Monday, December 18, 2006

TPLF starts Derg style "Affesa"

Police is rounding up young men from the streets of Addis.
In what some think parallels the Derg's "Affesa era", hundreds had been detained while walking on the streets of the city, standing in their neighborhood or watching European football in little sports bars on Saturday and Monday. Some were released from detention on Monday after they presented ID cards which proved that either they were students or government workers. Those who worked for private employers were told that their status would be further investigated.
"We didn't know what crime we committed. We were returning to out neighborhood after watching the Manchester United game on Sunday. They encircled us and ordered us to jump onto a truck. We were taken to woreda 10 police station," a teenager who was released the next day said. He claims that hundreds still remain there. Some eye witnesses said street kids were being beaten by police men while they were rounded up.
The serious opposition to the impending war from the youth has upset the government. Some young men recounted how they were stopped by the police men and asked about their position on Somalia. Kebele cadres were ordered to start massive awareness campaigns to educate the youth about the dangers of Somalia and the consequences of not supporting the war.
Professor Al Mariam is a breathe of fresh air in the pro-feedom and democracy movement. I just can't get enough of his articles. See this on the trial.


ethio-Zagol said...

I don't tolerate ethnic slurs on the blog. To make this blog a real marketplace for the free exchange of ideas, please keep out from bashing one ethnic or another and concentrate on ideas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Al Maryam you suck - including your name , really, especially when I see you making fool of yourself.
Being an oromo not withstanding, contrary to norm,. instead of standing for yo people, you really suck when we see you fighting to save amara butt - our erstwhile mass-murdering machine - that nearly wiped us

lela anonymous said...

anonymous you suck ... not because you are an oromo, but because you think Oromo is an ideology. Al Maryam doesn't need my defense. But if his arguments were to work, then you have nothing to fear because a democratic Ethiopia would ensure the rights of Oromos and all others in Ethiopia. Stop this useless infighting and work toward tolerance. All the man is saying is human rights need to be respected. Human Rights means everyones rights contrary to what you think.

Anonymous said...

nearly wiped us??? yihen complexam denkoro tarik tebseh bilaw eshi...too many lies won't become truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi EZ,it is you loyal reader commenting.
You are absolutely right that there had been rounding up of kids and mothers crying at around Medhaniealem.
Thanks for informing people to this to take precautions.
People completely ignored the propaganda on tv.
people watch vcd/dvd movies,turn arabsat tv,even eritrea or some listen spritual songs in these trying times.
(did you get my email about somalia on your yahoo?)

Anonymous said...

Meles regime fragile and in decline: Analyst
December 19, 2006

After fifteen years in power, the ruling party is in decline and fragile despite its repressive tactics to stay in power, Professor Terrence Lyods concluded. In an in depth analysis on Ethiopia and Eritrea, the professor noted: "The arrest of leading opposition politicians and civil society leaders has immobilized political developments and silenced political speech for the moment and leaves the regime fragile." According to the professor, EPRDF’s ability to govern is inherently precarious and must rely upon force, which in turn alienates more of the population. The use of force has worked to re-establish order in the short run but is not sustainable in the long run, he wrote in a 50-page special report, Avoiding Conflict in the Horn of Africa: U.S. Policy Toward Ethiopia and Eritrea

By Professor Terrence Lyods.

Anonymous said...

To readers,

The anonymous who claims to be an Oromo is not really an Oromo. It could be any other person representing a poltical grouping interested in fanning the politics of ethnicity other than those who are interested to bring a democratic change through an all-inclusive mechanism. The prime suspect in this is Woyane group. They are camouflaging in cyber space these days.

Nebiyou said...

A. I can tell you one thing for sure:
Those who post ethnic slurs on this page or elsewhere are not from the ethnic group they claim to come from, or, do not have a genuine concern about that group. They are simply planted by the dying regime to drive a wedge between us, at the same time they are trying to vent their frustration with our unity. The best thing is to ignore their posts without reacting, and if possible, I suggest EZ remove their posts without notice.

