Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Army security moves to identify dissenters

TPLF is attempting to reverse the growing unrest in the Ethiopian army by identifying and clearing out dissenters. The army security has started distributing questionnaire which asks officers to fill their grievances. The officers are allowed to fill the form anonymously but sources said that their hand-writings and signatures have been already collected by the security to verify the respondents after they fill the forms. This form is being distributed by an army personnel unit which is entrusted with carrying out evaluation appraisal. According to the sources, this is done to dupe army officers to feel free and express their grievances without fear. Massive army defections are expected in the coming months as the spirit of freedom and democracy which has engulfed the nation since last year's election finally moves into the army.
Solitary confinement watch
Muluneh Eyuel, Sisay Agena, Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage are still in a solitary confinement which has no sun or artificial light and with the worst hygienic conditions. They are able to go to toilet only once a day under armed escort and couldn't meet their families and friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ethio-Zagol,

This indeed is a spot of good news and we have a bunch of those these last couple of weeks. Looks like the enemy is getting desperate and that is good. The idea of weeding out dissenters is also good in my opinion since that will create a wedge between TPLF and the officers both filtered and un-filtered. Frankly I wouldn’t even mind if TPLF looses confidence in 50% of its officers and dismisses them from service. Every discard is a gain for the cause of freedom.

Take care and continue the good work.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Anonymous said...

last anon,

you sound like another boot licking
woyane capo scared straight about
losing the scraps the fat dogs throw your way.

Get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woyane has once beaten in may election. It can not recover by doing such amendments.

Its time is Up and there is no way that it can lead the Ethiopian People any more. Thigs are getting worst than before evenif the Election is just more than one year before.

We are Expecting a very shining Victries from the Various opposition army fronts after the end of this rainy season.

Ethiopia will Retain its freedom by the Bloods of Its hero and herions