Thursday, September 14, 2006

TPLF puts its tentacles into high schools

Secondary and elementary schools are the new targets of the totalitarian TPLF regime. The government has unveiled its new plan of licensing teachers. According to this plan, the teachers who aren't licensed will not be allowed to teach in schools throughout the country. Sources at the Ministry of Education claim that the license is planned to be given to only those who are willing to be members of the EPRDF. The government has already barred non-EPRDF members for teaching civic education; the subject that TPLF thought made school kids rebel against its rule and propaganda. Some 118 students in Addis Ababa high schools and secondary schools have been given intensive training on spying and controlling their fellow students. These students are given the title of "Sinesiriat Tekotatari" (Enforcers of Discipline).
This blogger has received the names of the students and will post it and expose them to fellow students tomorrow.
Since the second day of the New Year teachers have been forced to grueling political propaganda sessions with government cadres under the guise of training. The sessions will continue for ten more days.


Anonymous said...

How can one contribute to your blog besides clicking on the ads?

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Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Your are doing a wonderful service to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

cool z: expose them spies. Last year the woyane regime had dismantled a youth association known as EYPDA - Ethiopian Youth for Peace and Development, because the board members refused to serve woyane by spying over the youths during the election period. The leadershiop of the association, because of thier defiance to serve the tyrant, they were subjected to harrasment and imperisment. Some, there wereabout is not even known to this date. Fortunatly, the few fled to Kenya. That association was destroyed by sergo geb woyane spies such as Abebe Ayalew who became the president of the association under the blessing of Dr. Kenfae Abreham and Azeb Gola, Tedrose Anebessae his confidant and a female called Addis Gemetchu who was a janitor of kotebae civil service college.

Anonymous said...

EYADP - Ethiopian Youth Association for Development and Peace.

Anonymous said...

In a way it is good for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Let me briefly explain. As we all know Woyanes were a closely knitted mafia group for very very long time. Their conspiracy rarely came out, because the info was kept only between selected mostly blood related people. Now, it seems that the pressure is too much to deal with only few relatives ones like before, and they are forced to share some info (of course not the vital ones) with others. However, the more people they let into their circle, the higher the possibility of info leak. Also the larger their groups get, the more suspect they create between each other. Soon or later they will get into competition to save their skin and do the right thing. “Woyu, Yemeteyezewen Yemetechebetewn Atalech”.

Anonymous said...

Sony, you are right on!

The businessman who pledges support for the EPRDF today will be the first to betray them when times get tough.

The Amhara in Chercher who works for the EPRDF just because he sees them as protection from the local OLF hardliners will be the first to defect from the EPRDF in times of trouble.

The EPRDF have had a difficult balance to keep, but one that is getting harder every day. As you say, they are being forced to spread themselves thinner and thinner everyday, but they have no choice.

At the same time pro-democracy advocates have to remember that everyone who joins the EPRDF or works with them is not an enemy, but a potential ally. We should work harder to get them on our side and work secretly for us, rather than simply shun them.

The election campaign and results demonstrated that lots of EPRDF members don't actually support the party, and that hardcore support is quite small, more or less limited to Tigray. We need to work on further softening the ambivalent EPRDF members by spreading democratic values and ideals, so that they help make dictatorship unsustainable in the EPRDF itself.

BTW, Zagol, how confident are you about the correctness of your list? It could be devastating and alienating if someone is wrongly identified, or if someone was forced to be on the list. I leave the publication to your better judgement, but I just wanted to raise these points.

Anonymous said...

F*ck WOYANE TPLF, they are falling head first. Their dive is the worst of all kinds of dives. One thing we all must be content with is that they are killing their people with their action against the Ethiopian people.

Long Live Ethiopia!!!

ethio-Zagol said...

Thanks Dessalegn for the issues you raised. You are spot on. Not all EPRDF members are enemies. IIn fact, most of the information that are being obtained come through EPRDF members.
As to the information about the students, it is as accurate as it can be.

Anonymous said...


