Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spy Kids

As promised, here is the list of student spies who are assigned to report protest leaders in high and elementary schools.


Anonymous said...

EZ, coming from you, is this an irresponsible post or not?

You claim to be a champion of democracy. I believe you also believe everyone should have a right for an opinion and also be free to belong in any political group. I am sure you are well aware of the fact that in a country divided as ours not only people supporting the opposition but also EPRDF supporters are hiding their political beliefs. Exposing the name of these students (most probably are underage) will only put them in danger of being shunned by their fellow students or even physical abuse, where possible. I am sure you are saying that they had it coming. Do you think the youth in these schools have no idea if there are spies among them or not? Do you really think that they go unaware of the possible danger their open political dissent is putting them into? Is the calm in Addis a proof of this or not? Only hate not prudence begets this kind of action. You are not better than Meles and his cronies. Hate is not the answer, reconciliation is. You can't bore ito a steel armour using a steel drill. Hatred begets hatred, that is why EPRDF is doomed to fail. Such a post won't do a thing towards that effect. Your other posts already showed that you have succefully penetrated woyane. This one is not needed to prove that.

Anonymous said...

Hello,The list is not loading or geocities is down. we will keep checking and let you know later on if there is still a problem.YOu can use my blog and I will post it for you. Please let me know if you have pictures of Woyane's or Teletafis.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello, EZ:

The list is not loading. The following is the message one reads when the site page opens:

"Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.
The GeoCities web site you were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. Please try again later.

Are you the site owner? Avoid service interruptions in the future by increasing your data transfer limit! Find out how.

Learn more about data transfer"

Anonymous said...

for the first anonynomus: do you know there were a lot of kids that were torcherd and killed also left thier mother country during the election period?? Still living in the refugee centers of neighbouring countries scaring for thier life from being tracked by woyane agents every day. Many youths prevent themselve from being active in the country because they didn't want to work for woyane as spies. The whereabout of some youths still not known because they were singled out by youth woyane spies who appeared to be thier friends. What Ethio Zagol did is right because that shows we can know too. Why in the hell woyane is the only one to take our pictures or have a dossie of each activist outside the country, while his cronies are wellcomed to go to Ethiopia anytime they want?? The action of Zagol is about awareness and should be appericiated.

Anonymous said...

To the second annonymous
I think you are missing the point. The woyane tactic should not be copied at all. My heart goes out for every youth that suffered due to the regimes repressive action. Zagol's action can only bring alienation of these young people, it does not show them the rightful path. Everyone in Ethiopia knows that there are spies within and takes the necessary measure. There are always opportunistic people selling their soul to the devil. What is the difference between Meles and his opposers if both are against dissent?

Anonymous said...

Too many people or the woyane have clicked on the link.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Now that I have read the list, I am sick in my stomach and have a mixed feeling. On one hand I am really outraged and saddened by the fact that Woyanies have seen it fit to stoop to such depth of depravation so as to enlist the services of 11 and 12 year olds to spy on their peers. In my opinion this is worse than gunning down innocent civilians on the streets of Addis. This is tantamount to genocide and child molestation combined; this is corrupting the future generation and goes beyond the beyonds of tyranny and despotism. This is “The Gestapo and the Khmer Rouge on Steroids’. No words could describe the baseness of this action sufficiently enough no matter how hard one tries.

Now that said, I would like to echo the concerns of the first anonymous. Considering the tender age of the subjects involved, maybe you should have refrained from posting the list. I know! I know! I would have been the first one to hound you for the ‘promised list of spies’. Perhaps sometimes it is not such a wonderful thing to get what you want, especially if you don’t know what it is that you want in the first place.

On the other hand maybe this is a blessing in disguise for the kids involved, because now their parents are aware of this; maybe they could do something about it.

EZ: I admire your dedication and tenacity of purpose and you are doing an outstanding job for the cause of democracy in Ethiopia.

