Saturday, January 06, 2007

Breaking news: Talks between Meles and Kinijit leaders break down

The Ethiopian dictator has broken the negotiation he started with Kinijit leaders in Kaliti, EZ learnt. After the Kaliti prisoners meet mediators seven times, the talks fell through as Meles kept on moving the goalpost every time. His last demand was for the CUD leaders to admit their guilt.
Meles first asked the leaders to quit politics. The demand was utterly rejected by the prisoners. Then he demanded them to dissociate themselves from AFD and condemn OLF and ONLF. The mediators were told that CUD's policy was not to condemn Ethiopian political organization but to create a process, which accommodates them.
In the subsequent two meetings, there appeared to be a glimmer of hope that there would be a solution as Meles reduced his demand to "an agreement to work under the constitution". Prison sources confirmed that the negotiations had become hopeless after the Ethiopian army swiftly defeated the UIC in Somalia. In the last three discussions, Meles returned to the two old issues of condemning OLF and ONLF and seeking pardon after admitting guilt. The prisoners had previously rejected both demands.
"It seemed Meles was emboldened by the victory in the Somali war and the international recognition he got as an ally in the war on terror," one prison source said.
In the later stages of the talks, the greatest Ethiopian sportsman, Haile Gebresillasie, joined Professor Ephrem Isaac as mediator.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. Hope you have taken a break to share the celebration with Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and Muslims.

It is in Meles’s best interest to negotiate a way out of the perpetual mess and crime he is in. Whether he wants it or not no foreign blessing or support of any kind will save him from the utter rejection by the people. The May 2005 reality should be a lesson. Additionally, the world is getting smaller and smaller by the day. The issue of Human Right is steadily becoming a concern for all citizens of the world. One has to learn form Charles Tailor, Milosevic of Yugoslavia, Congo etc. The establishment of the International Criminal Court has changed the reality substantially.

Hope all in Meles's camp understand this reality. Time is too short.
Get real, release the people’s leaders in Kality and other ghost prisons, sit down with the opposition and work for national reconciliation.

That is the only way out.


Anonymous said...

the nazi will not be hiding behind Jenadyi's skirt. the gloves are off now.

wow! it should go into the annals of military history. who in the hell would lose to little boys armed with Klashnikov when bombs are dropping on them from MIG jet fighters.

Anonymous said...

Thomas H From Kaliti,
Thank you for your nonnsense. If it was not because of people like you, this web blog will be boaring because it reports and reads only the truth. As you know Thomas stupids like you are just like salt for `watt`. Please keep on coming once in a while till that `Balegew Beshita` put you at where you need to be at.

Anonymous said...

Keberet Zeget, ke mendenew qelit Aytefam alu.

Anonymous said...

The self acclaime prime minister meles zenawi should go on trial for the massacred more than 400 people in the town og Gambela.The report of human rights watch implicates the Ethiopian governmen as perpetrator of genocide.Our leaders who has been elected by the people should be free and take their duty for security,human rights,and economic freedom in Ethiopia.Melse need to relize that America Gov..will chew him and spit him out after they get what they want and,that time is very near for meles to go to kality and our leaders who has been elected by the people take there respected place. Meles is a dectetor and American puppet. For the crime he still commit to our people did not go unnoticed...who in a hell is meles to go to another country and declare war inorder for them to have a stable government...when he him self is the worst of them they said "clean your own yard before you clean your neighbor yard"...that is right meles clean your own soul before you clean others soul...we need our leaders to be free and we need justice for our people...i hope meles will get the same treatment Sadam Hussine got....

Anonymous said...

Meles like many previous dictators is going to runaway from the hands of justice, now that he has been serving the American Republican agenda they will somehow protect him and his family. But he will not be protected from history and the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people will find Mels and his family whereever they go and bring them to justice. Meles may think he has upper hand in the case with Somalia and our people, but the truth will come out in the next few months. We know that the people who are embracing him are not going to help him when we get our hands on this midget. We will do the same thing the Iraqis did to Saddam Hussein and the Italian people to Musollini. We will hang his ass on public. Our leaders he has imprisoned are our hope, we know if there was an election to be held tomorrow, the people he put in Kaliti jail would win the election. His popularity is amongst Tigres and Americans which, both people's opinion do not matter to us. He thinks we like his alleged "victory" in Somalia. We know the UIC were never a threat to Ethiopia or anybody, they were bornagain muslims who look like radicals and dress like radicals, the truth is they were BORN AGAIN MOSLEMS like George Bush who is born again christian. The only difference between the Somali UIC leader and George Bush is that George Bush has a ranch and drives a pickup truck while the Somali UIC leader has nothing of personal values, unlike Mels who has $42 Million in Malaysia bank. And the other difference between George and Awey is that George has two daughters and Awey has two sons and Mels has a son and a daughter. That is it!

Meles refusing to release our leaders from jail and hand in power to the ligitimately elected leaders will cost him a lot more than simple personal freedom. he will be hanged on public with his supporters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great alu-balta as always,


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

That is going to be a very short "long"!!!!


