Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another EC snub

Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of European Commission, skipped a scheduled signing ceremony with Ethiopia's illegitimate dictator, Meles Zenawi, for the 155 million euro granted by the EU to the road project in Ethiopia. He also cancelled a joint press conference with the prime Minister, diplomatic sources told this blogger. The Commissioner's request to meet the CUD leaders in kaliti was turned down by the Prime Minister who said that the EPRDF Central Committee had decided that the prisoners would not be visited by foreign dignitaries until the trial is over. Diplomatic sources said that Barroso, the former Prime Minister of Portugal, was annoyed with Meles's response. The two had hours of one-on-one talk about the prisoners and democracy in Ethiopia. Barroso was said to be very frank about Ethiopia's lack of democracy to TPLF officials.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This indeed is a scoop EZ! Thanks for the good job you are doing. You know that we depend on you for accurate and timely news.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great!

Why are these stupid ferenjis so damn retarded? I don't blame them for not eating with the butcher or avoiding him like the plague... but why in the bloody hell are they lining his pocket?

Road construction my foot! By the time they divy up the alms and throw some scraps all the way to their frifare lekames in America there ain't gonna be no road built.

Ye Ityopia Lij Berta!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say it would not change the fundamentals. Meles got 155 Million Euro.
Beside If Borrosso is so crossed with Meles for not allowing him visit people at their Kaliti residence, at least he could have mentioned his intention to the international press and show his displeasure.
After your Meskelsquare story debacle, it is difficult to be trusted unless of course "Vocal Diaspora"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the hell they are trying to talk with the dictator.He is a harsh killer who doesn't know even what democracy and freedom mean. Woyane is simply a group of armed gangsters that neither respect the people nor fear God!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Hanna Gobeze!

Anonymous said...

The loop around the neck is getting tighter by the day. TPLF WOYANE TIGRE BANDITS are going to be safocated to a point of retardation. Bey Bey Melese, see you in jail. I will be visiting you and the other lousy TPLF gangsters and all your children scratching your heads and smiling with each other like you used to way back in the desert and hills of Tigrai.

Ta ta

ethioinfo said...

This spanish or portugese prime minister is a joke. Why would he give Meles 155 million dollars and leak this info about him snubbing Meles for coffee or signing ceremony. This is a coordinated effort by the US,UK,World Bank and EU to appear as if they are symphatizers with the Ethiopian people while at the same time screwing us. I am sorry zagol but you are being used for their tool. For all I know they probably did go to the coffee ceremony and signing ceremony. If they were truly unhappy they would come out publicly and say it. Why would they be unwilling to say it publicly but have no problems leaking this kind of info. I don't believe them.

Anonymous said...

ere gobez le ejna silu eser bet yegebuten gegnoch eresten yemin zemeta new, be ene bekul le ethio zemen melewecha yagenajnen,ezaw agerachen engenajalen talyanene yabrere wene ahunem ale zerafffffffff

Anonymous said...

Funding for Meles will continue to flow unabated both from the U.S and the EC. His arguement that Ethiopia is on the path to democracy is working; coupled with the West's belief that he is the only viable leader for Ethiopia and partner against the war on terror. Another "EC snub" story is in its simplest form a PR or, conversely, a bark with no bite. Who are they fooling except themselves?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last few that EU, US, and IMF are joking with Ethiopian people emotion. If EU wants to change the political system in Ethiopia all they have to do is come out with one voice and say NO! on public and let the Ethiopian people know. US and IMF are one and the same organization. The US is holding the entire world hostage thru financial incentives. The funny thing is the US ows the UN the maximum amount of all the countries of the member of the UN combined together. Why do they owe the world so much money and yet they continue to pay TPLF WOYANE Regime the yearly remitance to hold on to power in Ethiopia?

Well the answer is unlike one of the commentator written on top, who says 'Meles convinced the US and EU that he is their best man to combat terrorism' is wrong. The real answer is that TPLF sold Ethiopia's Foreign policy to the US. And EU don't mind helping the US buy Ethiopian freign policy as long as their interest is not compromised. After all the EU has minimum to non interest in Ethiopia, they would like a stable and strong country they can depend on so as to avoid the flow of migrants to the European soil.

Unfortunately, it is not working. Ethiopians are flowing to EU soil in much higher number than before and Ethiopia as a country is as unstable as Somalia. The only difference is that Ethiopians are not clan minded like the Somalians, so they don't pick up guns to have their demand respected by force, that helps TPLF WOYANE Regime to continue to rape Ethiopia as if they are the one making sure order is retored. While the reality does not support that assesment, it is the Ethiopian people will to fight the enemy of Ethiopia (TPLF WOYANE) is not there. In other word they realized majority of Ethiopians are too greedy and coward to die for the freedom of their people. That greedy and cowardice psyche is well understood and being exploited by TPLF WOYANE Regime. They are using that weakness as a factor to convince their donors that they are maintaining order in Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

Last anon,

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
easy to sit behind a damn computer and pontificate about the cowardice of the Ethiopian people when the entire nation is beseiged by fascist thugs who are ordered to shoot to kill.

The frifari lekame pevious anon,

Sure, when you are a fascist dictator who has locked up the Elected Leaders I guess you can fool the dumbass ferenjis you are

Anonymous said...

to the last anon,

Don't get emotional here, where do you think I have it wrong? You know the truth, the assesment I presented is true to the teeeee. The Ethiopian people are cowardice to fight for freedom, they always want someone to do the dirty job and give them the country in a silver plater, well let me tell you the truth boy, that ain't gonna happen.

The truth is simple, TPLF WOYANE came to power by force, they say they paid some blood. Patriotic Ethiopians have to pay some blood to remove TPLF WOYANE and get power back, there is no bloodless freedom. It has never happened and it is about to start on Ethiopia.

Its like asking to share my wealth, I am not going to share the wealth I created with anyone. I will only consent to sharing my wealth if they threatened my existence, that is the truth to TPLF WOYANE too. The Ethiopian people need to raise arms and challenge TPLF WOYANE and threaten their existence, then they will respectfully handed power. Why do you think Meles doesn't want to give up power for? By staying in power at all cost he has seen money he has never seen in his life. 15 years ago he was a BANDIT sleeping in open air, today he is multi millionaire, all his friends are multi millionaires. Have you ever seen anyone who had nothing when he comes 15 years ago and become hundreds of million dollars? it does not happen, not on this earth, but only exclusively available to TPLF WOYANE Central Committee memebers in Ethiopia can such thing happen.

The Ethiopian people have to stand up to the bully (TPLF WOYANE) and score victory. For God sakes, they are only few people who used to be beggars, now they are enjoying an empty house full of food and money, they could only dream of what they got, but they sure are living their dream life! EAT YOUR HEART OUT YOU BUNCH OF COWARDS!


Anonymous said...

Well, Meles has no special talent or skill that could have made him a millionaire. He is no Sergey Brin (Google) or David Flo(Yahoo). He is not even close. But he had a big ambition to be wealthy and powerful. Now he knows the short cut to wealth and power, he doesn't care about its cost to his victims and the country.