Monday, October 23, 2006

Latest on Yalemzewd Bekele

Yalemzewd Bekele, Fasil Assefa and another unnamed individual will be back to Addis Ababa tomorrow. The Federal police will be in charge of investigating their "crimes". Sources said that they will be at a more risk of torture under the custody of federal police. The EC delegation in Addis Ababa, Yalemzewd's employer, isn't following the case seriously despite Amnesty International's warning that she may face torture and reports in this blog that the Ethiopian Government was spying on the institution before the expulsion of the two diplomats and the arrest of Yalemzewd. This blogger has identified the senior official who asked Yalemzewd to leave the commission's office while she was staying there to avoid arrest. According to EC sources, it was the delegation's chief Timothy Clark. He assured her that he would follow her case with government officals but didn't do anything before her arrest.
Fasil Assefa is identified as a Unity University Management Information Systems student. He was arrested while sleeping at his hotel. The Ethiopian government falsely claimed that Fasil was taken into custody while he was trying to cross the Ethiopian border with Yalemzewd.

See more on EC espionage here and here

Call to action:
Please tell Ambassador Timothy Clark that his institution has a responsiblity to take Yalemzewd's case seriously and protect her from state violence.
-Head of Delegation to Ethiopia
-Tim ClarkeTel: +251-11-661 2511Fax: +251-11-661 2877
-Main switchboard phone number: +32-2-299 1111


Anonymous said...

cool z: thanks for the info, we will let him know..Tim Clark, that is.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update. What a scum that clarke boy is? what kind of sisy will betray a woman like that?

Brother Payne is coming hard on him and we will make sure that the EC investigates this despicable act.

ethioinfo said...

I think it is a waste of time dealing with Clark.
Let us try Louis MICHEL European Commissioner for
Development and Humanitarian Aid.
Email address:

Anonymous said...

it is eu's fault and it is tim clark's blunder. derg memberslike fisiha bayih took refuge in italian embassy for mant years. she could have done the same. eu gave her up. you can't as eu to do anything good when it is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Is Louis Michel Tim Clark's boss? we really have to do something with this Tim Clark - his actions are against democracy in Ethiopia and he may be responsible for some real problems. He should be held accountable and we can do it. May be we try Tony Blair? Who is the right person and How do we get this out in public in europe and where? Not sure if writing to Tim Clark is the right strategy. we should write to the FT and others as well. I will do my part and hope you do to.

Anonymous said...

Louis Michel is the President of the EU. He seems outraged that their darling dictator will diss them so openly. We have to express our outrage to him at the cowardly act of Tim Clarke. Ethios in Europe
have to be vociferous in demanding an explantion.

Kudos to Congressman Payne for openly asking for the EU to investigate this huge diplomatic blunder. Make your voices heard at the local level. It is election time, boys and girls........ they need our votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!