Take care and God bless.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to the first anynomus,
You are the one who is missing the point. Nobody is copying woyane, because what woyane doing is killing, torchering, dismantling and presecuting all of those who refused to serve his purpose. Zagol's purpose by listing those spies is to create awarness. Our struggle against woyane is in all fronts. So, this could also serve as a simple propaganda. My GOD, you worry about those kids being alienated, but the damage that they would be doing against kids who choose to voice their opinions is incomparable - death, prison, exhile. Right after the election period, there were youths leadres that were approached by the government; they were given mobile phones with 100 minutes cards and given a designated spots through out Addis; so they could report activist youths to security forces. But thier concious told them that was killing thier own brothers and sisters. So they refused to work as such. In return, they were removed from thier position and faced jail time. Some thier whereabout is still unkown, some fled to neighbouring countries. They sacrificed thier life so they couldn't serve the regimes purpose. They lost thier right to live in thier country because they decided to save the life of thier fellow youths. If they wanted to live all they have to do was work for woyane by sereving its purpose.

If we know who is spying on us it is for the benefit of us. Because woyane knows everybody and working day and night to burry and attack its opposers. But the list we could is know the sergo geboche within us. Awarnes Awarness.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous writer has tried to conceal his purpose, or he doesn’t understand what all this is about. I think bringing such evil design of the Woyanes prevents wrong suspicion and help avoid much more innocent life. Why should some one suffer because of wrong suspicion?. The responsibility of this crime lies entirely on the government who is committing it by using children as a spy. This crime is not less than making child soldiers. So, if you are concerned about the children, then blame the Woyane government not the victim of such crime.

ethio-Zagol said...

To those concerned about the posting of the list:
Last year thosands of students(some of tender ages) were detained and tortured mercilessly. At Ayer Tena high school, a kind was killed when being tortured. Most of them were taken from their houses. Some didn't know why they were taken. This was the work of their friends who protest with them and then report that to the government. The kids didn't know that their friends were giving up their names. This vicious network of spies was used everywhere to silence people. The dangers the protestors face is too overwhelming and strong. When I posted the names, I have weighed the dangers the protestors face vis-a-vis the dangers of the spy kids. It may appear to be purely utilitarian. The whole movement facing danger, utiltarianism has its benefits.
Another point:
The kids who are used by the TPLF will learn that their actions have consequences as well. As they have a right to have their own political beliefs, they have no right at all to get their friends with different political beliefs arrested and tortured. Parents will also the amount of damage their children are causing to their own friends.

Anonymous said...

go ahed

Anonymous said...

EZ- you don't have to justify your action in support of the struggle to anyone; let alone the tyrant lovers. Let them shout. Their shouting is amounting nothing anymore. Please keep up the good job and may God bless you.

I was just wondering, however, if the list is available where it matters: in the school and classrooms where these spies reside not only in the cyber space. I am sure you know most of the kids in school do not have access to this blog on the internet. I hope the list is widely distributed to them so they know who among their friends betraying them. Take care!

Anonymous said...

You are irresponsible hate monger!
how can you list names of school kids as syies?Who made you the juge!if you believe in the rule of law you would not do such shamefull thing.What you are doing is criminal.But peole like you think that the internet is a lawless space were you can accuse any body of any thing.You are diong these bacause you know the kids can not do any thing to defend themselves agianst you.They may not even know that you are putting them in danger.would you rejouse if one of the kids you are accusing of spying is lynched by fellow kids because they believed your information is true?
come to your senses and withdraw the list!
cry ethiopia! these are people they claim to bring you democracy!!

Kebede Muhe said...

Hi All;

I am very sorry for most of you. What your dictionary is all about hatred hatred hatred ...

You accept what ever is posted and you didn't try to check the slightest....

All the schools mentioned are elementary and junior secondary schools except Addis Ketema.

All are located from Habte Giorgis to through 'Autobus tera' area to 'Sefere selam' (on the way to Kolfe).

This is just a malicious writer's attempt to create some havoc in the Diaspora community.....

Hey men don't be so naive to believe such fabrications. Don't fool yourself that EPRDF will produce a list of its spies.... What a joke!!!!

