acting dumb
deaf and blind to have missed this

Have these two idiots wondered why AIGA is so mum about Bereket. How come we don't have pictures after pictures and videos after videos about Bereket the stud? And of course audios after audios of Bereket saying,"I AM BACK"

Urael and Andrew "get a life" you can't argue with success and EZ is the most successful blogger right now, dearly loved, well read and right on the money. You 2 numbheads could disappear for weeks at a time and nobody gives a shit, if Zagol is incommunicado for three days oh well..his fans are ready to call on Interpol for assistance.

Bereket Stroke Serious, Medical Sources
Tuesday, September 05, 2006 at 10:24 AM EAT

The sadistic Bereket is in critical condition close hospital sources confirmed. A doctor among few who treated Bereket at the early stage of the emergency, in the ToreHailoch /Defence/ Hospital, explained that the stroke as the deadly type. These medical sources further noted that even if he might survive this time he can collapse and passed away anytime without any clue the stroke coming. ?The doctors who diagnosed Bereket in Addis reportedly recommend his referral to South Africa, and without their knowledge he went to Israel immediately. ?

One medical source who was and still close to the case told this blogger that “ it [the stroke] is very promising ”. Many Ethiopians received this news with joy.?Even some are ready to celebrate his death if that would be the case. LET IT BE PROMISING!

Anonymous said...

To my anonymous friends,

It will a grave mistake to see both Andrew and Urael under the same mirror. Urael is doing a damn good job as EZ. Not knowing who is who within this blogsphere, I suppose, he/she might have gotten supspicious and put forward a question to EZ. EZ has put back the answer nicely the way it should. That is the way I see it. Both EZ and Urael are my heroes.


Keep up the good work. Great Job!


Anonymous said...

I respect EZ and all the bloggers. It is funny, however, most readers only want to read what they want to hear. What is wrong with a different take on things?

Anonymous said...


Is our 'zero-sum' mentality creeping in again? Weganawinet - taking sides? With us or against us?

This is not a Zagol vs. Andrew vs. Urael thing.

Zagol has merely addressed concerns that Andrew and Urael raised. He did not make the issue personal. There is no reason to take sides like a schoolyard argument.

Zagol, Andrew, and Urael have and will continue to be helpful in the struggle to end dictatorship in Ethiopia.

Thanks, Zagol.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous above.

Both EZ and Urael have their qualities.

EZ usually blogs with very important news, for which we are all grateful. He is the 'Matured' one, if you will (look at his reply to Urael)

Urael, on the other hand, is our bombastic blogger, who mixes important news with his own opinion. He had openly said that he will express his anger at will. Blogging daily, he needs to do that because important news doesn't happen on a daily basis.

So, we need them and appreciate them both in their own way.

Let's leave the name calling to the Cadres.

Anonymous said...

Urael has right to suspect the news released by Z. After the intense stroke hit account about Berket, many people were wondering how Berket managed to be seen even for snap shot in TV. The time the incident happened and Berket was on TV is pretty short. At least, I can suspect that the stroke was not as strong as was reported.

There is no difference between Urael and Zagol. They are doing their job independently in their own way. Urael and Zagol have their own way of reporting. I see Urael more as commoner reporting only what he sees than Zagol who appeared to be more involved in politics and provide us the inside scoop. Unlike Urael, Zagol has showed his favoritism to some dubious factions in Kinijit. In any event, they are doing great job.

Anonymous said...

why did bereket step down from co-leading ANDM? I believe he is protecting himself from stress and strain. He is the symbol of the stolen election and crime commited later; stealing vote in wello and ordering the killings of hundreads with his budy meles. Other than that,IT SYMBOLIC VALUE, his death or health would not bring much change, as a snake dies only when its head is ....

Anonymous said...


Your desire to stay true and maintain your credible to the news you bring is laudable. Also, your response to your critics shows you respect to your fellow bloggers. So, I say to you kudos to all you are doing, with great respect.

Thank you, Zegol

Anonymous said...

cool Z : you are z man. why do we pay attention to the roving brit anyway ??

Zagol and Urael are our best news sources.

Anonymous said...

Berket sickeness is also confirmed by Africa Intellignece.


