Friday, July 21, 2006

Professor Mesfin's moral courage

The great teacher of non-violent resistance , Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, is still a great moral leader in prison. Prison sources say despite his suffering and sometimes poor health Professor Mesfin's spirit is incredible. He teaches fellow prisoners, political and non-political, the wisdom of Ghandi and the honour of suffering for freedom. He is cheerful and appearing to get younger everytime. Sources say that he seems to cherish his suffering for love and freedom as the past great leaders of non-violent movement in other parts of the world. His stature and teaching is also rekindling hope in all political prisoners. Professor Mesfin thinks ethical principles are not worth much if they only remain intellectual doodads. In August last year, He was quoted as saying that his prayer was to die and not to kill. The great man is living his prayers.


Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol,

Thank you as always for our uplifting blog. It is the hall mark of Kinijit leaders to teach us all how to live the life that matters.

It is people like Prof. Mesfin, Ato Hailu, Dr. Berhanu, Judge Bertukan and all those gallant heroes that make us proud to be Ethiopian and to be Kinijtites.

Not only Ethiopians, but the world is a richer place because of them!
Long live our heroes!

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol,

Thank you for that excellent update.

anan above, well put.

Professor Mesfin's 'Peaceful social movement' legacy that contributed so much for the creation of Kinijit, will be remembered as a true social conciousness movement that has literally lifted the spirit of Ethiopians all across the country.

Hearing this update about him, reminds us how trully spiritual our hero is, how much inner strength he has and how it is touching many.

May God bless Prof Mesfin and all the other brilliant leaders of our country who will come out of Khaliti and lead our nation into a democratic and prosperous one.

Kinijit is love

Anonymous said...

Prof Mesfin is our Mandela without a doubt and a true democrat. I will never forget an incident. I attended a meeting in London many years ago now when he was the Chair of Ethiopian Human Rights Council and he was briefing the diaspora about the human right violations in Ethiopia.

While everybody agreed with him, a woman who worked for EFFORT stood up and made critical comments, she was saying to him where were you when the Dergue killed so many people, the ppl in the hall erupted and had it not been for the fact that it was in London she would have been harmed by the angry mob, he calmed the crowd and said to the ppl assembled that the way they behaved was similar to the way EPRDF behaved every day in ethiopia as they were being intolerant to opposing views, i thought it was a brillant riposte and many ppl who say they are democrat were shown to be deficient when it comes practising it . He then calmly explained to the woman what he did during the Dergue regime to advance human rights and the rule of law. he is a great man and i pray for his health and speedy release, we need ppl like him as they are really an insipiration to all of us and difficult to find.
Long live agere ethiopia

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Prof. and all that who languish in woyane prison.

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Anonymous said...

Great News! GPass is wonderful. Now we can comment.

I wish long life with good health for Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam.


Anonymous said...

proffesor mesfin is not our mandela
rather our mengele and he is in a
right place(IN PRISONE).And he has
to stay there for ever.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't have the flip what you are talking about. He is our mandela and he will be free. Eventhough he is suffering right now a million people will be free because of him.Don't be narrow minded and be fulled by the little money that the EPRDF is making right now. They grew up in the forest and don't have a clue about living in a house. I think you are one of them who got a little benifit because of them.So I will advice you to go and read your histroy.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry I know what I am talking about.Proffesor Mengele is
not new to Ethiopians.He has worked with the most brutal government of
the world,dergue,which is responsible for the lives of millions of people.I am not benefiting from anyone but it seems
that you lost the benefits you had.

Anonymous said...

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