I have said it a couple of weeks ago and I say it again:

The end of any dictatorship is not "if", it's "when"; thus, the end of TPLF/EPRDF is not if, it's when. The focus and energy for those of us who believe in multi-party democracy and Hibre-Bhaerawinet should be are we ready for the post-EPRDF/TPLF reality? Do we have the capacity (politically, militarily, economically and socially) to make sure we won't have post-communism Yugoslavia in our hands? The only organization that is getting ready for post-EPRDF in all aspects is OLF and Pro-Woyane Tigreans.

If you look back, we all knew Mengistu/Derg were falling post 1984/85 famine. His revolution didn't have the ferver it once had post its 10th anniversary. We were aware TPLF/EPLF were taking control of most of Eritrea/Tigray in the late 80's--and their agenda was not hidden at all. We even knew TPLF controlled Tigray from Mengistu himself two+years before his flight. However, nobody reorganized/reorient the military to counter EPRDF; nobody organized a clandestine political party.... Boom! Once EPRDF took control of Ethiopia, it had NO body to check it. Every attempt to undo the damage done was done after EPRDF took over Addis Ababa. Even the "Amhara" was not organized although both TPLF/EPLF unabashedly and shamelessly said, more or less, "we are coming after you!!!" OLF is saying the same thing (and they are not saying it semi-politically as TPLF but mean it) but neither the "Amhara" nor those of us who believer in Hibrebhaerawinet are doing anything about it to checkmate the oncoming Tsunami.

Ethio-Zagol, please correct me if I'm wrong or if I'm being an Alarmist. What do you see from our beloved Ethiopia?

Anonymous said...

The above anonymous:
You are on the mark, you do not have to ask e-z opinion on this. This is a fact that is out there and OLF is looking for it. No one will should be surprised these ethnic bigot turn the events to their advantage with no formidable resistance...militariuly. Things are changing fast with the defection of commanders in the military. EPPF is not to be trusted either. It looks that the future for Ethiopia died with the past election. Hopless situation for Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

last two anonymouses:

In a socially underdeveloped society like Ethiopia, collective consciousness is weak. We do not know how to function as a collective in a democratic environment towards common goals.

The stronger collectives or groups in Ethiopia are those based on primitive criteria such as family, wegen (kin), ethnicity, and religion. Hence the strength of the liberation movements over the last few decades. Hence the strength of tribalism all over Africa. Unfortunately, the same parochial impulse that pulls people into their respective tribes further subdivides them into clans and families, so unless the extreme parochialist tendencies are themselves checked, conflict continues.

Hibrebhaerawinet is a more complex concept than ethnicity. It requires people to think at a higher level and to recognize more complex self-interest, something we are unable to do.

If anarchy descends upon Ethiopia, inevitably, a strong Amhara movement will emerge. Again, ethnic based, and reactive, not proactive, when faced with extreme threat and persecution. This is what the EPPF will evolve into.

What pro-democracy activists like our jailed leaders are trying to do is avert such catastrophe. Ethnic autonomy, though not the best road for Ethiopia, is not the catastrophe, but tribal warfare is. The more we manage to spread democratic awareness, the better our chances of avoiding this disaster and taking the democratic road. This democratic road may lead to ethnic enclaves. That's okay. As long as the process is peaceful and democratic, it would be for the best.

And this is the idea behind the AFD - it is the idea of engaging in dialogue, understanding each other, and reducing extremism before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous:

Hopeless situation for Ethiopia?

I beg to differ, hope in Ethiopia is being born right in front of our eyes. The enemy is disintegrating left and right and AFD getting stronger day by day. Let's not say words like hopless and Ethiopia in the same breath please................

Anonymous said...

Occupy Tegraye Woyane is dead!

I am not a military strategist, but logic tells me because of the approximate of Eritrea and the strategic logistic benefits (instead of spreading all over the country and many death), it is better to occupy Tegraye first. Once Tegraye is occupied Woyane will be dead. In fact they will be apprehended.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for information regarding the recent military defection on Ethio-Zagol and I was not able to find it. How come Ethio-Zagol is not reporting the hot news going on in Ethiopia? I hope I will see the information about Ethiopian high raking military defection in the coming day or two.

Thank you