Wednesday, December 27, 2006

EPRDF kills a kid

More than hundred students of Africa Andenet elementary school near Piassa were protesting against the action of the federal police after one of the students was shot dead today. The kids claimed that they couldn't learn when one of their own was killed for no reason. They were chanting "Leba, leba, police leba, bereket Leba, Meles Leba". Tens of students were latter arrested by the federal police. Students of Brehane Ethiopia, which is located at Arat Kilo, joined the protestors. Eye witnesses said the kids who were protesting were between the ages of 9 and 13.
Many Internet cafes in Addis Ababa are being told to register users by the federal police. Registration forms have been distributed by the police to some of them. An Intenet cafe owner at the Ayer Tena area told this blogger that even though he received the forms he wouldn't obey the orders and chase his clients away. Although most Ethiopian pro-democracy websites are shut down, people are massively using anonymous proxy servers to access them . The registration of users in internet cafes is intended to deter readers of political websites, observers say.
Tomorrow: What happened to Menbere Tadesse, a kinijit activist?


Anonymous said...

It might seems possible to deter the people’s voice by scrutinizing their free speech and freedom of Press but what Woyane needs to understand is that it is impossible. Thanks to the brave son and Daughters of Ethiopia languishing in Kaliti they cleared the way with their own life on the line and no one is capable to overturn that. Woyane please read
‘The Dawn of Freedom’ by Dr. Bre (Berhanu) again and again if you can understand what freedom mean. The time is not that far to see those buchers like Meles in court. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Anonymous said...

My God,

They are killing children again! How come when 9-12 year olds are
fighting woyane, where are the adults??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol, Please correct the title to TPLF kills a kid.

No Ethiopian would kill a child only TPLF and The TEGRAI VENGUARD AGAZI MURDERES do kill children as well as elderly women to intimidate and terrorize the people of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...


Shabia and its puppets in the dust bin of history. Victory for Ethiopia and EDF
First and foremost let’s call a spade a spade. Despite the fact that foreign elements particularly Arab nations conspired against Ethiopia, the ICU could not have gained such prominence without the aid of Shabia. Therefore, the defeat is just as much a Shabia defeat as an ICU defeat. This is worth repeating again so it becomes abundantly clear that Shabia the architect of the ICU is the defeated party. Silence from the Shabia camp is testimonial of their total and utter defeat at the hands of the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

Quite frankly Shabia has played its last card and has come up empty once again. The defeat of the ICU is a defeat for the ONLF and OLF. No more safe-havens for these foot soldiers whose allegiance to Shabia is an open secret even to their own supporters. No more escape through Somalia for those who have been waging attacks against Ethiopia with a base to run back over the border in ICU controlled Somalia.

Shabia’s strategy to encircle Ethiopia with hostile forces crumbled in less than 24 hours. It took Issayas 6 years to plan this assault and his dream crumbled in less than 24 hours. You can’t help feel sorry for such a loser. After all, he worked very hard (we did not say worked smart) to revenge his defeat on the Badme war. His hopes of overthrowing the EPRDF and catapulting himself back to messiah status was cut short in less time than it takes most of you to wake up in the morning and return home to go to bed after a day at work. Yes it took such a short time to crush his last hope and dream.

Secondly, there was an element of Ethiopians who actively and openly cheered on the ICU. These traitors are big time losers. They are now so discredited that they can never claim to have the moral ground to question anybody’s “Ethiopianness” ever again. These elements are now victims of Issayas failure. Their hopes and aspirations were directly tied to the success of Issayas plans. In other words, THEY COULD ONLY SUCCEED if the ICU marched to Addis and took over. They could only succeed if Issayas was the winner. They could only succeed if someone else other than themselves was able to succeed. These traitors incapable of succeeding for themselves were slaves of someone else’s victory. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for Ethiopia, Issayas lost.

So what is the likely outcome of these developments? Well for sure Shabia has lost BIG TIME. In short Issayas is no longer a factor. This war was his last hope. OLF and ONLF are also casualties of this war. Just like a slave who is dependent on a master. When the master is sick the slave is also sick. When the masters got a cold the slave begins to sniffle and cough. The master of these liberation fronts is very sick. These liberation fronts now need liberation from their sick master. Unfortunately for them without their sick master they are non existent.

