Friday, September 22, 2006

CD Calendar lands Forty in jail

Forty people who were arrested for possessing the civil disobedience calendar were brought before two courts in Addis Ababa by the police. At the Federal First Instance court in Arada, people, young and old, appeared this morning. The police claimed that they were arrested while attempting to incite violence and insurrection and asked for a reman in custody. The court granted the request of remand. Some of the accused were detained for just holding the Calendar which called for civil disobedience to get polityical prisoners released. Not one of the actions called for in the Calendar has a violence element in it.
See EMF for the contents of the calendar


Anonymous said...

They are incarcerating all, the youth, and the elders, and women, children... even pregnant.

The beasts are blinded. They couldn't seem to think that the prison would be their place too. It will not be long for God to give them his judgment!

I wonder where on earth they get a prison place for all these prisoners.

Anonymous said...

I was reminded of the reply the tyrant gave in Germany days after the Addis Ababa massacre. Asked about how come the military did not try to control the riot by other means he replied saying Ethiopia does not have a riot controlling equipments. So it means by admission of the speaker and the listening crowd that did not raise a further question, in Ethiopia under Meles Zenawi if you do not have riot controlling equipments then you shoot the demonstrators in the forehead.

In that sense, if people that exchange calendars that call for civil disobedience are brought to court, no wonder at all.

Something that we I do not stop from wondering is this. The call for peaceful civil disobedience has been called long ago, and the responsibility to participate is personal and individual.

All readers in this forum and their friends that do not know this forum are kindly requested to review their commitment to peaceful civil disobedience.

Let us push the tyranny off-our shoulder and let us get time to breath. Meantime, let Ethiopia stretch her hands to God.

Anonymous said...

To Last anonymous:


Anonymous said...

last anon...dedebit imbecile,

what the hell are you talking
about? obviously you can't read a lick.

burn in hell with your fascist

Anonymous said...

dear bro,

please come up with an apology or explanation concerning the case of bereket. you have been a good source of info, but even big news outlets of the world make mistakes once in a while.

Anonymous said...

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