Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Meles rejects observer's report

Ethiopia's dictator, Meles Zenawi, rejected the interim observation report of Michael Elman, European Commission's observer, regarding the trial of CUD leaders, civil society members and journalists. In a meeting with the Ambassadors of the EU Troika and the commission's representative here in Addis, Timothy Clark, Meles lambasted the observation report as biased and unfounded on facts. The observer had criticized the way the court conducted the trial as unfair. Meles who rejected the report of the European Election Observers Mission last year requested to meet Mr. Elman, a renowned British human rights lawyer to make his case against the report.
When the election report by EU's mission went against him, Meles started a personal assault against the head of the mission, Ana Gomes.
Will he again write a letter to the editor of the Ethiopian Herald attacking the human rights lawyer?


Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great!

Good to hear from you and thanks for the great update! Emperor No stikes again! No doubt Mr.Elman will get a dear Ana letter.

Take care of you Zag!

Anonymous said...

What is your source? Now a days I have a problem of believing the bllogers becuase time and again they have been found lying.

Anonymous said...

oh STFU last anonymouse...who has been found lying?

Thanks Zagol...

Anonymous said...

Increasingly, I have lost my hopes in EU or whatever international organization healing the political wounds of this country. They have stooped much lower and cannot stoop any lower in their commitment to uphold a just democratic process.

So let's not get too excited and anticipate things will change following the publication of the report.

It is an all too familiar diplomatic exercise.

Anonymous said...

This is replay to Anonymous who wrote:
"What is your source? Now a days I have a problem of believing the bllogers becuase time and again they have been found lying.

Typical WEYANNAY KAL AKEBAY or JORO TEBI request for sources. " If you do not trust the blogger news Do not read it. No one force you to read it.

As always Thanks ZA for fresh insight.


Anonymous said...

Hang on friends... It is the CIA and not Meles anymore. Meles should know better and was expected to show some respect to fellow Ethiopians but there absolutely nothing that anyone can do about the situation in Ethiopia unless uncle Bush says it.

Yes, hard but it is true!

Anonymous said...

We should not expect much form EU or USA. Democracy is not a bread that somebody gives you. We have to fight for it.
Democracy now!

Anonymous said...

EZ thanks for the update! Meles blood thirsy facist tribalist is going crazy nut! I'm proud of people like EZ and the Mele's independent comission priseident judge who exposed the last year november killing! Guys your work requires great bravery! Today's the judge report nailed the facist hateful weyanne triblist with very detailed historical document for killing,srangling peacful unarmed protesters. Specially the killing of 40 teeanagers and a total 193 plus the people died in the concentration camps. Whatever time takes this facist hateful tribalist will brought to justice sooner or later!

Anonymous said...

There is no need to muddy the issues by name-calling this or that body. Facts have the tendency to speak clearly.
Meles Zenawi appointed commision itself condemned the action of the Eprdf. It put blame on the shooters who, it says, were aiming to the head of un-armed protesters.
How are we to act now?
Some body has to be accountable. Meles should stop his habit of blaming others and for a change take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I’m not surprised by reaction of this “I know it all”, “I am a supreme human being”, and “I can coerce, cheat and dupe anyone and anywhere” dictator. But I am dismayed by the actions of these European ambassadors. Why keep the report confidential if the sole purpose of this report is to give an accurate, honest and fair report on what has been observed? How would it be fair when the report is first released to the party that is trying to sentence the innocents for his own crime? Will they give the same opportunity to the other party (the accused) to review and critic on the report? How would we know that the original report has not been watered-down?

The merits on what these observers weigh their judgments of this farce court proceedings should be one and only one: International legal standards. Political or diplomatic standards will be just covers to coerce and bend the ugly truth. I hope and pray this observer will not be forced and fall to the latter.

Tim and company, please leave this observer alone.


Anonymous said...

The west goes blind when crime is committed by a negro\es to a negro nation!! Had it been committed by a white man, you see the different treatment.That is one of the main reasons ( next is tribalism) why these african killers are hanging to power. Gotcha!!