Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Comedy in parliament and court

After judge Woldemichael Meshesha leaked the report of the Inquiry committee set up by parliament and a six hours video which showed when the members of the inquiry debate and cast their votes last Wednesday, the government scrambled to issue a tonned down version of the report to parliament today. Woldemichael's report which was confirmed by the chairperson of the inquiry committee, Frehiwot Samuel, accused government of massacring demonstrators. The tonned down version presented to parliament stated the same number of people dead and injured as the leaked report but blamed the killing on the lack of democratic culture.
Meanwhile in the court, which is hearing the public prosecutor's case against CUD leaders, social justice advocates and journalists, the prosecutor presented eight witnesses. One of them testified that she was a member of AEUP and was present in one meeting when the leaders of the party were inciting people for a struggle against the government. When she was asked to name some members of AEUP by the judge, she started with Dr. Birhanu Nega. The packed court cascaded into laughter. Birhanu Nega was a founder of keste Demena, one of the other three parties that formed a coalition with AEUP to establish the CUD. The same witness also said the abbreviation UEDP stood for Ethiopian Democratic movement.
There was more drama to come. Another witness who claimed to be a businessman testified that he was present when Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw's house was searched by the police. He was asked where he worked and he answered that his shop was infront of the Gizachew's house.
Judge: Are you sure you worked in front of the defendant's house
Wit: Yes

When Engineer Gizachew who was not defending himself joked that the compound in front of his house belonged to Bole Secondary School, the confused witness said he didn't mean that he worked in front of the house but in a small shop a few blocks from the house.


Anonymous said...

Here are name of witness
1 - Kebede Tadesse
2-Alemneh Medany
3-Dagenet Tekalige
4-Bekele Degu
5-Mesgena Liben
6-Eyerusabite Kaleta
7-Eshatealeme Haylachaw
8-Girma Mecha

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ

Anonymous above Thanks Identify the name of the businesss Man ( I mean Suke Bedertay" Witness so we can locate his picture for addis resident.

Enemy Of DEMOCRACY needs to be identified.

Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great,

You're truly great!LOL..Berhanu Nega AEUP, eh? when will this horror show come to an end???????

Woyanes are losing it big time, they can't even coach their frifari lekame dim wits. Oh my , oh my!

enset said...

Thanks for the report. Keep it up and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

This blogger has got real information
I`m praying for his safety...

Please be careful of yourselves

We might again loss you.. by IFTIN people

Bless you God

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the foolishness of woyane thugs. On one hand I was laughing on the other I was angree at woyane because of their shamelessness.

Good JOb!

Anonymous said...

If this is how they want to present the "evidence" Melles was boasting about, they are in for the most miserable failure at court!

Thanks Zagol for the information.


Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ,you always infrom us the truth.we expect more rabbish witness.but the question should be how long we the people of ethiopia,tolrate such shameless,illegal,immoral---acts?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you great Ethiopian blogger, but how long we are crossing our hands and sit down and see while the woyane's are scorn against our esteemed leaders, please team up with patriotic front, the Somali’s and even with Eritrea to buried woyane, The addis people is linger ready to take any action

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I knew from the beginning that the trial is farce, but I thought they would prepare the witnesses so this proves to be more hilarious.....

Anyway....Shewanferaw....I wonder if you do understand the meaning of democracy very want to identify the enemies of democracy....why? to beat them up?!!! Grow up a true democrat...learn to forgive....perhaps you would have volunteered to be a witness had you been in these guys' place....poverty drives peopel to do anything.....these guys too are the victim of the

Anonymous said...

There should be a halt for wrong doers!

Mr Self appointed watch dog! If you're willing to forgive these scums of God's green earth of ours, where will it end up?

Yes! Enemy Of DEMOCRACY needs to be identified.

God Bless Ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

maybe if you used all of your energy to find the next fault in ethiopian government, what about trying to you it for fundraising, for helping our poor people, for teaching democratic process to ethiopians, finding ways to build more school so that we will have a better pool of future leaders (since you are not satisfied w/the ones we have now),starting an NGO to assist the hundreds of issues our country has?? what about doing that instead of wasting your energy on this?

Anonymous said...

