Monday, December 04, 2006

More on Meles's message to CUD leaders

Details of Meles Zenawi's message to the jailed CUD leaders has emerged this weekend. Professor Ephrem Isaac met Hailu Sawel, Birhanu Nega, Birtukan Mideksa, Yacob Hailemariam and Gizachew Shiferaw three times in a week. According to prison sources, in the first two meetings, Professor Ephrem informed the prisoners Meles's demand that they quit politics to be released from prison. After a firm rejection from them, the prime minister sent a fresh message containing a demand from them to denounce the AFD and dissociate themselves from those who raised arms against his government including the OLF and ONLF. The prisoners told the professor that Kinijit's policy was to solve Ethiopia's problems by dialogue and engagement, not by denouncation of the country's political groups.
According to sources, the prisoners seemed to take this round of shuttle diplomacy with cautious optimism. The mediator Ephrem Issac was said to be truly non-partisan unlike the American charge d'affaires Vicki Huddlestone who tried to act as a mediator previously. This was the first time the prisoners met a mediator together.


Anonymous said...

Good Job CUD!

Anonymous said...

Long live the AFD. The only gathering that will free us from tyranny, and set the course for everlasting peace and equality.

Once again, the prisoners have truly shown who they are, and what they stand for.

Ye miyalf ken yemayalf sem yesetal,
weyew leene Lidetu ayenet erkusoch.

Freedom now, end the occupation.

Anonymous said...

AFD the baby of Shabia is another enemy of Ethiopia.. So if CUD want to baby sit AFD that is another issue. Now... Ethio-Zegol, if you are getting this inside information, don't you think it is counter productive to publish such information right now.. Why do you want to corner both sides (Meles vs Hailu et all) by putting what is discussed in public hindering both sides from compermising? By you putting such information public you are forcing each side to never compermise, since they look like weak if they compermise. So I suggest you stop publishing the on-going mediation by Prof Ephraiam to help the mediation move forward, unless of course you want the mediation to fail, it would make sense.

Anonymous said...

It is very bothersome to hear that a person of such high status like Dr. Ephrem Issac would stoop himself as low as he did. How come he would ask these bright capable men and woman to stop politics as an exchange to be released? This has to be one of the many American's wrong advice that seep through the ranks to fall on the good professors lap. I am very angry with the messsage he brings in the name of resolution. Let me tell him what the reply should be from the CUD leadership:

tell meles and co. to order their subordinates to immediately release the CUD leadership, and relinquish power then put your shoes on to leave for Tigrai at once without any further delay or stay where put at their peril.

I hope that will be the message the good professor has taken to his boss. As far as Vicki Huddlestone is concerned she is one of the group leader who is paying 78% Ethiiopian civil serevants salary so she has the right to instruct Meles and Co. We should not lose sleep over that relationship, between Vicki Huddlestone and TPLF WOYANE BANDITS leadership. For Ethiopia's foreign policy is in the hands of white Americans who are manipulating the TPLF WOYANE leadership by picking up the tab of Ethiopians civil serevatns' salaries. The good thing is today Dec 4, 2006 one of the neo-cons evil trojan horse has gotten the boot in the ass, Mr. John Bolton has been the main orchestrator of the destruction of the Horn Africa, next to his boss Paul Wolfowitz he is the most hated evil horse in the world of rational thinkers. I guess good news always comes when hope doesn't seem to exist anymore. God Bless Democrats, as bad as they are sometimes they come thru when all options for rationality see to evaporate. We hope the next step woud be asking Meles and Co. to leave for Tigrai where they belong and leave our Ethiopia for us real-Ethiopians.


Anonymous said...

Meles and TPLF are soo desperate because they're surrounded by enemies from all corner of the country because they're hatefull and greedy. I believe this is another stupid trick by Meles and Weyannes to buy time and to kill the popular SUNAMI OF REVOLUTION inspired by the far sited and well seasoned CUD leadership at Kalti. I know Meles & Weyannes have more respect for their sponsers in the West, Some arab countries and incuding america. But they don't have any love and respect and the civility for geniune dialog and sharepower with thier fellow non tigrean brothers and sisters. Thank god! I think this is clear for the well seasoned and farsighted CUD leadership in Kaliti.

Anonymous said...

I agree: save this kind of information because it does no good than good

Anonymous said...