Anonymous said...

"Thomas H From Kaliti said..."

By some unknown miracle,if Mengistu returns to power, Thomas H will still be defending him as well. He is not a woyane just but a woyil!

From Kaliti eh!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this latest report.
I am not sure what Meles has in mind, but I am certain he cannot get away with it forever.
Freedom will soon come to this land through the tireless efforts of people like yourself.

Your breaking and honest reports continue to ignite our determination to see a better future here. You are a hero to us all.

Thank you and keep up the excellent work! Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

There is no possibility for the criminal, blood sucker, murderer Mengistu will return to power. There is a high possibility for him to return to Ethiopia to pay a price for what he did to Ethiopian people. He is a criminal and a murderer. You can not run away from justice you may hide from it for a while. His crime didn't categorized by the united nation and human right watch as a genocide but he is a criminal and a murderer with political motivation killing opposition from different part of Ethiopia who opposed the communist government. However, the human rights watch implicates the Melese as perpetrator of genocide. Please go to human right watch and United Nation under human right you will see a document about operation was ordered by the Prime Minster and excicuted by the high rank military person to eradicate Anuak from gambela region. They documented as genocide committed by the EPRDF/TPLF(Melese) government. I have to tell you this during HR bill testimony originally the EPRDF/TPLF Ambassador, Fisshay (was covering Kasshun at that time), was not on the list to testify origanaly as heard but insisted to give his testimony and allowed by the Congress. During his testimony he accused the CUD leaders as a perpetrator of genocides. And Barbara Lee, Congresswomen from California, asked him to define for her the meanining of genocide. He was embaresed and everyone in the hearing were laughing included some congressional staff when he was mumbling he couldn't be able to come up with anything but later she explained for him the meanining of genocide. I think still the dictionary we have in Ethiopia still using the same dictionary allowed to be used by AAU cahariman, Endrias Esheatu and later they mistaken the verdict of Mengistu when the court delivered it last year in December. Probably Mr. Fisshay left the congress after he gave his testimony and didn’t got a chance a confirmation of the practical meaning of the genocide when Mr. Obang said it would have been good if Mr. Fissahy was here because he would had agreed with him after he learned the meaning of genocide from Congresswomen what happened to the gambela people by EPRDF/TPLF(MELESE) will fit the definition of genocide. Any way let me go to the main subject. I keep telling my Ethiopian brother and sister and again I will tell you Melese think still as a Gorilla fighter not as an educated civilian administrator. Always he will act to control situation not for real negoation. First time when I met Mr. X a high ranking diplomat in 2001 he was pro Melese and I didn't said anything to him I listened to him and discused other things since that was our first time. I was busy I didn't get a chance to see him as we planned to keep our communication but last year in march I run to him again. He was so happy to see me. I didn't say anything again he started himself the conversiation and said we know now Melese has two faces. When he talked to westerner he talks like Angel but he is devil to his own people. And I asked him why he said that. To my surprised he told me that the election 2005 was pushed by them for him to gain more international support and stability to open for democratic election. However, they didn't even thought the opposition will gain 15% to 20% of the vote based on the report they always received from the government. He said if Melese open democratic election they thought may be after two three elections the stability and the political process of the country would improve and they thought Ethiopian condition will give Africa a good example. But he said to their surprise the elections resulted to opposite of their thought. And he said to my surprised I start learning more about the true personality of Melese. He started searching more to learn about him and he was shocked after he found out about Melese true personality toward his opposition begging during their fighting as gorilla fighter and now and how he present him self to westerner. He told me he went to see him after election and discussed with him about the result of the election and he found out that Melese was playing game and misleading them. He said Melese is not joking he said he is playing game. My dear Ethiopian as I told you before it was a game. He was trying to open a door if the Somalia crises got worst to control internal crises by showing a goodwill to calm the crises and control an expected public opposition associated with the war. Please we need to concentrate to fight for our people and our country freedom. Don't expect anything from a criminal, a murderer, and from a perpetrator of genocider. Don't mind people like Selamawit and other late them do there job as they want to do as long as their conscious permit them to do. If they want to continue to do that it is their right but if we truly stand for Ethiopian people and if we really know how the people are suffering please join the action team and do some work stop talking. History always remain everything will pass but what you leave behind will govern the next generation of Ethiopian. What do you really want for your country, for your people? Do you want change for your people, for your country?If you do, Change will come from you and me. We need to move on and show some action toward our goal. Don't expect anything to come toward you, you need to get it.

Anonymous said...

Is Meles's adventure going to turn against himself. Wait and see. Here is a report from all Africa. "A number of Ethiopian forces have arrested Muktar Hussein Afrah, the chairman of Transitional Government of Hiran province, central Somalia." Soon Ethiopian solders will be even in conflict with every single person in Somalia may be except Yusuf who is about to die anyway. Then his lemons in the barginning table will go down.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Merry X-mas.

Anonymous said...

