Friday, October 20, 2006

Alert and Breaking News: Ethiopian Government's biggest conspiracy and espionage exposed

Ethiopian government's espionage against European Commission is exposed. The Ethiopian government claimed on Thursday that it had expelled two EU diplomats who were trying to smuggle two Ethiopian fugitives who committed serious crimes. According to Security sources, the two diplomats weren't arrested at the border town of Moyale but more than 157 miles away from the border while they were traveling back to Addis Ababa. They didn't try to cross the border. The car was stopped near the town of Agre Mariam. Yalemzewd was arrested when she was checking at the Moyale immigration office as a regular traveler to Kenya. She was told to hang on and plain-clothed security guys picked her up and took her to a detention center. Fasil Assefa the man who was arrested with her was taken from Koket Borena hotel while he was sleeping. He wasn't trying to cross the border.
Security sources said that the whole episode was pre-arranged. When police issued an arrest warrant against Yalemzewd on Thursday she stayed the night at the compound of the EC delegation in Addis Ababa where she was working. The delegation's security was contracted out to Sibihatu and Brothers, a company owned by Mimi Sibhatu's Family and managed by her brother. The information that she was staying at the compound was passed by this company to government security. According to our security sources, Yalemzewd's conversation with the two expelled diplomats and Tim Clark, the delegation's head was being tapped by the company and passed to the Ethiopian security. Her subsequent stay at the house of Bjorn Jonsoon, her immediate boss was also reported by Sibhatu and Brothers to the Ethiopian security.
On Wednesday the Ethiopian security had advanced knowledge(from espionage in the EC delegation's office by Sebhatu and Brothers) that the two diplomats were taking Yalemzewd to the border. They thought the diplomats would try to take her to Kenya, crossing the border. Instead the two diplomats dropped her at the town of Moyale where she met Fasil who was seeing her off. She checked out hotel at 9 am. Fasil stayed there. She went to Moyale Immigration Office and showed her passport. She was detained at the checking point.
When the security personel who were waiting for her knew that she was not with the diplomats, they immediately reported it to Addis Ababa where decision was taken to arrest them on the road. "The Ethiopian government has spilled over pieces of evidence that it was spying the EC here and there,"our security sources said, "any serious investigation on the part of the EU would reveal that easily."
Sebhatu and Brothers is also in charge of the security of other key foreign interests in Addis Ababa and international hotels including the Hilton.

Alert for international journalists:
The expelled diplomats will be in Brussels today. They should be asked where they were arrested.


Anonymous said...

I hope the expelled deplomats would say something on behalf of Yalemzewd and Fasil. They could play majore role in exposing the woyane sinster plan.

Kinjit Europe or UEDF Europe here is a chance to show what you can work with.

Cool Z: appericiated it greatly for the role you are playing in the struggle.

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol - You are precious. We shall do what we can from here. Kepp up writing letters. Samples can be found at weichegud.

Anonymous said...

Ethio-Zagole: keep up your holly deed. I appretiate your unprecedented effort to expose the most brutal regime in africa. God bless you.

ethioinfo said...

Someone please provide pictures of Mimi Sebhatu and her family. She lived in DC for many years and many people know her. Many people should have her pictures. Editors of Seleda web site know her well. Please send pictures to ethioinfo.

Anonymous said...

Her real name is Igigayehou Sebhatu GebreYesus that is perhaps why people failed to provide a picture.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ
May god bless you for being a voice for the voiceless. This latest attack on the diplomatic community is another example of the saying “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where”.
The appetite of dictators for violation of rights knows no bound. Meles and his gang should be stopped before it is too late.

We will do our part here in Canada to make sure that our government lives up to Canadian values by condemning this latest arrest and expulsion as well as continuing to demand that EPRDF respects internationally accepted human rights standards and diplomatic norms.

Tazabi said...

Dear EZ,

May God bless you and keep you safe. You really are worth more than a battalion of gorilla fighters. Your exposure of the Woyanie chicanery vis-à-vis the EU diplomats is a testament to your resourcefulness and tenacity.

To the EDUCATED anonymous above:

Your mother and Meles must be very proud of you. Way to go moron!

Anonymous said...

The Educated IDIOT,

These are people higly educated in their own country. Unfortunately, the TPLF does not have a dictionary of human right and good governance.So you don't understand if I tell you governance and human rights as a descipline.

But, one thing is clear. Sibhatu & Sons will be out of the business soon.

Anonymous said...

Ethio-Zagol....Great job !
May all peace and freedom loving Ethiopians be your eyes and ears!
What an exposure of Woyane's trechery!
My dear and loved Tigrean brothers it is Mimi and like of hers who are smearing your name with the ugly deeds of Woyane.
Here is the chance to prove yourself that you are part of the struggle for lasting peace and prosperity for our Ethiopia!

