Monday, July 24, 2006

Policemen fear being used for Meles Zenawi's misadventure

EPRDF is giving anti-terrorism training for more than a thousand federal policemen at Blate military training camp. Informants at the federal police confirmed to this blogger that 1400 members of the federal police are in the military camp for special training. The trainees were told about terrorism in East Africa and terrorism by anti-peace elements at home. According to other informants, there will be additional policemen, mostly from the Addis Ababa police force, who will be taken to Blate for same training. Some who fear a call up are already deserting the force.
The Ethiopian military is being stretched across the country's border as Meles Zenawi's illegitimate government it is in a problem with all its neighbors. Although the government is not reporting its misadventure to Somalia, People in Addis Ababa, who got news for VOA, have been seriously opposing the intervention of Ethiopian forces in Somalian domestic affairs. Members of the police force are anxious that they may be taken to warfront as a back up for the army.
Thousands of members of the Addis Ababa police force are already undergoing through a very tough training regime at the Hurso military camp.


Redeem Ethiopia said...

As we have been saying all along, Meles's mercenery nature is showing clearly. Getting involved in Somalia is a very careless move that is very likely to keep the horn area in turmoil for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

where the hell are "Kinijit leaders" in the face of this disguised political opportunity? I wish those wise and brave leaders in jail were around in such times!

Anonymous said...

I used to come to your sight on a daily basis just to read what you had to say, I used to also tell people about your website. However, you have truly disappointed me with your disinformation about the support that Kinijit Support groups are doing. I was so upset about what you had written that I went and did some research you are disinforming and creating discord by spreading untruth. I will just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol:

Don't listen to the woyane cadre above. We know woyanes are trying hard to present themselves as sympathetic to the Kinijit cause and spit their venom to seed doubt in the readers/supporters mind. Any which way they come, we smell these rats a mile away.

So keep up the good work. The majority of the Ethiopian people are behind you. Except a few paid bandas like the one above. Don't be discouraged by these rats whose time is close to end.

Anonymous said...

[There is someone posting negatively Anon- 3rd.There has been almost harmony in your comments page previously]
I visit/comment this blog quite regularly.
You’re still doing great. As what you write we don’t only
need news about the adventures, the tricks and all the silly things
that are executed against the Ethiopians, but also need you to keep up working as a medium to suggest strategies in order to curb their deeds.
These includes challenging brotherly the people who wear like us.
what you comment on kinjit north for an ordinary Ethiopian
living at home is absolutely right.
Irrational that the regime is going to a war in Somalia.Imagine the government they try to support is quite weak also unpopular and it seems to me that the history formation of the Courts is democratic on their standard.

Please keep up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss President Mengistu!