N° 1196 30/09/2006

The political bigwigs in Addis Ababa

While some Western embassies had been expecting Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to make a substantial changes in the teams leading the various factions of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF in power in Addis Ababa), the outcome of the congresses of these parties was something of an anticlimax. Some minor changes were made at the top of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF, hard core of the EPRDF) and the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) without changing the overall balance of power. The changes among the leaders of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO) were purely cosmetic and the team leading the Southern Ethiopia People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) remained in control, in spite of an increase in the number of members of the executive of this organisation’s, which incidentally is quite marginal in the governing coalition.

Exit Sebhat Nega. The only new member of the nine man executive council (EC) of the TPLF, chaired by Meles Zenawi, is the Minister of Health Tewodros Adhanom Gebreyesus. He is the first leader of this party not to be the outcome of the guerrilla war waged against the previous Ethiopian regime. A graduate in biology from Asmara University (1986), and then with higher degrees in immunology from the University of London (1992) and community health from the University of Nottingham (2000), he was deputy minister of health before becoming the minister in October 2005 after the elections last year. His promotion was coupled with the demotion of Sebhat Nega, who had for a long time been the Prime Minister’s grey eminence. He left the TPLF EC and is now in 36th place among the 45 members of the central committee (CC), of which his sister Kidusan Nega is also a member. For the remainder, the TPLF executive team has not changed very much. But some people have left the CC (Tesema Gebre Hiwot, Alem Gebre Wahid, Tekle Berhan Araya and Aklilu Damberkai) and the Prime Minister’s wife Azeb Mesfin has joined. Although hated by Seyoum Mesfin (TPLF deputy chairman), Roma Gebre Sellasie (wife of Ambassador Tewolde Gebru, also a member of the TPLF CC), Adhana Haile and Berhane Kidane Mariam (publisher of the TPLF house newspaper) kept their seat on the party’s CC.

Bereket Simeon hands over power. The advisor to the Prime Minister, Bereket Simeon, who is sick, has handed over his seat of deputy chairman of the ANDM to the Minister Tefera Walwa but remains a member of its EC. This team is chaired by Addisu Legesse and includes the leaders of the Amhara Regional State - Ayalew Gobeze and Yoseph Reta - the Minister of Information, Birhan Hailu, the director of the Bahr Dr Management Institute, Ambachew Mekonnen, the representative of the Ethic and Anti-Corruption Commission at Bahr Dar, Demeke Mekonnen and some less well-known people like Yohannes Buayalew. Some heavyweight former dignitaries, including some ex-ministers who have become ambassadors (Kebede Tadesse, Tadesse Kassa, Genet Zewde, Dawit Yohannes and Hilawe Yosef) are still members of the ANDM CC.

Change in continuity. Long in internal crisis, the OPDO is still headed by the duo Abadula Gemeda/Girma Biru. The disgraced and the rehabilitated former leader Kuma Demeksa, is also a member of the OPDO CE, as are "" Jarso and Juneidi Saddo and the Ministers Aster Mammo Negewo and Muktar Kedir. Among the newly promoted figure the former administrator of the Western Wollega region, Zelalem Jamaneh and the former head of the bureau of agriculture and rural development of Oromia Regional State, Driba Kuma. On the other hand, the name of Ali Abdo and a few other former Oromo dignitaries are no longer on the official list of OPDO executive. The Minister Sufian Ahmed has had to be content with a seat on the CC, as have two former members of the OPDO EC, Mohamed Hassen and Alemayehu Atomsa. The SEPDM is still chaired by Hailemariam Desalegn with "" Shigute as his number two and a handful of government personalities in his CE, such as the Speaker of Parliament Teshome Toga, Kassu Illala, the Ministers Berhanu Adelo and Siraj Fegessa and also the head of the bureau for industry and urban development of the regional administration of south Ethiopia, Mekuria Haile.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, EZ--You are doing amazing work!

On different continents, you are inspiring us to action. -CL

Anonymous said...


I will not loose my sleep over Andrew Heavens comments. He is one of those opportunists whose only wish for Addis is to be peaceful so that he could continue wallowing in luxury and keep his well paying job of doing nothing in peace and tranquility. Unfortunately our country has become a Mecca for the likes of Andrew, people unemployable as dog catchers in their own country, living in comfort and luxury in Africa subsidized by International Organizations at the expense of the starving poor of the continent. These are modern day do-nothing ‘Ferenji’ dignitaries, driven by chauffeurs and having the time of their lives, while the poor and starving population they are supposed to help is crying louder and louder every day for freedom, justice and equality and they are not even there to lend their ears.