Patriotic-Ethiopian ;

how do you measure who is real Ethiopia and who is not? You act like Ethiopia is your personal property. Who are you to say who is real Ethiopian and who is not. What Ethiopia needs is love not war. I hope somehow CUD and EPRDF resolve their issue and go back to the negotation table.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous above,

Every body knows TPLF's divide and rule policy. Remember the aftermath of May 2005 election when CUD and others cornered the TPLF. It ran to OLF for negotiation with out any precondition only to be rebuffed by the OLF. They knew the inside out of the TPLF. Woyanes cannot live in peace since that will spell dooms day for them. It is what is called a "minority ethnic group syndrome". Peace will reduce them to sharing power and representation with the rest of the country. They will no be allowed to ride free with corruption and ussurpation of the loots. If what EZ is telling us is true with regard to CUD leaders I applaud them for standing for a national agenda far more than their own personal well being. At last these are the kinds of people that Ethiopia needed and we will march with them to freedom and justice. Any thing less is lip service.

Anonymous said...

The essence of Woyane as a party and Meles as a person allows them merely to “trick”, rather than negotiate “in good faith” with, any one. Hence, the CUD Leaders have to stand firm in their position. They have to remember that Meles has tricked them many times in the past in the name of negotiation. For instance, he made them postpone the Civil Disobedience they called for right after the election by giving them nominal concessions. Even though they are imprisoned, the balance of power is still, as things stand now, in favor of the CUD leaders; thus, they should stand firm to their position. May God always be with them!!

Anonymous said...


Our Leaders know exactly what to do and they don't need our advice. If you want to be productive I have a challenge for you. Go to and sign the petition and recruit friends and family to sign it. We need 10,000 signatures. How about it?


Anonymous said...

Nice report, Zagol - I hope it's all true.

Thanks for giving proper kudos to Professor Ephrem.

Anonymous said...

The day-dreaming habits of Ethiopians never ends. When do you wake up. EthioZagol, you speak as if the prisoners have the upper hand and your tale is a new proposal. The offer has been on the table the past year, which shows the level of maturity the EPRDF has, eventhough these THUGS wanted to overthrow a government. I say keep these BANDAS in jail and let us take of the other bandas in Somalia and Eritrea.

Anonymous said...

For the above Anon ethiopans are not day-dreaming its the fact the prisoners has the upper hand because they won the majority vote and the majority people support before it was stolen by your Master Facist Meles and TPLF. Do you think the Meles minority hateful tribalist government will survive by taking hostage the whole country by gun? You must one of the retarded weyanne cadre to think that way. So, don't make us laugh when you say BANDA, who make ethiopia the largest land locked and pooorly miserable counrty? Who wrote a letter for UN to reconize eritrea? Who killed ethiopian soldiers in ASEB, Messwa, and Eritrea while fighting shabia? who killed addis abeba universtiy students for protesting against UN conpiracy to make ethipia a land lock country? You know your filthy the lowest scummer and begger MELES. So now you weyannes and TPLFs are dying First Issayas from north will destroy the baby killer agazi army in Mekle and will destroy every thing you stole from all other region and forces such as EPPF will clear the rest of weyanne agazi. The Somalia islamist, OLF and ONLF will take care the weyanne tag army in west, east and south. In central region and addis the popular CUD movement will take care the left over weyanne Meles cadres! So, Weyanne & TPLF is dying soon!

Anonymous said...

Negotiation before their release is subjected to usual dirty tricks of Meles. In the first place, they have to be released without any precondition. Then, they can start the negotiation. Such attempt of meles is to discredit CUD and its leaders, make them out of politics so that he will continue his usual child killing with out strong political opponent. I admire the Dr Isaac's effort but am wodering if the message he carried in the first round of his meetings with CUD leaders was not difficult to carry in the first place. Anyway, a negotiator carries all fun stuff from both parties. So, nothing wrong with the negotiator. he should continue his job.

My advice to EZ, if you think the negotiation takes a good shape, you better witheld the information until the last line is done. If there is some risky or fishy stuff in the negotiation, you should continue informing the Ethiopian community. Bravo, you are doing great job. God be with you brother (sister)!

Anonymous said...