Kebede 'from Autobus tera'

Anonymous said...

for kebede muhe:

Can you tell us about a young student from Ayer Tena who was shot by Agazi because she refused to kneel down ?? The Agazi killed her in called blood because she didn't want to get on her knees.

Anonymous said...

Great job EZ, did you know what happened to spies in South Africa during the Apartheid regime. They were burnt alive with a tyre around their nake. Now we must start Soweto style punishement of spies or lese the strugle will go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

EZ good job! For exposing this hateful tirbalist weyannes and their spies. I know you touch their sensless nerves so they start crying! Where all this weyanne paid hateful tribalist when stduents gunned down by the hateful agazi begger militials?Please, don't feel intimidated by this low life weyanne servants!I know you're a very smart guy who don't fall for their studpid approach as a concerned pepople for the kidds privacy bla bla? So, keep the good work and expose this killer thiefs and their agents by doing you will save a life of many innocent brothers and sister and struggle will continue until we buried the criminal weyann thiefs! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

to the ananymos who mentioned about swheto style punishiment:

We good friends of the Ethiopian people know your kinds.You are one of those who spread hatered within the opposition camp but of the woyane side.If not you are one of those who are no good for no one but woyane's sinister goal. The purpose of Zagol when he posted the names is to create awarness as he had made it clear.

Cool Z: good job.

Anonymous said...

learn from
Mr.Obang Metho, director of the Anuak Justice Council (AJC)
"I do not want anyone to use it as a reason for violence or any aciton that would result in the loss of innocent life" "I stand for non-violence and will not support revenge and a hate-filled response to this government or to
any ethnic group in Ethiopia. What you will see, is very disturbing and sad and its purpose is to show
what is going on in Ethiopia, but I do not want anyone to use it as a reason for violence or any more
actions that would result in the loss of innocent life." he said these after providing evidence of the massacre of his own people.

Etho-zagol the preacher of hate and revenge among school kids come to your senses.
I ask you again:

withdraw the list!!

Anonymous said...

I think Zagol must have weighed carefully before he posted the names, as he said.

Doing so could be useful in two ways:

1. That would help students to be careful from 'spy students'

2.That will also deter these selected students from doing this evil job as well.If you are already known, you can no more be a spy. So this project of woyane of making students a spy(if indeed is true) will then fail.

3. It should also be noted that some students may have been told to spy but indeed they may not do that. They may just be accepting the request for fear of the cadres. So not every one in the list could be evil - some of them could even be supporting the opposition or whatever. The opposition needs insiders.Let's not rush to incriminate every body. The evils are the guys at the top - not school kids.

For the writer who spoke about soweto whatever,what kind of evil idea? If you want a fight, go and fight a meannigful war, but not with school kids! But zagol's list could also be abused with such kind of people and obviously the government wants this!

Anonymous said...

Please stop preaching peace. Peace didn't bring democracy in S.A. If the African National Congress didn't decide on the armed struggle, Apartheid would still be alive and kicking in S.A. The Soweto style would work because it is not expensive. All we need is some paraffin, old tires and matches. And thus it would be a deterrent for those who want to spy for Weyane. Now the list should be distributed widely …

Anonymous said...

This is a sad list. As much as I dislike EPRDF, publishing the names of kids as young as "5th graders" is irresponsible and shameful.

Anonymous said...

remember that Woyane is killing little kids as young as 10 and as old as 80. So it is usefull to warn those kids in elementary school and the public outside school to make sure that they are giving a protection.
Good Job, EZ.
You are making sure that we need to know each other even in schools : )

Anonymous said...

these 5th graders are carrying guns, people, to kill their own classmates. It is Woyane's style so blame Woyane not EZ. EZ is doing his thing, protecting the unprotected from the gun_carriers little kids in an elementary school. So Please don't try to point your index finger on EZ. STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see the democratic and peaceful movement that Berhanu Nega, Dr. Mesfin and co started being hijacked by extreme elements who are in no way better than the evils they claim they want to get rid of.

I had a great deal of respect to Zagol and his writing until I noticed this shameful list. I am sorry for Ethiopia. You do not deserve such hateful and selfish people.