B. These days, the TPLF is getting disappointed by the indifference of Ethiopians about its war rhetoric. Just turn to the regime's unreadable sites (if you have the patience) and observe what I am saying. The people are telling it in clearer terms that it is not their business (remember Talaqu Rucha). The unprecedented defiance of the people even to watch Regional Football Cup finals 'for free' is also another source of extreme humiliation for the regime!

I think the 'afessa' (also note the targetted group) is a reaction to all these. Otherwise, TPLF is not to be told that an army of forced conscripts cannot win a war. Even, on May 28th, 1991, the Dergue's army was numerically larger than any of its foes combined. Numbers do not matter in this war too.

Anonymous said...


patriotic-ethiopian said...

Thanks Ethio-Zagol for giving us the opportunity to express our feeling partially.

I am really dissapointed by Ethio-Zagol, I never knew that Zagol is another muzeling force pretending to be a free and unfettered discussion forum. I posted a comment which was eqaully open as the regime at home oppressing our fello citizens. It is very dissapointing to have to learn the hard way. This also gives me a clear idea as to who the owner of this site is. The illegal regime at home practices ethnic issolation while I am told to swallow my pride and never to mention that the ethnic doing the damge to my country is a paranoid minority.

I hope Ethio-Zagol will learn the fact that this paranoid minority regime is preventing Ethiopians from getting access to see other information source other than the few which ar far and between. This is also very dissapointing to learn that I am prevented at home from expressing what I wish to share with my fello Ethiopians at home and I amso eqaully prevented to share what I have to say even in websites that profess to be most "Democratic."

If Zagol pretends that my post was all negative and ethnocentric like the paranoid minority regime at home may be it is time for Zagol to show my post to the public and let the public judge it. I am sure while the people who are benefiting from the regime agree with Zagol but the other oppressed majority would take side with me.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

For Anon who wrote these "WEREGNANISM. It is a disease that afflicts Ethiopians." The main diease that affect is Ethipian is Weyanne and meles tibal disease. You know that information is powerful than the gun weyanne and meles is worshipping. You guys know that too. Otherwise you wouldn't block all website and control all the media. So, the dying government agent don't try to confuse us. Thanks EZ for info and I have big respect and admiration for Prof. Al. He is a very courgous person who keeps continuing fighting for respect of human right and the release of CUD leadrship! Good bless him

Anonymous said...

Hi EZ the great!

Thanks for your update.

Zenawi is totally out of his mind. What is he going to accomplish by rounding up the youth on the street of Addis? Zenawi is working against himself as Menigistu did at the end of his regime.

By the way Prof. Al's article was a master piece. I hope Al and other Ethiopian scholars specially of those with the Law Education background - will bring another pressure on Zenawi by drafting a new strategy on to how to bring Zenawi to the court of law. I was told due to the enormous crime Zenawi has committed, it is easier to sue Zenawi at the international court of justice.

The diaspora also can bring another pressure on the government of Malysia, Switzerland and other suspected countries who are said to be involved in depositing a huge amount of money in a secret account number for Zenawi and entourages - to let the world know how much money has been accumulated there. This is blood money taken away from starving people and we should let them know it is a crime to hide stolen money.

The struggle will continue. The life of Zenawi is like the life of a convicted murderer who is in the run. Always looking for his back, never trust anybody including his wife and brother and along the way commiting more murders and mistake.

Tazabi said...

Thanks for the update EZ. Apparently it hasn’t dawned yet on Woyanie thugs that Ethiopians are fed up with their deceptions, antic shenanigans and warmongering.

I totally agree with you about Professor Alemayehu’s (Al) articles and wonderful analysis. He is one of the bright spots in otherwise bleak Diaspora political landscape. People like Al, Obang and Paulos Milkias put all of us to shame including the so called Diaspora political leaders. The latter seem to have dedicated all their time and efforts to squabbling among each other over precious NOTHINGS lately.

I totally agree with the anonymous who mentioned that Woyanies are engaged in cyber misinformation by posturing as a member of the various ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Their main aim is to make us waste our time bashing each other instead of devising ways and means to get rid of these thugs and looters. Therefore my friends, when you see an alleged Oromo bashing Amhara, Gurage, Tigre or vice versa; there is a 95% chance that he is a Woyanie agent and as such his postings need the ‘SILENT TREATMENT’, DO NOT RESPOND. Besides, bashing one ethnic group or another is not going to advance our political discourse in any way or form.