I took Andrew for a principled coward and even had a respect of sorts for him when he said that his blog is not about Ethiopian politics. He should keep his word and continue snapping those ‘exotic’ pictures of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Urael is a good blogger with gusto and a little suspicious of everything and everyone and I don’t blame him. I really enjoy reading Urael’s blogs because I know he is writing with his heart and I have a feeling he is a constant headache for Woyanie.

EZ: You are our calm and collected voice with a stream of solid and valid information for the cause of Democracy.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zago,

keep up what you are doing. We are on your and the Ethiopian people side. Donot worry about others.

We are matured enough to know who is who and to use the information that we find accurate.

You didnot asked people to belive your news. it is up to us to accept it or neglect.

Thank you for all good works that you are doing

God bless you

Those who try to crtisize you are persons with some weakens and you should not waste your percious time by giving answers to them

Anonymous said...

Cool Ez
I say, keep strong.
You shoud know that many of usnin the dispora nevefr sleep before trying to visit your blog. If there is something we thank God and sleep and if nothing we walk to our bed with depressed mood. you shoukd know that your info is our diazepam.......
Do not worry about others but try to be loyal to your God, mind and your people.
We love you.
May God give you the strength.

Anonymous said...

"Bereket Simeon hands over power. The advisor to the Prime Minister, Bereket Simeon, who is sick, has handed over his seat of deputy chairman of the ANDM to the Minister Tefera Walwa but remains a member of its EC. "
zagol indianocean is with you not only me! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. I'm in your side, and always trust your source.

Anonymous said...

What ever you say these people will believe because they have to believe you other the reality is too painful to swallow


Anonymous said...

At the 1996 olympic games in Atlanta, a visitor journalist from Canada or may be Australia took over the podium in place of a traditional American story teller to tell the same story his way. Most of the listeners at that time were more interested with the state of Georgia not being embarrassed with its past slavery history in front of cameras from the whole world and cheered the journalist more than they did the story teller whose ancestors might had picked cotton in Georgia for many, many years.

My friend at that time was of Porto Rican origin and some of her young siblings were Rastafarians for some weird reason I didn't understand, but she was very mad at me because I didn't say much afterwards. Abyssinians were supposed to be freedom fighters everywhere on the globe, she said. And I was thinking I can't really fight the way Haileselasse I did at the league of nations 60 years earlier, or Geressu Duki, Bekele Weya, Yilma Deressa, Aklilu Habtewold and Abebe Aregay among others did successefully at the UN a few years later, I couldn't even fight my own 2nd or third class citizenship back home in 1996.

Fighting for the whole black world would've forced Menilik II and the generation immedietly after that in to spreading their efforts so thinly that they would've given up on fighting for Ethiopia's independence.

Not to forget the fact that after the Sendeq Alama returned, Haile Selasse I kept on keeping on the good fight despite everything (some of the freed Arabs the Russians and the West didn't like it). He chaired when the yet to be freed African freedom fighters needed to meet in Addis Ababa. The lion of judah got obssessed with the idea and then he got really too old to push on. He didn't get to see the name Rhodes disappear and Zimbabwe appear on the globe or Angola and Mozambique for that matter, I think.

But now, ten years after that incident, I have faith in you EZ. I've faith in the likes of Berhanu Nega, Hailu Shawel, Muluneh Eyoel, Mesfin Woldemariam, Bertukan Mideksa and the rest of the leaders as well as the tens of thousands of activists and the millions of Ethiopians that want freedom now.

Other foreigners will leave just like that Australian journalist story teller I mentioned above left Atlanta. You Ethiopians will stay and see to it that Ethiopia at least starts to provide sufficient 'food' to herself. With dignity.

Don't spread yourself thinly, not yet.

Anonymous said...

from debarwa
watch it

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good job.

The pictures of Bereket in Bahrdar looked like a literacy student copying from the blackboard. We all knew that it was to say "dess aibelachew" to those who wished for his death.

But, it is a proven fact that he has been taken to Israel for emergency treatment.


Anonymous said...

EZ, Keep up the good work. Forget about these loosers who always see things negatively. Bereket visited a hospital in Israel due to grave illness. He may feel better now but that does not change the fact that he was very sick. Yes we were a bit shocked to see him alive because we want him to die. But Negative thinkers should not take that as an excuse to question you credibility.

Arat Kilo