Meles is not worried about this AFD that crashed before the take-off. But you are free to continue running the rumour machine. The prisoners must wait until the court gives its verdict. Meles may intervene after the court generation to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Patriotic-Ethiopian ;

how do you measure who is real Ethiopia and who is not? You act like Ethiopia is your personal property. Who are you to say who is real Ethiopian and who is not. What Ethiopia needs is love not war. I hope somehow CUD and EPRDF resolve their issue and go back to the negotation table.

You denkoro block-head! first you need to put name if you want to pose a question so I will know to whome I am responding. But then again, you all are the same bunch of DENKOROS! Let me tell you who the Real-Ethiopian is, the Real Ethiopian is everyone within the Real-Ethiopian political boundary, but it sure does NOT include the 2 million Tigres. I hope I answered your question to satisfy your DENKORO quench.

Let me also tell the rest who are telling us about negotiation, to negotiate you need a real partner, TPLF WOYANE BANDITS are neithr a partner of peace nor are they ligitimate political organization to carry a legal negotiation. They cannot even represent the 2-million Tigres let alone to consider them as a ligitimate force to negotiate. Most of the 2-million Tigres are agry that not all tigres are not receiving millions of dollars stolen/begged in the name of Ethiopian people. They have been receiving wrong information since TPLF WOYANE BANDITS came to power, they thought they were going to be made all millionaires, but they realized that they will only be given access to become millionaires at the expense of all Ethiopians. They have the nerve to be angry at TPLF WOYANE BANDITS. They have been exempted from paying tax, they have been exempted from transportation cost to their imported/exported goods in the name of "Tagais don't have to pay" the plan is to make every Tigrai family multi millionaires by the virtue of their Tigre identity. They are controlling Ethiopia like the Suadi Royal family, first the resources are to be devided amongst all Tigres and leftovers are to be thrown at the rest of Ethiopians, even then there is a catch you have to accept TIGRE supermacy in Ethiopia to be in the crowed to share the left over. If you are a concious/True-Ethiopian who cares about the well being of Ethiopians then you do not qualify even for the left over.

That is why we need not to consider negotiation with TPLF WOYANE BANDITS. Like one of the True-Ethiopian above spelled it, wright after the May 2005 election they tried to make an offer to OLF in order to safocate Other Ethnic Ethiopians (especially the Amharigna speaking Ethiopians), unfortunately for TPLF WOYANE BANDITS the OLF turned them down knowing fully well it will be Oromos turn tomorrow. Today its Somalians, OLF, Eritreans turn to be conquered, tomorrow it will be the one that negotiate with them in a round table. That is why we need not to negotiate. These are NOT Real-Ethiopians, they are guided by greed and intoxicated by power. Meles looks like he just had a talk with God when he thumbs his nose on everyone. Surprisingly people who are NON-TIGRES are flirting with him, as if to say its all okay. Others are suggesting to forget what happened, they say let the bygone be bygone. I don't know what to tell you, but its my firm stand that you cannot negotiate with FASCIST TPLF WOYANE BANDITS!!!

Ethiopia Tikdem!!!

Anonymous said...

Like the appointments of Brhane Mewa and Andargachew, this one of those insensitive post made by Ethio Zagol. What is the purpose of posting this kind of counter productive issues. If this story if at all true, I say that EZ should be condemned for publishing it b/c it has a potential to stop the negotiation. The most important thing for Ethiopians is to make sure the prisonors are released.

Anonymous said...


You must be yosef yazew or one of those thieves around him Seyoum, Haptegiogios Chernut who is afraid of what is going to happen to all you traitors when the Leaders are out.

Good job EZ! if Ephraim Isaac can knock some sense into his kins all power to him. He might be worrying about the future implications for Tigrayans.

Anonymous said...

I think shelaka and co are scared as the learders are coming out soon and tell the truth

Anonymous said...

Again, my simple minded Ethiopians of the Diaspora. How you exaggerate your importance shocks me. But then again, the Ethiopian lives by exaggerating his importance and not seeing what is the obvious reality.
1. Prisoners have the upporhand? Please. Let alone CUD members, Siye Abraha, the hero of TPLF is still languishing in jail. Get a grip. That is the reality. As to the impact of putting the CUD leaders in jail, I ask, what impact? Ethiopia goes forward. The leaders still in jail. THOSE IN THE DIASPORA STILL VISITING ADDIS AND SPENDING THEIR MONEY. ALL THAT CRAP ABOUT BOYCOTT WAS CRAP.