የማጣሪያ ጥያቄያቸውን የቀጠሉት የመሃል ዳኛው «እስቲ ከተከሳሾቹ መካከል አቶ መስፍን አማንን ጠቁሚ» በሚል ያቀረቡላትን ትዕዛዝም 7ኛዋ ምስክር ከተከሳሾቹ መካከል አንዱ ላይ በመጠቆም እንዳረፈችውና ዳኛውን ሳይቀር በሳቅ እንዳፈነቻቸው ምንጮቻችን ዘግበዋል፡፡

አንዳንድ አስተያየት ሰጪዎችም ይህች ምስክር የሌሎቹን ምስክሮች ማንነት ሁሉ በሚገባ ቁልጭ አድርጋ እንዳጋለጠች ጠቁመዋል፡፡

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous,

I am tired of people like you who think democracy will come without changing the current dictator government. You may or may not be supporting EPRDF, and I careless if you do. But history of other democratic countries tells us that a country can only be a permanent democratic country if and only if there is a government elected by the people, and for the people. And that government respects the nation, and is changed more often. Democracy does not come as you suggested by only teaching the people, or opening NGO everywhere. I hope you take criticism very well and respect my opinion as I did yours.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear CUD(Derg) remnants,

Whether you like it or not,no body is above the law.These derg criminals and opportunists will have to pay a HEAVY PRICE for the crime they committed.Under normal circumsatnces if some one is accused of a serious crime like treason,death sentence is the only option.So we the majority ethiopians in dispora urge the prosecutor in Ethiopia to charge these CUD(Derg)criminals for TREASON.Even if it is upto the court to decide,the majority Ethiopians in diaspora want these criminals to receive death sentence.Anything less than that will not be accepted by majority Ethiopians and we will not hesitate to appeal if these CUD(Derg)criminals don`t receive the DEATH SENTENCE.

AEID(Association of Ethiopians in diaspora)

Anonymous said...

You called a party that was elected by the people, for the people “derg criminals and opportunists…” Oh Mother of God, what shall we call TPLF? Oh Mother of God, give us a name for these selfish, ruthless, tyrant, and corrupt government. Shall we call TPLF “TYRANT”? Shall we call TSP (Tigray selfish Party)? Give us a name as we can not find any names from the human dictionary.

P.S. stop dreaming and come back to reality. You’re not majority Ethiopians, and you will never be one. Yes you the minority rule the majority, but remember there is always a place for everyone, so a government without a majority will not sustain.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update EZ. If you don't mind and if you have the info, can you tell us anything about the composition of the jury and how they were selected? What kind of vetting process was used if it was used at all? It is entirely possible that these leaders could still be convicted despoite the absurd testimonies from these so called 'witnesses'.

Mr/s Anonymous of AEID, which survey did you consult with to declare that the majority in the Diaspora wants these leaders to be executed? Besides, where were you all this time? Isn't the charge these people are facing 'treason' anyway? Thanks for playing prosecutor, judge, and jury in one little paragraph anyway.

As for the names of the witnesses, unless we have information about the circumstances under which these people were made to testify, let's not make these hasty judgements. Besides, going after these witnesses is like going after the runner instead of the head honcho in the mafia.

Anonymous said...

weey fetari... ethiozagol mechem I don't have enough words either to thank you or express my admiration.


Anonymous said...

What did happened in Colombia?
Election was held, the Opposition appear to score bigger than expected. So the government decided(according non-supporters) cheating. Then people took to the streets. Govt. soldiers shot about 200 protestors dead, while police round up and arrested oppositin leaders.
And now the govt. of Colombia is arguing how justified its action are. "We shot them for their own good. Infact we shot them dead for the good of Colombia."
That's the comical arguement of this govt.
It's clear This govt. murdered un-armed people.But! But! When this crime is committed by an Ethiopian govt. that won't be seen as a crime. And we have people echoing this sentiment. . . right here in America!!
Sorry Colombia, I had to do it>

Anonymous said...


There is no jury in Ethiopian courts...infact I think American courts are an exception in this case. A panel of three judges sees the case and decides. Infact, unlike American courts, the judges also ask questions of the witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous. Oh well, let's hope the judges are as honest as judge Wolde-Michael Meshesha.