From Bole said...

A message need to be send out to the diplomaticcommunity about the Senahtu brothers security services. I know EU brought security experts from brussles just for this purposes. Their phone and physical location has been tapped by these trained hodam agasess the Sebhatu bunch. An appeal need to be send to all Ethiopians not to do any business with these disgraced hod ader animals.

It was Mimis husband who arranged the entire operation. It is very stupid of EU to hire a security company connected with Sebhatu..

Anonymous said...


Do not try to use Color as a means of your allegation of false information. It is an old trick to use the skin of color to divided people. We are one proud people color of skin do not affect as you may think. HEY TH... MORON, please use your favorite web site for typical insult.

HR as you know me very well!

Anonymous said...

It is very simple to check the qualification of these so called EU delegates.As far as I know any one who wants to be a diplomat must go to school and get the education and work experience on his profession,but EU sends a very qualified delegates to North America,Asia,Australia.. and all other continents except Africa.If you want to prove this you can visit their websites and compare the education and work experience of those EU delegates who are in Africa and other continents.It is enough to do simple comparison and you will know what is going on.The problem is EU still has the memory of DUMB AFRICAN LEADERS like Mengistu Hailemariam,Mobutu etc etc.So they think that all African leaders are DUMBS.What they don`t know is the EPRDF`S BRAIN CAPACITY.EPRDF will give them a lesson.As usual no one will stop EPRDF from crushing it`s enemies.I recommend EU delegates in Addis to ask CUD what it is like to confront EPRDF.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, EZ! We are with you!

Anonymous said...

we need to check the your ablity to comprenend complex political and social situation as well. Your seems to be thinking using your hod! I know you are going crazy over the expose of your cooperation with Mimi the baby and Meles the mad man.

ethio-Zagol said...

EPRDF Free Zone:
The comment section of this blog will be EPRDF free zone. I will delete any comment with EPRDF leanings. We have passed the turning point where people who advocate or cover up the murder and arrest of political dissidents and innocent kids will be tolerated in the name of the freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...


Talking to one of the diplomats, they were indeed arrested in Awassa, and shuttled to Bole from Mojo.

Keep on the fight!

Tachew23 said...

I agree with what you said about deletion, EZ! I appreciate you and pray for you.
God be with you, your firm stand, your family, all of us and mama land Ethiopia. said...

Here is a snake substituing for Mimi's picture...

Everyone please I have an idea. Check out this website
This is a pretty good close up map of Addis Ababa. Why don't we start locating Tplf offices (like intelligence agencies, mimi sebhatu's family businees office, and so on).
EthioZagol or anyone in ethiopia. IF you have a gps reciever, it will be easy to save the location and email it. IF you don't, you can give us description. For example: I know Derg had security offices south of Mexico SQ. You could describe it as on the road south of mexico sq to kERCHELE.Heading South one block past mexico sq Fourth bldg on right.
this way we can identify the buildings, the owners and have their locations online for everyone to see.
Sorry for my rambling but I think you get the idea........

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have asked of Mimi's sehabatu pic here is the link.

Hoping some one of would take care of her

Anonymous said...

It is time to stand up and fight for our freedom. It is not Timothy Clark or the EU who should say "enough is enough" it should be us, ethiopian people. Yealemzewed's situation sends a call for all of us. we do not need to wait till our door are knocked. one way or the other all of us are victims. we need to fight for our freedom, to create a country where we can experience professional freedom.

Anonymous said...

EZ, many many thanks for your outstanding efforts, it takes a certain type of determination to do what you do and we really appreciate it and will campaign with the information vs. just consuming.

From what she is doing, Mimi Sebatu and family appears to be a typical money hangry, poor minded people, no values - appears the worst of poverty has gotten a hold of her - she is an insult to journalism.

PEACE Y'ALL said...

Don't be hating on Mimi, she worked her ass off to get this far, F*** all of y'all who are just jealous, you should be proud that an Ethiopian is trying to make a difference (i know its more than any of you have done) its sad that all you do is trash talk. It is soo immature to even talk the way some of you people do. Like the guy above me, do any of you even know the family or Mimi herself?

Childish banter like this is why the world doesn't take Ethiopia seriously, everyone thinks we can't handle ourselves, and frankly looking at this sorry bunch the they may be right.

LIVE AND LET LIVE is my Philosophy. If all they did was stir up some controversy, is that any reason to get all worked up? we are adults lets start acting like it.
Whining is such a regressive act. As the old saying goes, "If you can't take the heat stay out of the Kitchen."

Besides be proud of any Ethiopians who get our country some attention. Later with that attention we can start making the changes... think to the future people, the past is the past.
*Trademarked use with my consent*