Anonymous said...

Once again Woyane = 0 and Kinijit = 1,

Long Live Kinijit

Anonymous said...

Meles is just desperate to get some political loop to play his Somalia/Eritrea game and he is all surrounded by enemies from all corners. Yes, even from with in his buddies... Trust me, none of them will stand with him when the real time comes. Don't put me as tenquay, but it will be the iner-circle guys who will pull the triger at Meles first to save their own dirt. Anyways, Meles completly knows that the imprisoned KINIJIT leaders has a huge popular support among the hearts of Ethiopians. So to get a little help for his preparation for war, he will "release" the leaders and would plead an insane support from the people. It is just a game. But he will try his level best to make the leaders yekum esregna! So what we Ethiopians shall do now? We have to stand firm with our leaders and provide a very winning solution. We shall tell WOYANE that we deserve our full right nothing less. The voice of the people must be respected. Meles has to bow down for A NATIONAL RECONCILIATION that involves all Ethiopian political forces. The is one of the few times where we can have real muscel against Meles and Co. At the same time, i have fear that Meles can get killed by one of his co's. and they might try to implant another obstacle. There fore Ethiopian strategic thinkers shall consider all the scenarios and advise us on how to put a magical finish to our struggle. I am very positive that the Ethiopian people will rise above this messy time and continue to survive in peace and harmony! Amen

Muluneh negn

Anonymous said...

If you love your country go head and join the union islamic court (ICU)to tople Meles govt and be part of the new breed of terrorist in the horn of Africa. Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk. If you want to fight the fight join the political system let your voice be heard face the hardship fight like a real man's fight, don't just talk the talk... walk the walk. show your love for your people and your country. Don't Just be full of BS. Be a real men.

Anonymous said...

The above Anon said "Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk." Let me tell you TPLF and Meles cadre, Meles's ledership is determined by ethnic division and by conspirating against his own people with the countries traditional enemies in order to stay in power. Meles is one coward cruel individual surrounded by ethnic agazi security forces who can not face his own people except Tigrean tribalists as a real genuine CUD leaders in Kaliti prison.

Anonymous said...

EZ, that is an encouraging report.

I think Meles is coming to his senses now and is realizing that jailing the leaders of CUD is not endearing him with not only the vast majority of Ethiopians but with Americans or Europeans as well.

I am sure he is seeking an honorable way out of the mess he created.

Dr. Ephraim is a mediator, so there is no reason to attack him.

Anonymous said...

I hope our leaders are well aware of the dirty tricks from the Tplf regime whenever they are cornered. First the leaders must be released without any kind of precondition then comes an all inclusive negotiation. Tplf's last resort to stay in power by creating a chaos in Somalia is ending. Even the Pentagon is seconed guessing if there is any military solution as the Tplf regime is advocating. Jendai Frazer, the assistant secretary for Africa, is in a hot seat for creating a mess in Somalia by taking a raw misinformation from the Tplf regime. Infact there is going to be a major shift in the US foriegn policy in coming months. Seeing it from every angel, the Tplf regime doesn't have any option but to negotiate. But our leaders must be carfull not to get trapped by Tplf's deceptive methods.

Kudos to our blessed leaders in Kaliti.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ!

Old habits die hard. Melese is using his old trick this time by using Prof. Epherem.

As Prof. Asrat W/S was a true hero who died for his country, the Kinijit leaders are a hero who are sacrifing their life for the sake of their country.

There is no way out for Melese Zenawi. The turning point was when he killed innocent protesters in June & Nov. 2005 & arrested the genuine leaders of CUD.

He is trapped: Morally dead, Legally liable to the families of the dead, Poltically ruined - he is awaiting a trial for all the attrocities he commited. And on top of that there is another crime which Melese commited in the early '90s and that is punishable by death - Landlocking 70 million people for ethinically motivated interest and money.

