Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Torture at Mae'kelawi

The arrest and torture of young Kinijit supporters in Addis Ababa is intensifying. Endalkachew Melese, 23, a second year IT student at the Softnet College was arrested by Plain-clothed security officers near Adwa Square in Piassa on December 15, 2006.

Tortured and abused at Maekelawi, he had appeared four times before the ad hoc remand court at Mexico Square. The court, which is designated to look into issues relating to political opposition, had remanded him in custody on all occasions. His last appearance was this morning.

Endalkachew was an election observer for Kinijit in Woreda 19, kebele 56. After his arrest, he was held incommunicado for three days before his family tracked him. They were allowed to deliver food but were banned from communicating with him. Police told the court that Endalkachew was suspected of "cooperating with the Patriotic Front to stir up unrest in Addis Ababa". Forty-two supporters of Kinijit are held at Maekelawi, accused of the same crime as Endalkachew.

Zenebe Tadesse, 34, married with three children is one of the detainees. Police officers took him from the premise of Matador Tyre where he worked as a security guard on the day Endalkachew was arrested. Today he appeared before the remand court with his shoulders obscenely swollen from severe torture. He told family and friends that several times, he had been kicked to the ground and different policemen had stood on his neck causing stern pain. "I will die in few days," he was heard saying.

Hirut Kifle and Fantaye Beyene are also suffering from torture at Maekelawi, according to sources. Another individual, whose name sources said was Daniel, has been detained in the same prison, accused of trying to foment dissension in the city. He is registered as a resident of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Let me say this for these victims and heros.

I have no word to say other than pray for the victims and families .It is a trying time for all Ethiopians who are subjected to crule treatment ,touture by their own TPLF/leaders.The life of those who paid the ultimate sacrifies is crying from the ground for justice ,freedom ,peace and democracy for all.It wont be to long to see justice served and freedom ring on the land of Ethiopia for all with shade blood and ters of these heros.

My county Men/Women

It is easy to say from my side because I have not shared your pain,I have not shared your sorrow. I know one thing at is say in the old slave song free at last free at last God almighty free at last.

With the great sacrifies of this living heros and the great heros who died one day we all sing we all remmember the victims and familes we pay them a thaks and gratitude.Not only that I suggest on this comming Mellinum we will thank them and generate finacila support for the familes.


Anonymous said...

Do these EPRDF servants, who imprison, torture and murder Kinijit supporters who were encouraged by the Meles regime to vote and participate freely in the elections of 2005, think that they will get away with their crimes? We will not forget the sacrifices those heroes continue to make. You who are torturing and imprisoning innocent people can be sure that you will hide nowhere when your time comes. Names and actions of EPRDF criminals should be carefully recorded and kept so that these torturers and murders will be dealt with accordingly in the future.

Victory to the Ethiopian People!

Anonymous said...

If Woyane thinks that its crackdown on people who stand for Liberal Democracy would be successful, it is mistaken. A day will come when Meles and Co., including his wife Azeb and his daughter Semahal, will be tracked down where ever they are(like the Nazi criminals) and face justice (be hanged like Sadam Hussien) for the crime they committed on the Ethiopian people!!

Anonymous said...

Meles' regime continue its killing spree despite loud public cry

Meles and his TPLF/eprdf organization's final days seem to be numbered. Recent killing spree seem to confirm the paranoia the regime is going through, they are hopping to last a little bit longer by any means necessary. Although it has been said for the past year and half, but TPLF/eprdf continue to tighten its grip over Ethiopia thru hooks or crooks. Many analysts estimate Meles' regime lifespan to be in months rather than years. However, as the struggle continues to brew underneath in all around Ethiopia Meles and his closest confidants are unabated from their killing spree. Every week at least five young Ethiopians are murdered by the regime's terror squad who are dressed in plain cloth to avoid being seen committing murder, so they are dressed civilian cloth to blend in and do their killing unsuspected. Many of the young men killed are suspected "Kinjit" underground organizers and written material distributors, although the dead are labeled as underground rebels but there has not been any evidence presented for the killing, many believe such killing as cold blood murder. Parents and relatives of the deceased are baffled as to where to go for justice, many of the killings are denied by the ruling regime. Sometimes the relatives are told to be quite or they too will be victims. Many others have yet to see their loved ones bodies, so they do not know whether or not they are dead or alive. They simply understand that they have disappeared, and their whereabouts is unknown. Some of them pray they will have their loved ones back sometime soon, but its only hope.

Secondary school students are in a depressed state, some are unable to attend classes for fear of being the next victim. Many students swear they lost someone they are friends with for Meles' terror squad. Once they did the killing, they either runaway or jump into a car prepared for their escape or if they think they are being followed they jump into a city taxi. Also, many of the murders are done at night where there is less likely to be identified. There is no tangible evidence to identify the people in the terror squad, but some claim to have seen people wearing black garment on their face. The tool they use to murder their "suspected Kinjit organizer" is diverse from silence gun to knife and machetes. It's believed that they put surveillance over the suspected subject they murder for at least a week, and then they study the most convenient times to hack or shoot their suspect. Sometimes they are bold in pursuing their suspects, people have witnessed where masked individuals barge into the house they believe their suspect is sitting in and pull out the person they want and take to an area where its dark and beat and kill the young Ethiopian.