Any attempt to change the hearts and minds of Woyanie agents a totally wasted effort for the following reasons:

* They have already made the decision to force us into believing their deceits and lies; otherwise they will insult us and if possible arrest and/or kill us.

* They don’t have their own mind because they get their directives from the TPLF central office. They just do what they are told, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous above Amhara bashing, Oromo bashing, Somali bashing and other True-Ethiopian ethnic bashing should be considred a Weyanne aganet who is trying to divert our attention from the real issue TPLF and her Weyane is doing. But TPLF and her Weyanne organization exposure should be allowed. After all that is the main mission of the struggle, exposing TPLF and her Weyanne organization. TPLF and her Weyanne supporters are trying to divert our attention by introducing similar tactic TPLF has been using for the past 15 years, divide and rule. So, lets allow TPLF and her Weyanne bashing and refrain from mentioning the different ethnic Ethiopians.

Anonymous said...


Get off your high horse! The political leaders are mere mortals like you and me and you know damn well that differences are part and parcel of the struggle. Let's not keep whining about WHAT happened and concentrate more on WHAT could happen. Move Forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KIL is working 24/7 to make things happen in Ethiopia. If you are a kinjit supporter help them, if you are an arm chair critique be quiet.

Anonymous said...

Stay in power by what ever means

Leaders elected by the people respect the people who elected them,they serve the people who put them in power.They creat job,they protect the public,they respect human right and civil right in the the country.

TPLF and its cadres violate human right ,civil right ,they put people in prision,they kill inocent civilians.

Dear country men and woman each day go by we are close to freedm.Each day comes and go we fight for our right.

Anonymous said...

Selam said:
Great minds think alike. When I saw the ethnic slurs and insults of others, my thoughts were exactly same as the ones expressed by my many of you.

I have a good feeling that the people who claim to be oromos and attack other ethnic groups are not oromos. Guess what, I am an oromo and I am for the democratic opposition. I love Al Mariam's writing. I find it to be uplifting. I love all my other ethnic brothers and sisters: amharas, tigres, sidama, wolamo, etc. I agree with the statement that a democratic ethiopia will protect the rights of all its people, including the oromos and others as well.

I believe people who use ethnic slurs do so with an intention of diverting us from the main focus of the ethiopian people. They are attempting to suck us into a bitter mistrust to divide and conquer us. They intend to start an infight among the struggle for democracy, freedom and rule of law.

I totally agree. Let's show those who use insults by ignoring their posts and by not responding. Let's ignore them. Let's not reward them by responding. This is the best way to chase them away.

The comments by many of you show me we are gaining collective wisdom to end our misery. I truly believe that the days of this ruling party are numbered. The day of victory is fast approaching.

Yes, I am an oromo, who admires Dr. Al Mariam's writings. He is one of the smartest minds we got.

EZ: Keep up the great job of informing us of what is really happening behind the scenes.

God Bless Ethiopia. God Heal our people. I pray for the Godly protection of our young people who are being harrassed. God Bless EZ.



Anonymous said...

Dear Selam,

Thank you, well said! But why did you say, I am an Oromo who admires Prof. Al's writings? Al Mariam writes as an Ethiopian for all Ethiopians. While we all should be very proud of our ethnicity, as I am very proud of my Amhara heritage. I read the wonderful articles of Fikre Tolosa, Robele Ababiya etc.. not as an Amhara reading an Oromo writing but as an Ethiopian reading another Ethiopian's work.

Oromos have contributed immensely to Ethiopian culture and history. If it weren't for Ras Gobena, Dejach Balcha, Fitwarari Haptegiorgis there might not have been a victory at Adwa. Even today it the beautiful gazelles like Kenenisa, Derartu etc... who keep making us proud by prancing all around the globe waving arenguade, beecha, qey.

Need I mention our brightest star Bertukan Mideksa!


patriotic-ethiopian said...