So Ephrem or Hailu Shawel - it doesn't matter. All Melese can do is count his days which are numbered by using all the evil forces in his disposal.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Nov 30th 2006 | NAIROBI
From The Economist print edition
The spectre of a hostile Christian Ethiopia bearing down on Somalia has rallied Somalis behind the Islamists. Somalia's Islamists have spread a similar fear among Ethiopians, giving succour to Mr Zenawi's unpopular and isolated government.
Many of the opposition are in prison on trumped-up charges carrying the death penalty. Tens of thousands of young Ethiopians were sent to prison camps after last year's poll. A few still languish there; others have fled abroad. Several judges have defected, fearing for their safety.
The press has been crushed, foreign correspondents expelled and many journalists and editors put in jail. The government has hired foreign specialists to help it shut down dissident websites, tap telephones and track e-mails. Among foreign governments, China has become an ally.
Most tellingly, morale in Ethiopia's army is low. Several generals, along with their men, have hiked over the mountains into neighbouring Eritrea to join the Oromo Liberation Front, a southern separatist group that wants to bring down Mr Zenawi's lot.

Anonymous said...

I will quote the brave and true ethiopian son of haliue shawel's word:

"We will only use legal (protest) measures allowed under the constitution," Hailu said. "We have never had arms. We do not have guns."

"Our struggle is to change the government using peaceful means allowed within the law," Hailu told journalists. "This is not treason."

Anonymous said...

The increased role of the private sector in the Ethiopian economy
outside the agriculture sector is largely due to two groups of actors, the
MIDROC-group, owned by the Ethio-Saudi businessman Sheik
Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, and the TPLF-owned Endowment Fund
for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, the EFFORT-group.
Sheik Al-Amoudi’s business activities include agricultural,
Even though Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi’s MIDROCgroup’s
business activities are widespread and increasing, this group has not
created a debate and a criticism that can compete with the debate about and
the criticism of the other non-government business group, the EFFORTgroup.
As is clear from its name, this group has both its objective and its
activities largely directed towards the Tigray region. Like the MIDROCgroup,
the EFFORT-group operates in more or less all business sectors.
The EFFORT-group has organised itself along the following businesssector
– Agriculture and agro-processing
– Construction and engineering
– Manufacturing
– Mining
– Services, including banking (Wegagan) and transports (TESCO)
As noted above, the EFFORT-group has its basis in the Tigray People’s
Liberation Front (TPLF) even though it is formally an independent
share company. From the point of view of efficient competition, as
indicated by the experience from the transport sector and revealed in the
surveys about the business climate mentioned above, the close relation
between TPLF and the present Ethiopian government easily creates
doubts about the equal treatment of EFFORT-companies and other
non-party-related private companies. As there is no efficient and working
commercial legislation, these doubts, well founded or not, easily create
problems concerning the government’s legitimacy and the credibility of
its private sector policies


Anonymous said...

If you all don't know this mediation thing is a setup then you all deserve to be concoered by TPLF WOYANE TIGRE AGAZI FORCES for ten more years. What we need to do is intesify our struggle, because this is the most vulnerable time for TPLF and her corrupt leaders. The Americans have miscalculated the response of Ethiopian people. They think by telling meles to do mediation they thought people are going to pin their hope up and embrace meles so he can go to war with Somalians. The truth is anyone that is dupped by this trick deserves to be TPLF WOYANE TIGRE AGAZI FORCE SLAVE forever.

Look at the above article, what do you sense from that? TPLF WOYANE TIGRE GUIDED BY GREED AND CORRUTION WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS COUNTRY, LEAVING POWER MEANS A CERTAIN DEATH TO ALL THE COMPANIES THEY CREATED AT THE EXPENSE OF POOR ETHIOPIANS. The good professor is part of the scam, he would do anything and everything to avoid total chaostic war in irder to continue to benefit from the current arrangement. ETHIOPIA IS BEING SLAUGHTERED AND SOME PEOPLE ARE VOLUNTEERING TO HOLD HER LEGS SO TPLF WOYANE WILL CUT HER THROAT.

Anyone that is aasociated with this regime even in a small level is part of the scam, and deserves to be condemned Dr. Ephrem is a sellout and he is in it big time. Relaesing the leaders is a must for TPLF WOYANE TIGRE AGAZI FORCES, that should come with no preconditions. Then they should apologize the mass killing and leave power to the CUD leaders who have won the May 2005 election fair and square, after they completed that let CUD leaders get together and create a safe path for TPLF WOYANE TIGRE AGAZI Forces to depart from the country. All that should be done with the consideration of those who have been massacred so their families won't react.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Zagol

Anonymous said...

Please leave Prof Ephrem! What is wrong if he tries to mediate between the two parties?