Many are terrified, as a result of the intimidation they impose today unlike the past few people are seen in the streets past 06:00pm (12:00pm Ethiopian count). Majority of the people are worried their son or daughter may fall victim to Meles' terror squad. The international community continues to overlook the regime's killing spree; in fact most of diplomats are not comfortable discussing any question related to terror squad the regime is using to silence Ethiopians. That silence seem to have given Meles the confidence to deny the questions right of the bat, as long as the cash flows from the Western donor community he is not going to entertain any notion of acknowledgement let alone deal with the problem.

As a result of such terror squad many innocent lives have been lost and the regime continues to deny its killing spree and blames it on random crime. One elderly mother who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal by the regime has stated, "no one walks around the city in the evening hours, they are the only people roaming around, how could they say random crime," she added, "its Meles' killing squad that is using the same tactic the previous regime used to do during the red terror."

Anonymous said...

If Woyane thinks that its crackdown on people who stand for Liberal Democracy would be successful, it is mistaken. A day will come when Meles and Co., including his wife Azeb and his daughter Semahal, will be tracked down where ever they are(like the Nazi criminals) and face justice (be hanged like Sadam Hussien) for the crime they committed on the Ethiopian people!!

Anonymous said...

Zagol, Thank you for exposing this deep inside crimes of the woyane Regime that are being made this regime on our people

I'm Really disappointed with the,, the official website of Kinijit in that After it posted a very few of the many very graphic torture images of the crimes of woyane regime that are committed on our people, the nexted Day they have removed those graphic images from their site. What didn't let the world let see those Graphic images? If the Objective of this site the so called to expose such crimes that are being commited on our people, thwn why they developed the site. It's shame to hide such images from being obeserved by the world.

Here, you can go and look at these graphic images and if possible please post them on you site and let the world watch the kind of toucher and suffering of the Ethiopian people being made by woyane

here the Pictures

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

forget these is a waste to think about them.the trend in todays world showed that their blessing gives more muscle to the tyrant.
so i say "the struggle should be from with in."
Brothers and Sisters we know one thing
THE DAWN HAS ALREADY COME, but the darkness seems struggling behind wishing to gain its ugly might back.
Oh what a bizarre?It seems only to woyane and its waste allies that this universal truth is missed
" THE LIGHT triumph over the dark!"
history proved this.
and will prove this.


Anonymous said...

Thank you zagol for exposing these crimes to humanity which reprensent the tip of the iceberg.

Fellow country men/women ; Meles`s characterstically shrewd, long and virulent campain against the entire nation continues, supported now perceptibly by the USA.

Our public saftey is menaced , lives and property are in peril - at kaliti,and concentration camps across the country. we appealed to the west to no avail. It must now be clear that our fight for liberty and justice for all will be difficult , messy and trying. we have no option but to continue the struggle tenaciously and ferroceciously against all odds.

Meles is cold, pitiless and exterminator of mankind with his killing and torture machine at the crescendo of the atrocity. there is nothing to stop his carnal , animal brain from recking havock in inventing tortures and infamies of bloody debauchery. We also noticed mounting frustration by the west`s support( for their own military, economic advantages) and imposition of tyranny up on us.

As our forefathers fought for so long and tenaciously for the independece of our country , we have no choise but continue the torch of freedom burning.we witnessed with anguish the pictures of torture victims of nazi style, mass graves, and kaliti dungeons.those of us who have no spirit to rise up after this unimaginable menace to our survival will have no right to enjoy liberty and keep them.

victory to Ethiopia people.

Anonymous said...

thanks Zagol As always;

It is heart renching to witness such barbarism in the 21st century. It is of paramount importance to record the names , families and links of those goons torturing and killing our people for history and for the day of reckoning - which is inevitable. such cruelty shall not be forgotten and justice will be done in due course.

the killing goons must know the mentality ethiopians has changed irreversibly in their quest for good governance. Poor motherland you a lot to come ahead - there will not be rest , no peace and no tranquility until the devastators of mankind are defeated decisivly and permanently. No pause until the elected leaders are released and save this ailing nation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update EZ! I know it has been said repeatedly that you are our only credible source to Woyanie crimes and thank you again and please take good care of yourself. As far as the TPLF gang is concerned, I agree with most of the postings that we need to intensify our struggle in a coordinated manner. Currently the Diaspora is suffering a division of sorts, concocted by people hell bent on dividing us for their own personal agenda and God only knows what the hell that is. I think it is time to rise above partisanship so that we could effectively root out the cancerous TPLF out of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia will survive TPLF!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ethiopia is in East Timor now?

Anonymous said...

Please lets not try to mislead people. I was shoked when I saw those immages about East Timor but some one from Anonymous posted it as if they are Ethiopians and this is just not only morally wrong but disrspect for our true patriots who gave their life and also those currently in jail. What I am trying to say is that we have our own may be more shoking images in Addis and every where else. No question on that. That needs to come out.
Andenet from Arbaminch.

Anonymous said...

T.P.L.F's strategy to remain in power in Ethiopia is based on this twin ideas :allien with America for financial assistance ,and continusly terrorise Ethiopians to bring them to submission.This would not stand!The opposition need to come up with neew stratgey to meet the present challenge it is facing .For sometimes in the past I have been dewelling on this idea, because T.p.L.F's plan is on the assumption that the armed struggle is not an option for the opposition,we can challenge it's ligitmacy by raising armes. .I truely belive that there is hope to win militarilly over its repressive forces.One place to start this is training in a foreign nation.The land of Isreal can be such one option.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining, bendover and get your beef injection. That is what TPLF is best for, if you want pick up guns and lets go at it, if you win then you get your freedom. if you lose stop complaining and do what we tell you to do.