Imprisoning young Ethiopians then sendng the to a war that does not belong to them should be stopped. Intimidating Ethiopians young should be stopped, killing our people for no apparent reason should be stopped. I say all these things can only stop if ll apply our collective minds and forces to bring the TPLF WOYANES (BANDITS) AGAZI EVIL FORCES.

TPLF is paranoid, and rhitly so. Because we are going to evict her and all her influences from the roots of it. TPLF CADRES continue to work around us all pretending to be good Ethiopians but they are NOT. As the old saying goes a good TPLF CADRE is a dead TPLF CADRE! I agree with many of here on this blod, I also disagree with Ethio-Zagol administrator. TPLF WOYANES (BANDITS) are made up of a cetrain ethnic group and if we happen to mention that ethnic along the way should not freak you out. Ethiopia's major decisions are made by the most paranoid minority in Ethiopia and we have reason to mention that fact.



Anonymous said...

The age old dilemma of autocracy: when dose the freedom to buy a banana in peace ceases to justify the lack of the right to elect a leader?....As history has proven so many times,the theory of an enlightened dictator is hard to sustain.
Alec Russel: Big Men Little People
From Dr. Birhanu's book [ p. 567 ]
For tyrant Melese.
Muse B

Anonymous said...

Selam said
Dear Mahlet.

I agree with you. You make a great point.

I identified myself as an Oromo to defuse the seed of ethnic conflict by the indidual who claimed to be an oromo and attacked non-oromos.

In my humble opinion,self expressions by various ethnic groups (without belittling others)is a good thing. Ethiopia will be richer by the diversity of its people. Our diversity of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc, is our strength. I think it is okay for different ethnic groups to express themsleves and tell their stories. I have observed that some people are uncomfortable when different ethnic groups identify and express themselves. Some people think such ethnic expressions threathen our national identity. I do not necessarily agree with such views.

I encourage all freedom loving ethiopians to respect other ethnic groups. Listen to their stories. Appreciate their customs and their languages.

True unity is based on respect for diversity.

Having said all that, I am of the opinion that, the establishment of a genuine democracy in Ethiopia will contribute to equility among ethnicities, religions and genders, etc.

Mahlet, I hope my elaboration was helpful and I hope it did not open a can of worms.

It is my hope and prayer that I did not hurt or insult anybody as a result of my expressed views. I am only sharing my humble views.

God Bless Ethiopia. God heal our people. I pray for Godly protection and favor for our people who are suffering as a result of their contributions to build a democratic Ethiopia. Amen.



Anonymous said...

The day is not that far. Democrasy will prevail in Ethiopia and those who killed our son`s and daughter`s will not escape justice. It is not as before and all preparation has been completed. The world will witnnes justice in Ethiopia not in 14 years but soon. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA.

Observer said...

For the first time I read something right from Selam, Thank you for having you mind open for convincing ideas. That is a kind of mind we are asking all Ethiopians to have, as the old Russian saying goes, those who are not ready to be convinced or cannot convince others are less than a normal human. I think Selam has come to his senses after so many strong language exchange.

"God Bless Ethiopia. God heal our people. I pray for Godly protection and favor for our people who are suffering as a result of their contributions to build a democratic Ethiopia. Amen.


selam "

Anonymous said...


Ethiopia is not called the glorious mosaic for nothing. Never in its history has a single ethnic group populated the country. From our food, to our clothing to our art form our culture is as diverse as it could possibly be. Injera na wat, kitfo, chechebsa, ambasha are all foods specific to certain ethnic groups. So you see we have always lived knowing that we come from either Amhara, Oromo, Gurage ethinc groups. Our identity was never lost on us, but we were always Ethiopians first and anything else second. Just like I am a woman first, a black woman second and an Ethiopin last.

I hope you catch my drift!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to see you converse on this issue.... If we uphold individual rights, it will be up to each and every individual to believe who he is ... or what comes first. Some of us don't believe that we have a clear ethinicity group as you two have put it. Where do we belong? I believe, i do not identify with any group. As i said I'm an Ethiopian. But then again i have no problem with someone who identifies himself/herself as an Ethiopian/oromo...or Ethiopian/Gurage etc. Like i said above if you respect individual rights... by definition , you will be respecting group rights.