As to EZ reporting on the progress of the negotiations, I support previous contributors who advised not to spill all the beans. Let things take their natural course. When there is an impasse or a breakthrough, that will be the right time to disclose the details.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Ethiopia!

This is to express our deepest sympathy to the People of Zambia over the decision made by CECAFA together with Ethiopian Football Federation.

The decision that was made yesterday clearly shows the sabotage that kept African football back.

It is also to be clear that we can not take African football to a higher level by snatching results from others.

We, the writers of this message, would like to inform that the People of Ethiopia feels ashamed by the decision made by CECAFA together with Ethiopian Football Federation.

We are also requesting your good office to transmit this message over a media to let the People of Zambia understand the stand of the Ethiopian People.

Thank you,

cc: The Football Federation of Zambia
Zambian Embassy -- France
Zambian Embassy -- India
Zambian Embassy -- Germany
Zambian Embassy -- Japan
Zambian Embassy -- Russia
Zambian Embassy -- Sweden
Zambian Embassy -- United States of America

Anonymous said...

what was CECAFA together and Ethiopian Football Federation ruling I thought Ethiopia lost 1-0

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the Woyena fear Hailu Shawel! He really has gotten under their skin. Your fear tells us we have chosen the right leader someone you fear even while he is in prison. You are pathetic you lie to yourselves daily
and have the audacity to tell us all is well. It is not well for you either because you are sweating in your fear
and are hyper ventelating in this blog to disrupt but all know you. If your were sure of yourself you would not be
a nusance on this blog all you are is noise.

Anonymous said...

For Diaspora;

Remnants of the Derg and those Neftegnas!!!

We only, pitttily, remember you the guys in Addis for your contribution to raising the prostitute fees from merely 100 Birr a night now 1000!

Alas! There is nothing nowhere noone could remeber an Ethiopian Diaspora!!!

Come and enjoy our teens cause you have the money!!!!!!!

Come and enjoy chat, shisha, drink overnight in Chichinia ......

Anonymous said...

Meles Zenawi must be brought to justice for the biologicalwarfare used against detainees

By Leoul Mekonen

“We took a calculated risk,” said Meles Zenawi when BBC’s “HardTalk” host, StephenSackur, confronted him right after the June 2005 massacre in Addis Abeba. Of course, MelesZenawi has shown the world that he is very good at taking calculated risks when it comes tocrushing and subduing opposition movements. During the June and November 2005 peacefuldemonstration against election fraud, many detainees mainly students were arrested and takento different military camps which were used as concentration camps. They were beaten andsubjected to different kinds of degrading ill-treatment. Beating protestors and making themcrawl with naked knees have been a usual punishment that the so called federal police usedagainst university students repeatedly. Many of the concentration camps like the one inDedessa (Wollega) are out of sight from the international community and human rightorganisations. This gave a very good opportunity to commit all kinds of degrading and brutalactions against detainees. Though many of us Ethiopians who live in western countries arelucky for not seeing these brutalities closely, we, nevertheless have been deeply affected bythe harsh and rough meted out by the Meles Zenawi armed forces against our brothers,sisters, relatives and friends who were taken to remote detention centres.Hearing and witnessing torture and extra judicial killings against opposition groups inEthiopia have always been normal not only for Ethiopians but also for the western worldwhich have often spoken when violations against human rights have been excessive,regrettably very often with a forked-tongue. During the June and November 2005 riots, thereactions of security forces were not limited to torture and illegal detention of protestors.Many who were released from those remote detention camps told that they were shaved bythe same razor blade. Many released detainees witnessed that they were shaved by one razorblade and those who protested against it were beaten until they pass out. Shaving the heads ofdetainees by one razor blade is a very well calculated plan to destroy the most productive anddemocracy thirsty segment of the population. In a country where the HIV/Aids prevalence isso high, the action can be regarded as a form of biological warfare. Exposing youth protestorsto the risk of HIV-virus infection has both long and short-term benefits for Meles Zenawi’sregime. The short-term benefit is that he is able to spread fear among the youth and theirfamilies who wish to continue their protests against the election fraud and the atrocities beingcommitted by the special forces of Meles. The long-term benefit is breaking the backbone ofsociety, the young generation, by infecting them with HIV-virus.The history of dictatorial regimes shows that academics and the youth are always the primetargets of dictators. They are always the first victims to be tortured and/or exterminated. The“Red terror” in the 1970s is a very good example, which depicted how the then Military rulersprolonged their power by massacring the youth who demanded democracy and equality.Thanks to the end of cold war period, in today’s world it will be difficult to massacrethousands and millions of youth who protest against dictators and bad governance. Thespreading of the HIV-virus among protesting youths is very easy, albeit indirect; it is adraconian and ruthless method of putting down opposition movements. The recourse to usingthe HIV-virus as a political weapon will not only help in wiping out the protestors, but willalso make it difficult to accuse Meles Zenawi in the future, as we do Sadam Hussein today, ofmass murder. This is because he will argue that the detainees might have been infected beforetheir arrest or as a result of the high incidence of unsafe sex among the youth.

