Monday, October 02, 2006

Ethiopia's dictator snubbed by EC

European Commission's high level delegation led by the President, Jose Manuel Barroso, declined Meles Zenawi's breakfast invitation. Although the official reason given by the delegation was that it wasn't part of their schedule, sources said that it was a polite rebuke of the dictator's repression in Ethiopia.
The delegation met the Prime minister at the scheduled time latter.
Wondwosen Gutu, a Medhanialem Secondary school student, who was an active Kinijit organizer at the school was killed by a federal police member yesterday. Wondwossen, 16, was involved in distributing the civil disobedience calendar which called for the release of political prisoners. He was shot dead by the policeman while he was returning home after watching an English Premier League game in a nearby sports cafe.
Wondwossen........ your sacrifice won't be in vain.


Anonymous said...

Wondwosen's blood won't dry until his mother see justice.

Anonymous said...

Zagol,thank you for the info.

The SS troops are killing children again! Our beloved Ethiopia is really sliding into the dark ages where wanton killing was the norm.
Wondwossen's blood will be avenged.

EZ, is it true that a little boy named Dedessa was shot and killed in cold blood because a police man assumed it was a taunt directed at him for the Dedessa concentration camp?

Anonymous said...

No need to dine with killers. Bravo to Anna Gomez, she got her messages through to her bosses who seem to have listened.

Anonymous said...

RIP Wondwosen Gutu; your sacrifice would never ever ever be for nothing......we are working hard to make sure of that !!! My condolonce for his parents,family and friends.

Cool Z: thanks for the usuall update.

Anonymous said...

GOD bless you Ethio-Zagol and please watch out around for any woyane spies, at a time where the diasporans are busy with friction, we need these news from the genuine heroic Ethiopian fighters right on the spot.
Can anyone please have the picture of Wondwossen and post it on the pro-democracy website globally and release the news to VOA and DW. These people are told to kill and silence any democratic move and seems time is running out for peacefull soultions. They shall know these innocent blood would engulf them one day to send them to hell.

Anonymous said...

More death, more threat and warning against innocent civilians may continue... All the EU can do is to refuse breakfast with cold blood murderers? Is that all?

We know the sponsors of this terror in Ehtiopia are the administration in the US that works against its own people's interest and the interest of the international community. We know that they have all the means to do whatever they wanted anywhere in the world. We are considered to be their tool to get to Somalia.

Z, what a sorrow, I lament for my country, my people, my brothers and sisters, whose blood is shed. But I am hopeful that the time will come when the blood of the innocent will concur freedom and liberty in Ethiopia

God bless Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

.....and of course the reign of terror will end and the architects of this terror will never get away with their crimes. It is a matter of time and time in its own time will tell the tale.


Anonymous said...

"your sacrifice won't be in vain" you say. Tell that to his mother. Zagol, the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia should be fought in West i.e supporting Ethiopian human rights act etc. In Ethiopia thousands of Wondwossens have already been killed or imprisoned by Woyane. What have we to show for it. Our leaders are in prison but CUD in North America is in disarray. CUD's constituency is slowly diminishing because of lack of adminstration - not sacrifice. We need to step back and capture the CUD's spirit...which is love and unity. We have strength when we act and talk in one voice but entertain diverse ideas and thoughts. No more dead end sacrifices. No more tactical sacrifices. Please...not in the name of Ethiopia or democracy.

Anonymous said...

anon above: the struggle is all round, not concenterate in one spot or one place. Peacefull struggle is one way; armed struggle is one way; intensifying the Human right issue in the west is one thing too.

All of the above and other avenues of the struggle has thier own type of casualities. None of us can stop that !!! But we could minimize it by boosting the organization level.

Anonymous said...

What about the 155 million Euro which were given to Ethiopia. You know that according to my source, Meles forced them at gun point to pay up otherwise they will join the kaliti palace for the rest ofd their life. Shocking eh?!?

Anonymous said...

If this is a SNUB , I WANT MORE OF IT.

European Commission President promises 155MIILION Euros for road sector dev't program in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, October 03, 2006 - European Commission President has declared the commission will provide 155 million Euros for the implementation of Ethiopia’s road sector development program.

The commission will enhance its cooperation with Ethiopia. After talks with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Monday, the visiting EC Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso told journalists the commission will also further its assistance in other development sectors in Ethiopia.

Barroso said the multifarious cooperation between the European Commission and Ethiopia has been gathering momentum. The commission has been providing significant support for development activities in Ethiopia, he said.

Describing the development cooperation between the commission and Ethiopia as exemplary, Barroso indicated that Ethiopia takes the lion’s share of the European Development Fund’s development aid in Africa.

“I strongly support Prime Minister Meles’ efforts to bring democracy to Ethiopia,” says Barroso, describing his talks with Meles as open and positive.

The two sides discussed on the cooperation between Ethiopia and the commission as well as on topical issues in the Horn of Africa region.

Barroso also pledged that the European Commission will contribute to the success of the Ethiopian Millennium celebrations.

Prime Minister Meles said the cooperation between Ethiopia and European Commission is being stepped up. He expressed hope that the Commission would enhance its support to Ethiopia in particular and Africa in General.

Meles briefed Barroso at length about the topical issues in Sudan and Somalia, according to a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who attended the meeting.