Anonymous said...


An Ethiopian's bloodline could be Amhara, Oromo, Tigre, Gurage, Aderi etc... just like an American could have Italian, Irish, German or Spanish ancestry. That is all I am saying.

If I introduce myself to you as Derartu or Abrehet is there any doubt that you would not know about my ethnicity? Of course not! Big deal, hell no! Because my
Ethiopianess supercedes all other affiliations.

If I put my ethnicity above my nationality, then I am playing the goddamn woyanes game complete with carrying id cards identifying me as an Amhara or Oromo. To me that is an abomination and obscenely
un-Ethiopian. The first order of business when these dedebit thugs are out is to burn those cards. Or better yet to make a bonfire out of it and throw the fascist midget in it.


Anonymous said...


If you read my comment properly... I have no objection with you calling yourself Ethiopian first and Amhara if you need to ....

But at the same instance... I really do not care if you call yourself tigre first and an Ethiopian... I believe in individual rights. I would rather give the person the choice. When it comes to putting someone's ethnicity on ID cards, that is completely different matter. If we go back to Ruanda and check the genocide... one of the instrument was the id cards.

To know your ethnicity all they had to do was look at your ID. I do not think, it will serve any purpose and it could be used against individuals. So I'm with you on this one.... so I'm up for burning that ID.

Finally, like I said before I'M ETHIOPIAN FIRST AND AFRICAN SECOND PERIOD!!! This is my choice.



Anonymous said...

Selam said...
Ditto to all of the above. I am glad we are sharing our views without too much anger. All views have merrits. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong answers in this type of dialog. My key is listening to other's viewpoints and respectfully hearing their stories. I am not particularly fond of demeaning references to others whether it is due to their ethnicity, language, gender, political views, religion.

I do not agree with and do not support the ruling regime. But, refering to them as dedeb is not in me. I would like us to wear the gown of respect and dignity all the time and in reference to all people.

God Bless Ethiopia.


selam (he)

Anonymous said...


Respect is earned! It is neither
given freely or bought.

It is my prerogative to call
these nazi butchers any name
I wish to.


Anonymous said...

KIL working 24/7 not for Ethiopia but for Woyane. KIL is equivalent to the little blood sucker tic. It is inconspicuosly attaching itself to anything it encounters. But when ppl realize that they contracted blood sucker animal, it will be thrown out with no time. That time is not far. Is EZ among those who spread the blood sucker tic?


patriotic-ethiopian said...

It is very dishartenning to see people writing a support to TPLF here. Can't all see that a killer is a killer, a criminal is a criminal, and a thief is a thief; TPLF WOYANES (BANDITS) are all of the above plus Ethnocentric, Money collecting Murderes who do not give a damn about Enat-Ethiopia and her children. Why are TPLF supporters ignore to see that fact? Is it because they have personal interest to protect that they write a TPLF supporting messages even knowingly what is wrong? I am at loss for words as to how to connect the supporters reasoning and the crime being comitted for a personal gain.

Tachew23 said...

Where is Tomas?

Anonymous said...

My dear Tachew,
I am sure that you guys are going to miss me a lot.I am going back to Ethiopia to take my new position KALITI PRISON CHIEF INSPECTOR.As you all know, upon the requests of the majority Ethiopians this blog is blocked in Ethiopia and THANKS TO GOD I will not read any NONSENSE anymore,but I have to admit that still I salivate whenever I think of the kinijit money.Very soon the new website will be launched and I will be happy to hear from you any comments regarding the type of punishment the criminals in kaliti should receive.What should we do to make sure that the Netherland government extradites Negede Gobeze to Ethiopia.Do you think that the Ethiopian government should use the russian tactics like poisoning traitors with radioactive materials which doesn`t have any taste,odour, color and which can not be detected easily.Last time when I was in addis,I met a research scientist and when I asked him what is the biggest challenge for scientists in Ethiopia,he told me that they have shortage of laboratory animals.So I want to hear from you guys,do you think that it is ethical to use the kaliti prisoners as laboratory animals to solve the shortage of laboratory animals in Ethiopia.Can that be a solution?What do you think?Please let`s discuss in a civilized way.No insults please. I love you all.
Yours Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Selam said...