Meles Zenawi is aware that upon release the detainees will be so preoccupied with theirdeteriorating health conditions and the fear and stigma associated with HIV-infection.Traumatising and by so doing endangering the psychological and social wellbeing of theyoung generation is a well-planned and easy way to prolong power. Taking into considerationthe intensity of fear, frustration and anxiety it causes among the youth and their families, suchan action is tantamount to psychological warfare. Having been infected by HIV-virus and onthe verge of developing AIDS, they cannot even lift up their arms and head from their sickbeds, let alone throw stones to express their bitter frustration. Punishing detainees selectivelythrough HIV-infection can be definitely characterised as biological warfare as long as the aimis to attack enemies or opponents by deadly organisms. Meles Zenawi is aware of the fact thatthese oppressed youths will eventually take up arms and resist his oppressive rule. In his mindweakening the younger and future generation through HIV-infection is an effective measure!It is the national and sacred duty of all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to work together withprogressive forces in the international community to raise charges against Meles Zenawi forbiological warfare against the people of Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi’s atrocities againstopposition groups in Ethiopia must not go unpunished!Leoul

MekonenE-mail address:

Anonymous said...

To leul Mekonnen

You are leul of nothing now and forever!!!!!!!!

Your assertions are totall baseless..

It is ye buna were except written in English!!!

Go on getting mad and mad and mad ... This country has not seen an elite PRACTICAL leader as MELES ZENAWI!!!

Just keep on masturbating on ocean of fallacy. Nothing more nothing less...

Good for nothing!!!

Wash your master's car and kepp the keys!! Don't forget to take the leftovers to your kids!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ,

The above "anon" said: This country has not seen an elite PRACTICAL leader as MELES ZENAWI!!!

Jesus! On what merit? Melese Zenawi is the most useless and barbaric leader this country has ever seen.

Land locking 70 Million people - Breaking up an acient country - Ethnic boundary as envisioned by Musoulini - Letting the whole country be controled by an Eritrean war lord Issias Afeworki for 7 solid years - Building a Mafia style buisness empire by starving the people - there is no end.

Obviously the above "anon" who priased Zenawi is a stupid fellow and a Tigrian. No wonder he is a product of Zenawi.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia under one family ruling party

Here is TPLF'S criminal family who controls Ethiopian national assets and all levels of power

1.President Melse Zenawi - TPLF leader and Ethiopian Prime Minister

2.Sebhat Nega - TPLF politburo and President Meles Zenawi's advisor

3.Kidusan Nega(Sebhat Nega's sister) - Mekele Mayor and TPLF central commite member

4.Tsegay Berhe (Kidusan Nega's husband) - Tigray province president and TPLF politburo member

5.Aberash Nega (Sebhat Negas's sister) - run for Addis Abeba city council in May election (with her two cousins) but not elected.

6.Two daughters of Sebhat Nega's mother are from Eritrea like Meles Zenawi's Mother

7.Sebhat Nega's sister is Eritrea's defense minister Sebhat Efphrem's wife

8.Arekebe Ekubay's sister - the wife of Adis Alem Balema who is TPLF central committe member

9.Arekebe Ekubay's wife, Nigist Gebre Kirstos, is the sister of Berhane Gebre Kirstos who is TPLF central committee member and former Ambasador to the USA and current Ambassador to Brussels Belgium

10.Abay Woldu's wife, Turufat Kidane Mariam, is Meles Zenawi's justice and security chief, and TPLF central committee member. Abay Woldu - TPLF politburo member

11.Mulugeta Alemseged, who is Meles Zenawi's nearest family member - Meles zenawi's security chief and personal body guard

12.General Birhane Negas - Meles Zenawi's Palace security chief and the god-father of Meles Zenawi's daughter.
Picture: From Yared Hailemariam's Testimony to EU, a woman shot dead by Meles' gangs on Nov. at her head and chest.