As for the non existing AFD and EPPF; well they are winners. They are winners because it is impossible to die when you never lived. Lets not forget that Hagerfiker has pleaded with these elements both on radio and internet for months to correct their wrong policy. Now it is to late. They lose big time.

Lastly we say thank you to the EDF our pride and joy. We know the job is not yet complete but we are confident in your ability to close the deal. Again thank you for making us proud.

Lastly, our favorite editor is starting a new campaign to work with Somalis to attack PM Meles. Thankfully he is the same guy who used to run Tegbar. Tegbar in Amharic has a positive connotation. After he abused the name, the term now is associated with one failure after another. Maybe we need to send the Somalis his CV.

Anonymous said...

We've to fight woyane in an organised way. we've to show our hate by a number of peaceful ways.
Pls, think about it.

Anonymous said...

The Internet: Telecom is giving oretexts such as preventing people from making calls via the net (I read this in the weekly Capital). But I agree with the observers; it's to discourage people from checking websites for news....

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

how come you are allowing the mubling of TPLF victory ovr a rag and tag Somalis be broadcast here. The subject matter was given to us to comment on why divert our attention with mumbling of TPLF's illusive and fake victory. We've heard it all before in Iraq and Afghanistan, even the most powerful country is looking for a way out of its own making of the quagmire. TPLF is boasting an easy victory, first they did not have the confidence to claim that TPLF VANGUARD (AGAZI) FORCE was in Somalia in a bid to invade Somalia, now with few western reporters help they have claimed total victory. There can only be total victory when the peace is won, lets see what TPLF will do others are unable to do to win the peace? The fake and reporters victory is yet to be consolodated.

By the way this does not take anything away from our desire to remove TPLF WOYANES (BANDITS) AGAZI FORCES OUCCUPYING our country. Now that they are occupying three countries including Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia even if they stand all TIGRES carrying weapon they will not be able to handle it, all we have to do is wait and liqudate them at the same time, as if there is no messanger back to tell that tale. TPLF is issolated and corrnored in all around the Horn and Ethiopia, its a matter of time to bring it down we have succeeded in informing and convincing our people that the enemy of the horn is TPLF WOYANES (BANDITS) guided by greed and treachery. They think they can exploit Somalia, they will learn it the hard way and will be wondering in writing their history as how they lost power?

Anonymous said...

Former US Ambassador Questions Ethiopian Military Strategy in Somalia

December 27, 2006

As Ethiopia continues its military advances in Somalia, observers are debating the wisdom of the strategy. For an analysis, VOA English to Africa Service reporter Joe De Capua spoke with Dr. David Shinn of George Washington University, a former US ambassador to Ethiopia. Dr. Shinn gives his short-term and long-term views of the situation. He says he thinks Ethiopian forces may try to encircle the capital, Mogadishu.

"I strongly doubt they have any desire to go into Mogadishu and repeat the problems that earlier peacekeeping forces have had in a major, highly confined urban area. But perhaps just sit outside Mogadishu and try to in effect strangle the (Islamic) courts. What I'm perplexed at though is how this accomplishes that unless you're there a very, very long time," Shinn says.

As for the long term, the former ambassador says, "If you stay there, you open yourself to guerilla attack. And if you leave I guess you're assuming that you reinstall those Somali elements, including the warlords, who were there before."

Asked whether Ethiopia would prefer the clan leaders to the Islamic Courts, Shinn says, "I think from the standpoint of the Ethiopians they would probably answer that yes. At a minimum, that would put it back to a status quo situation, where no single entity is in charge. And I think they would see that as preferable to a unified Islamic Court structure."

Shinn, "If you look at it from the standpoint of what is best for Somali security, putting aside Islamic Court ideology, then what the courts had installed in terms of security, at least in the greater Mogadishu area, I think most Somalis would say it’s far preferable. albeit disagreeing with some of the extreme positions of some of the courts," he says.

He says some elements of the courts have done "some outrageous things that I think were not popular with most Somalis. But they did establish security. And that was the overriding concern of Somalis."

Anonymous said...

The anon twice above!!!!

Weyane thomas...i can recognize you....the war is not over....they are letting u in.....when u become an occupying force like meles said today...u ll become like US in irak....good luck weyane...this is not ethiopian s meles war!

Anonymous said...

this blog is no more free. you can't stand anyone saying different from what you want.



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