Mahlet, I agree it is your prerogative to express yourself however you like. I respect your views and appreciate your clarity of thinking. I apologize if my comments rubbed you the wrong way. I am new at this type of forum and only practising if I can positively contribute to our democratic movement in some small constructive manner.

I believe we can do better than what we have in the current ruling party. I do not support the intent and direction of the ruling party. For that matter, I did not like the derg. I did not like the feudal government either.

I am of the humble opinion that energies invested in expressing how bad we dislike this government only zaps our energy and leaves little brain power to work on creating a better tomorrow.

I recall we hated the feudal regime so bad that we got the derg. We got worse off. Then, we did not stand the derg. What we got as a replacement was the current ruling party. I can speak for my self, I think this ruling party is worse than the previous two combined.

Here is my point. I think our emotional and intellectual energies should be dedicated to debating and figuring out the future of our nation. Our efforts should be focused on how we can go about replacing this government with a democratic system. We need to be obsessed with figuring out how we can bring about the change we need under the current reality.

My experience tells me that people with negative energy can accomplish very little compared to those with a positive energy.

I realize the approach I am expressing is a minority view. I do not expect my readers to agree with my approach. However, I do appreciate if my readers would only consider my recommended approach. As I said in my opening remark, I do not claim to be an expert but, I want to see the suffering of our people to end and I want to see a stable democratic system of government where the rights of our people are protected under the law. I know full and well, our expressed dislike for the current ruling party alone will not guarantee the future we want to see. We need to do a lot more to create the Ethiopia we all want to see tomorrow.

God Bless Ethiopia. I pray to God to bless our democratic movement. I pray to God to give favor to our suffering people.



Anonymous said...

Selam again.
I encourage you all not to respond to Thomas H and others who post not-so-genuine messages. I think responding to his bait will reward his disrectful messages. Seems to me that his postings are intended to confuse, dishearten, anger and stir our negative emotions.

This makes my point about keeping our messages free of negative remarks about any group.

God Bless Ethiopia.



Anonymous said...

Thomas R.
Based on my limited medical research, I think you have intracranial tumor and we hope GOD will send its angels to save you from this cancer. You really need help and going to Ethiopia is not going to be the solution since Amanuel is overly crowded treating Woyane.

Anonymous said...

I will be moving to Ethiopia from mid January... something i couldn't avoid. If i 'm not scared for my life ... i would really love to put faces to your character... but then again this is the society you guys have created. It is a shame. Good luck and it would be a big relief most people to see the back of you from this blog.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

Let God send its angels to cleanse blessed Ethiopia from these nazis.

It makes any Ethiopian cringe that these kind of people came from our soil. What a cursed place that land really is? What a cursed people their ancestors are? Who would give birth to such ghastly beastly creatures?

Anonymous said...

Hello the above anonym,
I just can`t believe it what you wrote.When are we going to learn to tolerate each other.I just asked simple question.So your answer should be like this; "dear Thomas,I think your question is a very good question,but if we want to use Kaliti prisoners as laboratory animals then we should do it secretly.That means INSTALL a closed circuit video camera in the prison and do the research with out telling the kaliti prisoners that they are being used as laboratory animals.After all for any scientist it is advantageous to do the research on humans than other animals like mice,rabbits,monkeys etc etc.Those kaliti prisoners are more close to us than any other laboratory animals." So,I want to hear this kind of argumnets.I love you all and Merry x-mas.

Yours Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Thomas R and others let this "dengaye mamerecha cadrae" spit his trash. ignore
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

A guy who works in a private company (on the same floor I work) had disappered for a few days and finally we found out that he was the victim of the 'afessa'. He finally managed to get out. It's real and happening. (and of course disgusting). I'm sure the worried gov't is rounding up young men to fight because the people are extremely indifferent to the more or less artificially created Somali War.

I always wonder why people dig their own hole!!!!!!!!!