Haile Gebresillasie, Professor Ephrem Isaac are innocent Ethiopian but they are sent by EPRDF/TPLF (Melese) calculated planned. They were probably loosing sleep because of the responsibility given to them. However, Hagos you always speak my mind. Melese has been playing this game for the past 30th years. Did you know how many innocents’ people were killed directly and indirectly by him during the struggle? How do you imagine killing or get rid off it directly or indirectly his closest friend and relative for power. That is Melese and his past history. And now history is just repeating it self. I feel sorry for people like Selamawit when they try to support a terrorist and a murderer like Melese. If they were with him during the struggle they would have been killed by him or her husband or a friend could have been killed by Melese directly or indirectly to fulfill his desire of power or lust. Melese will do anything to keep his power. When he was interviewed by BBC in 2005 and responding to the question of power, he responded as long as his party nominated him he said he will get reelected again and again. But recently during interview he presented his party we will get elected gain and again. Melese is TPLF and TPLF is Melese like his uncle Mengistu, He was the President, He was his party chairman… So do Melese and still he plays his game like children's who are playing by running around the circle. Please my Ethiopian brother and Sister in stead of following Melese to ran after him around his circle to encourage him to complete his circle again and again let ran from other side and prevent him from completing his ran. The longer he stayed it would be more harm and agony to our people and to our country. I am not talking about Somalia although that is one problem. A lot of people are concentrating on the war in Somalia but people are harassed, intimidate, and thrown to jail every day in different part of our country. Teachers are becoming the target. I am telling you, this is going on now every where in Ethiopia included Tigray. I know Hagos, I agree with his point. We need to focus and support the struggle.

Anonymous said...

let us hope the best for our courty ethiopia. we are in very dengerous time the future of ethiopia to remain as one nation is uncertain. thanks to prime begger meles we have now enemys from south and north. the enmy from south can be delt easly its weaker and all they want from as is to stay away from their internal affairs. however the enmy from south is the most evil enmy our country is facing. this enmy from south will not rest till the nation of ethiopia ableriated.

i hope meles and whoever comes after meles will deal with this vishes enmy. u either negotiate or wipe them off onc and for all.

long live ethiopia! long live my people!

Anonymous said...

Well said HAGOS.
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

Some of my comments in reaction to weyane propaganda have been filtered and not published on this blog....When i think about it with a cool head, it is a good thing they were not...I would like to thank EZ for applying democratic values here....reacting and clashing with weyane on emotional basis is not benefitial for Ethiopia...The ideological warfare is way more efficient, and arguing with ideas is way stronger...Therefore, i would like to express my disappointement in some stands I witnessed amongst my people, some i beleive are true Ethiopians that are being misleaded....It was a shock to me to see that somehow, someway, the 'jegna' in us, was taking over regarding the Weyano- Islamist conflict...yes! our army is strong...yes! our army won the conventional aspect of this war....BUT let s not forget international law, let s not forget concepts like what a ' sovereign' nations is....This war, indeed is backed by the USA!!! but that doesnt mean it is legal or legitimate!!!! This conflict is seeding now another conflict to be in 30 years...the next generation of somalis that will grow up with the hatred of the Ethiopian invader(for somalis) aka a dictator not representing Ethiopians will....It hurts me to see my country on this slippery slope....Ethiopia do not possess all the technology other big nations might use against terrorism as far as protecting its borders, intellegence gathering, sateliite surveillance ect...Anyone who understand the techniques used by terrorists knows that this terrosrists will target our motherland because it is a soft target, it is easier to do things in Ethiopia...TPLF is taking us on a highway towards terrorism/ethnoreligious conflict ect! Please brothers and sisters dont get caught up....Democracy is the way, in Ethiopia and in Somalia....Just like the masses spoke up in May 2005 in Ethiopia, the somalis wish for a democratic state where they can decide for themselves....I disagree with anon above ....Somalis are not our enemies.... kidus Michael Yadenesh Ethiopia, lijochish gera gebtuachal...amen

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To Hagos,
Professor, thank you for pointing out the risks and stakes involved.
I'm sure it comes from your fatherly wisdom and love for your country even though it portrayed you as a naive politician

However I’m afraid, it is far from the truth. Meles has exaggerated the treat of Somalia Eslamists.

They were not strong as painted to be as we have seen it in recent weeks. It is one of those games Meles plays to get himself out of the deep problems he found himself.

As we all know:-
When he was trying to get the backing of TPLF cadres.. He painted Tewolde , Seye ,... as a tigray nationalist.

In the last election ... he got the backing of tigrey speaking Ethiopians by providing false security...

Finally he got the backing of Americans ... using Somalia.

Wake up people when are we going to get up and smell the coffee. Specially those of us who gave him the benefit of the Doubt time and time again. Professor , the number one Ethiopian enemy is Meles Zenawi. He is the biggest threat to the security of the country.

Our focus needs to be the removal of Meles peacefully.

Anonymous said...

whats happening to Ethio-Zagol that there is no news of any sort? there is a huge amount of violtions TPLF is committing in Ethiopia and Somalia, but what does this silent mean for Zagol?