Anonymous said...

In these days of discord, war and violence
By Robele Ababya
December 18, 2006
My title to this piece suits me to repeat the misdeeds of the traitor, Meles. His heinous crimes should be recited as mantras in every household for generations to come. I shall mention some in the following paragraph.
The tyrant Meles is the sole champion of discord, violence and war in our beloved country Ethiopia. He fought for over thirty odd years to dismember Ethiopia; he fought war with Eritrea of his own creation and caused the death of over 70 thousand Ethiopians in their young age; he has now declared war on Somalia thus paving the way to feed young Ethiopians to conflagration of his creation; he has sown discord among the Ethiopian people otherwise known for their tolerance; he has instigated violence with no end in sight; he has robbed the victory won by the Ethiopian people at the historic election of 15 May 2005; he has suppressed the report of the Independent Inquiry Commission holding him directly accountable for the cold-blooded murder of peaceful demonstrators and injury to thousands; he expropriated private property of the Ethiopian people to enrich his Marxist-Leninist Party; above all he has grossly violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN. Ad infinitum for the list of cruelties of Meles is unending. Meles did all these heinous crimes under the watch of his coalition partners, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. Condoning acts of atrocities in private but issuing a semblance of criticism for public consumption has become the art of diplomacy these days. It is a most unfortunate degeneration of morality

Anonymous said...

Meles regime fragile and in decline: Analyst
December 19, 2006

After fifteen years in power, the ruling party is in decline and fragile despite its repressive tactics to stay in power, Professor Terrence Lyods concluded. In an in depth analysis on Ethiopia and Eritrea, the professor noted: "The arrest of leading opposition politicians and civil society leaders has immobilized political developments and silenced political speech for the moment and leaves the regime fragile." According to the professor, EPRDF’s ability to govern is inherently precarious and must rely upon force, which in turn alienates more of the population. The use of force has worked to re-establish order in the short run but is not sustainable in the long run, he wrote in a 50-page special report, Avoiding Conflict in the Horn of Africa: U.S. Policy Toward Ethiopia and Eritrea

By Professor Terrence Lyods.

Anonymous said...

This posting is to confirm EZ's posting for those who have doubt read this:

Somalia as a backdrop
Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1204 16/12/2006

Meles Zenawi is trying to moderate his internal opposition so as to have his hands free to handle the inevitable armed conflict with Somalian Islamists.

Several initiatives are currently under way to find a way out of the internal political crisis in Ethiopia. Thus, Ephraim Isaac (photo), a Falasha (Ethiopian Jew) living in the United States where he heads the Institute of Semitic Studies at Princeton University and is chairman of the Peace and Development Committee for Ethiopia and the Yemenite Jewish Federation of America, last month visited the leaders of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP) in prison in Addis-Ababa. He presented himself to them as a “non-partisan” emissary, sent by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to ask them to dissociate themselves officially from the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF, armed opposition). In return they would be freed before the end of the year. The imprisoned leaders rejected this offer but are nevertheless believed to be divided over it. Particularly since at least two of them, Hailu Shawel and Mesfin Woldemariam, are in poor health.

Furthermore, also according to our sources, discreet negotiations are under way between pro and anti-government Ethiopian intellectuals. These informal discussions have set the members of the Citizens’ Charter Group (CCG) against the intellectuals with ties to the regime in place, such as Professor Bahru Zewde in Addis Ababa. The CCG was formed by a dozen CUDP partisans (including Abate Kassa, Berhanu Abegaz, Elias Wondimu, Fekadu Fullas and Mammo Muchie) and recently issued a call to form a government of national unity in Ethiopia (ION 1201). Last week Zewde went to Paris for a meeting with, among others, Pr Mammo Muchie and Tecle Zerihun from Unesco. Some of these intellectuals have ties with Ephraim Isaac.

At the end of the 1999s, Ephraim Isaac had founded an Elders Peace Committee and undertook mediation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, without being able to prevent an armed border conflict from breaking out.